I’m so happy (to see you again)…

I met Ivan, my blogger-friend, in November, 2009 when Mandy, my dear friend from our frequent interaction on radio, drove me and my family all the way from Sungai Petani to Ipoh on a one-day trip. Claire met us upon arrival and took us for lunch with Elin and Ivan dropped by the restaurant to meet me in person…and later took us on a tour of Kellie’s Castle.

He is now working, based in KL, and no longer a very active blogger. Nevertheless, we still keep in touch on Facebook and via smses or phone calls and I was so happy when he told me that he was going to come to Sibu to visit me. Unfortunately, it was going to be a whirlwind visit (like the one I made to Ipoh that time some two years ago). He flew to KK, Sabah on Monday night and spent the whole day, Tuesday, at one of the islands…and early on Wednesday morning, he flew to Kuching and because the flight to Sibu would be around 5 or 6 in the evening, he spent the day touring parts of Kuching…and due to a slight delay, he finally landed in Sibu at 6.45 p.m. looking quite exhausted, haggard and dishevelled…


and NO!!! That certainly was NOT me in the background! Muahahahahaha!!!!

My missus and I took him to dinner at this restaurant and we had this braised pork with mantao (steamed buns) dish…

SweetFamily braised pork with mantao
*recycled pic*

…and also the Foochow fried noodles…

SweetFamily Foochow fried noodles
*recycled pic*

I ordered the special for Ivan to enjoy – the ones with the freshwater tua-thow hay (big headed prawns), otherwise known as udang galah and we also had the fried cangkuk manis and sea cucumber soup but the soup that night was way too sour for my liking. Unfortunately, the lighting where we were sitting was not very good so the photos that I took did not come out well at all.

After that, we drove around to see the sights around Sibu by night – he was quite annoyed that his camera battery was running low so he could not take any photos of the beautiful colourful night scenes around the town. After that, we went to Taman Muhibbah, the popular hawker centre near my house, but we were too full from dinner so we just had some drinks and sat around there chatting and catching up with lost times. I think it was already past 11 before we got home and around midnight before we managed to hit the sack.

I told him to just sleep and have a really good rest and that, he did – he got up at around 11 the next morning…and after bathing and what not, we only managed to get out of the house at around noon. This was what he looked like AFTER a good night’s sleep and rest at my house…

Ivan - AFTER

Amazing, eh? See what miracles a short break at my house can do! LOL!!!

Well, since it was time for lunch, I took him here

NoodleHouse on Facebook

…for their special kampua noodles with sizzling New Zealand beef (RM8.80)…

NoodleHouse kampua with sizzling beef

…and I also ordered their kompia stuffed with three-layer pork (RM3.90 for 3)…

NoodleHouse kompia with 3-layer pork

…and the Foochow mee sua in chicken soup cooked in traditional red wine (RM9.80)…

NoodleHouse Foochow mee sua

…for him to try these authentic Sibu delicacies.

Of course, I had to help him out a bit…but he was really amazed how good everything tasted and enjoyed himself tremendously.

I decided to try their special laksa (RM8.80)…

NoodleHouse laksa special

…which was such a disappointment. It was nothing like our very own Sarawak laksa…and probably a not-very-successful attempt at passing off as the curry laksa sold over at the other side. It tasted good though – just that it was neither here nor there and not something I would recommend to people as Sarawak’s own.

Ivan had the Horlicks Godzilla…

NoodleHouse Horlicks Godzilla

…and he was stunned that it only cost RM4.90 and the Milo or Horlicks Dinosaur (without the ice cream, I think) was tagged in the menu at only RM3.90. He said he had the latter at a popular place in KL and paid over RM9.00 for it.

After lunch, I took him round Sibu to take photographs of all the attractive spots around town and by 4 something, it was time to send him to the airport to catch the 6 something flight back to KL.

