Just might be okay…

I wouldn’t say these were very nice – at best, I would say that they were just okay. In case anyone does not know what they are or what they are called, they’re rempeyek

Rempeyek 1

I bought a packet of these the other day at my regular kuih stall at Bandong here at RM1.00 for a packet of 5 so that would work out to 20 sen a piece. I understand that they were made by somebody in Debak. I remember buying some very nice ones at another stall in the Malay kampong here and at the time, my daughter loved them so much that I bought one whole big tin of them. If I remember correctly, I could get 10 pieces for RM1.00 then but that was sometime ago.

Rempeyek 2

Now what was wrong with these? Those that I had before had a special fragrance of spices – you can click this link to check out what they use in the recipe…and I think there were even bits of curry leaves in them…but not these so I did not really think they were very tasty and did not quite enjoy them.

These, in comparison, were a whole lot nicer…

Rempeyek II 1

They told me that these were made by someone in Sibu and as can be seen in the photographs, they had a whole lot more ingredients in them and were not as plain.

Rempeyek II 2

They were smaller though…but that did not matter – I would much sooner go for the taste and the quality, not the size.

Rempeyek II 3

Also sold at RM1.00 a packet, there were 9 in the packet that I bought that day. I wonder if they counted wrongly and there should have been 10 instead. Ah well, never mind!

Now, moving on from those crisps, I must say that I was more than delighted with this…

KopitiamFantasy kueh chap special

Sibu is not known for its kueh chap even though there may be a couple of places in town that serve reasonably good ones. The people in Kuching would insist that theirs are a lot nicer, of course! But I dropped by this coffee shop sometime ago around lunch hour on a Sunday and most of the stalls were closed. Good grief! It was only past 12 and everyone had called it a day – are people getting lazy or what? Anyway, I did not have much choice – even the bak kut teh at this particular stall was sold out so I ordered the kueh chap special (RM5.50) in the hope that it just might be okay.

Well, in my opinion, it was more than just okay and I certainly would not mind going back there again for some more of that – but of course, with all the high cholesterol innards in it, I must not indulge in that too frequently. Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “Just might be okay…”

  1. Being eating this rempeyek all the time during my heavy travelling days in the past up down NS Highway during my pit stop at R&R at Tapah but dunno the know how about it? haha. Lupp kueh chap very much not many stalls are selling them in KL.

    Ya…so far I’ve not had kueh chap anywhere else other than here and Kuching. Was thinking…maybe you do not have it over your side…

  2. Have not eaten any kueh chap in KL leh. My usual would be in Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus.

    Burmah Road? That’s round the corner from my regular hotel leh…. Hope to try one day.

  3. Wah Bananaz beat Fairy and I to the comment box this morning!
    I too love rempeyek (never really knew its name so thanks ;)). The ones you bought seemed to lack of peanuts and anchovies, but I guess at rm0.20, we can’t really complain. I also love it when I get the odd cumin seed popping in my mouth as I enjoy this keropok! 😉

    Kuey chap is to die for, well almost! ^^

    Yes, the second one that I bought had those seeds and leaves that I love a lot…and almost 10 sen each – cheap! The first one – fail lah…will not buy again. You like kueh chap too? Any where you are? You’re in KL, right?

    Hmmm…no prize for being 1st. Seems like there is some kind of competition going on…to try and be first for the day. Good! Good! LOL!!! 😀

  4. No competition-lah! Just a pleasant surprise to see Bananaz here so early in the morn. Dear Fairy must be in dreamland! There’s a lady in Klang who sells odd stuff that nobody sells ie. braised belly pork with yam rice, and pork and chicken innards. Not fantastic taste-wise but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right?! :s

    Aiyor…Klang so far away. I can only roam around the hotel at Bukit Bintang. Don’t tell me about all those nice far away places…So kesian… Sobsssss!!!!!

    1. Hi +Ant+ Slept early at 10 something last night and woke up early at 5 am this morning, no competition lah haha.

      I slept at around 10 also but I got up at around 4… 😦 …Regular bowel movement…though I do wish it isn’t at such ungodly hours!

  5. Rempeyek! It’s been a while since I’ve eaten those. Nice for snacking. 🙂

    Hey, that dish of kueh chap looks really delicious! That’s a really nice photo too – all the organs are very well defined…liver, stomach etc. I like kueh chap, had some in Penang last week but theirs is a bit different – the kueh is translucent instead of white, like ours.

