Bringing on back the good times…

Last week, I attended my high school reunion – the Class of ’69…

Reunion Cake

Held in one of the function rooms at one of the better hotels in town, it was a combined effort between those from my school – a boys’ school and the girls from our sister school next door.

Unfortunately, the response was not exactly great even though there were a few of them who made an effort to come back all the way from Australia and the other towns in the country/state for the gathering. There were only four tables so that would work out to around forty people only.

This was the first dish that we had…

Reunion dinner 1

…followed by the sea cucumber soup which those from overseas praised to the skies. I just had a sip and when I saw strips of bamboo shoots in it, I quickly put the rest aside. I wouldn’t risk coming down with a gout attack – not for something that was to me not really that great.

Then we had this fish head dish…

Reunion Dinner 2

…which was good but there wasn’t much to eat really as it was just the head. I wondered what happened to the rest of the fish.

The roast chicken was fine…

Reunion Dinner 3

…like roast chicken. LOL!!! I had a lot of that but did not really eat anything from this next dish…

Reunion Dinner 4

It looked like it had a lot of msg in it and the least they could do was to make it look more presentable…and I did not eat much of the black pepper beef either. Sorry, the photo turned out a bit blur so I have decided not to include it in this post. I suppose it was quite good as the rest at my table seemed to enjoy it but I’m not a fan of black pepper sauce. Period.

Their attempt at the Foochow fried noodles…

Reunion Dinner 5

…was very successful despite the absence of lard and pork – it being a hotel so all the food served would have to be halal. Needless to say, those who came home from abroad loved it so much after having been deprived of it for so long.

The last dish was simply a platter of fruits.

I’m not sure how much each table cost but we paid RM40 per head so I guess it was a RM400 table. Personally, I would have chosen a different venue where we would be able to get food that is a lot nicer at a lower price. After all, there was no necessity to hold it in a hotel anyway since there wasn’t anyone among us who would have to eat only halal food…and being just a function room, it was devoid of the sophistication usually seen at dinners held in the hotel’s grand ballroom.

Anyway, it was no big deal, really – what was more important was that we could get together and meet one another again. I had not seen some of them since I left school and that was 42 years ago. We had a really great time catching up with one another, singing karaoke and dancing!

Reunion Party

Considering that all of us were around the age of 60 on average, it was a wonder that we could still twist, cha-cha, disco and whatever – you name it, we did it…just like in those days when we were only sixteen. LOL!!!

Everyone agreed that we would hold a reunion every two years from now on…and guess who was chosen to organise the next one in 2013. Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Bringing on back the good times…”

  1. Waaahhhhh… that sounds like so much fun! Did you dance cha cha? Or twist? So nice! I wish I was there!

    Both…but bones somewhat stiff already…or movements impeded by all the fat! LOL!!! 😀

    1. From what I observed, fat people dance lagi cantik than those kayu kering!..their hips movement can make you go high..sekali they gelek, ayoh..jantung pun boleh bergegar…muahahaha…seriously!

      True…true…just shake a bit, the fat vibrates all over the body. Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  2. Wow I think the best part of the night must have been the time when all let loose their hair and boogied.

    Btw, I wonder what happenend the the rest of the fishes too, body served to the next four tables that ordered fish too perhaps? Huhu

    Not much hair left, I’m afraid… LOL!!! Ya…I did not look at the other tables…so I’m not sure whether the luckier ones got the body. 😦

  3. Firstly the food.. i m no fan of black pepper too.. the last time i ate the chicken chop with black pepper, it caused me few days of sick leave.. lol.. yes, the food didnt look as great as other places you have shown.. but then who cares, right? it is the atmosphere and the company that counts!
    So sporting all of you (or excluding you?) I didnt see u twist and jive in that picture! dont tell me you were only photographing the whole night? So you will be the organizer for the 2013? Couldn’t wait what you have in store… hehehe…as if i m the one going too.. lol…

    I took the photo – how to be inside leh? LOL!!! 😀 Ya…never mind the place or the food, it’s always the company that counts. Anywhere would be fine when you’re having fun.

  4. By the way, STP…how about organizing one for bloggers’ meet in Sibu? 🙂 Next year, of course… it would be great if there is karaoke-ing and dancing..and of course with lots of food!!!

    How many will come? Penang, already response so poor. Might as well forget it. Just come, we can have a lot of fun ourselves… 😦

    1. Good idea, Reanaclaire..I’ll join…can ah if I’m not a blogger…a serious blogger, I mean…but Sibu so farrrr…

      No lah… we tried to hold one in Penang and ONE Penang blogger came (not including organiser), ONE from Ipoh (Claire), ONE from Sibu (me) and ONE from KL (Bananaz). One hand already enough to count! I wouldn’t bother…. Just say whoever wants to come, come…and I’ll be here to make his or her stay most enjoyable…or at least memorable as far as the food is concerned. No need to try and organise something and then the turn out is so disappointing.

