Whole lot more…

 My NZ friend and family left on Tuesday morning last week after a three-night stay in Sibu…and Ivan arrived the very next day on Wednesday night and stayed for one night only. Of course, I did not have the luxury of time so I could only take Ivan to some of the places in the town centre for him to take some nice photographs and then, we drove down this road…

Road of Peace Sibu

…named Jalan Aman or literally translated as the Road of Peace. I don’t know whether the trees have grown too old or it’s that time of the year when all the leaves would drop but usually, the thick foliage would form a canopy over the road making it look like some kind of tunnel which would be quite dark inside and the streams of sunlight through the leaves would make it a really captivating sight. I was quite disappointed that day but nevertheless, we did stop to take a few snaps and Ivan did manage to come out of a couple of really nice shots.

This was on the way to the Kutien Memorial Park

Kutien Memorial 1

…which I’ve blogged about before but I did not manage to take my NZ friend and family here when they were in town.

This is a quiet and shady park…

Kutien Memorial 2

…with a vast lotus-filled lake…

Kutien Memorial 3

…but probably at two in the afternoon, it was too hot and all the blooms were closed…

Kutien Memorial 4

Our last stop was at the Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park in Sungai Merah where the earliest Foochow settlers landed in Sibu and after that, we headed back to the house for Ivan to take his bath and all too soon, it was time to send him to the airport for his flight back to KL…

Sibu airport reconstruction 1

A word of caution to all who intend to come to Sibu anytime in the near future. Our airport is undergoing something much more than a facelift or an extension – it certainly looks like they are reconstructing the whole thing…

Sibu airport reconstruction 2

Visitors will still be using the old small airport somewhere buried in the midst of all that concrete and steel but it still serves its purpose well – and I had no complaints whatsoever from my NZ friend and her family nor from Ivan. I guess as long as you can go in and out without any difficulty and you do not get stranded there for a few hours as a result of some delay in the flights, it would be perfectly all right.

So? Who’s going to come to Sibu next?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Whole lot more…”

  1. In the olden times, such scenery would be the source of inspiration to poets. It’s so beautiful and picturesque.

    I find it therapeutic…so peaceful and soothing, very relaxing. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence…” Good for busy city people to unwind…

    1. I like to go to lake and beaches to unwind. They give me the sense of serenity. I like this kind of place…but when I was a little girl, I cannot go to lakes and places like this…come back sure kena fever. Dunno why…my late grandma said that such places is ‘keras’ and children usually cannot tahan.

      Oh? Never heard of such things. We grew up by the river…and took to the water like fishes. Those were the days…

      1. I dunno, but my late grandmother was always a superstitious person. Whenever my parents brought me out to jalan jalan at lakes, waterfall and whatnot and I ended up sick the next day, she would say we went to places that’s ‘keras’, that’s why I fall sick. But to be fair, I was always a sickly child… go where oso will fall sick punya la. I was probably too tired or too excited during those trips…that’s had fever after that. >.<

        Anyway, I would love to bring my anak to this kind of place… very beautiful, and I bet photographers would love this kind of place too.

        Or too hot, tak cukup minum air. All I remember is when we went swimming in the cold river (or flood) water, we had to take the water and pat it on our chest first before getting in…and after swimming, we had to bathe and my mum would make hot drinks for us.

  2. The first picture reminded me of Taiping lake… the trees on both sides are very soothing to the eyes.. hahaa…
    ok, who’s next? Guess i wait till the airport is fully renovated first.. 🙂

    You wait lah…wait a long long time. People here work at a snail’s pace – don;t think it will be ready in3-5 years even…. 😦

  3. wah the airport renovation looks serious lol. dun think it’ll be completed when i go back nxt month ay?

    Next month? Dream on…dream on!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. Jalan Aman reminds me of Kelawei Road, Penang with those huge trees along both sides of the road. My Taiwanese colleague loves them and was mesmerized by the beauty each time we past by and further added he can hardly see any of those in Taipei city.

    Kelawei? That’s where I always stay when in Penang… Not so many trees leh? Got lah…some big ones here and there….but not all along the road like this.

    1. Oh yeah the trees were not as close as per your pix. Probably in the 90’s there could be more than the present as most were cut down for the expansion of hotels and shopping complex.

      I think so. I was in Penang, stayed with Edmund in Pulau Tikus…in December 1973…and I remember lots of big trees then and I thought it was much nicer at the time.

