The key…

I got these postcards from Yoong…

Postcards from Sydney

…who’s actually living in Perth, Australia but she went to Sydney on a trip recently. Isn’t it so very sweet of her to think of me while on holiday?

Another friend of mine who is just as sweet is one-time blogger, Clare. She went to the Gold Coast, also in Australia, and she bought me this very nice key chain…

Souvenirs from Australia

…and she also took the trouble to bring home the hotel key card so that she could give it to me. As a matter of fact, Clare has given me quite a number of hotel key cards from here, there and everywhere – it certainly is so very thoughtful of her to take the trouble every time she travels to do that.

Yes, I do collect key cards. I have a lot from those days when I used to go on working trips so very often – several times in a year, in fact but now that I’ve retired, I do not go around so much…so I no longer get to stay in hotels and add their key cards to my collection. Of course, some hotels would insist that you return the cards to them in which case I would do so obediently as I do not see any point keeping anything that people do not want you to have. Tsk! Tsk! So if any of you has been around and has any hotel key card to spare, do post them to me. I certainly would appreciate that…a lot! Thank you so very much in anticipation…

And last Saturday, my cousin in Kota Kinabalu sent me these beautiful mangoes…

Kuala Penyu mangoes

…through a friend. He grows them himself at his house in Kuala Penyu.

So yesterday, I decided to make some mango-pulut (sticky/glutinous rice) dessert…

STP's Thai mango-pulut dessert 1

This, of course, is originally a Thai dish…and they also have something similar with durian as well. Oooo….that’s so heavenly, I tell you! We do have this in Sibu at a couple of places but I seldom go to those so I do not  get to eat it here. The first and last time I tried it at one of them, they did not have any coconut cream so it was such a disappointment.

STP's Thai mango-pulut dessert 2

Whenever I was in Penang, I would order this at the Thai food stall at The Red Garden, Penang Road to enjoy…but thanks to my cousin, I would not have to wait till the next time I go to Penang to eat this again. Yummmmmm!!!!

Thanks so much to everybody for  all the aforementioned. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “The key…”

  1. Ooops! When I saw this post, I just remember I actually did put aside some hotel key cards for you in an envelope from our travel , was going to send them to you but can’t recall where I put them, if i do find them, i will send to you or else take a rain check and certainly will keep some for you on our next trip. Do u collect postcards as well?

    Nope, no postcards…just key cards. Hmmmmm…old age! Then when we do not want/need them anymore, they will show up in the most obvious places. Happens all the time. 😦

  2. I used to have a few hotel key cards lying around, unfortunately I have thrown them out when I moved houses. I will remember to keep them for you next time.

    The mango and sticky rice looks good!

    Of course! I made it! 😀 LOL!!!

  3. This post has made me think of Thailand and their current flood situation. Pray they recover fast!

    It’s been so long… Yes, hope they’ll get over it soon.

  4. This post has made me think of Thailand and their current flood situation. Pray they recover fast!

    Ok, I’ve corrected the typo in your original comment… 😉

  5. Eh Bananaz also collect key cards haha. Whoa lupp the khao niao mamuang. Khao is definitely rice as we often say ‘kin khao’ ie eat rice and presume ‘mamuang’ is mango & ‘niao’ is sticky, like in mandarin a bird haha. Will never miss this dish when in Thailand. Kesian those fellows in Thailand not so sabai sabai at the moment and hope they will be ok soon.

    You do? You’ve got any – the same ones? I have… Come, text me your mailing address and I’ll post to you…. Or maybe I can send to your workplace – if only I remember where I put your name card. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Great you lost my particulars so you can’t be Wikileaks to expose me now muahahaha. Not sure where I kept them have to google search hahaha.

      I have it…somewhere, seen it a few times…so no worries – will locate it easily should the need arise. 😉

  6. I always return the keys, always thought that’s the way it is. Didn’t know people actually take them with them. But if I see a nice one, I’ll ask them if I could keep one for a good friend. You are right, so heavenly looking, your concoction. Have you tried with quinee?

    I think quinee is more fragrant but I take a slice or two, I’ll end up with sore throat and maybe a fever. 😦

    Most hotels are not bothered – they will take if you return to them…and if you don’t, they also will not bother. But they are those with cards that are electronically-programmed to work the lifts and to activate the electricity in your room – cannot use other hotel cards…or hp prepaid reload cards. Those will ask for the key cards back…and they will only give one – very inconvenient if there are more than one person in the room and people want to go in and out. They will issue you an extra card sometimes if you pay a deposit on the card.

  7. Now i know you collect hotel keys/cards! hahaha…what an unique hobby.. ok, i will keep that in mind if I go over the sea again.. hahaha…
    Your mango pulut..gosh! if sold outside, sure lots of biz.. the thick santan… my gosh!

    Ya, do keep for me if you can get hold of any. It’s sold outside leh… Never saw anybody eating…only me! 😦

  8. You receive goodies from friends because you are a good friend to them in the first place, those who always think they have got no friends because they are no friend to anyone, happy for you

    Aiyor…always getting things from people also very pai seh lah! Hutang budi banyak, cannot balas…how?