  5. Oooh, I love that last photo ! Looks like you all had a great time letting your hair down and dancing the night away. It must be great to catch up with old friends especially those you haven’t seen for 42 years !!!
    I’m going to my class reunion in Miri (Class of ’76) in a few weeks time….am sooo looking forward to that. 🙂

    It certainly was. Hope to do that more often. Going to Miri? Hop over to Sibu again… 😉

    1. We may do that if we have time….we’ll see

      Looking forward to that then, fingers crossed… Take a bus, enjoy the sights and stops along the way. MTC is nice and comfortable, slow and safe… Book the single seater on the left side if travelling alone, no need to squeeze with strangers.

    1. Shame on you! It’s like showering with a raincoat on!

      I’m paying for my past sins. When I turned down everybody’s invitations to drink, explaining to them my excuse – gout…they all congratulated me saying that I have “the rich man’s disease”. Sigh!!! If only the rich part is true, I wouldn’t mind having the disease… Sobs!!!! 😦

  6. Looks like lots of fun 🙂 our school club organized a ball about 4 years ago.. Everyone didn’t want to dance. We had to pull some people out to get the ball rolling.

    We had parties too when we were in school… Good, clean fun during those young and innocent days. 😉

  7. wow!! it’s amazing!! you guys are still keeping in touch albeit so many years has gone by, and so many kids were born, haha!! and look, everybody is dancing agogo so energetically, you guys really rocks man~~ :p

    Many grandfathers and grandmas already…and still rocking away. 😉

    1. So nice to see everyone being such a good sport and having a good time dancing the night away !

      When you’re old, you don’t give two hoots anymore – no longer so shy and scared like when we were young.

      1. hahaha, yes, life’s too short to worry about silly little things…just enjoy !

        Yes…life can be so fragile – cherish it, make the most of it while we can. 🙂

  8. 40 people is good enough for a reunion i guess.. better than just a table of 10.. haha..
    food aside, i can sense the fun of seeing each other again, after leaving school for such a long period. 🙂

    Young people look forward, old people like us look back…and cherish the wonderful memories of the days gone by.

  9. Class of 69, I was only 3 then, now i like it when you said that you guys still could cha cha, tango, twist, rhumba and disco even into the 60s…… reunion is always nice, catching up with old times and bring back the old times, marvellous..

    How come i no see you twist, cha cha and rumba one, i think you would do it well…

    Can’t camwhore while dancing, can I? Hope somebody will email me some nice photos to post…or perhaps I’ll see them on Facebook or on our group’s website.

  10. wah they come back all the way from australia?!! wow… and I’m sure you guys had a really good time!

    Ya, they did…but some in NZ, more interested in the world cup rugby. 😦

  11. Yeah, what happened to the rest of the fish? hmm…

    Dancing! i love to watch elder people dancing, they’re so uninhibited, if you cud describe them as that.

    I guess when you’re old…you’re more experienced, more confident…and you don’t give a damn. LOL!!!

  12. Nice! A 42nd year reunion, I hope I can live to be that long with my liver problems. 🙂

    I’ve never had sea cucumber soup with bamboo shoots…or maybe I just never noticed them.
    The Foochow noodles looks good but it needs lard to be real Foochow noodles. 😀

    Hey, you know, I’ve seen hotels which serves pork in Langkawi (if I recall correctly). Do all hotels in Malaysia have to comply or is it optional?

    I agree. No lard, there’ll be something missing.No matter how nice, it would not be as nice. Hotels here would want the certification to attract the selected group of people – then, government departments, agencies, schools would hold their functions at those hotels. Other than that, there would not be much of a difference for the hotels here as the target population is very small…unlike in the peninsula. You will be around, no worries – as they say, only the good die young! See! I’m still alive and kicking…too! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  13. fuiyo!! Look at the way u all got jiggy! Happening!!!

    I’m sure you’ll do a great job in 2013 STP! Food will definitely be good then! *Pressure pressure* haha!

    How come no pics of YOU doing the cha-cha lah? sigh..

    No worries. All my years as a teacher, I had a lot of experience organising functions and emceeing event – kacang lah! No sweat at all! I was taking the photos…but maybe if I can get hold of photos taken by some of the others present, I can put those in a follow-up post.

  14. The food looks nice. Most important is, you get to meet up with each other. Have lots of fun and amazingly, most of you can twsit, disco and cha cha. No bone cracking sound. That’s great.

    Arthur, I can’t spot you in the last pix. Are you on the floor?

    Nope, luckily no osteoporosis sufferers among us but I could use a good massage the next day though… A young, sexy and pretty China doll would be nice. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  15. Bringing on back the good times,
    taking away the pain.
    You’re bringing on back the good times
    and I’m living on air..♫

    Whoa Bananaz favorite song by Love Affair

    Yes, old favourites – never fail to bring back wonderful memories…

  16. Been too old cant even remember which Class already haha. Nope not for Bananaz all dunno have gone to so no reunion even classmates also ‘disappeared’. Guess the next Chairman for 2013 would be you know who no need to ask Ah Kwai, not saying here coz no prize for guessing haha. Wow your Class of 69 can still do the A-go-go. Great fun.

