It’s like heaven…

If you remember, I got a lot of SPAM from my NZ friend when she visited Sibu recently and the other day, I decided to try this one…

SPAM with real bacon

– SPAM with real bacon, no less.

I went to buy some kompia from my favourite shop at Rejang Park

Sibu kompia

…and I stuffed them with a slice of the meat plus cheddar cheese and tomato…

Spammed kompia 1

…and then, I put it in the oven to toast it for a while until the cheese had melted and the top of the kompia was slightly browned and would have become harder but crunchier and more crusty by then – very nice, not so rubbery or chewy and more fragrant too.

Spammed kompia 2

It certainly tasted very nice but blame it on my localised Asian/Malaysian tastebuds – personally, I feel that the ones we all had, toasted and stuffed with my missus’ own-made sambal udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns) were so very much nicer…and I bet my NZ friend would be the first to second the motion, no second thoughts whatsoever.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “It’s like heaven…”

  1. Wonderful Spam ham! But it’s so expensive nowadays since the price of imported goods have increased so much. Your spam mini burgers look good.
    I love spam slices lightly fried and eaten with a sunny-side up and some baked beans! Yumz

    Yes…with toast and coffee. Nice western breakfast. 🙂

  2. Not interested in ahemm… ‘human meat’, but the kompiah looks divine. 😀

    Hmmmm…you pig lover, me pork lover! To each his own. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  3. It’s like heaven…to you but like hell to me!!!!!!…uwaaaaaaa…sob!sob! The kompia with your spam stuffing really look divine. Never thought of stuffing kompia with spam though…hahaha…genius jugak you, eh…hahaha.
    Yup!..I second the motion with no second thoughts whatsoever that hay bee stuffing made by Lucy is the best…very wangi, darn delicious especially when makan just out of the oven. I have tried doing the same with mini bagels but texture and taste totally different..not nice at all..hahaha…and despite being toasted again, the jaw still so lenguh to kunyah. The boys said very poor imitation and it doesn’t come with the bitch’s tales….hahahaha (remember the morning we had the hay bee kompia, you and your Mohammad and the bitch’s stories…cracked us all up!!!…LOL!).

    Hahahahaha!!!! Live entertainment while you dine! Maybe I should try out as a stand-up comedian – would be a huge success, I’m sure. LOL!!! Ya…they say eating kompia is like kissing – you have one, you want another…and another…and another. More! More! LOL!!! 😉

  4. like heaven indeed, it’s like mini sandwiches, except made from kompia. Really innovative!

    Much nicer than sandwiches – the kompia has its own fragrance, texture and taste…compared to bread.

  5. ♫Nobody gets too much heaven no more
    It’s much harder to come by..Bee Gees hahaha.

    Oh eating kompia is like kissing..alright.~;).

    Hahahahaha!!! Wanna come and have a try? 😉

  6. wow… these would be good for my morning breakfast.. in fact, drooling now .. all bec of you.. now got to cari teman to go for breakfast!

    Got teman or not? No teman…oats again lah? Kesian… Hahahahaha!!! 😀

      1. hey.. look who’s talking! A kettle calling a pot black.. wonder who has the most food posts! LOL….
        Talking about food.. now i m very full…. now resting like a “pig” here… so sleepy!

        Hahahahaha!!!! If want to be “like a pig”, you cannot beat me lah!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  7. Mmmm…looks good, but could you please in future make the cheese meltier? heh heh! 🙂 coz that’s how I like it – very ooooooozy cheese! Next photo please of ones made with your wife’s udang kering.

    Exactly! I took these three out for the “photo session” and then I popped them back into the oven and let the cheese melt further and never mind if they flowed all over and became not so photogenic… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    Udang kering? I also know how to make the sambal lah… Mind also very nice one! If I remember correctly, I had a post on how to make that a long time ago…but those days, I used my hp camera…so the photos not so nice lor… 😦

    P.S. Hey! I got your postcards in the mail today – all the way from Sydney! Thanks. Hmmmm…go to Sydney eh? I think Shereen also went – a couple of weeks before she came to Sibu. You ask her lah – which one is nicer? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Aiyah! Then why never photograph the seriously melted cheesy ones?! OK, I will try find that udang kering post of yours, see whether your recipe good or not. I haven’t had time yet to actually start reading your blogs from the beginning, but will do so as of this weekend. Hubby away for next 2 weeks, so I goyang-kaki – no need to cook if I don’t feel hungry. Can have toasted sandwich or just a peanut butter (but must add a bit or marmalade!) sandwich…or just dip my Hup Seng crackers into my kopi! Just looked at your kompia pix again and they definitely look yummier than what I just had for lunch – a Suimin ‘ Taste of the Orient ‘ (hot and spicy) cup noodles!!

