Last time…

I guess this would be the very last time that I would be invited to the end-of-year dinner for the staff of the tuition centre here that I was attached to. It was held last Sunday at this restaurant that I had just gone to a few weeks ago…and I was delighted that this time around, they had flowers on the table…

Fisherman centrepiece 1

Never mind that they were not fresh, natural flowers – at least, they were nice and tastefully arranged, unlike the horrible plastic ones that they had here. I also loved the ethnic handwoven basket that they used to hold the flowers…

Fisherman centrepiece 2

…for that special local touch. Nice, very nice indeed!

Of course, we had the must-have, the specialty of the house – their lokan

Fisherman lokan

…that we also had on my previous visit and once again, we had the Melanau delicacy, the umai

Fisherman umai

…and this time around, I made sure that I took a really nice photo of this dish that I liked a lot – the fried paku (jungle fern) in santan (coconut milk)…

Fisherman fried paku with santan

The other day, the photograph came out blur so I was not able to share it in my post. If I’m not mistaken, it is actually paku fried with very nice sambal hay bee (dried prawns) and they added just a little bit of santan…so it is not as diluted as masak lemak. Perhaps we can safely say that it is a drier version of it and a nicer one at that.

We also had the salad prawns…

Fisherman salad prawns

…which were, to me, nothing to shout about. After all, I don’t see anything great about boiled prawns served with some fruits and salad dressing/mayo and I can think of many more impressive ways to cook and serve the prawns.

They could not get hold of any udang galah (giant freshwater prawns) or what we call in Hokkien, tua thow hay (big headed prawns) that day for the special assam prawns that I had on my last visit so we had the claypot seafood instead…

Claypot seafood

…and I must say that I really enjoyed it a lot! With all the seafood in it, the soup was so very sweet and absolutely delightful.

But the highlight of the evening was their roast lamb…

Fisherman roast lamb

Very nicely done – very tender, not drowned by all kinds of stuff…and hardly any lamb smell. Hmmmm…I wonder if they do takeaways – maybe I can order from there for my Christmas dinner this year as it certainly would be a lot cheaper than ordering from the classier hotels and a lot less trouble than having to do it myself.

There was another dish of green vegetables…and a fruit platter and all in all, I would say that the dinner was really good. It was not as heavy as those 8-course banquets at some Chinese restaurant and I would not feel so bloated like I was about to burst at the seams and there was no danger of an overdose of msg as well…and since everything was served almost simultaneously, it did not drag on and on to the extent of becoming boring. The best part, of course, was the fact that it was free… LOL!!!

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32 thoughts on “Last time…”

  1. Any idea how the umai is made please? Oh the seafood broth looks good. I could imagine the heavenly taste of seafood with every slurp ^^

    Thinly sliced strips of fish – raw with onions and chillies added, drowned in calamansi juice…and the umai depends on the quality of the fish – the better and fresher the fish, the nicer the umai. I think I’ve featured this a few times before…

  2. Everything looks lovely; I always enjoy viewing your posts. They’re so entertaining, and you reward your readers with some delicious treats. I’ve never had jungle fern. I wonder if I could get them here in the USA?`

    Thanks for your compliment. I’m sure there are ferns everywhere even in temperate countries. NZ has a lot…but I wouldn’t know whether they’re edible or not… Here, we only eat three varieties, two mostly…as the other one’s a bit bitter and not as tasty and so it is not so popular.

  3. The last time, now you are saying the last time you got invited or the last time you want to be there? I believe the former cos you are going to stop working there already right?

    Yup, I’ve already stopped so I would not be a member of their staff…so of course, they would not invite me anymore lor… 😦

  4. Why didn’t they scrub the lokan shell a bit…so geli la to see black-black like that..hahaha. Other than that, everything look absolutely delicious…err except the prawn salad! I especially would love to try the umai and the paku lemak…just thinking about the paku lemak, my saliva gland jadi over-active…meleleh! Next time I visit you again, kita pergi,okay.

