Underneath your clothes…

When I was little (and yes, I was little once…a long long time ago), I used to run around in boxers – homemade ones. I don’t think people in those days could just go to a shop and buy the ready-made ones that are available in abundance at the departmental stores today. Thus, I had to wear the ones that my mother made – using the cotton cloth that people used to give away at funerals – blue or red in colour…and we could have a choice of either the drawstring type or the ones with the elastic bands.

I hated the ones with the elastic bands especially when my naughty uncles would sneak up from behind me and pull off my pants…and everybody would squeal with laughter. Tsk! Tsk!

It certainly did not help one bit either that when I went to secondary school, our school uniform was white, all white…and people could see through your trousers to see the colour of your underwear. I would take pains not to wear the red ones to school or those horrendous people would surely scream, “Ang tay khor (red underwear)!” and my face would instantly turn a similar shade of crimson! I wonder why it was such a taboo then – these days, red briefs are very common and they are even a special attraction around Chinese New Year time…with the Chinese character, Hock (luck/good fortune) strategically positioned at you-know-where.

Anyway, eventually, we could buy our underwear at the shops so my mother did not have to make any for me anymore. However, for a while now, it has been quite a problem for me to buy because it is very hard to get any my size. Once I found any that I could squeeze into, I would buy at least a dozen and keep in my closet to be used over a long, long time. Sadly, these days even the XL or XXL ones would not be big enough for me.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to get hold of these made-in-China ones at the Supersave stores in town…

MadeInChina undies 1

RM4.99 for a pack of three! Isn’t that a steal? They’re so very cheap and most importantly, they have them in my size. These are XXXXL only…

MadeInChina undies 2

…and they have even bigger ones.

Of course, they are not of the best quality. If you see a loose string, for heaven’s sake, do not pull or it will all come apart like you’re one of the Chippendales. LOL!!! Sometimes, when you’re wearing one, you may find it a bit cool and airy and free where it matters most – the stitches have come apart… Thank goodness for the trousers outside or my most precious family jewels would be revealed for all to see on more than one occasion. But never mind, they are so cheap so when that happens, I can just throw them away – they’re even cheaper than those disposables sold at pharmacies.

And since we ‘re on the topic of boxers and briefs, perhaps you would enjoy looking at this…

I wouldn’t think much of his singing but I certainly would give him a lot of marks for his SHOW-MAN-ship… Hey! Ang tay khor!!! Muahahahaha!!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “Underneath your clothes…”

  1. What incident inspired you to write this boxer/undies post, hmmm I wonder?

    Mom never made boxers but she did swe some pyjamas during my toddler days. I remembered I was already quite a fashionista then as I remembered telling her that I would never be caught dead wearing those horrendous homesewns! Lolz

    You could certainly makeup for the lost “ang tay kor” times by wearing one for the coming CNY, just for ol times sake! Lolz

    Hahahahahaha!!!! As you can see, I did NOT buy any red ones – grey and blue…all very dull colours. Yes, everything we wore were made by my mum – pyjamas, even out Sunday clothes… She would buy a lot of one kind of cloth to make two shirts for me and my brother – thus, we were always dressed the same, like twins. 😦

    No, no inspiration. Surely you can guess that I have not been eating out much or I’m running out of food to post about. LOL!!! 😀

  2. You have not mentioned that you often wet your ang tay khor so much so your mom cut an opening at the center of your boxers at the least spare her the trouble no need to wash so often hahaha.

    No opening. We would just lift up the hem of one of the legs to let it out and do our business… Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😀

  3. Yo whoa ang ang bo hai lang..if you had worn them the red boxer outside you could have been the Chinese Superman and took the world by storm up up and away suituapui..zooooooooooooom!

    Hey! Those people used to make towels…and some used them to drape on their shoulders when the coolies carried the sacks of rice and stuff…and when they tied it around their necks, guess who they looked like. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s Superman! LOL!!!

  4. Ma Mama knows nothing about sewing so got my first ever white in color one. Those days all under wear seems to be in one including singlet. Well for a change from food to under wear. Quite positive you had no experience with pampers before not ‘invented’ then haha.

