I promise…

My ex-student, Nicholas, and Geraldine tied their nuptial knot two days ago on the 30th, the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri…

Nicholas & Geraldine 1

Nicholas, now an English teacher, was my student in school and I also taught his brother, Kenny. Geraldine was next door in the sister-school and I never got to teach her but I did teach her brother, Gabriel and the twins, Charles and Christopher.

Nicholas & Geraldine 2

Of course, I turned up for the service that morning at the St Mary’s Church here – personally, I always believe that that is the most important part of any wedding…

Nicholas &  Geraldine 3

They even had a sape player in the choir…

Nicholas & Geraldine 4

…but unfortunately, he only played a little bit that morning and I really wished that they had exploited the opportunity and used the soothing ethnic music to the fullest. Perhaps, while the ceremony proper was going on with the exchanging of rings and vows and what not, they could have got him to play the music softly in the background.

Anyway, as usual, the groom and his best man had to wait at the altar…

Nicholas & Geraldine 5

…for the grand entrance of the bride with her father who would give away his daughter to her husband, his son-in-law…

Nicholas & Geraldine 6

Subsequently, the service ended and the happy couple walked out of the church…

Nicholas & Geraldine 7

…as man and wife…

Nicholas & Geraldine 8

Our friend, ah^kam_koko’, was there, busy taking photographs of the event…

Nicholas & Geraldine 9

…and of course, he was at the wedding banquet that was held at a local hotel that evening…

Nicholas & Geraldine 10

…singing his heart out with his friends…

Nicholas & Geraldine 11

– all English teachers, just like Nicholas, from the same programme that my daughter is currently pursuing in Wellington, New Zealand.

It certainly is nice to see that the bond between them has remained strong even though they are no longer together, located at different parts of the country, living their own dreams…and they have taken the trouble to come all the way to attend their friend’s wedding.

Nicholas & Geraldine 12

Well, from all of us once again, our heartiest congratulations, Nicholas and Geraldine and may God bless the two of you abundantly in the years ahead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “I promise…”

  1. I had a real blast!
    Glad you were there to share the moment! =)

    Your turn next! Make sure you invite me, k? And I’ll sing at your reception… LOL!!! Btw, you noticed the YB-turned-photographer for the day beside you – the Rocket Man for Sibu?

    1. No wonder he looked so familiar!
      wow~~ He’s so nice!
      Good of him. He has my vote… if only I were in Sibu.

      Not my area. Mine’s neither seen nor heard since he won. I think the other guy in another area here is better – always in the newspapers, working for the people and speaking out in their best interests. If I’m not mistaken, he was my ex-student…or maybe he was not in one of my classes. I wonder if he remembers me and will acknowledge me should we happen to meet or whether he’s among the “silent majority” – not the few and far between like Nicholas.

  2. I really love church wedding,coincidentally, i was asking my church friend the other day,if my church was going to hold another “renewing of wedding vow” , i will sure would love to go through it, for the first time…………

    I have a friend who never got married in church but one fine day, they decided to do it…so they had a wedding in church with all the grown-up children in attendance. Or you may want to do it on your 25th or 50th Anniversary. People do go through the works as well on such special occasions.

  3. Bananaz loves the sape muzik lisened to Jerry Kamit – Lan E sape it’s very nice.

    It is very nice, eh? You can click the link to go to youtube – a lot more videos there.

  4. Another 40students x 40 years occupational hazard you gotta attend then makannnn to triple your size with another inch to your waist betul betul hahahaha. Next would be his and her brothers’ wedding dinner and on and on and on hehehe. Lovely swan heart2heart.

    No lah…only a sprinkling will bother to invite this poor miserable old teacher… Sobs!!!! Where got all of them will invite? Some…if they bother to greet me when we meet, I would be thankful already. 😦

  5. wow.. sape in hymns? i wish i cud listen to it right now.. must be really interesting. 🙂
    i usually cant control myself from shedding some tears everytime attending church weddings, esp when the couple are exchanging vows, how lovely and wonderful =)

    You can just click the link on “ethnic music” and watch the video clip on youtube…and a lot more, some of them quite religious ones (hymns). Yes, I’m always moved at wedding ceremonies too…

  6. Hey STP…kena “summon” again? More joy and happiness to the newly wed couple.. congratulations to them! So what were the dishes for the wedding dinner?

    LOL!!! This kind of summons, I do not mind getting all the time. Dishes – more or less, the usual – like this one: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/through-the-years-2/
    Same hotel. Was a bit dark – photos would not be nice and there were people I did not know at the same table…so I did not bother to take photos of the food.