    Ya…like their kwayteow/hor fun. I’d like that…but some people prefer it like ours. Yup…add one more to the list of places we can go to when you come back home. LOL!!! 😀 Btw, I’ve linked your rempeyek post, recipe and all to mine. 😉

  6. I remember those little crackers. Some kind soul dropped by in July with a few packets (many thanks again, A). They’re so good I bought a few packets myself after that. That kueh chap looks good. Didn’t know they had them there.

    Oh? I bought some for you, did I? Can’t remember…but it was my pleasure to buy these little things and share with friends. If expensive, of course, I wouldn’t be able to afford it… 😉 Ya…so you can add kueh chap to your list – I wanted to try the wan tan hor…but they were closed. Will go back there again sometime.

    1. That wat tan hor guy is there only at night, I think. He’s the one at the back cooking all the dishes, is it chu chai?

      Yes, yes…the one you told me about. At night kah? Aiyor…I hardly ever go out at night, so kwai one… 😉

  7. Why so cheap one… over here sure cannot get at this price!

    No kah? I thought things in Ipoh also very cheap leh? Not like KL or Penang… 😦

  8. I have eaten that crispy stuff for so many years and never knew what it was called,not even in Hokkien,,,,,,,now I have learned something new……………………

    Never to old to learn… 😉

  9. i never knew it was called rempeyek. I always call it the crispy biscuit with peanuts

    Hah! Now you know. Huai Bin knew; he even had the recipe in his post. LOL!!! 😀

  10. I remember eating rempeyek (now i know the name) at my friend’s house during Gawaii. Yummy!! 🙂

    Learn a word a day… LOL!!! 😉

  11. The second ones you’ve shown do pop out at you, the first ones look somewhat ‘blah’. I’m fascinated by them, since I’ve never had them before.

    Since I enjoy cooking (and experimenting while cooking) I’ll make an attempt to prepare them soon. I guess that means I’ll have to follow a recipe, which is something I rarely do.

    Hey! Haven’t seen you around for a long time. Good luck… Hope it will turn out great. 😉

  12. I love eating rempeyek esp those with lots of ikan bilis. It’s so crunchy and addictive and I can finish 1 whole packet in 10 minutes…hahaha!

    Yes…I do enjoy them too…and they’re so light and thin you don’t actually get full from eating them.

  13. I have eaten those cripsy crackers every now and then but never knew what it is called. Only today I knew its name. Good for snacking. Hmmm…the kueh chap looks nice.

    Hah!!! Another one! The kuih chap was very nice – lighter than the Kuching ones and maybe even nicer…and the innards seemed very well-cleaned. I enjoyed it a lot…but clean or not clean, cannot eat too often. 😦

  14. Rempeyek… i totally forgot the last time i had them. Heh.

    For the best kuay chaps, you have to visit the northern states here. Where Thai influence is strong, it’s more likely you’ll find a good bowl of this. 😀

    Gosh!!! I’m sure you can get them anytime anywhere…but I guess it’s the same as here – you need the know where to get the good ones. Hmmmm…I wonder if they have good kuih chap in Sg Petani – I can try when my daughter goes back there next year for her final year.

  15. I know this “biscuit” but don’t know what it call and i try once? Not really like. 🙂

    Kueh chap, heard before but never try, because i don’t like those inner things, but hor, i only take liver, no others. hahahaha

    Hahahahaha!!! So many things you do not like – very easy to feed like that! 😀

  16. I’ve only ever seen and eaten kueh chap in Penang! Not really a big fan of those though..
    As for the biscuits, didn’t know they’re called Rempeyek 😛 So you’re saying size does NOT matter here? muahaha

    Does it? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!!! I like kueh chap – I think it’s nicer than bak kut teh that has this strong herbal taste…but I cannot eat so often – high cholesterol…all those body parts! 😦

  17. Ohhh…I love rempeyek but don’t like the kacang bits..I would normally korek the kacang out and make Simon eat them for me…mo buang sayang..hahaha.I used to specially order them…only with ikan bilis and jintan manis/cumin…can’t remember how much but quite mahal lar.My 3rd bro-in-law shares the same love with me..we both can sit down and hantam everything at one go…berhantu this rempeyek…makan satu,nak lagi satu,lagi satu,lagi satu….

    Kesian hubby…macam tong sampah! Buang saja lah…if you do not want to eat! Muahahahahaha!!!!! I love! The more kacang and ikan bilis the better – these days so pathetic – 3 kacang and 1 half of an ikan bilis… Sobssss!!!!! 😦

  18. Oppps…apa tu kueh chap?..but with innards….eikkkk…no thank you!

    Never mind! Many other nice things here that you have not eaten – so no need to make your list longer! Just strike this one out! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  19. I’m not a fan of rempenyek because of the nuts. But yours do not have lots of nuts. Just nice for me. haha….