      Glad that you like the Sydney postcards. The 2012 calendar coming to you via Julia. Not only calendar… 🙂

      Here! Save you the trouble of having to look for the post:\
      Aiyor…go all the way over there and still eating Hup Kee cream crackers kah? I eat Jacobs but made-in-Malaysia. LOL!!! Of course, nicer!!! Ask Shereen lah!!! After Sibu, anything else does not seem to be as satisfying anymore… Hehehehehehe!!!!

      1. Umm…excuse me, the photos are not acceptable, heh heh!! For me to follow a recipe, zee photos must be good-looking. Please re-cook, re-photograph and re-post…this weekend, OK??! Good man!

        Forget it! We old school cooks…all agak-agak one, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We have the nose for it! We can sense what we’re doing is right or not. You see Chef Wan on tv – I also pening! Where got he follows his recipes – campak this, campak that, campak some more…. THAT is cooking – recipes are for hopeless amateurs! If cannot follow simple instructions (with photos that are clear enough unless you rabun or what), then no need to cook.

      2. Eh, your recipe not the same with Lucy lar!She told me she used shallots,garlic and fresh chillies although she said normally she would use dried chillies which she got no stock on that particular day.Haaaa…bohong ah!

        Yoong, it’s very true that after Sibu, everything else seems flat…food, the holidays..everything!

        There!!! Don’t say that I say it only – listen to someone who knows!!!

        My missus’ is simpler – her mum’s Chinese mah…not so fussy as nyonya people – asal sedap, cukup pedas ok dah… I told you how I made for my mum once – she tasted a bit and with that tak puas look on her face, she said, “No lengkuas kah?” Now there IS a difference – that extra bit of kunyit and the curry leaves and the serai….will surely make a difference. Like Chinese curry VS Nyonya Curry VS Indian curry – you know they’re all not the same…and it’s up to the individual to say which one is better. Anyway, want to follow the simple way, go ahead lah!

      3. OK, I change my request – may I please have Lucy’s recipe?? 🙂 Sir, pound the ingredients manually or electric-dreamily?? Short cut, can?

        Hey Shereen, I’m now quite convinced that Sibu food can be good and my MOTH (man-of-the-house) is keen on visiting. I reckon we should rock up at STP’s place and party, and promote SIBU! Maybe I should help sell Sibu to the Aussies instead of them only thinking of Bali.

        Bali? Eyewwwww…..

        My missus’ recipe’s more or less the same lah… Her mum’s recipe… If give to my mum, tak pass – Shereen would know lah…old nyonya punya mulut sangat lebih. Nothing’s good enough unless sendiri buat punya. AND my missus uses the blender – my mum would never hear of that! Too fine – nothing like the old school, lesung batu. Ok lah…good enough, also nice…but with a little bit of this, a little bit of that…the extra fragrance will bring it up to a higher level.

  8. i think this “spammed” kompia is good enough, but if can have an extra slice of cucumber it would be perfect – for the color and also for the taste~~ 🙂

    Ya…cucumber would be nice. Actually I wanted to buy salad lettuce for a bit of green but the cheese slices cost RM6.50 a packet…and the so-called crystal tomatoes – 5 for RM3.50, RM10.00 already…so I decided to do without the greens. Thank goodness I did not have to pay for the SPAM! So expensive…

  9. Now I am lost again, pai seh, I don’t even know what that is, SPAM, I mean. How come Cleff say “human meat ” one? But those little sandwiches look good, guess a lesson learned today – SPAM

    She’s talking about luncheon meat made in China – my missus would never ever buy those (or anything made in China for that matter) as she heard people saying that they use human meat to make those… You think you believe that or not? Oh!!! I’ve featured SPAM in many posts already and you still do not know what it is? This is like a student in class who has not been paying attention. Must send for detention… LOL!!! 😀

  10. Ah… now I feeling to fetch myself a sandwich or burger liao!

    Sandwich? Burger? Humph!!! If anyone has tried kompia before, he/she would not settle for those if he/she has a choice… Ask Shereen. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Looks like mini burger! The other day I was in Yong Peng, I bought a packet of Kompia and prawn otak-otak. I pan fried the otak2 and stuffed into a kompia..nice and tucked sambal udang kering (my mom cooked) into another piece..delish. Next, I am going to put turkey ham+cheese+greens…should be good also judging fm your mouth watering pics!

    Turkey ham? Ooooo…I’ve got that too – among my tins of SPAM. I think I will try that next… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉 They have kompia in Yong Peng too? Lots of Foochows there? I know they have in Sitiawan…dunno Johore.