  9. Oh!…your mango pulut looks so heavenly. Look at the flesh of the juicy mango. I can feel the sweetness. Makes me droooooool. Ooppss!!!… your hobby collecting hotel key cards and I have a friend collecting angpaos envelope….Very unique hobby,

    Yummmmm!!!! LOL!!! 😀 Ya, my sister collects ang pao packets. I don’t mind collecting ang pao with money inside – so when are you going to send me one? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. Hahaha!!..LOL!!!….you want ang pao. Wait till Melissa gets married and I am invited, then I will give you big ang pao. OK?

      Oooo…will wait eagerly for the day! I will do it traditional Foochow style – sit at the entrance and upon receipt, open and announce your name and the amount given – all recorded in an exercise book for future reference. LOL!!! 😀

      1. Aiyor, really traditional Foochow style like dat kah? Scary leh. I thought you would say gifts and ang paos are respectfully declined, hahahaha!!!……

        Dulu lain, sekarang lain… Now, all decline, so kaya. Humph!!!! I would only have RSVP on my invitations – remember, send valuable presents! 😀

      2. aiyoh… foochow style like that one ah? announce to whole world how much one? hahaha… yeah, as irene said… very scary la… hahaha…

        Last time lah… Not anymore. Muahahahahahaha!!!!😀

  10. Oooh…..didn’t know that some hotels allow customers to keep key cards as souvenirs. All the while I thought such cards are expected to be returned to the hotel! Hehehee….very well, will keep you in mind if I ever get to have them without having to return to the hotel people.

    Can, can keep…most hotels, not all. See my reply to Philip’s comment. So do send me when you get hold of any, k? 😉

    1. Your cousin and friends so thoughtful, always send u some gifts, lucky u!

      Mango pulut, I’m craving 4 it now!

      No worries. Lots of Thai restaurants around – they serve that…all of them.

  11. I heard of this dish before but I thought the combination of mango and rice is a bit weird. I guess I should try it one day. Ehehe.. So, it’s sweet mangoes and sticky rice with coconut cream? Yours looks good! 🙂

    Hah!!! That’s why must be more adventurous…and not eat the same old things all the time. You will not know what you’re missing. 😉

  12. Wow….Arthur you can cook ! Those mango and glutinous rice with santan looks good…exactly like those sold at Thai Food Stall ! Well done ! Who say men can’t cook as well as women…better infact. Hats off to you 🙂

    So when I come you come one day to your place…you must make this for me…those mango …mmmm looks succulent and sweet ! YUM YUMMY! For the time being I shall just slurp off the screen :p

    Not hard to cook leh? Just cook pulut – the usual way with santan, pandan…and serve with cut mangoes. Coconut cream, just buy the canned one – Ayam Brand…not santan, cream. Anybody can do that, no special skill required. Come to Sibu, I make…no problem but you must bring your own mango. Those came from KK, Sabah – my cousin sent…and not so easy to get mangoes in Sibu.

  13. So good wor, got many ppl send u things ^_^
    The only key card i have is the four season las vegas~

    You have? Just send it to me if you do not want it anymore… 😉

  14. I want to make this….want to make this!! But yet to borong any sweet mango. The best I had was at Hatyai….drooling

    I had the durian one a long time ago in Bangkok…and both the mango and durian ones in Singapore, also a long time ago. Since then, I’ve only had the mango ones…also nice but I prefer the durian ones – richer…and the tastes of the ingredients are more compatible.

  15. Yumm.. the mango looks SO good and sweet even from the pictures! Ahh I am craving for mango pulut now! 😛

    Head to the nearest Thai restaurant in the city. Many in KL… 😉

  16. All the while I thought you had to return the hotel key card when you check – out of the hotel..jakun betul I..hahaha. Next time, I’ll take for you if I have the chance….less berat than SPAM!
    You ah..the habis-habis seksa orang with your mango pulut….drool!!!

    Now you know… I only return if they ask. Most don’t. You’re going to the States soon – I don’t have any from the US… Hint! Hint! LOL!!! Hah!!! You can get this dessert at any of the Thai restaurants in Auckland – so many there… 😉

  17. Wah! Yummy dessert. But I have to pass it. Because coughing and sore throat. Sigh! Bad weather is the culprit here.

    When ever I go on holiday I will buy key chain as souvenir. I keep in a big box to avoid dust!

    Durian, rambutan and a whole lot of local fruits are just as bad, if not worse. I don’t mind fridge magnets.

  18. collect key card? Wow, what an unique hobby. hahahah.
    I love to collect tissue, those with nice packing and also plaster. When i went to Korea, i bring back so many tissue and plaster, but not now anymore.
    Ok, next time i will take note if i can get any key card, will keep for you.

    Mango pulut? hmmmm…i will eat the mango and i let you eat the pulut. hahahhaahha.

    Hah! Foochow tummy…can’t stomach pulut very well- like my father – will cause discomfort. LOL!!! 😀 Ya….future trips, keep the key cards for me.

