Cha cha…

I’m not really a fan of breadfruit or what we call buah sukun locally. Usually, we would slice it and deep-fry it lightly and eat it with peanut butter or kaya…like bread or in my case, I would eat it with gula apong (attap/nipah sugar, our local version of the gula Melaka). Otherwise, we would dip it in batter and deep-fry it to make breadfruit fritters (cucur buah sukun) .

Another way of cooking it would be to immerse the slices in santan (coconut milk) and add pandan (screwpine) leaves and sugar to it and get that steamed. One other way, of course, would be to use it to cook bubur cacar. I’m not a fan of both as somehow I do not really like the santan in these two.

However, when my missus cooked it the other day…

Mrs STP's bubur cacar 1

…it was so very nice! I think she used a bit of  evaporated milk as well and added gula Melaka.

I liked it so much…

Mrs STP's bubur cacar 2

…that I had two helpings at one go! However, I wished she had added a bit more than the sprinkling of sago pearls in it. Even though they’re virtually tasteless, I do enjoy eating them.

This definitely was heaps better than what I had outside…

ThomsonCorner momorchacha
*recycled pic*

In fact, this particular shop did not even know how to call it properly – it was listed as momorchacha or something like that in the menu.

Well, what about you? How do you like your buah sukun…and are you a fan of bubur cacar?