  5. LOL, another friend came to visit, you are sure engulfed with hospitality!

    Where got? Only two! Nobody wants to come… 😦

    1. *Annie… Shareen and family… Ivan… tht’s a lot. I merely hv any friend come to my house during CNY.:P

      That’s what usually happens when one gets married – your whole life centres around your hubby and kids…and it is usually ok when the children are growing up but as they grow older, you may have to make new friends and socialise more or it may get a bit lonely and depressing…and that may be a bit hard if you are not working – at least, your job takes up some of your time and you have your colleagues to mingle with.

  6. you know it’s rare to see scenery photos on your blog..
    coz most of the time it’s food food food.. haha..

    Yesterday, also no food…but normal programming will resume tomorrow. LOL!!! 😀

  7. I like huge trees both side along the road which will form a huge canopy. We have one stretch over here but all gone already coz being cleared for constructions. So sad.

    Ya, real sad. The price we pay for development. I do wish the town council people will do something about the ailing trees along this road…and perhaps ban heavy vehicles from using it – there are many other options that they can use instead.

  8. I would prefer to go market…hint**hint** LOL!!

    You gang with Shereen then. Next trip, she wants me to drop her there, doesn’t want me to tag along…and she’ll call me when she has bought the whole market. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Are you being rude?…hahahaha

      No leh…I remember you saying something to that effect. I definitely remember you saying that when you come back, the ONE place you would want to go to would be the market – macam tak puas pun…but can’t blame you – so many things to see, so many things to buy…and I’m not the best person to go shopping/marketing with. I don’t have the patience of a saint – not like your hubby…and I remember saying – all of you close your eyes, hold hands, no need to look at anything anymore and I’ll lead you all out of the place (or we’ll never get out of there! LOL!!!)….

      Btw, we did not reach the end, you know – there’s still the fish and meat and other sections further up…and we did not go round the hawker centre and the stalls selling clothes and stuff upstairs. I didn’t mention those that day – ignorance is bliss! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Yes yes, Yee Ling and Shereen, Sibu market is a nice place to shop and see!!! Everytime i go back, also in a rush, my mum don’t have the patience to wait for me go round and look see look see. hahahhahaha

        Your mum also no patience? I thought the older you get, the worse it becomes…this thing about women taking ages to shop and buy? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Me! Me! Looking at the way you took care of your visitors, I WANNA go Sibu too! 😀

    Of course! Haven’t I been telling everybody this? Too bad…nobody wants to come, what to do?

  10. The first picture of Jalan Aman is really nice! Would love to see another picture with the foliage covering the road too. Which means… go to this road more often!! hehe

    These places are on the other side of town so I seldom venture there…unless I’ve some purpose at hand. 😦

  11. After bloated with all the food post for the past few days, it is high time we have scenery post for a change.

    The shady park looks like our museum garden in Kuching especially with the lotus filled lake. Nice shots, Arthur!!..

    Commercial break… IT will be back to food tomorrow. LOL!!! 😀

  12. The tree canopy is magical! I enjoy driving along there….Looks like the airport renovation/extension is really progressing. Don’t think it will be done this year. Maybe another few years?

    I would think 3-5 years at least… 😦

  13. I certainly hope Jalan Aman won’t suffer the same fate as some other roads in Malaysia where some govt. council idiots suddenly decide one day that the trees pose a hazard and decide to cut them down. (Refer to Melaka).

    Here, they keep the big trees and trim them regularly…so that they would not be a hazard e.g. in times of a storm and trimming is good for plants for them to sprout new branches. I just saw them the other day removing the creepers from the trucks and branches – those parasites can kill those giant trees if not removed. Hope they’ll keep up the good work they’ve been doing so far.

  14. That Jalan Aman road looks very familiar.We passed by there? The road that goes to Giant also has nice big shady trees and look very nice…is it the same road?
    The Kutien Memorial park is the biggest temple ( but then even your very normal temple pun is so huge…don’t even get me going on the churches!!) you told me about is it?…very nice leh…very green and very shady.
    Next trip I balik Malaysia, i’ll singgah and see you (hahaha…sound nice a bit ,mah!…than telling you go Sibu just to makan only kan)okay and we go rounding-rounding again. The boys and I were reminiscing our Sibu trip just now and we were laughing so hard until a noodle got stuck in my nostril…ouch!

