I can see clearly now…

That day, when I put up this post, there seemed to be a whole lot of confusion among some parties concerned. Annie-Q also uploaded her photograph of it on Facebook and her friends were equally baffled. They all thought it was hay peah (prawn fritter).

No, tee piang is NOT hay peah – get that loud and clear. Now THIS is a distant cousin of hay peah and it is called chai peah (vegetable fritter)…

Chai piang

Obviously, you do not get to see a prawn or two on top as it is not what you call hay peah. We do have those prawn fritters here too…and I can get similar yet different ones at the Malay kuih stalls here as well.

AND this chai peah is TOTALLY different from  our local Foochow delicacy – the tee piang

Tee piang kosong 1

If you remember, I did mention that they are made from soya bean pulp and that is exactly what distinguishes between the boys and the men. If you buy from those sellers that use more flour in their batter, the tee piang, of course, would not be so nice. Thus, you must know where to go to get the best ones in town.

These regular or kosong (empty) ones are 3 for a ringgit…

Tee piang kosong 2

…and Annie-Q loves them this way, eaten with chili sauce. Yum! Yum!

Being a meat person, I would very much prefer those stuffed with meat…

Tee piang with meat 1

…sold at RM1.00 each.

Here! Take a look at the meaty filling…

Tee piang with meat 2

Doesn’t that look simply alluring? Drool! Drool!

So, there you are! Don’t come and say that those are hay peah anymore for they certainly are NOT! I do hope everyone can see clearly now… LOL!!!