Knock, knock, who’s there…

I had an unexpected visitor the other day. His name is Ilya, a Dutchman residing in Kuala Lumpur. Hmmm…the only person I know (not personally, of course) whose name is closest to his would be Illya Kuryakin (David MaCullum), Napoleon Solo‘s (Robert Vaughn) sidekick on “The Man from U.N.C.L.E“…and the only Dutch people that I have known all my life would be the priests from the church.

Anyway, Ilya posted a comment on an old post of mine on Lot 10 Hutong. He said:

We used to live within 5 minutes’ walk from Hutong Lot 10…

Lot 10 Hutong KL
*recycled pic*

…We went there many times immediately after the launch. As we are foreigners, we were very happy with this Chinese style food court (and also didn’t mind the fact that it is non-halal). We even introduced a few of our local friends to Hutong, and up to this date, everybody liked the food over there…

KL Hokkien mee
*recycled pic*

…All complained about the prices though, and most thought it lacked the right ‘vibe’.

Tourists, however, (those that we brought along, but also read about it at other places) love the fact that it is relatively clean, that it has aircon, that it is very easy to get to if you are staying in the BB area…

Lot 10 Hutong stall
*recycled pic*

…I also loved the fact that it is right next to Isetan super market, which meant we could always combine it with a visit to the grocery store . Now that we have moved out to another area of KL, we kinda miss Hutong. Luckily, we now regularly visit the authentic places, and even a few that have their shops at Hutong too . I personally still like the place…and never skip a chance to have lunch over there when I’m in KL city centre .

Btw, my name is Ilya Houben. I recently launched a huge travel website about Malaysia, Wonderful Malaysia ( The website is still ‘brand new’ and I am trying to get some other sites to link to me in order to get it more popular. You would be able to help me out bigtime by putting up a link within the sidebar section (blogroll). I can of course imagine that this is only reserved for those that you actually know .

Hope you are willing to help me with this. It would be of great help in getting my new website more popular. This, in turn, will lead to more awareness of Malaysia as a tourism destination.

Kind regards,
Wonderful Malaysia

If you’re interested, you can hop over to the website to have a look. Hey! There is a page on this little town of Sibu as well (though the information may not be completely up to date) with some nice photographs of some of the attractions here! Well, if Ilya or anybody for that matter is interested in dropping by Sibu, I shall be glad to show everybody all around. Welcome!

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25 thoughts on “Knock, knock, who’s there…”

  1. Lot Ten Hutong, I used to be a regular but it was rather packed!

    I guess you have to avoid peak hours as all the office workers in the vicinity would converge there…and I’m sure things would be cheaper than at Pavilion…

    1. We usually patron over the weekend, really packed but still we prefer its food, nice and as you mentioned, affordable(K.L standard wise).

      Ah!!! Must remember to avoid weekends…and peak hours too then! 😉

  2. I’ll have to try that Lot 10 Hutong. Those noodles look very good. Went to Ilya’s website and am very impressed. He must’ve stayed at the Premier Hotel in Sibu, that panoramic shot is definitely from one of the hotel’s windows.

    You can go to the car park at the top and take photographs of Sibu from different angles. Yes, that place is a good one for people on brief visits and looking for the best of KL and the surrounding areas…in aircon comfort, nice and clean…but of course, you must expect to pay a bit more.

  3. Hi The Man from S.I.B.U. loved watching Illya Kuryakin (David MaCullum) those days and still the same coolness as ‘Ducky’ in my most favorite TV show NCIS. Oh Lot 10 Hutong? That’s where we first met each other together with Annie Q and twins Fearles & Cruz. Regretted didnt pull a fast one on you guys for asking if Bananaz can share the table and I’m waiting for a friend to see the expression on your faces and how the reaction would be like.. aiya missed the chance… perhaps try on other bloggers huh? (but they have seen my pixz leh).

    Yalor…and at that time, I had seen your photo also – the little tiny one in your banner…so I more or less would be able to tell it was you! Your identity has been revealed, no tricks from you!!!

