Kowloon, Hong Kong…

Nope, I did not go on a holiday or anything. No way! For one thing, I just can’t get away and for another, I do not have the money. Sobsss…..

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the title of this post, it’s just that I dropped by this place…

KowloonCafe Sibu

…here in Sibu with my missus last Sunday for lunch. In case anybody is wondering, it’s somewhere opposite the SIB and the St Teresa’s Catholic (Sungai Merah) churches, on the left side of the road (if you’re heading to Teku or the sports stadium)…past the Federal Complex and in the same block as the newly-opened RHB Bank branch in the vicinity (GPS: 2.327774,111.840863).

In fact, it has been around for quite a while already – I think they started their business sometime last year but there had been some massive roadworks in the area at the time and it dragged on for so long. I really dreaded going anywhere in the vicinity then but thankfully, they’ve managed to get everything done already.

I guess the fact that it has remained open in the face of such adversities would be a fair indication that the food wouldn’t be too bad.  My missus and I had the set lunch (RM6.90) which came with a free drink. We chose to have the iced Nescafe…

Iced Nescafe

…and they also gave us a cup of complimentary soup each…

Complimentary soup

Yes, you read that right. It actually came in a tea cup! There were bits of lobak putih (Chinese white radish) inside and I think they threw in every part of the chicken that they did not want to make the stock, all the innards, the head, the feet and what not…and it tasted really good.

My missus had the honey pork ribs with rice…

Honey pork ribs with rice

…and it seemed that they served it with fried rice, not plain white rice.

I had the pork chop with rice…

Pork chop with rice

…and that too came with fried rice.

Both were to our satisfaction though I would think that they could be a little bit more generous with the green veg…especially when it is really not that expensive.

There was quite a good crowd with only one waitress, the poor thing, trying desperately to cope…but I must say that she did pretty well – service was prompt and good but the food seemed to take a long time to come out of the kitchen. I would think that being a set lunch, the things would have been pre-cooked and would be served almost instantly…or in a couple of minutes after reheating.

All in all, I quite liked what we had and probably we would go back there again sometime to try the things on their a la carte menu – they do seem to have some interesting items in their list…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Kowloon, Hong Kong…”

  1. Soup shud always come in a cup. Senang mau minum. wakakakaka!

    They have soup cups mah – like the ones they give free with Bovril. These coffee cups are hardly big enough for the spoon to go in. 😦

  2. The rice comes with a separate dish of meat or like in the pics?If like in the pics, don’t you think that’s very little?..buat kotorkan perut saja and the meat if got stuck at celah gigi, nothing to telan…kahkahkah!

    Ooooo…kuat you makan. It was enough for us – a light lunch. Otherwise, we would probably have to order some side dishes to go with that. RM6.90 only bah! The Garden Cafe that I frequent – RM10…more substantial and I think it’s nicer too.

  3. To be frank,i really think makan place like this is just boring,in terms of foods, just like O towns, Kowloons, Wang Kok or whatever, same same food, worst still the servers are mostly from foreign land, most often than not,they just can’t understand you.

    in the normal coffee shop, at least you can say,,”uncle tambah,cili sikit” “wa tak mahu ini dan itu” but haizzzzzzzzz,that’s why i don’t know when was the last time, i frequeted O towns…

    Bawa missus keluar makan, tak kan lah go to kedai kopi all the time. Mestilah pamper sikit, bring her to try some nicer places in town.

    Here, we do not have any problem with foreign workers. We only have the Indons in the coffee shops and they can speak Malay, Mandarin and even the local dialects – which is more than what I can say about our own local young boys and girls that work in cafes like this one – they can speak in ONE language only – Mandarin but that’s not a problem for me anymore as I’m now quite conversant in the language after trying to use it all the time to make myself understood.

    I would agree that the food at such places may not be nicer but are usually nice enough, more expensive but not too expensive compared to hotels and other high class places, cleaner, air-conditioned, more comfortable…so when bringing missus or friends, ok lah.

  4. Knew this place but never eat there for the same reason you’ve mentioned. Just out of curiosity, what ” tsk” mean?

    It’s an expression of displeasure, disgust or anger. E.g. It was so expensive. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. I dropped you a photo of the coffee shop that I recommend to try her kampua. Check your facebook message. Am really addicted to it….

      I did see that on my hp…but forgot to check it out when online. Will do that, thanks.

  5. HK style restaurant is getting very popular here, as good as our traditional kopitiam chain.. and they really rebrand the food as if they are high class cuisine, while in HK they are really just cheap stuffs to eat…

    Never been to any of those. I’ve been to Old Town, Pappa Rich and Secret Recipe…and Boston, all our own local franchises but I hear the Boston in Sibu has closed down. Business not so good perhaps.

  6. Yes, they should put in more vegetables..or something… the rice looks rather plain..for me, sure not enough, must order side dishes as accompaniment… hahahaha…scared u or not.. I must have a hearty meal.. 🙂

    Wah!!! Sure you’re not Foochow? Foochows were known for quantity over quality – they must eat till they were really full as they’re such hardworking people and they needed the energy…and would not have the time to stop and relax to eat once they got started. That’s why many Foochows became really rich and successful. Unfortunately, I’m a Foochow-sesat. LOL!!! 😦

  7. Iced Nescafe? You prefer instant coffee to real coffee? Looks very edible, but as you say, need more greens.

    I don’t mind Nescafe. I drink that as home as it is less of a hassle…and with freshly-brewed coffee, I would have to make a pot and drink that the whole day through. Not good to dink so much….

  8. The honey pork ribs with rice looks plain with no veg. Yours look much better with at least a bit of greens but still they should put more and oopss!!..that piece of pork chop looks too oily. Grrrrrr!!!!….