    Of course we did not have pampers. Ah yes! We cut the cloth into triangles for that purpose as well then… Hmmmmm….so lucky, used bought underwear only. Must be so kaya lah!!! 😉

  5. weeet..witttt…. now i know what you are wearing inside!!! lol… this certainly lightens up my day though still sneezing now and then…. and i just watched the sex bomb song by this sexy guy… with red boxers! hahahaa… STP… so what’s next tomorrow??

    Hahahaha!!! A nice break from the regular food posts eh? Tomorrow? Back to food lor… Cannot get everyone so sexcited all the time – for some, the heart may not be able to take it. You ok? 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Can still remember my first ever under wear brand is Rikin not sure still in the market or not. Got a colleague who have never worn any under wear all his life who was from the navy before. Guess he gotta be extra careful not to forget zip up or allow his pants to split at the seam.

    Eyewwwww….I hope he did not get anything caught in the zip when he was zipping up. Muahahahaha!!!! When we startted buying, we had Clubman – the brand is still around but it is sooooo expensive and anyway, they’re not big enough for me. 😦

    1. Yeah yeah yeah Bananaz remember bought some Clubman too you know what got imitation then ‘Clueman’.

      Don’t think I saw those. We had Crocodile and it was cheap then…but now it’s so expensive…and the imitation is Iguana! Similar logo/symbol/picturel. LOL!!!

  7. Gd morning, Mr STP!! Hahahaaaaa!!!! It’s only 8.45am and I am already laughing out so LOUD!! Much as I want to participate in this ‘ discussion ‘, I’d better not do so….coz it will show my age if I say “Yes, yes, I remember, I remember…”.

    If I come across any Bananas in Pyjamas XXXXL size boxer shorts here in Perth, I am gonna send to you – it’s a promise. And you will wear it and post your photo for all to see, promise??!!!

    Enjoy your day.

    P/S : will your missus and daughter tsk tsk you and go ” too much information!” !!

    Huh? What banana in pyjamas are you talking about? Muahahahahaha!!!!! ROTFL!!!! Come, send me… Sure I can put that on and camwhore for all to see… Hehehehe!!!! Just don’t blame me if you cannot eat for days after that. My missus and daughter? No lah…they’re used to it. You should meet the rest of the clan – runs in the family, all birds of the same feather… We’re shocking, I tell you! No pretentious goodie-goodie, holier-than-thou one. 😀

    1. Heh heh!!!! I also goodie-goodie one – the Bananas in Pyjamas is nothing naughty lah, but is an Australian children’s tv show and B1 and B2 are the 2 humanoid bananas in it. A play-school kind of programme. Have a great weekend !!!

      I know lah. It’s very popular here too…though I can’t say I’m a fan. The mere name churns up all kinds of images in my mind. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. OK, so it’s a deal. I send the boxer shorts to you, in the right size (haha!!), and you will wear and camwhore for all to see. Will get you a cute-cute one. To digress – in one of your older blogs, is it true you like the Carpenters’ music??! Do their music make good sing-alongs? We like jazz (standard).

        I wouldn’t say I like the Carpenters but their songs are “safe” songs – easy to sing…and yet, I’ve heard people getting it all over the place. Tsk! Tsk! People who can’t sing Carpenters have no business singing in public. Eyewwwww!!!! I’m ok with jazz – some Carpenters’ songs would sound good too if you modify the melody and jazz it up a bit…like Bacarach’s “Close to you”.

  8. i prefer underwear than boxer 🙂

    It has been scientifically proven that boxers are better. Not so hot, not such a tight squeeze, more free, blood circulation better…so better for your future generation. You’d better switch to boxers, young man… I’m sure your mum would love to have some grandchildren. LOL!!! 😀

  9. Where is Cleff?!! I reckon she will like this ‘sex bom’ guy, lol! I can see the girls’ audience enjoy a lot, a hem, me too… hehe, 1st time seeing a guy’s strip show!

    1st time? Can hop up north. I’m sure they have those there….LIVE! LOL!!! 😀

    1. U mean who, Alice? Chippendales? Haiyorr… tak minat. I only like Superman. >.< Believe it or not, I tink men in clothings are a turn on. I like men in clothes a lot better… you know… in office baju, necktie and stuff… they just look so smart and hot! Imagine them loosening their nectie, folding up their long sleeves and unbuttoning their shirt by the end of the day… now that's what I call irresistibly hot! LOL!

