How do I say…

How do I say the name of this Indian delicacy?

Kuih dhall
*recycled pic*

Vadai or wadai? Vadei or wadei? I’ve noticed how some Indians seem to pronounce “v” as “w” and so they will say things like  “wery good” or “wirus“, the same way as some Chinese have a problem with “r” and “l” and hence the very stale joke that we always hear about them eating “flied lice“. Anyway, whatever it may be called or pronounced is not a big deal to me – I just call it kuih dhall…and eat it.

I love eating these but the best ones must not be too hard and what I love most is the fragrance of the herbs and spices in it. I bought some for my Kiwi sister-in-law to try when she was here but she did not like it – I guess she was quite put off by its exotic taste, something which she obviously had not acquired.

Now, there’s something new at the Bandong stall that I frequent in the morning – these cucur dhall (dhall fritters)…

Cucur dhall 1

I do not know the ingredients used but of course, there would be a need for some batter and dhall…and I think I can detect a hint of some udang kering (dried prawns) but  very little of it (which comes as no surprise as it is so very expensive) and onions/spring onions…

Cucur dhall 2

These are fried till golden in colour…

Cucur dhall 3

…and sold at only 4 for RM1.oo. Good grief! Only 25 sen each – just NZ10 cents!!! Yum! Yum!

I love them so much that I’ve been going back there morning after morning to buy some but unfortunately, they are often sold out by the time I get there. Hmmmmm…I wonder if this post will get Cleffairy running to the kitchen to make some of her corn fritters right away. LOL!!!