    Nope, we did not pass by this road. There are many other roads with big trees but none as nicely arranged and interlocked as this one…and no, that’s just a replica of the Kutien pagoda in China, not a temple… We never got to see the biggest temple in South East Asia…nor eat a lot more nice stuff here in Sibu…and we did not even drop by the Sibu Heritage Centre, still so many places to go to, things to do and eat. Must stay at least a week next time…and Lucy and I can cook our special local kampung delights for you all.

    Now what were you all laughing about? Tolong! Tolong??? So many other stories to share, I tell you… That’s why I always had my students in stitches and they loved that so much – to them, I was not a teacher, I was an entertainer, a clown! Tsk! Tsk!

  15. I used to drive through Jalan Aman every single day – from when I just got back from Australia (had a gf who lived in Green Heights) to when I was working in Subur (had to cut though that road).

    It’s beautiful, I agree, but very prone to flooding.

    Ya, Sibu…the swampy land and the sinking problem. That’s why in my reply to an earlier comment, I suggested banning the heavy vehicles from using the road. But anyway, the flood problem here is solved – floods are now a thing of the past.

  16. I don’t recognise any of the places at all even though I was born and bred there!! Well, I will be in Sibu from 22/1/12 to 26/1/12; I know this is some months away but hope we can meet up then. I know I am looking forward to it.

    When were you last back in Sibu? Probably a lot has changed since then… January next year? That should be around Chinese New Year time, I guess. I should be around – no plans to go anywhere just yet… 😦

  17. Where is that Jalan Aman? Kutien Memorail Park? Is it near the swimming pool there? Oh, i didn’t know it look so nice. Shame to said, i never been there. 😦

    I heard Sibu airport only fully complete by next year Sept? So long. It look good and at least got some progress compare to two months ago when i am back, not much work done that time.

    September? So soon? I would expect it to take years and years…like how long they took to make the road wider and nicer. Tsk! Tsk! Jalan Aman is from the 1st roundabout from Lanang Road to Jalan Wong King Hua 1st roundabout – coming from the town…and yes, the Kutien Memorial Park is right beside the Bukit Lima swimming pool – the kampua at the canteen is also very nice.

    Btw, I saw Auntie Christina on TV2 today – the Sarawak laksa and kolo mee at Bangsar. So famous now – must be making lots of money!

    1. I saw it too. Auntie Christina originally from Sibu or Kuching.

      From Kuching, if I’m not mistaken. That’s why all the Kuching specialties…

    2. wow…Auntie Christina sure famous, had been feature in few food programe already. tsk tsk tsk. Hers is laksa, kolo mee is someone else, but the kolo mee couple also from Kuching.

      The kampua couple from Sibu… Business still running?

  18. we thought of going Bali next year for holiday but today hub told me better cancel plan coz earth quake happens. Scary. Perhaps i shud plan one trip to the east to enjoy all the nice food u posted !

    Definitely the better choice! Look at how Shereen enjoyed herself here…and now she can’t wait to come again!!! Till today, still talking about it! 😉

  19. Is the airport expanding as well?

    I hope i can build a garden surrounding my house and live when old, can’t stand the noise in Sg anymore.

    Yup, they’re extending the airport though I really wonder why. We do not have that many planes stopping by actually – only busy during holidays and festivals.

    Noise? In Singapore? I thought it’s a FINE city…any noise pollution and you’ll be fined. You should ask Shereen how she enjoyed waking up in the morning in Sibu to the sounds of the birds chirping in my garden…and to see them hopping about on the grass and flying among the plants. I think we people in the small towns are blessed to be able to enjoy these simple pleasures…still!

  20. let’s hope no idiot like TPK goes and chop down all the lovely trees!

    I wish he were the one doing the airport though – I hear he can get things done very fast. The road at Sibu Airport was done by White Hair’s company, I heard…so they did the right, then the left and the right and the left and the right and the left – it was as if it would never end! 😦

  21. Jalan Aman and the park… are one of the most of favor place in Sibu. I like them so much… I think I will cry if the trees are cut down for expansion.

    I don’t think so. This road is a tourist attraction – even featured in the book on Sibu.

  22. Jalan Aman certainly looks enchanting. The park and lotus filled lake look so tranquil..almost as if time stood still!

    Come, hop on over…many nice places like this in Sibu. Soothing, relaxing…

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