    1. yeah… i also will feel shy to take pictures when sitting with those i m not familiar with.. people must be thinking that we never go for wedding dinners before.. hahaha…

      Another thing is (even though I’m very fast in taking the photos) some behave like they have never eaten before. Once a dish is served, they will jump right in – so no point taking photos of half-eaten dishes. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  7. Congrats to the newly weds! The pictures are really beautiful, especially the one with the bride in it! 🙂

    Thanks. Weddings are always such beautiful occasions, don’t you think? 😉

  8. it’s always nice to see ‘natural’ wedding pics. i like the happy faces in ur posts unlike some wedding couples who are afraid to crack a smile.. congrats to the newly weds! 🙂

    Yes, I think amateur candid shots like these are more true to life… Not those greeting card-like pre-wedding ones…and those are not cheap – a few K, I hear! Tsk! Tsk!

  9. this is such an awesome post. i love it. thanks for making it to the wedding mass and the reception. sorry to have you wait so long to get a picture with you after the dinner. i am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends around me.

    Welcome. My honour and a pleasure indeed that I am not forgotten. Yes, I saw our photo in the church (not bad – didn’t look too fat or too big)…but not the one at the reception. Hope to see them on Facebook soon so I can download from there. 😉

  10. Congrats to the newlyweds. I always love the church wedding…but damn hate the noisy tricks nonsense. Dunno why, feel hard to tolerate such things.

    You mean those things they make the groom go through when going to pick up the bride. I don’t know if they had that…but I for one will never allow it. I think it’s rather silly and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…so after a few, I really find it all extremely boring. For one thing, those practices have never ever been in our Foochow culture – dunno about the other Chinese dialects…so I see no reason whatsoever to start doing it now. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Yes, yes… those dumb tricks… I really cannot tolerate, dun kno why… and you know the other day my neighbour got married, they knocked on my door during a lazy Sunday and made the groom jalan like katak in front of me before asking me to snap a pic by using their phone to prove that the groom did dono wud task. Walao… I got soooo irritated…kacau me tidur. Very silly to me and I think while it’s fun to many, it’s something that you better off dun do. 😦 Ya… I’m not a very fun person… what can do? Tsk!

      I love church weddings tho… but susah la… each time attend cannot wear mascara… face must be make up free… wakakak… or else… habis… cuz I will cry!

      For one thing. Malaysia is a very hot country. Imagine the poor groom and everybody else all dressed up nicely and they have to do all those silly stuff – I wouldn’t wanna stand near any of them after all that. Later, smell the BO, pengsan.

      I also cannot stand the priests here these days- they always crack jokes and make fun. It is supposed to be a solemn ceremony – not something to laugh at or laugh about. Tsk! Tsk! If my daughter gets married in church, I must make sure that I remind the priest how very serious this institution of marriage is – definitely no laughing matter. 😦

  11. is the first photo the souvenir given to guests by the newlyweds? what did the guys sing? 🙂 i want to get married, too 🙂

    Nope…that’s the decor on the bridal car… They sang “When you say nothing…” and “Uptown Girl”. Go ahead…and send me an invitation. Good excuse to go to Manila. 😉

  12. Wow…how nice to see your ex student getting married and being invited too ! Haha like seeing your own son getting married hor ? 🙂

    I guess so. What about you? Your son or daughter? Don’t forget to send me an invitation… Good excuse to go to Ipoh… 😉

  13. Congratulations to the newly wed couple. Ahem!!…did see you on stage to contribute a song or two,

    Nope…didn’t have a nap in the afternoon, not in the mood to sing. Hahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  14. Congrats to the newly wed couple.

    I saw your pictures in FB, i just about to comment, you look “smaller size” in the picture and look smart. LOL

    Hehehehehe!!! Slim already mah…especially the one taken at the reception that evening. Must be the dark colour of the shirt. LOL!!!!

  15. Wow, wht an honour for your ex students to hv their ex teacher attending their wedding, congrats to the newly weds, may they live happily ever after!

    Thanks. I wonder how many ex-students of mine would think that is an honour… 😦

  16. I love church weddings.. hehehehe..

    and it’s really nice to see friends still keep in touch with each other though they’re no longer together at one place.. I miss my friends.. huhuhu..

    Ummmmm….you’re still single, aren’t you? When are your wedding bells going to toll? Don’t forget to invite me… Good excuse for me to hop over to Kuching. 😉

  17. yaya that is so sweet and love the venue as well..

    Nah!!! I prefer all those old churches or cathedrals with stained glass windows – makes the wedding all the more romantic. I think you have those in the Philippines. Not here, all the modern ones and somehow the romance is gone… 😦

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