First thing ev’ry morning…

For me, the first thing every morning would, of course, be…breakfast.

If you check into a hotel and they tell you that you would be getting a complimentary American breakfast or a continental breakfast or even a buffet breakfast, you would know more or less what to expect the following morning.

But if they tell you that they will be serving a Malaysian breakfast, you may not know exactly what would be on the menu. Perhaps, you would get a plate of nasi lemak with coffee or tea or maybe they will give you fried noodles – mamak style but I am pretty sure they will not serve you this…

Malaysian breakfast

…even though it is very popular for breakfast among Malaysians.

You will get a strong brew of coffee…


…for the early morning jump-start. This is from Choon Seng, a coffee shop in Sungai Merah here that many claim serves the best coffee in town. I guess hoping for a marble-top table is going a bit overboard but I do wish they would serve the coffee in those thick stone cups and saucers with blue floral prints like in the good old days.

Along with that, you would have your toast with kaya (coconut jam) and margarine…

Kaya toast

Except for some selected places here, most of the others would just use a toaster or an oven toaster to do the job. When I was young, I used to see in a coffee shop beside the stove where they boil water, a small section with a hot plate or wire mesh and burning charcoal underneath. On the plate, there were the pots of coffee and tea that would go on brewing continuously as a result of the heat below. To toast the bread, the barista (that’s the sophisticated name we use today to call the man brewing coffee at those branded coffee joints) would place the slices of bread on the hot plate or wire mesh to toast them while he made the drinks. By the time he got back to the bread, they would be burnt completely black…and using a butter knife, he would scrape off the black part until the toast appeared nicely brownish in colour. Then he would apply margarine and kaya and serve, sandwiched together and hence, the name in Hokkien – loti kiap ย (squeezed or clamped together bread) or in Malay, roti kahwin (married bread).

The fad of eating kaya toast came back to the scene some years ago and if I’m not mistaken, there are some franchises that specialise in this. However, the standard breakfast would not be complete without the two half-boiled/cooked eggs to go with the coffee and the toast…

Half-boiled eggs 1

For fine dining at the classier joints, they would serve the egg in an egg cup…and you would be expected to tap the top with your dainty silver teaspoon to break the shell and remove it so that there would be a hole at the top. Then you would have to add salt and pepper and for the uninitiated, the shaker with one hole is the salt and the one with more holes would be the pepper. Finally, with the teaspoon, you would have to scoop out the egg bit by bit and eat it slowly in the most elegant manner.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I certainly do not do it that way. I would just break the eggs into a bowl (or saucer) and add soy sauce and pepper…

Half-boiled eggs 2

…break the yolks and whip everything together…

Half-boiled eggs 3

…and slurp it all down in the most ungracious manner. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Nice! LOL!!!

I’ve seen people dipping the toast in the egg and eating it too…and with the last morsel, they would wipe the saucer or bowl clean and eat it. Now, that’s the way to do it!

So, what is everyone having for breakfast? Kaya toast and half-boiled eggs, anyone? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

54 thoughts on “First thing ev’ry morning…”

  1. Simply love this simple breakfast. Still prefer this than any other fancy and expensive western set ๐Ÿ™‚ #so malaysian

    Guess it’s in our blood – our culture, our heritage… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. my favourite breakfast. half boil eggs!! I dont mind having that even for supper, but we all know too much eggs is not good for us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ooooo….aren’t we all the same? I loooooveeee eggs!!!! Slurpzzzz!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. We just had mee poh dry ( instant noodle from S’pore)…so pedas but shiok! Son and I would love to makan your kind of breakfast every other day but hubby can’t stomach eggs…cis! Anyway, your soft boiled eggs tu ada sikit fail lar according to my std. I like mine betul-betul soft with no lumpy bits at all. Tu baru shiok…slurpppppp!…ahhhh!
    A few coffee shops around Melaka, Tampin and a bit ulu places still maintain their old fashioned coffee cups yang retak seribu tu ( like you have described ) and they even went a step further…they actually soak their cups with hot boiling water before they pour the steaming coffee in the cups. That way, your coffee will stay extra hot for longer period of time…hubby just loves that. They would actually roast their own coffee with margerine and the kaya they make themselves and the roti kiap darn sedap..we call it roti hailam….ahhh….memories! Usually these coffee shop proprietors are Hailams.

    Ya…the coffee shop people in the past were all Hailams, dunno why…and they roasted the beans outside/behind the shops in the afternoon…with butter, Golden Churn no less (Not halal! LOL!!!) and the fragrance would spread for miles… Hmmmmmm!!!! Yes, I also felt that the eggs were not very well done. I like to put my eggs in water in a pot and cook over medium flame…and when the water has boiled, I would turn off the heat…and wait for a little while before breaking the eggs open. The white would have cooked like medium-hard boiled and the yolk is still runny. That’s what I like best! Yummmm…..