It certainly was great, Ivan, to see you again. I do hope you will come again soon…and please do stay longer next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

48 thoughts on “I’m so happy (to see you again)…”

  1. Milo dinosaur! My fav drink when i was 14 😀
    Stop due to over “blasting” of pimples on my face lol~

    LOL!!! I drink Milo…I’d feel sleepy. Psycho… 😉

  2. Yes, I remember him.. the Handsome Guy… well, he looked a bit different from the last time we saw him though.. 🙂 now more matured looking, eh..
    STP,salute you la.. one another another you are entertaining guests… and some more say no one comes visiting.. 🙂

    No one mah…just these two. Now quiet and lonely again! If only there’ll be more people coming. So happy to have guests around… Ya, Ivan’s looking good – as handsome as ever, thinner and very much taller. I thought people that age would have stopped growing?

  3. wah you mean 3 of you ate that much of food? or was it just you? hahaha

    The dinner or the lunch? The dinner – they do not serve the pork in smaller portions at this particular place so I had to order the whole big plate…and we tapaoed the leftover.

    The lunch, just the two of us…and Ivan ate the beef kampua all by himself and one of the kompia, I had three…and I had a piece of the chicken in the mee sua…and I ate the yolk as he did not want it. Everything else, he ate himself – not bad for a skinny guy eh? Can eat a lot. LOL!!! I ate the laksa…but did not finish it as it was not like our Sarawak laksa.

  4. That Horlicks Godzilla looks divine. Will have to check out the HK cafes here whether it’s available. I have never even tried the infamous bubble tea (my hub said that if I want bubble tea, he can ‘make’ bubble tea for me…after an extremely spicy dinner) This mee sua looks nicer than the ones in your other posts – not too red. Ciao.

    I tried a bit, it was really nice. I don’t like bubble tea either…those pearls are like plastic. Eyewwwww…… Yup, the mee sua looks like our home cooked ones – we don’t use ang chao (the red residue) to marinate the meat and cook so the colour is not so red. Tastes the same – only the appearance a bit different.

  5. You are a very busy man bro just sent off Shereen and now Ivan arrived..good “biz” huh!!! hahaha..

    This kind of busy, I like… Wouldn’t mind more of such nice people dropping by… I really enjoyed myself.

  6. Another great post!!…These few days I am really stuffed with all the good food of Sibu, just look at the photos, sudah cukup liaw. Reallly busyyyyyyy hor…one after another dropping by at Sibu….and so who is next on the list?….hehehehe

    The Horlick Godzilla looks quenching..yum!!!..yum!!!…

    I don’t know. That was a really wonderful week, so many nice people around, had such a wonderful time…and now it’s back to my mundane, boring routine… 😦

  7. oh Ivan the air steward!! he was there on holiday or business trip?? wow, look at the food, they are all so nice!!

    Yup, you know him? Such a nice and friendly guy, so easy to get along with. He promised me long ago that when he got the job, he would come to visit me and he has kept his word… Not a working trip. That airline, if you are not the one disembarking to get the passengers to board, you do not even get to see the airport. No night stops...

  8. SARAWAK LAKSA OHMAIGEE *lick lappie screen*

    Hah!!! Not like the real thing – like curry laksa, not so nice…so no need to lick. Hahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. Wow..another visitor? Good good. I bet Ivan also had a great time in Sibu, tho just a very short trip.

    Hmmmmm…this is bad, i mean the food! All my favourite food in one post!!! Torturing and drooling. * don’t stare too long at the pictures*

    Noodle house, yes, this trip back i didn’t go and try that famous sizlling kampua, my mum did ask me, i said maybe next round. I still love my coffee shop style of kampua. hahhahah

    So when are you coming home again? Missing all the food… See, Shereen said it’s so much nicer coming here than many other places she has been to… 😉

  10. Wow, you are a very hospitable host! Salute you, one after another, blogger friends come to visit you! 😀

    Everybody’s welcome… What is this world without friends? I love them all… 🙂

  11. At last, I can finally see the comments in your posts. I don’t know why I am not able to access to your comments last few posts.
    Hmmm, those Horlicks Godzilla looks nice and cheap too. Slurps…..

