The spam song…

The word “spam” seems to conjure negative connotations in people’s minds but it is in fact, a brand name of luncheon meat and the name is actually a contraction of the words “spiced ham”.

Of course, there are people who would tell me that it is made from the unwanted parts of the pig after all the premier meat has been used for other purposes and more recently, the term “spam” has been used to describe junk e-mail. Whatever!

I have always been a fan of luncheon meat – the made-in-China ones – ever since I was a kid. However, my first encounter with Spam was not exactly favourable. I bought a tin when I was in the UK in 1994 and cooked it with Bombay onions and egg, the same way we would cook our Ma Ling luncheon meat…and unfortunately, I did not think it came anywhere near. That was why since then, I never bought it again and it is not exactly cheap if you buy it here. The going price right now is over RM15.00 a tin. But no worries!!! I’ve got a whole lot from my NZ friend when she came to town and there would be enough to last me for quite a while. Hehehehehe!!!!

Well, the night before she and her family were due to leave on a flight the next morning, a friend dropped by my house and gave me some very very nice butter milk bread that his wife made…and I’ve been making Spam sandwiches with that for breakfast every morning. The verdict? Nice, quite similar to ham…which I love a lot! Yumsssss!!!!!!

I’ve also had it with instant noodles…

Spammed 1

You cook the noodles as usual…and when the noodles have cooked, place the sliced Spam on one side and break an egg and drop it gently on the other. Cover the saucepan and let the egg cook and in the meantime, you could warm the Spam as well – killing two birds with one stone.

To serve, take out the Spam slices and put on one side for a while, scoop out the egg and pour the noodles into a bowl. Place the egg on one side of the bowl and arrange the Spam slices on the other and you will get something looking like this…

Spammed 2

If you want a balanced meal, perhaps you can put some leaves of lettuce in the bowl before pouring in the noodles and the soup. The heat would cook the veg and you can be sure that it would not be overcooked. There you have it – a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and greens, all in one. You can sprinkle some sliced chilies and chopped spring onions on top for some extra colour if you want.

I don’t know if it was my imagination or what but with the Spam, the instant noodles seemed to be a whole lot nicer. Yum! Yum!