    I think that’s the colour of the clam shells… The thing is I wonder if they throw them away after use or do they recycle and reuse? Very environment-friendly, eh? LOL!!! 😀 Ya…sure we’ll go there when you come again. When? When?

  5. Ahhh… remember this restaurant, the one u brought Shereen over!

    Nope, we did not go this one. This was the one that I used my All Blacks’ jersey to… 😉

  6. oh, why would this be the very last time?? you are leaving the tuition center already?? wow, look at that seafood soup, so luxurious, so lot of seafood inside the soup.. i wonder if it’s seafood soup or soupy seafood, hahahaha!! 😀

    Yup, not teaching anymore – there or anywhere else. Quitting for good… 😦

  7. Salute you, Arthur…the tuition centre shows apprecation to respectable teachers like you.

    Thanks for stuffing me wtih all the golorious food. Overall, food looks impressive. Love that plate of fried paku. 1st time heard of lokan. Same family as clams, a bigger version of it.

    Yup, having natural flowers with the ethnic handwoven basket certainly makes the ambience better. Sometimes fake flowers also looks nice and can last longer.

    True! True! There are some very nice ones that look like real flowers. It’s such a waste actually to use real ones – have to throw away after a few days. But expensive, classy restaurants are obliged to use fresh flowers – considering the prices that they are charging and we are paying… Oh? You did not see the lokan in my previous post on this place? That one has a photo of what it looks like inside.

  8. it’s hard to get a roast lamb dish without any sauce and yet don’t smell have a heavy lamb smell. It takes skills to do that! Nice!

    Ya…I really wonder how they do it. Dip in the mint sauce, oooo…it was so very nice. I wouldn’t mind going there for that again.

    1. hehe, i just registered myself at the neighborhood gym. Have to start to shed those fats, cannot tahan already.. with high cholesterol.. ><

      Congrats. Good luck…hope to see some muscles soon… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. So you have had your last foot loose dance with the tuition centre no strings attached in future, in Hailam they say ‘lu toh lu wa toh wa..’ haha. Lovely food lupp the salad prawns so this restaurant don’t have that special kind of butter scotch prawns which you posted earlier. Nice pixz.

    Nope…I told you – the butter scotch only at Ruby and the lady boss would not give any hint on how it’s cooked. I’m afraid I don’t know Hailam, only “Jiak du jiak gau pui pui cho mik tay?”

    1. Ah Pek leh bo butt bo yung kong, haha. Re-earlier comment Bananaz now in Hokkien translation ‘lu cho lu wa cho wa’. lolz

      What’s leh bo butt? Now you’re talking about backsides kah? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  10. Sometimes we combine Hailam with Japanese and it goes like this ‘Anata wa lu toh lu watasi wa toh wa desu’. Sayonara! lolz

    Japanese? Even worse…all Greek to me! 😦

    1. Hahaaaa!! Hey, Bananaz, you’ve just made my morning with your Hailam-Japanese. Your first comment in Hailam, I no understand and now a combo set, lagi don’t understand. So, I want to share my own fav Jap word…..WATA!! haha!! You cracked me up. Cheers!

      I know one Japanese word…. Aso!!!! Those who used to watch “Mind your language” would be familiar with that! 😉

      1. Suituapui san you and your Asso!!! haha. Yoong san glad the Hailam-Japanese brightens your day haha. Wata is cotton or you’ve got your other meaning?

        Never mind! I’m completely lost… 😦

    2. Bananaz, your combination of Hailam with Japanese sounds great!!!…Bravo!!!..hehehe

      Wah…today Kim Cheo has got a lot of female admirers! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Arthur, I understand what Bananaz say …”lu toh lu wa toh wa”. My aunty is a Hailam and I used to hear my cousins say these…but yours I can’t figure out what it means….LOL!!!….

        The Hailam canteen operator in my college in Singapore last time used to say that to me – eat, eat until so fat what for? LOL!!!