  4. Ha! How sweet. Thanks for mentioning me this way :). Not sure if you gals/guys are waiting to hear my story :):

    I actually own the biggest Dutch travel website about Malaysia. Started building it in 2000 after our (then gf now wife) first trip to the country. Had quite the shitty holiday back then, but did realise that Malaysia must have had more to offer. So we decided to come back, and come back, and come back. My Dutch website grew into the most popular site about the country. You could almost say that all Dutch tourists that visit Malaysia nowadays have at some point checked the information on my website.

    To make the site even bigger, we decided to move here in 2009 (partly because of this reason, other reason was that my gf also wanted to get international work experience). In 2007 I already started with Wonderful Malaysia, but with more work on the Dutch site, I didn’t really pushed forward. Early 2010, I really started building the English site. Spent more than a year on it (with help of some local buddies, as there are still some places I have never visited).

    In all fairness; I haven’t had the chance yet to visit Sibu. That section still needs to be explored. With the help of a friend who has been there a few times in the past, I wrote this page about Sibu. I am now determined to quickly visit the place so I am able to give a more acccurate impression. If there is any input that you could already give me, don’t hesitate and please contact me :).

    Anyway, thanks again for mentioning me. It will still take me at least one year to get the website completely the way I want it (I still have about 150 articles ready to be published), hopefully it will be just as popular as the Dutch site at some point :).

    Ow, and about Hutong :). I know got to know some (many) of the actual restaurants that YTL’s owner invited to open their 2nd branch within Hutong. I guess I am not a connaisseur, but the atmosphere is of course more authentic :), the nasty alley smell too in some cases hehe 🙂

    LOL!!! No, thank you. Dirty places put me off…and I can’t stand hot and stuffy places – for these reasons, I do not mind settling for what is second best…and paying more. Do make a trip to Sibu – will be glad to show you the sights, smells, sounds…and of course, tastes. It’s different from KL and other places in the peninsula, very different. Just let me know via Facebook or here…

  5. I just had that Hokkien Mee on Monday! Yea, was there over the weekend for holiday 😀

    It was very nice…but serving was small and I think it was pricier than at the coffee shops and hawker stalls.

  6. The owner of Hutong, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s father was a loyal follower of Mo Sang Kor in Klang. He would have his almosy daily “fix” in Klang. However, many Klangites themselves do not eat at the outlet coz it is too stingy with soup. There is almost none on the bowl served. The last (and only) time I was there, they were cheeky enough to offer me 2 tablespoons of broth when I requested for it. BANNED! Lolz

    What’s mo sang kor? Ah well, that’s how they get so rich – by scrimping as much as they can. Here too, some do not give you chili dip and the like unless you ask…and when they do, they give you so little… 😦

  7. The owner of Hutong, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s father was a loyal follower of Mo Sang Kor in Klang. He would have his almosy daily “fix” in Klang. However, many Klangites themselves do not eat at the outlet coz it is too stingy with soup. There is almost none on the bowl served. The last (and only) time I was there, they were cheeky enough to offer me 2 tablespoons of broth when I requested for it. BANNED! Lolz

    Oops! Duplicate comment… LOL!!! Never mind, the more the merrier. 😉

  8. Yeah, Hutong isn’t bad, everything in one place, but I still prefer going to the original shops.

    Nice new layout on your blog btw. Great work! 🙂

    It’s very convenient for people from elsewhere like me staying in a hotel at Bukit Bintang with no transport to get around…and yet want to eat the best…or almost the best around…unless they would settle for the not-so-nice and not-really-cheap stuff at the not-so-clean and not-so-comfortable Jalan Alor. 😦

  9. Alright.. I will hop over .. he sounds fascinating.. love knowing new people from all over … Hutong.. sounds familiar. I think there is a place in China named Hutong too.. I remember going there during the Beijing trip… 🙂

    Yes, we’re friends on Facebook now too…. Seems like a nice guy. Anybody who loves Malaysia this much is my friend… 😉

  10. LOT 10, Hutong……have heard about this place many times but stil havent been there. Probably because hubs work at KL and during weekend, he will try to avoid going to KL….