    Why? I thought everybody loves nuts…I mean peanuts? LOL!!! 😀

  20. rempeyek to me is always nice.. but after eat too much straight sore throat! XD

    No leh… I ate one packet all by myself, no problem…not like cucur especially when hot. 😦

  21. I read the comment you left in my blog,,, thank you and truly appreciate it,you know each day I am learning………………now I can be a better dad

    Just sharing from my own experiences and those of the growing boys I had all around me over the years… Of course, I’m no expert and all that I share should not be regarded as gospel truth…but I do hope some of it may be of help in some way.

  22. rempeyek..i call peyek…always nice, eat & eat..non-stop while watching tv, hahaha…

    Ya…bought one whole cream crackers tin – the big one…and all gone in a jiffy! Worse than keropok… 😉

  23. Used to eat alot rempeyek when I was still growing up. But not anymore. Can’t seem to find any decent ones.

    Is this Indian or Malay? I thought it would be so easy to find good ones there – all over the place. Here, few Malays a and hardly any Indians… 😦

  24. now the rempeyek very small and not much kacan and bilis. The most was 2-3 kacang and 1-2 bilis ;(

    You look at the ones in my photos – just half an ikan bilis… So pathetic! 😦

  25. Whenever I see rempeyek (never knew this is the name of the snack), I used to buy it. I stopped buying because nowadays there is too little kacang and anchovies, not nice anymore.

    And the first one in the post was even worse – not rempah fragrance… Ya…things are definitely not as nice as they used to be anymore and worse still, not many people can make and eventually, nobody will make and the culture will just die out slowly. Sad.

  26. The smaller rempeyek definetely have more filling…must be very nice! And it’s cheap too 🙂
    I don’t know any shops/stalls selling kueh chap over here, but anyway I’m not a fan of pork innards. I only have them during my confinement period 🙂

    Yes, the smaller ones are nicer and cheaper… Eeee…you eat innards during confinement? I only know they eat chicken a lot….

  27. The rempeyek looks interesting! Does it taste like pancake with peanuts and anchovies?

    Nope, not like pancake. It’s paper thin and very crispy…and savoury, not sweet.

  28. My dad would order those rempeyek from his Malay/ Iban colleagues before Chinese New Year to serve friends and relatives. He would normally keep some for us if we meet up after CNY. Nice snacks.

    That’s nice. 1Malaysia… LOL!!!

  29. Arthur, the Fantasy Kopitiam kueh chap seller learnt the kueh chap skill from Ah Ling Bak Kut Teh 🙂 her name is Ah Rose. However, I was slightly disappointed with the non-consistency of the kueh chap served at Fantasy, she could be rather stingy with the pig innards, hence I crown Ah Ling Bak Kut Teh’s kueh chap instead of hers. personal preference, that is. 🙂 cheerio!

    Ahhhh!!! I see! So far I’ve only been to the Fantasy place twice – once for the kueh chap and another time, for the bak kut teh and both times, I loved what I got. Not to sure about her inconsistency but that’s a problem at some places, it seems. No quality control – like when I went to Rasa Sayang for the kampua with friends – everyone’s was good…but mine wasn’t. Rather disappointing for a place so well-established… 😦

    Any idea why they do not give the stewed egg at Ah Ling’s – I did not realise it till somebody mentioned it in his comment earlier. No wonder I felt that somehow, it did not seem quite right. Maybe I have to ask for the special to get the egg?

    1. I have been to Fantasy one too many times, the sambal char bee hoon is fantastic there, per say, have you tried? I have no idea regarding the egg thingy, I shall ask on my next visit to Ah Ling, it would be good to incorporate egg in the kueh chap. But having said so, I have one too many forgettable ‘pak lor’ eggs in Kch kueh chap; chewy and rubbery with dry overcooked yolks, I shall pass that. Happy Teachers’ Day to you, Arthur. 🙂 A great English teacher I must say! Or even better, phenomenal!

      Thank you. Blush! Blush! You know me? You’ve heard of me before? Gee!!!! I really must be careful when I decide to korek my nose when I’m driving. I wouldn’t know who would be watching. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!

      Yup! My missus loves the sambal ckt at Fantasy – she insists it is nicer than any ckt in Penang. I know the lady, Ah Eng, personally – goes all the way back to my teenage years… LOL!!! 😀 The coffee there is great – if the guy is the one brewing – can give the popular one at Sg Merah a run for their money.

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