Just might be okay…

I wouldn’t say these were very nice – at best, I would say that they were just okay. In case anyone does not know what they are or what they are called, they’re rempeyek

Rempeyek 1

I bought a packet of these the other day at my regular kuih stall at Bandong here at RM1.00 for a packet of 5 so that would work out to 20 sen a piece. I understand that they were made by somebody in Debak. I remember buying some very nice ones at another stall in the Malay kampong here and at the time, my daughter loved them so much that I bought one whole big tin of them. If I remember correctly, I could get 10 pieces for RM1.00 then but that was sometime ago.

Rempeyek 2

Now what was wrong with these? Those that I had before had a special fragrance of spices – you can click this link to check out what they use in the recipe…and I think there were even bits of curry leaves in them…but not these so I did not really think they were very tasty and did not quite enjoy them.

These, in comparison, were a whole lot nicer…

Rempeyek II 1

They told me that these were made by someone in Sibu and as can be seen in the photographs, they had a whole lot more ingredients in them and were not as plain.

Rempeyek II 2

They were smaller though…but that did not matter – I would much sooner go for the taste and the quality, not the size.

Rempeyek II 3

Also sold at RM1.00 a packet, there were 9 in the packet that I bought that day. I wonder if they counted wrongly and there should have been 10 instead. Ah well, never mind!

Now, moving on from those crisps, I must say that I was more than delighted with this…

KopitiamFantasy kueh chap special

Sibu is not known for its kueh chap even though there may be a couple of places in town that serve reasonably good ones. The people in Kuching would insist that theirs are a lot nicer, of course! But I dropped by this coffee shop sometime ago around lunch hour on a Sunday and most of the stalls were closed. Good grief! It was only past 12 and everyone had called it a day – are people getting lazy or what? Anyway, I did not have much choice – even the bak kut teh at this particular stall was sold out so I ordered the kueh chap special (RM5.50) in the hope that it just might be okay.

Well, in my opinion, it was more than just okay and I certainly would not mind going back there again for some more of that – but of course, with all the high cholesterol innards in it, I must not indulge in that too frequently. Sigh!!!