    Ok, i ll hop over to this awesome website to check out.

    Worth dropping by if you’re in the vicinity…unless you’re so rich and would rather go to Pavilion… 😉 LOL!!! 😀

  11. The mee looks nice but plain. Will hop over to the website, might have some tips & info for me during my next trip to KL.

    Never judge a book by its cover. Never liked KL Hokkien mee…but this one, I liked! Very nice. Annie said her mum’s the same – just tried once and she’d want to eat again. My only complaint – two little…not typical Foochow-sized serving… 😀

    1. Yalor, the portion looks so little. Definitely not enough for you, hehehe.

      …but luckily, that day, Annie ordered a lot of other things. If that alone….hmmmm…I would need at least two plates! LOL!!! 😀

      1. Arthur, Annie knows you too well. That’s why she ordered a lot of other things. LOL!!!!..

        I guess so… 😉

  12. how about writing an article or two to be put at that website…especially on the good food in Sibu…ahem…one second thought, better not. Nanti the nice food shop all suddenly become over-crowded and naik harga pulak.

    For foreigner, Hutong is a good and clean place to makanlah. But for me, I preferred the less expensive but noodle with more “Wok hei” type of place. No air-cond and ahem not as clean gua…but like my ex-boss said “Big germs eats smal germs” kekeke

    If no aircon, you can imagine my sweat dripping…and the soup tambah salty pula…. And for people like us, no transport…how to go here and there to eat? People never come to take us out. Hint! Hint! So this place is a God-send, all under one roof…no complaints. 😦

  13. Lot 10 Hutong has the best beef ball noodles hands down. A definite must-try.

    That’s the famous Soong Kee beef ball noodles – the original is at Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin.

  14. I went to take a look at the website. It is pretty impressive 🙂 Many people don’t know what Sibu has to offer. Since my stay here in Perth, I met one from UK and the other from Australia who been to Sibu before and they loved it.

    Sibu is a small town, relaxing…quiet and peaceful…lots of nice food, cheap and many interesting things. My Kiwi sister-in-law thought everything was awesome…but I don’t think the children shared the same sentiments. If you enjoy clubbing and that kind of stuff, then don’t come. It’s just like choosing between Bali or Thailand…and Lake Toba. It all depends on the individual…and the person’s state of mind.

    My friends from KL…on their drive from the airport (so far away…in the middle of nowhere) immediately summed up that Sibu was a jungle, so undeveloped…but when they got to know the town, they liked it. And somebody I know who has been staying overseas – the moment she stepped on to the airport, she started criticising it – the airport is right now under renovation and reconstruction. Some people seem to think that they’re now living overseas so their heads have grown too big for this simple little town – this kind of people need not bother to come back. We do not need them here. Period! 😦

    1. I don’t enjoy clubbing. My holiday would be peaceful, relaxing and with lots of yummy food 🙂 Hahaha

      I suppose many people don’t quite understand the beauty of Sibu. It’s still a nice place despite it’s underdevelopment…definately different than the big cities..I still call Sibu home after two years in Perth. I was born there and it will always be part of me.

      Good for you. Many people go overseas and their heads grow too big for their feet…and they start despising on their own roots. Sad, real sad. I think there’s more to it than meets the eye – probably has to do with upbringing or inferiority complex perhaps. 😦 Don’t we all know what would happen to a tree without its roots?

  15. I agree with him. I think Hutong is a great idea with a comfortable ambiance and yet delicious hawker food offerings.

    Me too! As long as they retain the food quality unlike at many food courts where they shortchange you by giving you something quite miserable and they try to pass it off as the real thing. 😦

  16. Hutong, good place for tourist that had a short stay in KL and want to try the famous food in KL, all under one place. As for us, this place a bit expensive, where by we can have it at the “original” shop, once in a while ok la.

    Yes, convenience is another thing – everything is there. Very troublesome if want to bring people around to eat the best in town…and one place may have one thing only. 😦

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