    Oh? Dunno of any problem with wordpress. I hear blogger.com has some hackers going round – somebody’s blog was closed down until I informed him. I think he got it sorted out so it’s back again…. See! Things in Sibu…so cheap! And sooooo nice! LOL!!!

  12. Kampua with NZ beef, Foochow mee sua and kompia with 3 layered pork! I love this place already. Classic dishes with fusion twists. 🙂

    You’ve been here, no? Never mind. When you come back again, I’ll take you there. I quite like some of the stuff they have on their menu. The kampua with NZ beef is awesome! 😉

  13. Not really into Horlick but definitely a big YES to Milo Dinosaur. Die hard fan of MILO. Milo Kid, that’s me..LOL!! The stuffed kampua reminded me of Macau Pork Burger.

    Kompia, not kampua! LOL!!! 😀 I liked the drink a lot but I can’t take Horlicks nor Milo – both would make me feel so sleepy… Used to drink those before going to bed every night when I was small, probably that’s the reason why.

    1. **Macau Pork Bun**

      Huai Bin just got back from Macau and Hongkong – I know he had their Portuguese eggs tarts, dunno if he had the pork buns or not. Annant was in Hongkong too… Sigh!!! Everybody wants to go to Hongkong and nobody wants to come to Sibu. 😦

  14. Either tired or non-tired Ivan are the same ~ HANDSOME. hehe

    U r such a good and friendly host. Food in Sibu looks so good. I would love to try the kompia stuffed with 3 layered pork. So yummy. If only u can courier down to me.

    Hmmmm…if only you would drop by with your family for a visit! 😉 Ya, Ivan’s a very good looking bloke with a nice and friendly personality to match.

  15. Wahh what a difference indeed after resting at your place! haha.. LOVED all the food that you brought Ivan to eat, especially the stuffed kompia! Looked so special.. we don’t have that here…

    Yes, work plus life in the city can certainly take a toll on a person. Coming here would be such a refreshing change… So? When are you and Saucer coming? You can have all the kompia you want…LOL!!! 😀

  16. I think we had better…muahahaha!!!…except the Horlick Godzilla…Justyn ordered the Milo dinosaur…but got baby dinosaur instead…hahaha (..but he was so appreciative though…kesian!)
    Okay…I think Lucy’s oven toasted kompia with HOMEMADE hay bee can anytime fight and will flatly beat any stuffed kompia..3 layered pork or even 6 layered pork!!! Lucy’s kompia so crunchy outside but nice, soft and slightly chewy..not oily like in the photo ones…hah…1-0!
    Lucy’s HOMEMADE mee sua so nice…colour sesedap mata memandang..no dog’s blood in it…hahaha with nice delicate gingerish taste…with extra liow somemore..hah..2-0!
    Aiyoh…come on lar…where got people eat kampua with sizzling NZ beef one?…must eat with Sibu beef lar…not original…hah…3-0!
    The sarawak laksa?…see colour also know…sure fail one…no need to taste…hah..4-0!
    And I seriously think the pork we saw at the next table on our crab night looked more shiok…this one I won’t give marks base on looks alone…hehehehe.
    Okay tak..I dah expert jadi Sibu food critic?…muahahaha…Have a great day, Arthur!

    Alamak! What have I done? I’ve created a monster! Something like Cookie Monster…. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀 Ivan was here on a much shorter visit than you – no time for everything… Had to take him to a nice place where he could have more than one Sibu delicacy at one go and Lucy had to go to babysit my mum that morning – replace me mah…I cannot take off too often – later people not happy…so no time to cook something special for Ivan. Anyway, he’s very near…pay only 10% of airfare…can fly here anytime like taking a bus, so cheap…plus he’s not nyonya like you – not so hard to please. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

    P.S. The pork in this post is the Sibu original – we had that since the 70s or 80s – Lucy prefers this one. I, like you, ada class sikit…prefer the one you saw at the restaurant. The salty one with yam slices also good… Yum! Yum!