      Chup! Chup! Stop right there! Don’t let your imagination run wild now! LOL!!! 😀

  10. Ahhh… u remind me my lovely mommy, whn I was young, she liked to make a lot of flowery dress for me too, I wish I still keep some of it!^^

    My mum made shirts and pajamas for us too. Ya…too bad we did not keep any. Most were used till worn out, tattered and torn and ended up as rags. 😦

  11. huh?? homemade underwear, somemore from those cloth used in funerals?? errrr, can’t really imagine that!! i mean those are very coarse texture and quality right?? but i’m also amazed at that underwear selling at RM4.99 for 3 pieces!! so cheap~~

    Definitely!!! We certainly were not as pampered as people today… Yup! These are unbelievably cheap. You wanna order? I can send them to you… Just make sure you do not tug at any loose strings. LOL!!! 😀

  12. “Do you have a sock tucked down there?” muahahahahhahaha.. STP u made my day!!!

    And he said: That is inappropriate! He, of all the people! He ended up almost naked and he said that the remark was inappropriate. LOL!!! So funny, the fella!

  13. No food post today, but underwear post? hahahhahahha

    Inspired by Cleff “superman” status in FB? I am agree with Alice, Cleff sure like this post. kakakakkak

    3 for RM4.99? cheap cheap cheap! My boys one, 5 for 12.90 or sometime RM19.90!!

    5??? The adult ones – you may not even be able to get ONE at those prices – they’re so very expensive. Ya…next time you come to Sibu, you can drop by the Supersave stores here – many cheap things. I love the one in Miri – very nice English crockery. Unfortunately, not the ones here… 😦

    Cleff? Must be sleeping still… She doesn’t know the fun she’s missing… Let’s see if she drops by later. No lah…I did see her FB posts on Superman but I did not bother to read – she’s always babbling about that man of steel – her favourite obsession.

    1. Cleff had a date with her beloved toilet bowl. LOL! Food poisoning, I tink… keep lausai and puking and KO-ed whole day long. LOL!

      Pssst…Annie. Must be her own cooking. Remember not to eat anything she cooks, ya? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. This is by far the most hilarious post I’ve read from you! First the provocative title, then the topic of briefs, then the multiple Xs in your size and then the fella with the ang tay kor! I was waiting to see if he was going to take that off as well.

    Hmm, I’m curious what inspired this post?

    I’m actually a very funny person – you can ask my students how I would get them to laugh till they were splitting at the seams. 😉 Oooooo….horny, are you! Wanting the guy to take it all off! 😉 Hahahahahaha!!!! No lah…no food to post about so I had to think of something…desperately.

    P.S. The title’s a song by Shakira – yunno Waka Waka, the World Cup theme song? I like this one…very nice! 😉

  15. RM4.99 for 3..??? wow.. i want to buy oso.. :p

    Come, come to Sibu and I’ll take you there too buy. Would be wise to buy a size larger…after eating all the good food in town. LOL!!! When are you coming? 😉

  16. Wow..that’s so great of your mom who take the initiative to make boxers for you. But I am wondering why she make red color for you…ahahhahahahah

    No choice. We could not buy underwear at the shops then, not like today. Red? That was the colour of the cloth we got from the funerals – no point letting it go to waste…so used to make underwear, make pillows, make bolsters and stuff with cotton. Some people used to make sarongs, towels… We did not go to that length – we could buy those from the shops.

    1. Ling.. ang ang bagus ma. Very lucky wan red colour. LOL! Summore can be Superman’s adik beradik!

      Oh? So your hubby is wearing his on the outside too? LOL!!! 😀

  17. RN4.90 for 3, was that so cheap until the kuku can also fly away leh….. but i wonder if that dirt cheap price comes with comfort too?

    No boxer for me, phobia….cos i remember once i wore a boxer and school mates comprising girl and boys, upper secondary then, sitting down playing board game, then suddenly one girl, say don’t want to play already, everybody kept asking why don’t want to play………she then said because Eugene “show off” and that she will lose big time, then only i realized my boxer gave my kuku away….