  12. what’s the difference between a spam and bacon, they all come from pork, right? 🙂 That melted cheese on your spam sandwich looks enticing…you could put on some hot sauce to make it spicy. 🙂

    Well, drumstick and breast meat are both chicken, right? Any difference? >.< I wouldn't think anything spicy would go with CHEESE nor spam and tomato – a dash of mayo or salad cream would probably be nice…

  13. I miss the kompiang in Sitiawan. I grew up there but have never been there for decades dy 😦 never tried the Sibu one so I dunno how good it is 😀

    Come, come to Sibu… Belum cuba, belum tahu. You from Sitiawan? Foochow kah?

  14. kompia sandwiches, nice!!

    Maybe next round you should fry the meat a bit, brown colour and more crispy, and it will taste better..I like my luncheon meat, thin slice and fried till crispy, like eating biscuit. kekekek

    Ok, tomorrow i should do luncheon meat sandwiches and bring to work.

    Yes, fry a bit…nicer…or coat with egg, even better. Lazy lah…just put in oven and bake…. I’m not the type to go through all the nitty-gritty details. Just take the easiest way out. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. looks simple to prepare.. i think i’d like the taste.. cheese and tomato accompaniment is nice 🙂

    Simple – that’s my game. Anything that spells work – forget it! LOL!!! I can hear all the ladies grumbling, “Men!!!” 😀

  16. STP’s burger ! Seeing this, making me craving for Ramly’s Burger. haha…. so long did not have that anymore. Mum always commented unhealthy but it was too delicious to avoid.

    I wonder when I can taste that kompia.

    So near, yet so far…

  17. Looks GOOD! I want to try kompia! Why don’t we have those here? I agree, sambal would have tasted much better but I don’t mind the ones you just made too 😛

    Come on, come over to Sibu… When tied down with kids already, it will not be so easy to travel. Better come now… Check the airlines and grab the cheap fares – you will not regret it, I tell you.

  18. Looks GOOD! I want to try kompia! Why don’t we have those here? I agree, sambal would have tasted much better but I don’t mind the ones you just made too 😛

    Oops! Duplicate comment! Never mind, the more the merrier. LOL!!! 😀

  19. Luckily it’s time to knock off from work soooooon..

    I’m not hungry but I’m craving for kompia.. hopefully Song Kheng Hai’s stall still open by the time i reach there !!

    They have kompia there in Kuching eh? Well, good luck! 😀

  20. Looks yummy! 🙂 if my brothers and sisters saw this, they would remove the tomatoes and pass it to me.. O well, more for me hehe yum yum

    These are very nice – what they call “crystal tomatoes” – a little bit crunchy and a lot nicer than the usual ones.

    1. Sounds good. I can eat a whole tomato like an apple. Lots of people think its weird hahaha.. To me it’s nice.

      I like tomatoes but I will only eat it raw, like cucumber…but I don’t like cherry tomatoes. Had a plant, got rid of it as nobody wanted to eat. 😦

  21. I’d eat that any time! Luncheon meat my favorite, what more SPAM. It is so expensive here. Want to eat it for fun also have to think twice. Always end up buying the cheaper Tulip brand instead!

    Tulip’s quite expensive too…but they’re nice! We also have that here… 😉

  22. I am now so curious about kompia. Shereen is right. Heaven for you hell for us! Can see cannot eat! TORTURE! LOL! I got a great idea. I can get my step daughter to ship me the SPAM but will you ship me the kompia?

    Not supposed to send food by post, and definitely not perishables. You’ll have to come to Sibu. Come, come… Shereen had a great time, no regrets whatsoever…even though she was wondering on the way here what she had got herself into…and I still have a lot of SPAM! LOL!!!

  23. seriously Spam is so expensive here. But in Manila, I only pay USD2 for it! damn cheap over there.

    Why is it so cheap there? Here in Sibu, it’s over RM15 a can. I definitely will not think twice about not buying it… 😦

  24. i went to jusco a few days ago and on a rack, i saw these full range of spams! muahahaha and i think of u stp! LOLLLL!!!!

    wah ur kompia becomes like an english tea treat like that. nice!

    You did? You went shopping and you thought of me? Awwwwww!!!! How sweet! LOL!!! 😀 Hey, I hope it’s because of many posts on SPAM…and not because I’m full of fat like SPAM…. 😉 Ya…what do you call it now? Fusion, that’s what it is…. 🙂

  25. I’d prefer to pan fry the Spam first to have that crispy texture on the outer layer. Hehe.

    If my missus does it, I’m sure she will do the same. Men mah…lazy! LOL!!! 😀

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