Middle of the day…

Soon it was midday and time for lunch…but before we headed to where I wanted to take them, I stopped by my regular Malay food stall at Bandong to get them some of the Sarawak specialty – daging masak hitam

Daging masak hitam

…literally translated as beef/meat cooked black, for them to try and I also bought some sambal petai (stink beans)..

Sambal petai with prawns

Having got those, I took them to this place – one of my favourites in town. At least, they had natural flowers all over the place…

Payung's flowers 1

…and even something as simple as this…

Payung's flowers 2

…would go a long way to add a pleasant touch to the whole place…unlike the distasteful plastic flowers that they had here.

We had what I love the most, the belimbing prawns…

Payung belimbing prawns

…and their special version of the otak-otak

Payung otak-otak

…which is neither like the Muar ones nor the nyonya ones available in Penang.

Needless to say, they loved both the dishes and my NZ friend, who was not a fan of otak-otak, felt it was really very nicely done. She also liked the Payung rojak that I had ordered for the veg dish…

Payung rojak

She was of the opinion that with its own special sauce, it was good and tasted like a cross between gado-gado and fruit rojak and I must say that I would quite agree with her on that.

I asked the proprietor whether we could take out our loot from some Malay stall to eat together with what we had ordered and of course, he was gracious enough to ask us to go ahead. I don’t know if they tried the sambal petai but they finished the daging masak hitam in a blink of an eye…and on our way back, we had to stop by one of the shops to buy 5 more tubs of the ready-made masak hitam paste. That certainly speaks volumes, doesn’t it? No prize for guessing what she would be cooking once she gets back home to New Zealand.

We also had some of the special drinks they had at the place…

Payung smoothie

…but none of them tickled our fancy but they did enjoy the Sibu’s original, the jelly pisang that I had ordered for them to try…

Payung jelly pisang

After lunch, we went to the shopping malls on the other side of town for MORE shopping PLUS a stop at the Malay kuih stall at Bandong – the one that opens in the afternoon around 3.00 p.m. onwards on weekdays (My friend was absolutely delighted that she was able to get hold of some cucur cempedak at the stall at an unbelievable price of 3 for RM1.00!!)…before heading home for a quick rest and to freshen up before dinner that night – their last night in Sibu…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Middle of the day…”

  1. Yay i am 1st~

    Jelly pisang? So tat’s banana in the drink?

    Yup, you’re 1st today…and yup, that’s sliced banana plus jelly buried in shaved ice and drowned with syrup and evaporated milk. Sibu special – initially at one coffee shop here when I was a teenager. This one has ice cream – modified, not exactly like the real thing.

  2. *horrified* Are you trying to kill me with the masak hitam dish? *CRY*

    I bought 3 tubs of the paste for Shereen and after eating, she wanted 5 more to take back to NZ. I think if her bags and boxes were not already full, she would have bought more…and she still had Bangkok and Singapore on the itinerary. LOL!!!

    1. Adeiii… habislah… I think if Shereen bawak two bags when she goes out of her house… she’ll go back wif at least 4 more back. >.<''' But i can't blame her… the masak hitam paste is really nice. I cooked and shared the one you gave me last year with my parents and they loved it to bits… licin the piggan… what else can say? I'd probably borong alot too if I'm Shereen. 😛

      People are often disgusted at first sight. Eeeee…so black, what is this? And they always laugh at the name – all would have heard of masak merah before but not masak hitam. Just one bite and they will all sing a different tune. This is Sarawak specialty, don’t play-play! 😉

      1. Wakakaka… i can assure you that I’m not one of those people. I practically grew up with ayam masak kicap, daging masak kicap ever since my bratty little sister was born. You see…she everyday oso must have masak kicap dish, or else, tak mau makan nasi…so I know that those black-ish dish is usually savoury and nice. 😛

        Aiyo… masak hitam… very sedap wan la… those people who refuse to try because it duzzin look appealing dunno what they’re missing! Neway… this one goes very well with bread too. Ah… die! now imagining makan-ing this with a toast. Alamak… padah!

        Nice! Goes well with toasted kompia too… Yum! Yum! I cooked for my West Malaysian friends when we were in the UK and after they ate that, everybody wanted the recipe…

  3. Wow, you really keep your companies warm and cosy with all the delicacies, the flower are beautiful and the food are delicious(virtually look delish)!

    Ah ha… now I’m pretty apprehensive abt paying u a visit liao, later sure put on tone of kilo, lol!

    Do like what we did – ordered one for all to share and sample…and if something is really so very nice, tak cukup…order again – like the kampua noodles. No worries, wouldn’t force you to overeat one… 😉

  4. I’ve been to payung cafe once but we just wanted a place to chat and have a drink. So we didn’t order much. After seeing all the food in this post.. Looks like I have to drop by there again hehehe.. Is the pink drink ‘air bandung’?

    Nope, not air Bandung. Something on the sour side. Ya…I like to dine there with friends…and sit and chat for a long long time. Usually not crowded, not noisy…and nice ambiance. Love it!

  5. ♫Where’s your momma gone..hahaha Middle Of The Road! Oh jelly pisang is Sibu’s special ok noted. Payung rojak is some sort like our gadoh gadoh?

    Not exactly…sikit sikit sama.

  6. hey, i love those flowers, they are just lovely.. and this round you are showing us some very special dishes i’ve not seen at all before (instead of the repeating kampua, haha).. the jelly pisang looks special and appetising, so what is that white layer between the ice cream and jelly??

    No meh. I’ve posted these many many times before. Of course I would not bring visitors to eat things I have not tried myself – later not nice, so shy lah…. I think that’s the evaporated milk.