      2. My Uncle Pek leh (dad’s sister’s husband) is Hailam who operates a kopitiam in Jalan Raja Uda, B’worth, the most notorious area in the 60’s and Bananaz get to stay there during school holidays and picked up the ‘cho mik tay’ from there. Most common words are kopi ‘o’ nor chiang or niab kai leh (2 kopi ‘o’ or small) hahaha.

        Ok lah… I rented a room with a Hailam family in Kuching for a few months but we all spoke Hokkien so I did not pick up the dialect. Only know jiak bui = eat rice/mealtime… 😦

  11. All the dishes above are very tempting… esp the last seafood soup.. wow.. something so different.. and the lokan.. havent tried that before too! next time take me there.. remember.. 🙂

    Hurry, hurry…before I forget. Old people, memory not so good, yunno! LOL!!! 😀

  12. Wah these dishes here looks very good especially the lokan clams. They are my favourites!

    Hey! You have not informed me of the dates when you’ll be in Sibu. Come, leave a note in my inbox on Facebook…

  13. I like the dishes more than the flower decoration. :Lol!

    Hubby is also busy with year end dinner and gathering etc. Sigh! Luckily he does not need to drag me along, because I hate those big occasions, hahaha!

    Oooo…I love these invitations – free of charge…and at least, I’ve something to do. My life is so boring… 😦

  14. Give me that Roast Lamb ♥ ♥

    and oh my.. I didn’t know that’s umai till i read what u wrote.. I thought it was fried rice 😡

    Melanau delicacy. I’m sure you can get this at the Malay makan shops or stalls in Kuching. Ya….I loved the roast lamb. Yummmm!!!! 🙂

  15. Roast lamb! one of my favorites! but can’t too often. that definitely looks juicy! I’ve been here, the lokan however is a bit of a disappointment since it felt more like i was eating stuffed meat in a lokan shell instead of the lokan itself. feels like im eating fake lokan. 😦 but the umai here is superb!

    I agree with you about the lokan… Nothing to shout about really. The umai was ok – can get more or else the same elsewhere. I loved the paku in santan…and this was the first time I’ve eaten their roast lamb – loved it! 😉

  16. You really like flowers ya. haha….

    The seafood looks so delicious. Umai is jellyfish ?

    Nope, raw fish! Like how the Japanese eat sashimi… Not really into flowers – let’s just say that I’ve got class and good taste. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. This is Nelayan Restaurant? Hmmmmm…don’t bring me there. I only like the last two dishes, seafood pot and the lamb. 🙂

    LOL!!! Nothing but good old Foochow specialties for you, I know… 😉

  18. got drawn by that roast lamb…i wonder how it tastes like :). it seems that you enjoyed eating at this place. is it affordable here? 🙂 santan is “gata” in the philippines 🙂

    Like lamb. I don’t know whether they marinated it…but it tasted like they did not. Just plain lamb…but tender and no smell to be eaten with the mint sauce provided. Nope, not very affordable, I think….but both times, others paid so it was ok. Oh? Gata eh? Herem gatal means itchy! LOL!!! 😀

  19. Everything looks good. I remember the thing you said about this place being the ex Fisherman’s pub…now it makes me wonder why my ex father would love to dine here as it’s so totally not his thing. HAHAHA

    Anyway, loving the seafood soup (it’s overflowing with seafood!).

    Your ex’s father probably a friend of the boss. There are other things on his menu – the usual stuff so probably he would go for those. Yes, the claypot seafood was good…and I saw a lot of lokan in it which made me wonder what was in the lokan – just minced meat?

  20. The roast lamb really looks good but too bad I dont take lamb…

    Why? Don’t like the smell. I don’t mind…but this one – no smell… Very nicely done.

  21. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing over the conversation you had with Bananaz. You two are so humurous!! I also know a little hainanese… Lang bo ti lang, kui bot ti kui! and a little Hokkie too! Jiak sai bo? LOL! wahahahaha

    Can’t beat my kiwi sister-in-law. She only learnt one phrase: Pang phui chao chao! LOL!!! 😀

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