Cherry pink & apple blossom white…

Come spring every year, the cherry blossoms would be a tourist attraction in Japan…and right now, it is spring in the southern hemisphere, and not too long ago, my daughter was in awe of the cherry blossoms that are presently blooming everywhere in Wellington and likewise, my friend in Auckland…

Auckland's cherry blossoms 1
*My NZ friend‘s photo from her Facebook album*

They certainly are pretty, aren’t they?

Auckland's cherry blossoms 2
*My NZ friend‘s photo from her Facebook album*

We do not have cherry blossoms here but we do have the rosy trumpet trees (Click this link to see the photographs of the trees and the flowers), scientifically known as the Tabebuia Rosea, that will bloom at certain times in the year turning our usually mundane roads into a spectacular sight. Often had I seen photo enthusiasts stopping by the road to take photographs of the breathtaking scene.

These trees were the brainchild of our late MP who had the vision of turning Sibu into a city in a garden and upon his directive, all the trees were planted along the roads in the town. Unfortunately, his efforts were not very much appreciated at the time and I had heard of people pouring kerosene down the roots of the trees…and I saw with my own eyes somebody burning stuff around the trees to kill them.

There is also this bougainvillea tree or what is locally known as the bunga kertas (paper flowers) in my parents’ garden that has frequently won the praise and admiration of many…

Bunga kertas 1

The bougainvillea comes in various shades and colours and this one in particular is pure white…

Bunga kertas 2

…and it is constantly in full bloom…

Bunga kertas 3

Such a beautiful sight, don’t you think?

So, we may not have cherry blossoms here but we do have all kinds of colourful flowers blooming all year round…except that some people do not seem to notice or are not in the least bothered about them…much less appreciate the beauty of nature right here at our doorstep. As the saying goes, there is none so blind as they who will not see.

And talking about flowers, who can tell me what flowers these are?…

Guess the flower

Come, come…tell me your answer and if you are correct, I’ll send you a prize. However, in the event of there being more than one with the correct answer, the winner shall be picked by lucky draw. Have fun…and enjoy your weekend, everybody!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Cherry pink & apple blossom white…”

  1. Gosh you made this a tough guess since they are only buds. My guess is either orange lillies (found in abundance in highlands) or orange lucifer crocosmia (which my mom had). 2nd time lucky? Lolz

    Aiyor…two guesses kah? Never mind, canna…1, lily…1 and crocosmia (whatever that is)…1! LOL!!!

  2. Oh the bougainvilleas are indeed beautiful. My mom planted one of similar colour back at the old home, and it became such a lovely sight. It was at the side of the house garden though as it was considered not good feng shui if planted at the front coz its thorns were said to be an obstacle for any wealth to come into the house.

    This one’s to the side of the house. Haiyar…I don’t have any thorny trees or plants in front of my house or anywhere else for that matter, why no good luck flowing in leh? Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  3. My mom’s house used to plant a lot of bougainvillea(some even hv many colours of flower in 1 tree), but after some ppl told her tht if it’s too tall, it might bring bad luck, she chopped it off straight away! 😦

    There have been rumours about other flowering plants too – some about them being disease-causing…and people would just get rid of all of them right away.

    1. That’s sheer nonsense… I planted so many things back then in my garden… the only thing that brought disaster was the jagung plant cuz snake tends to go there to salin kulit, the rest duzzin bring any bad luck wan la… in fact, made me feel more relaxed each time i see them. Very therapeutic. Cis… plants bring bad luck konon… some ppl ah… really cilaka wan… suka suka talk nonsense… tak sedar diri that the plants are the one who is giving us air to breathe!

      Haiyar…people have all kinds of beliefs lah. How do you think LIlian Too became so rich? They say if everything is going well in your home, don’t go and plant a tree in front of your house – it will block all the good luck from entering. Then there must be a water feature in the house for good luck and it must be located at the right position, not anywhere you like…etc…etc…etc…

  4. Looks like the flower from an aloe vera or aloe vera-like plant… Ha ha ha…

    Not that good with flowers, my parents’ house full of flowers. Mum’s a die hard aficionado of orchids and roses (and many other types of flower varieties). One chore I really hated during my growing up years was sweeping the dead leaves and watering the seemingly never-ending rows and rows of flower pots… Ha ha ha.