  7. My favourite!!!…daging masak hitam…and simply love all those flowers. See how they arrange it. Very nice

    Yes, very artistic, very creative… One of the attractions at this place. Ya…anyone who has tried our Sarawak’s own daging masak hitam would love it! I prefer it to curry, rendang or masak merah actually…eat with nasi kunyit/minyak, so nice!

  8. the daging masak hitam is masak with kicap manis?

    Adoi! Beri malulah you, anak Sarawak. You’ve been away too long… It’s a Sarawak Malay delicacy. There is kicap manis but also a whole lot of spices, onions, garlic, lengkuas and all those…but thankfully, these days, can buy the ready-made paste, Lisa’s Brand…but masak hitam always sold out – other things by the same company easily available.

  9. alamak…the masak hitam memang hitam wor. Belimbing prawn is it a type of prawn or cooked with belimbing?

    Belum cuba, belum tahu, madam! Just see Shereen and her family – hooked already! Belimbing prawn is prawn with that kind of belimbing – the small and sour ones – not the usual starfruit.

  10. Malay food! I like but not petai.

    Hah!!! You kalah ang moh liao! Shereen’s hubby loves it – that’s why I bought it! I love it too…but I learnt to eat it much later – did not like it when I was young. At home, only my mum would eat it before.

  11. OK, I say it again and again.. bookmark these food… and the special Sibu drink, ice cream on top and banana at the bottom.. hahahaa… that one is so “seductive!” hahahaa…

    Ummm…bottom? seductive? I refrain from making any response to the comment. Muahahahahaha!!!! No need to bookmark lah… Not going to come for a long long time, I know. 😦

    1. hahaha… dont say like that la.. not going this year only ma… next year, greater chance of going.. please don’t stop the invitation yet… I wait for Mandy.. Mandy.. oh Mandy… hahaha…

      Mandy? That’s another one – always saying she’s coming but not even her shadow in sight! 😦 I give up already lah…

  12. wow..that petai with plenty of prawns..yummy!

    That’s a recycled pic – I bought RM5 sambal petai last time and added my own prawns. Cheaper and easier than cooking my own. 😉

  13. was there friday night, i had the jelly pisang. the chicken curry with rice not too bad at all. shud try the rojak this week.

    Hey! What are you doing back here? And you’ll be here the whole week. Didn’t text me? 😦

  14. ps they use a lot of lemon grass in their cooking hor. btw, where to get the daging masak hitam? wanted to eat this for a long long time

    Yup, I love the use of those fragrant natural herbs… Real nice…and good for health too. I like the masak hitam at my Bandong Malay food stall (by the road) best – opens weekdays around 11 – 1.

  15. sambal petai! my favourite, but janice won’t go close to it >< lol.. I guess im the one who loves "smelly" food such as durians, petai, and smelly toufu …

    Must be the peranakan in you, with your mum’s delicious nyonya cooking…sure you’d love sambal petai prawns. Drool! Drool!

  16. The people at Payung really know how to use natural flowers to enhance the environment!
    I’m definitely going to visit them again & ask the boss where he gets the flowers!
    A definite project for my Asrama!

    They’re all ordinary flowers – the bougainvillea, frangipani and what not, easily found everywhere. The secret is in the arrangement, I guess.

  17. Belimbing prawns! That’s nice! Wow, I nearly forgot about that dish.

    Hey, it seems like a lot of places have jelly pisang eh? Gotta try Bandung’s too. 🙂

    They have at Bandong too? Not a fan of that place at night – rather pricey for an open air hawker place and hot. Was dirty with rats crawling all over at one time. I hear it’s better now.

  18. Haha need to sort out my line activation first then I SMS u. I’m back for quite some time. Ok id go hunting for some masak hitam!!

    Waiting for your verdict! Hope you like it… 😉

  19. Daging masak hitam, yum yum!! My mum use to cook, but i am not sure is hers daging masak hitam or others. Taste yum yum, my boys love it too, just eat it with rice. Sedap!!

    Jelly pisang, Sibu original??? How come i never try before? hmmmmmm…wonder how it taste? Like ice cream? Like jia lok?

    Jelly pisang came into the scene in the 60s…and early 70s…and I think by the time you were born or were big enough, the coffee shop was no longer there, no more jelly pisang. Masak hitam, easily available at the Bandong stall that I frequent – my ex-student/friend, Jienster, back from Australia…went to buy some today and he said it was “superb”!!! But you’re not so much into this ethnic or Malay kind of cuisine…like if you ask me to go and eat Japanese food, I wouldn’t be jumping for joy, that’s for sure.

  20. Don’t know how the prawns taste like but I simply love the gravy…Lucy and I helped to slurp all the gravy dry…very delicious indeed. As for the otak-otak..I really think this is the best otak-otak i had so far. The taste is very subtle, smooth and pleasant.I’m not a fan of otak-otak but this I would eat. As for the daging masak hitam…it was a hit for my son…he single handedly demolished all rice and masak hitam gravy. As for me, the taste is very similar with the Nyonya’s version of sek bak. You can taste the galangal in the rempah and very wangi and does not taste at all like masak kicap. The difference between masak hitam and masak kicap is like chalk and cheese, apples to oranges, heaven and hell…get my drift?

    Yalor…aiyor, how can masak kicap compare with our masak hitam? Tsk! Tsk! Now, I will wait to see your post on your version of daging masak hitam in your blog. Hehehehehe!!!!

  21. those flowers arrangements looked like a place for spa. hehe

    Yahor!!! They’re kind of therapeutic. Just looking at them makes one feel nice…

  22. tat otak-otak looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

    Goes without saying! My favourite and Shereen who is not a fan of otak-otak loves it…and you know how nyonyas can be so particular about their food… 😉

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