It’s like heaven…

If you remember, I got a lot of SPAM from my NZ friend when she visited Sibu recently and the other day, I decided to try this one…

SPAM with real bacon

– SPAM with real bacon, no less.

I went to buy some kompia from my favourite shop at Rejang Park

Sibu kompia

…and I stuffed them with a slice of the meat plus cheddar cheese and tomato…

Spammed kompia 1

…and then, I put it in the oven to toast it for a while until the cheese had melted and the top of the kompia was slightly browned and would have become harder but crunchier and more crusty by then – very nice, not so rubbery or chewy and more fragrant too.

Spammed kompia 2

It certainly tasted very nice but blame it on my localised Asian/Malaysian tastebuds – personally, I feel that the ones we all had, toasted and stuffed with my missus’ own-made sambal udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns) were so very much nicer…and I bet my NZ friend would be the first to second the motion, no second thoughts whatsoever.