Bringing on back the good times…

Last week, I attended my high school reunion – the Class of ’69…

Reunion Cake

Held in one of the function rooms at one of the better hotels in town, it was a combined effort between those from my school – a boys’ school and the girls from our sister school next door.

Unfortunately, the response was not exactly great even though there were a few of them who made an effort to come back all the way from Australia and the other towns in the country/state for the gathering. There were only four tables so that would work out to around forty people only.

This was the first dish that we had…

Reunion dinner 1

…followed by the sea cucumber soup which those from overseas praised to the skies. I just had a sip and when I saw strips of bamboo shoots in it, I quickly put the rest aside. I wouldn’t risk coming down with a gout attack – not for something that was to me not really that great.

Then we had this fish head dish…

Reunion Dinner 2

…which was good but there wasn’t much to eat really as it was just the head. I wondered what happened to the rest of the fish.

The roast chicken was fine…

Reunion Dinner 3

…like roast chicken. LOL!!! I had a lot of that but did not really eat anything from this next dish…

Reunion Dinner 4

It looked like it had a lot of msg in it and the least they could do was to make it look more presentable…and I did not eat much of the black pepper beef either. Sorry, the photo turned out a bit blur so I have decided not to include it in this post. I suppose it was quite good as the rest at my table seemed to enjoy it but I’m not a fan of black pepper sauce. Period.

Their attempt at the Foochow fried noodles…

Reunion Dinner 5

…was very successful despite the absence of lard and pork – it being a hotel so all the food served would have to be halal. Needless to say, those who came home from abroad loved it so much after having been deprived of it for so long.

The last dish was simply a platter of fruits.

I’m not sure how much each table cost but we paid RM40 per head so I guess it was a RM400 table. Personally, I would have chosen a different venue where we would be able to get food that is a lot nicer at a lower price. After all, there was no necessity to hold it in a hotel anyway since there wasn’t anyone among us who would have to eat only halal food…and being just a function room, it was devoid of the sophistication usually seen at dinners held in the hotel’s grand ballroom.

Anyway, it was no big deal, really – what was more important was that we could get together and meet one another again. I had not seen some of them since I left school and that was 42 years ago. We had a really great time catching up with one another, singing karaoke and dancing!

Reunion Party

Considering that all of us were around the age of 60 on average, it was a wonder that we could still twist, cha-cha, disco and whatever – you name it, we did it…just like in those days when we were only sixteen. LOL!!!

Everyone agreed that we would hold a reunion every two years from now on…and guess who was chosen to organise the next one in 2013. Tsk! Tsk!