    Canna…1, lily…1, crocosmia…1, aloe…1. Good, good… Keep those guesses coming! LOL!!! 😀

    Ya, why do you think I do not bother to plant flowers in my garden? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  5. I am out on this topic… know nothing much about flowers except roses, lilies, daisies, orchids.. 🙂
    Thank goodness no food this morning.. it is 8.40am now… time for a mug of oats! 😦

    Aiyor…oats! Never mind. Healthy eating – will lower cholesterol… LOL!!! 😀

  6. wah the bougainvillea is indeed very pretty but it can be a hassle to sweep after they fall.

    Thankfully, this one is in the garden – just let it all drop on the grass and then when the gardener comes to cut the grass, he will sweep it all up and get rid of it.

  7. ‘The October Cherries’ huh! Wowie lovely bougainvillea, I can see trees of green,
    red bougainvillea too. I see skies of blue, and clouds of white, I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

    Hahahahaha!!! I thought you would say Rose Chan. Cherry pink and apple blossom white- the anthem for striptease shows… Oops!!! Not that I saw any – I only heard about it! Hehehehehe!!!!! 😉 Yes, what a wonderful world….indeed!

  8. Bougainvillea is nice to see…..but with the sharp thorns, I would like to keep myself far away from this plant…hehheheh

    Wow…that’s really a tough guess. Too me is some type of Heliconia – Bird of Paradise? Couldnt be also….cos the big leaves should be

    Canna…1, lily…1, crocosmia…1, aloe…1 and bird of paradise…1.

    Tough kah? Nothing comes easy! Hahahahaha!!!! 😉

  9. yeah, i love those cherry blossom too.. haven’t had a chance to go japan yet, but i was in london during spring two years ago and was so impressed by them.. and they definitely look a lot nicer than our bunga kertas, haha.. hmmm, not good with flowers so no idea what that plant would be..

    Hmmmm…traitor! You’re supposed to say our bunga kertas looks just as nice, if not nicer. Have you clicked the link to see the photos of the trumpet flowers along Sibu roads? So very nice…

  10. So beautiful!! I love bougainvillea since I was small because mum planted few pots. Some are pink, some are white.

    Ya…they’re easy to plant. My parents had some in those big salted-egg jars…and they placed them by the roadside…and they got stolen! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  11. Forgot to answer the last photo. Not mistaken it is call Bird of Paradise. I dont know what it called in Chinese! lol

    Canna…1, lily…1, crocosmia…1, aloe…1 and bird of paradise…2. Hmmmm……

  12. Wow that Bougainvillea plant is really nice! Haven’t seen it for a while… miss schooling days cos my school has a lot 🙂

    Oh? You’re not in Malaysia? I thought they’re all over the place? In Singapore too…along the roads. I wonder what school that would be – probably a girls’ school – usually lots of flowers. 🙂

  13. bougainvillea – red color one is nice…
    I heard ppl said bougainvillea is actually herbs which can eat…

    Ya, I think I’ve seen that somewhere on tv…and it’s good for cough, it seems. Got this from some website: “…Her baby daughter was coughing a lot and the medication the doctor had prescribed didn’t seem to work. Maybe an herbal remedy would work, she thought. Following the instructions of a book, she made an herbal tea from bougainvillea flowers, sweetened with honey, and wonder above wonder, it worked miraculously well: after a day, the cough had almost disappeared…”

  14. I love spring. Favourite season of the year. The nectarine tree my dad planted is blooming with flowers. The flowers look like cherry blossoms… Guessing game today.. hehehe.. I do not know much about flowers. I don’t think it is fair for me to pick one of the answers from the comments above. So I choose not to join 🙂

    Your dad is in Oz too? I thought he’s in Sibu…with his durian tree and durian flowers? Dunno much about flowers, eh? Hmmmm…. LOL!!! 😀

  15. A friend, who is studying in Japan, sent me one Cherry Blossom Flower. Too bad that I can only see it as dry. The fresh Cherry Blossoms would be better.

    I already saw that flower that you placed at the end of your post. I just don’t know its name. Sigh.

    Hahahahaha!!! Too bad. I could have sent something nice all the way to the Philippines for you. 😉

  16. flower post ar? hmmmmmmm…i only like to receive flower. ahhahahhaha

    But that bougainvillea look very very nice. Last time my grandparent when they still stay at brooke drive there, my grandma plant a lot.

    Ya…in the old days, very popular… Now also. Very nice, so nice until got people stealing my parents’ – those they placed by the road. Dunno how they carried – so heavy!

  17. bougainvillas require a lot of sun and unfortunately i’ve never been able to grow it well but my late mom grows lovely bougainvillas and some are mixed colors.
    The flower in the last pic looks like a aloe vera flower. Very rare to see aloe vera blooms

    Hmmmmm….canna…1, lily…1, crocosmia…1, aloe…2 and bird of paradise…2.
    My parents’ seem to grow very well – not much attention needed but they do water very regularly.

