Knock, knock, who’s there…

I had an unexpected visitor the other day. His name is Ilya, a Dutchman residing in Kuala Lumpur. Hmmm…the only person I know (not personally, of course) whose name is closest to his would be Illya Kuryakin (David MaCullum), Napoleon Solo‘s (Robert Vaughn) sidekick on “The Man from U.N.C.L.E“…and the only Dutch people that I have known all my life would be the priests from the church.

Anyway, Ilya posted a comment on an old post of mine on Lot 10 Hutong. He said:

We used to live within 5 minutes’ walk from Hutong Lot 10…

Lot 10 Hutong KL
*recycled pic*

…We went there many times immediately after the launch. As we are foreigners, we were very happy with this Chinese style food court (and also didn’t mind the fact that it is non-halal). We even introduced a few of our local friends to Hutong, and up to this date, everybody liked the food over there…

KL Hokkien mee
*recycled pic*

…All complained about the prices though, and most thought it lacked the right ‘vibe’.

Tourists, however, (those that we brought along, but also read about it at other places) love the fact that it is relatively clean, that it has aircon, that it is very easy to get to if you are staying in the BB area…

Lot 10 Hutong stall
*recycled pic*

…I also loved the fact that it is right next to Isetan super market, which meant we could always combine it with a visit to the grocery store . Now that we have moved out to another area of KL, we kinda miss Hutong. Luckily, we now regularly visit the authentic places, and even a few that have their shops at Hutong too . I personally still like the place…and never skip a chance to have lunch over there when I’m in KL city centre .

Btw, my name is Ilya Houben. I recently launched a huge travel website about Malaysia, Wonderful Malaysia ( The website is still ‘brand new’ and I am trying to get some other sites to link to me in order to get it more popular. You would be able to help me out bigtime by putting up a link within the sidebar section (blogroll). I can of course imagine that this is only reserved for those that you actually know .

Hope you are willing to help me with this. It would be of great help in getting my new website more popular. This, in turn, will lead to more awareness of Malaysia as a tourism destination.

Kind regards,
Wonderful Malaysia

If you’re interested, you can hop over to the website to have a look. Hey! There is a page on this little town of Sibu as well (though the information may not be completely up to date) with some nice photographs of some of the attractions here! Well, if Ilya or anybody for that matter is interested in dropping by Sibu, I shall be glad to show everybody all around. Welcome!