Cherry pink & apple blossom white…

Come spring every year, the cherry blossoms would be a tourist attraction in Japan…and right now, it is spring in the southern hemisphere, and not too long ago, my daughter was in awe of the cherry blossoms that are presently blooming everywhere in Wellington and likewise, my friend in Auckland…

Auckland's cherry blossoms 1
*My NZ friend‘s photo from her Facebook album*

They certainly are pretty, aren’t they?

Auckland's cherry blossoms 2
*My NZ friend‘s photo from her Facebook album*

We do not have cherry blossoms here but we do have the rosy trumpet trees (Click this link to see the photographs of the trees and the flowers), scientifically known as the Tabebuia Rosea, that will bloom at certain times in the year turning our usually mundane roads into a spectacular sight. Often had I seen photo enthusiasts stopping by the road to take photographs of the breathtaking scene.

These trees were the brainchild of our late MP who had the vision of turning Sibu into a city in a garden and upon his directive, all the trees were planted along the roads in the town. Unfortunately, his efforts were not very much appreciated at the time and I had heard of people pouring kerosene down the roots of the trees…and I saw with my own eyes somebody burning stuff around the trees to kill them.

There is also this bougainvillea tree or what is locally known as the bunga kertas (paper flowers) in my parents’ garden that has frequently won the praise and admiration of many…

Bunga kertas 1

The bougainvillea comes in various shades and colours and this one in particular is pure white…

Bunga kertas 2

…and it is constantly in full bloom…

Bunga kertas 3

Such a beautiful sight, don’t you think?

So, we may not have cherry blossoms here but we do have all kinds of colourful flowers blooming all year round…except that some people do not seem to notice or are not in the least bothered about them…much less appreciate the beauty of nature right here at our doorstep. As the saying goes, there is none so blind as they who will not see.

And talking about flowers, who can tell me what flowers these are?…

Guess the flower

Come, come…tell me your answer and if you are correct, I’ll send you a prize. However, in the event of there being more than one with the correct answer, the winner shall be picked by lucky draw. Have fun…and enjoy your weekend, everybody!