    I know at least two of my classmates who had died… So when they asked me to organise the next reunion, I said, “No problem…if I’m still around by then!” 😦

  17. Still all asking same question on the fried fish head & what about the body? Me too Why ah? lolz.

    Maybe they bought just the head – they do sell it like that at the market…usually for people to cook fish head curry.

  18. 月圆圆,人甜甜。祝你越来越有钱。
    yuè yuányuán, rén tiántián。zhù nǐ yuè lái yuè yǒu qián。

    yuè guāngguāng, rén shuāngshuāng。 zhù nǐ xīn qíng duō fàng kuān。

    guì rén qí, xiǎo rén lí。zhù nǐ dà lì yòu dà jí。

    zhù nǐ yú jiā rén, Zhōng qiūjié kuàilè。

    Thank you very much and a Happy Mooncake Festival to you and yours… 😉

  19. wow…groovy…you singing ke?

    Everybody wanted to sing…so I just sang once – chose a “safe” song, did not want to embarrass myself in front of people I’d not met for 42 years. I did The Carpenter’s “Close to you”…and the wife of one of them at my table from Australia commented that I must be “a very seasoned singer”. Blush! Blush! 😉

  20. Wow..havent met for 42 years?? tsk tsk tsk …it must be real fun. Good that after so long you all still keep in touch.

    Look at the last picture, can see that everyone having a good time doing the twist! hahhaa so cute!

    Happy Mid Autumn festival to you and Mrs Wee.

    Same to you and your family. Ya…it was good fun and it certainly was wonderful that we could meet again after so many years. 🙂

  21. Wahh dance! I want to see a picture of YOU dancing! 😛 So I guess you’ve been picked to organize the NEXT dinner eh? Good for you! time for you to unleash your power of finding the perfect place with lower price and much nicer food then! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I will do a whole lot better – something a lot more impressive and grand. 😉 Me dancing? Belly dance kah? LOL!!! 😀

  22. Food looked darn good..I would eat..pork or no pork. Eh, must remember to order the sea cucumber soup when I’m there but musn’t tell the boys…especially the tua one…oh and minus the shoots lar.
    All your fans requested to see you dancing. Maybe a pic or two of you dancing the night away is due?

    Wait lah! Those people, dunno when they’ll send the pics. Oh? Your hubby does not eat sea cucumber? Why? Supposed to be good for health. What about fish maw? These things are all tasteless – the soup’s all the same, same taste whether you add sea cucumber, fish maw…or sharks’ fins. Nope, no bamboo shoots! Last time I had three ginger-like slices and I ended up with a gout attack. 😦

    1. He geli the texture..jelly like and i think most mat sallehs are like that…but bird’s nests bukan main lagi he makan..he just suruh me masak some just now.He ni a bit weird lar, what normally mat salleh suka he tak suka ie. fruits, eggs, offal, mussels, oysters, cockles, pipis(lala)..he just suruh me include…cold coffee too….and he say that is all..he’s not fussy..muahahaha…yeah, right!

      LOL!!! Like that, not much left to eat lor… Birds’ nest, itu burung punya saliva… Eyewwww!!!!! I thought he does not want to eat sea cucumber because he heard stories about how people go and catch the thing in the sea. Never mind, can tell you when you’re here. Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat! LOL!!! 😀

  23. Nice! Class of 69, and getting 40 of your compatriots in school to come is a miracle in itself STP. How could you say its “ONLY” 40. 🙂 And I like the fact all of you are still so energetic!

    So did you hear any sad news, sometimes at these gatherings there are bound to be sad news of some friends who have passed on. 😦

    Of course, a few had joined the heavenly choir…and recently, a teacher as well. There were only 20 – the other 20 came from the girls’ school next door. We had two classes only of over 30 each…so there should be around 60 at least, not 20. 😦

  24. you all look like you’re having a great time! 🙂 you’ll make a great reunion organizing head. you might even get sponsors 🙂

    Nah…not expensive and all of them are such successful professionals, they can all afford it. I was the only miserable and poor one among them. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  25. So good to get to meet up with Ex classmate, thumbs up to the organizer! Happy Mid Autumn Arthur!

    Same to you. Next round, it will be my turn to organise… 😉

  26. Good to meet up with old friends….I still have reunion once a year with my Std 1 friends…

    I can hardly remember who my classmates were in Primary 1 – still in touch with a few though…

  27. wow all the “young at hearts” dancing and jumping in the hall… nice!

    that foochow mee looks good! kinda like hokkien char, but i think it tastes different..

    Yup, many people think they look similar…but nope, they taste completely different. Ya, young at heart indeed…

  28. It’s great to meet up after so many years eh ? These are the kind of friendships that stand the test of time.. friends from school.
    Eh.. the fish head looks funny. I’ve never seen a fish head served deep fried.

    It certainly was nice. Yup…and this particular fish, dunno what, not much in the head to eat… 😦

  29. Class of ’69 reunion…wow that was certainly long ago! Not easy task to organise and get so many people together, even with the internet age. Looks like all the effort paid off – I can see good food and everyone having great fun. I’m sure 2013 reunion will be more awesome 🙂

    Yes, hopefully I will be able to get in touch with more of our old classmates and they would be willing to come.

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