  18. Dono wud flower is that la. >.< tak kenal. Anyway, the cherry blossom is so beautiful…

    Aiyor…I’m thinking of sending over some kompia as the prize. Looks like you are not getting any lor… Tough luck! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. No fun la u, Cikgu… u kno I always guess wrong punya wan la… =.= tak aci la…

      Hehehehehehe!!!! *rubbing hands with glee! 😉

  19. ps: My bougainvillea used to be in full bloom and almost no leaves at all. They are pink in colour.:D But after I left…bunga not much liao. Kesian my babies.

    Flowers also like humans, need a lot of tender loving care. You abandoned them, what to expect? Hehehehehe!!!! >.<

    1. Cis… not abandon them la… I went off to study wud… den i got married, where can live with parents anymore. Ini my mum punya pasal la… tarak sayang my plants, itu pasal jadi liddat. So sad! She summore give away pots of my roses to ppl after i left… cakap mafan wanna jagi… aiyo… so sedih lah!

      If me, I would also give away…and any pets as well. Malas want to jaga. Muahahahahahaha!!!! At least, got people take care… If leave them all to me, sure all kaput one… 😀

  20. Anyway, the bougainvillea plant in the picture looks like need a bit ‘tongkat’ to support it. Looks like it’s very heavy and the pagar can’t really support it if tarak tongkat kayu.

    It’s fine – cast iron fence…sure strong enough and it is the fence that is holding it up. Actually, it grew from a small little pot – I guess the roots must have gone through the bottom of the pot into the ground…and thus the plant was able to shoot up and grow into a huge tree!

  21. why on earth would ppl want to kill trees, esp those not grown in the wild but planted by city planners?

    there’s one type of tree locally which i find beautiful when the flowers bloom… the trees are quite big… and they hv these tiny yellow buds of flowers… and when there’s wind.. the flowers will go with the wind or just fall to the ground… quite a sight really.

    i’m guessing canna too! or banana plant.

    Sigh!!! The mentality of some people – whatever other people do is ALWAYS wrong, ALWAYS no good…so they will oppose! You know that kind of people we have in our midst – resistant to change! I think I know what tree you’re talking about – have not seen those trees anymore. There used to be a lot in my younger days. Those were huge trees really. Banana plant? That’s a new one… LOL!!!

  22. The photos of the cherry blossoms give me itchy feet now. I turned to my Quay Lo and said, I want to go to Japan next year to see that… hehe… I love see flowers, I have many different kinds in my garden but don’t ask me to take care of them .. hehe. Very lazy lah. My Quay Lo actually did the landscape himself. When he is not traveling, the patio is the place he will be in the evening, sipping his rum coke or enjoying his wine, admiring the blooming flowers in our garden. He said this is some of the things that makes life more beautiful wor. I would love the guess what flower is the last photo but I don’t know wor:(

    I’m exactly like you. My missus will plant but after a while, no jaga…no watering…so all not really nice lah! I keep telling her no need to plant but she follow heart one – when in the mood, will get carried away. So nice to have hubby like that – ya, it’s nice to sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings… Got nice fountain, I’m sure. The sound of flowing water’s very soothing and they say, good feng shui.

  23. Yup…I must agree with you that the bunga kertas at your parents garden very impressive and I think I even commented on it when i was there. I know what flower is that since I really buat house and garden inspection both kat your rumah and your parents…hahaha.I’m not going to guess as it won’t be a guess and not fair lar for everyone else kan?
    Eh, how come you never bring me go and see the trumpet flower trees when I was there? You know kan that I like flowers and trees and scenery etc. Cis, rugi lar!!

    Not in season lah…when you were here. Next time, in season, I let you know you cepat2 datang, ya? Muahahahahaha!!!! Hah? You know the answer? Haiyar…why don’t you make a guess? If you menang, I send you a carton of Mee Daddy… ROTFLMAO!!! 😀

    1. How are you going to send the mee daddy?Air freight?…if by trawler…tak payah lar…hehehe

      Will arrive in three months! Hopefully not after expiry date. LOL!!!

  24. Hey, I really like the picture of cherry blossom at the top of the page.. could I copy this and use it as a background for a presentation I’m making? I don’t know who took the photograph, just want to make sure I’m not breaking any copyright laws 🙂

    Go ahead, help yourself…but it’s actually my friend’s photo, not my own. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand and it seems they’ve cherry blossoms there too. You’re from Birmingham? Freezing cold there? Still snowing? Brrrrr!!!!!

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