  17. woot, your house did miracles for him. From a haggard look to a leng cai look.
    I also want to experience that same miracle.. hehe. 🙂 and yes, i plan to make it over to your place in future bro. XD

    Come, come…then you will look just as leng cai as him… LOL!!! 😀

    1. woot! would love to. So how’s life staying home, you’re no longer teaching right?

      Nice. So relaxed…no marking to keep up with, no lessons to prepare…no classes to go to….nothing to get angry about every day…but of course, no money lah! LOL!!! 😀

  18. Seriously, you’re a walking food dictionary.
    Perhaps you can do that after retirement. Write reviews of all the food places you know.
    Ask ppl for submissions & etc.

    Not in Sibu…. In KL, they do invite bloggers to do food reviews but unfortunately, not here. Even if they know you blog about their food, they do not give you a special discount… Only Payung may let me sample a bit of whatever is new or special that they have…but that’s because the proprietor’s an old friend.

  19. Hehe.. what a coincidence.. you captured a picture of my friend in the background. I should show this post to her. The mee sua looks so good! I had mee sua yesterday but the noodles tasted different from the ones we can get in Sibu. 😦

    LOL!!! Small world…Sibu! Ah well…Sibu IS small… Shereen said I’m like YB…everywhere we went, there would be people greeting me. The truth is the town is so small you cannot help bumping into somebody that you know… LOL!!! 😀 Your mee sua from China…or made in West Malaysia. That Shereen did not want to buy – she said they have in NZ – where got the same… Memang Sibu one is the best! Just like Sibu’s Mee Daddy is so much nicer than Maggi – now she realises it and has posted photos of the noodles she took back to NZ on Facebook….LOL!!!! 😀

  20. if i stay one night at your house, maybe i wake up and become slimmer by 10kg, possible ah? huahahahaha that would be a miracle! Sibu is one of the food paradise of malaysia…..maybe it’s time Tourism Malaysia should start to promote sibu as a food paradise instead of forever promoting the overly well known KL, Penang and Ipoh. time for a change…if Sibu cant attract tourist bcoz of its lack of interesting places maybe it can do so through the food that is available here. STP can be its first Food Ambassador! maybe Anthony Bourdain, andrew Zimmern or bobby chinn will drop by, who knows. cheers STP!

    Yalor…should stop promoting as some backward primitive country – sumpit into the air and a wild boar drops from the sky, sumpit again and two wild boars drop down. If so easy to get babi hutan, I’m going out to get myself a blowpipe right now…and that silly commercial even won awards at international level. People nowadays are not so much into culture – more into food, shopping, clubbing….. Thailand, where got promote their ethnic tribes…and the tourists keep flocking in.

  21. Gosh it looked as if you’re running a fat farm over there! Wakakakka All your guests would be sure to put on some kgs under your care. Btw the sizzling beef noodles looked like to die for! 😉

    Not really…we do not eat so much – order everything and everybody gets to try. Just cubit-cubit only…but can’t do that if the visit is too short and you want to try as many things as you want – cubit-cubit will also add up to quite a lot…and there will be a lot more that you cannot get to try, like in Shereen’s case. She will just have to come again…soon! 😉

  22. Gosh.. another food post… and my favourite ones too – the misua, kampua and horlicks godzilla ? over here.. we have milo dinosaur here but horlicks godzilla, lol.. i think soon we’ll have nescafe jurrasic 😀

    LOL!!! All these fanciful names! Whatever will they think of next… 😉

  23. Arthur, I think if I plan to visit you, I will have to “puasa” for at least a month before doing that otherwise I cannot fit into the seat in the plane for economy class. hehe.. Seeing all the yummy food in Sibu really really make me “lau how sui”. I need a baby bib!

    That’s usually the case when somebody visits Sibu – they will put on weight…but it’s worth it – they really enjoy the food here so much.

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