    Eyewwwwww….you did it on purpose! Exhibitionist! Flasher!!!!

    They’re very nice, very comfortable…but like I said, quality wise…not so good. Sometimes hole here, hole there…but some o.k. Poor quality control at the factory, I guess.

  18. XXXXL…wow, and they have bigger sizes! And at such a steal 🙂

    I’m cheap… Even if they have my size, I would not bother to buy those branded ones. So very expensive! After all, at my age, nobody would want to see me in them anymore, what. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Papa kucing dun nid to takut dun have size punya… I tink the mamakucing will jahit for him. I wonder what fashion she jahit for him. Hmmmmm~ LOL!

      Wah! Homemade undies! Still alive and kicking! Next time, when I grow too fat, I will also order – special delivery! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  19. “These days, red briefs are very common and they are even a special attraction around Chinese New Year time…with the Chinese character, Hock (luck/good fortune) strategically positioned at you-know-where”…wah, how you know ah?..surely you owned a pair..wakakaka!

    Eh, you so daring to buy those RM4.99 for 3 underwears..from China of all places somemore.Nanti come out ringworms kat your privates baru tau.Anyway, no size no need to wear lar..be like hubby, ‘Free ball Friday’…everyday…hahaha.

    Come Chinese New Year, they’re all over the place. Everywhere, they sell – cannot miss one. Maybe there are still some left over in some shops. What’s your hubby’s size? I buy for him and when he wears, you can try his luck? Muahahahahaha!!!!! Ringworms…no problem – Itchy, scratch…scratch lor! Oh? So every week, you wait for Friday lah? Saturday and Sunday leh? 😉

  20. Arthur,
    Perut still sakit from laughing so much..Forgot to tell you, I can see your comment kat my blog but somehow I can’t publish it…hubby forgot to link some stuff to that post and he did a repost and that is when your comment hilang.So sorry…maybe you would like to comment again?…hehehe.

    Adoi! Cannot remember what I commented lah! Something about the lubangs… LOL!!!

  21. white uniform, ang tay kor! Wah wah.. sexy wurt? No need shy shy. hahah!

    so you got inspired to write about tay kor. hmmm… some sort of fetish came up ar? :p

    No lah… Very funny mah – a good break from all the food posts…and everybody likes. See! So many comments already! LOL!!! 😀

  22. I was wondering why you were posting about undies until I saw the video! What a show! hehehe!

    Also a walk down memory lane – the way we were during those days when I was a kid.

  23. Nowadays, red ones which is comfortable also hard to find already.
    Every time CNY I want to find, usually also stock finish already 1.

    Oh? I’ll keep an eye open for those, If I see any, I’ll buy and send to you…and don’t let your old lady keep playing with your “hock”, ya? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  24. a very interesting story for a change hehehehe im also having the same problem when it comes to undies as it’s quite difficult to get XXL size. im wearing boxers and its not easy to find XXL here. i normally get them in KL or at some places in Kuching. hopefully the size would decrease or stay at XXL…otherwise i would have a huge problem in finding boxers that fit. cheers STP!

    No worries. Lots at Supersave. You can try the one at Delta Mall…and there’s a big one at Medan Mall too. I think the Sg Merah one is small, dunno what they have there…or if you go to Miri, the Bintang Mall one’s the best. VERY big!

  25. *HORRIFIED* So many times mentioned my name. *FAINTED* Tsk tsk tsk… why everyone so nottie punya… nid to spank spank liao. >.<

    Everybody knows you too well mah! LOL!!! 😉

  26. I just watched the video, btw… err… cannot say much about the singing…and the ‘dancing’ is a bit too much. *blush blush* Nice V-line, nice abs… just too bad I dun like blondies. >.< I'd probably drool if he have dark hair and blue eyes…. (macam Superman) Wakakakakaka!

    Obsession! Hair can dye black and eyes, can used coloured contact lenses mah! LOL!!!

  27. A nice and funny post for a change…not just food, food, food and more food. Hahaha!…you put on ang tay khor. Yeah!..agree with you. No need to buy expensive and branded ones. Sumore wear it inside and nobody knows though you are wearing an expensive and branded.

    Yalor…berlubang-lubang also people do not know. Muahahahaha!!!!!

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