    The veg was hidden under the meat. Mine, I took out the veg for the photo shoot. It was just plain boiled veg…but very nice and sweet – I liked!

  9. RM6.90 per set meal is a good buy! Yalor, normally they serve white rice but this restaurant seems quite generous!

    Yup, I expected plain rice too…and was pleased that we were given fried rice instead. I have never been impressed by the fired rice that I’ve tried outside but this one was pretty good.

  10. You didnt get a chance to meet up with Tsim Sha Tsui Susie in Kowloon? haha. Nice honey pork ribs and the pork chop rice enough for you? Think you need at least 3 bowls muahaha.Talking about pork chop got a colleague who relate his malu-ness in Colloseum Restaurant, KL who ordered ‘pork chop rare’. The boss said we’ve got Steak: RARE, MEDIUM, OR WELL DONE but sorry Sir no pork chop rare. 😦

    You wanna meet Susie, you’d probably have to look for Kowloon Health & Massage Centre. LOL!!! 😀 No lah…I may be big and fat but these days, I do not eat so much anymore… Must be old age. Sigh!!!! 😦

  11. Next time when Bananaz goes to Sibu and order ‘pork chop medium’ and see what the bozz gotta say. You want to sit at next table presume you dont know me? This colleague was very young then in his early 20’s on his first date and wanna impress the girl friend and those days Colloseum is the hot spot.

    I love the Coliseum! The juicy sizzling steaks, the bib they tie around your neck so your shirt would not get dirty from the splutter…the grumpy old waiters…everything in white – the memories of the old colonial days. Haven’t been for a long long time…. Hopefully, can drop by one day. Hint! Hint! And don’t worry…I wouldn’t order pork chop medium rare. LOL!!! 😀

  12. Both also look good to me….except for the vege. I also prefer to have more green. I think for the price of a set meal, it’s cheap. If you go to place like Kim Gary, you cant even get that, in fact you still have to top up another RM2 for a bowl of rice like what you had.

    Kim Gary, Hong Kong franchise mah…. I’ve read so much about it, so many bloggers have featured in their blogs…so I actually wanted to give it a try – the outlet at Gurney Plaza in Penang but it was sooooo crowded that I abandoned the idea. My niece said the food wasn’t that great, not worth going…so in the end, I never did.

  13. wah for RM6.90. that’s really a very good offer since there’s drinks. rice and soup. here, it’ll at least cost 8.90.

    I thought it was rather reasonable. At the Garden Hotel Cahe here, it is RM8 something ++ and that comes up to RM10 nett. This was RM6.80 nett…and I especially like places where they do not have those additional pluses. Pay extra for nothing! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  14. I know this place, passed by there during my recent trip back. Back in Sibu tak kan go to this kind of cafe to eat right? 😀

    I still prefer coffee shop. kakakkakakaka

    Ya, it’s very near your mum’s house. I know…you have so many yummy Sibu stuff that you’re craving to eat – I’m sure you not not bother to drop by places like this one.

  15. Gosh! The portion for both are so small.

    Hah!!! Another big eater. It was just right for my missus, she doesn’t eat much…and I was all right with it too. No cause to overeat… 😉

  16. aiyaiya! Like the part when you said the soup tastes really good! But dun really like the part that it is because they threw every part of the chicken in it! Me not a fan of innards… @_@

    LOL!!! Not to worry – they do not serve them to you but I could taste it. Not like the chicken rice shops where they serve you a chicken claw in their tasteless soup. Eyewwwwwww!!!! 😦

  17. Seems like you found another good place to eat STP. ^_^

    Kowloon is a place in China right? What is the specialty dish in Kowloon? Is it present at the restaurant that you visited?

    Part of Hong Kong when the colony was under the British but they’ve been returned to China now… I don’t know of any special dish that we can identify with Kowloon…or Hong Kong – roast pork, chicken and duck perhaps. We have the so-called Hong Kong Noodle House franchise here, there and everywhere in KL and elsewhere.

  18. New discovery, huh. Can’t wait to read what else are in their menu. Happy eating 🙂

    Pretty interesting stuff there…but I think I’ll just keep everybody in suspense till I get the chance to go there again. 😉

  19. kowloon, thats like in hong kong right? I remembered wandering into that town while on my Hong Kong trip last year. Lost city of kowloon, or something like that, memory getting bad can’t remember well already.

    Give me that pork chop, and I’ll thank you from the bottom of my heart 😉

    What? You went last year and you cannot remember? What a waste of money! I went in the 80’s. Landed at Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon…and went via the undersea tunnel to Hong Kong island. They’ve a new airport since then…and Disneyland. Ok, come to Sibu…and you can have all you can eat. LOL!!! 😉

  20. Hong Kong has plenty of food to offer. You would definitely love HK. You should visit it one day!

    I went in the 80’s. Didn’t like the place and I did not like the people especially – very rude and unfriendly. Don’t remember what I ate there – I think I enjoyed the food in Thailand a lot more….

  21. The chu pa with rice looks like a rather timid dish , I’d be quite disappointed with a small slice of pork chop like that =( . Price seems reasonable and the iced nescafe looks good !

    All was good…except that the portion seemed a bit small but it was enough for a light lunch. I’ve gone to classier places and paid a lot more…and the food sucked big time.

    P.S. You first time commenting. Is this the Dr AnneT in London? Welcome, welcome and do drop by to comment often. 😉

  22. portion looks a bit small. But RM6-90 kira okay la.

    Yup…considering the price and the nicer surroundings and the fact that they tasted good, I would say it wasn’t too bad.

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