  19. Your mango-pulut…OK…I only have 2 words to say to you – I WANT!!

    I will have 3 words to say to you if it’s durian-pulut – I LOVE MUCHLY!!!

    Drool…drool…drool! LOL!!! Well, you can get mangoes and durians in Perth, so no problem… Can make your own. 😉

  20. the mango is green but it’s ripe/orange on the inside? oh wow! it’s supposed to be yellow on the outside to be ripe right?

    i used to love mangoes but since i always have severe gastric pain eating or drinking mango juice, i stopped consuming mangoes (only once in a while).

    Just slightly yellowish when ripe, not completely nor very yellow… As long as it feels a bit soft, can peel and eat already…

  21. you sure are a very popular person amongst your friends.. they always remember to get you something when you go on holidays, isn’t that what the hokkiens called “hok kee”?? 🙂

    That’s why I always say that I’m truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends… 🙂

  22. let me check my storage for hotel key cards.. hmm >< so far i see genting 1st world hotel key cards only. Btw can message me in FB your address bro?

    Aha!!! I haven’t got that. Will text you my address then. Sure you don’t want? 😉

  23. shhh….i still have the key card to the Honeymoon suite of the hotel we stayed during our wedding. Not intentionally take home but kinda lupa..supposed to return two key cards but ter-lupa one.

    Adoi…saw mango in pasar malan just now. RM7 a kg. Look like have to wait some more la for it to turun harga.

    Aiyor…your honeymoon one, must keep lah!!! Frame it up for old times’ sake… Was it were the little kucing was made? Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀 Ya…over there so easy to buy mangoes. Jalan Petaling, can sample free all the different hybrids. RM7 a kg isn’t expensive leh? Here, we can hardly get to see the kulit….unless we plant some ourselves.

  24. Oh my, I love Mango Pulut as well!

    Yum…yum… Want some? We can go and try at the other place in town that I have not gone to try yet, your treat… Hehehehehehe!!! 😉

  25. Oh… Mango pulut! I crave them every now and then!!! So yummmmmz.

    Northern people should be able to get to eat this very easily, lucky you! 😉

  26. I didn’t know you collect hotel key cards! I do too, and usually I get two copies. 😀

    Yeah, I know some places will say that they need the keycards back but they actually do not. I’ve given them answers like:

    1. Left in in the room
    2. Can I keep it as a souvenir?
    3. Lost it in the room somewhere

    …and most of the time they’ll relent, even those that claim to charge for “lost cards”. Haha. Guess the trick is to be nice and sound busy.

    I think I’ve only been turned down once, this was in Malaysia of all places, the counter person was being an ass, so I said wait, I have to go back to my room.

    …and never returned. I paid by cash and got my checkout stuff dy. HAHAHA

    Gosh! You ARE crafty! LOL!!! 😀 The most I would do would be to ask if I could keep and if they said no, then I would return it. So far, no problem except for those specially programmed ones that are used to activate the lifts and the power in the room. Hmmmm….since you keep in duplicate, if you have any more the two, bring them when you come home next and maybe we can swop. 😉

  27. Now that I know that you collect those, I will kumpul and then send a bunch to you! I travel a fair bit for work and for fun, so I will definitely sapu those for you 🙂

    Aha!!! Looking forward to receiving them from you. I used to be able to collect a lot on my working trips but very often, it would be the same old hotels but I did get to stay at different ones as well…

  28. is that pulut mango? now i’m craving for pulut durian and pengat pisang.

    Not a fan of pisang…but pulut durian is yummmmm!!!! I thought you would prefer samui? Da’kek ah!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  29. Hotel key card – my hubby gets into Siem Reap this morning and will be there for a few nights. I’ll ask him to (try and) ooooooze some charm at the reception staff and see if he can have a card to keep – perhaps he can tell the receptionist that his very cute and lovable 7 year old nephew loves to collect key cards…:)

    6-year old…not 7. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Eh! No bargaining here, mate. 🙂 7 years old.

      Ok…ok…whatever you say. As long as I can get the key cards. 😉

  30. Collecting hotel key cards is good. Flat and stackable and do not take up too much space. Next time I go travel, I will remember to keep those key cards for you. I am not a collector. My Quay Lo is. Collect so many things and some take up so much space. AIYOH! One day I told him that when he dies before me, I am going to sell off all his shit! hehe.. Oh, I did not know you can cook. I have underestimated you my friend. You have just made one of my favorite thai desserts. I love it with durian too. Don’t say this is easy to do. It is not easy to get the right consistency of the rice and the sauce. From the pics, looks like you got both perfect. 5 stars for you! After so much praise, do I get to eat some if I come visit you someday? LOL!

    That will depend on whether there are any durian or mango available – the pulut is not a problem. Yes, if you browse through some of my earlier posts, I’ve featured some of the stuff I cooked…but mine’s the shortcut ones – anything that’s nice and easy and does not spell W-O-R-K! Basically, I’m very lazy… LOL!!! 😀

  31. the mangoes had a very nice egg-yolk yellow colour. I’m sure they tasted very good as well! Jealous..

    They did. Was very very nice… Yummm!!!! 😀

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