      1. Cleffairy…ya..roti hailam also same with roti benggali…to what I know lar…hopefully no Hailams or Benggalis tembak me mati for giving wrong

        Ok…they’re the same. Haven’t heard of one or the other… Here, we call it loti kiap…

  4. half boiled eggs… i haven’t tried it yet but it cooks good to me…
    yeah i think dipping bread into would be perfect yum yum
    my breakfast today is also egg (scrambled) and bread.. and coffee haha a typical one

    You ‘ve never had half-boiled eggs? We had that every morning before leaving for school ever since young. My daughter loved it for breakfast , not so much for the taste but she said it was easy to eat. Sigh!!! She was always in a hurry to rush off to school, always studies first…so did not want to waste time enjoying breakfast.

  5. Argh!!!! That soft boiled eggs picture is soooooo tempting. I love toast and soft boiled eggs.. My favourite breakfast. Now, I can’t seem to tolerate eggs at all, so no more soft boiled eggs for breakfast *sob*sob* Hopefully by next year I’d be able to eat eggs again.. He he…
    Just had Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis for my breakfast (almost every day).. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh dear… Morning sickness, eh? Some people develop a repulsion for certain foods when pregnant and after giving birth, they never go back to eat anymore – even though they used to love it so very much.

  6. i am really not a half-boiled eggs person, just do not like the taste and texture.. anything from scrambled, fried, sunny side up, steam, omelette but just not half-boiled..

    I love eggs in any form…soft or hard, all I like. LOL!!!

  7. This is my favourite type of breakfast !!! But I never dip the toast into the eggs. I prefer to eat them separately. Mum used to serve me half boiled eggs every morning during schooling days.

    Just had cereal with fresh milk for breakfast this morning. Yummy….

    Same here, half boiled eggs every morning till we got so sick of them. Sometimes when we refused to eat, my mum would put it in the rice cooker…and they become hard boiled and we would eat them for lunch. We would prefer that…at the time. Now, eggs in any form, I love! I never eat cereal for breakfast – only my daughter does that…she ada gaya orang putih sikit. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. You can find good coffee(kopi-o actually as I prefer black coffee) in this coffee shop near Kawan hotel. “Zheng JI” is the name and it’s located at the end lot of a shop house. They serve quality kampua also.

    Me too – kopi-o guy…except that ChoonSeng’s kopi-o isn’t exceptional. Have to order the kopi KAU, with or without ice. That was why I ordered that – usually, whenever I take milk, I would feel sleepy… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ok…hope to try that coffee shop sometime, thanks for the info.

  9. Bread with kaya and half boiled eggs are great breakfast. Bananaz can only afford one egg per day saving for the raining days. Seldom eat kaya that’s why tak kaya.~;)…

    Aiyor…so kesian. Saving so many millions, what for? Must spend a bit… When I eat kaya, I eat a lot – mesti kau kau…but not kaya also leh. Sobssss!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Just remembered there is one kopitiam in Penang very famous for its signature dish – half boiled eggs and steam roti which is on the way to Penang airport. Left Penang so long no idea whether the kopitiam is still there. The place is always packed and you will see only eggs & roti on every table.

      Ya…small towns here – they would always have eggs on the table…but maybe hard boiled ones…and pulut panggang as well…or cake, not bread.

    2. LOL-ed so hard at the kaya comment. My mum used to bluff me last time, if makan kaya, will become kaya when I grow up. >.< such nonsense she fed me just to make me eat in the morning! And I was sooooo dumb pulak, go and believe her!

      You must have been a really gullible kid! Muahahahaha!!!

  10. simple yet delicious! half boiled eggs – gosh, how i miss them! and i eat just the same way u did! ๐Ÿ˜€

    You can’t eat? Very strict vegan? Never mind, at least, you can stay healthy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Eh? Kyh is a strict vegetarian? My MIL oso same… she oso dun take eggs… and milk. o.O Milk oso cannot take kah if you’re a strict vegetarian? Must go for soya milk instead?

      Dunno. I think he mentioned it once…

    2. nah, i do take eggs. just that i havent had half boiled for moons now! hahah.

      I see. So go ahead, have some. Slurpzzzzz!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. i like dipping my toast. Unfortunately they normally do not arrive the same time so it’s either bread or egg will become cold ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Yup…the toast will come first – the eggs take a bit longer… I don’t dip but I like to eat together – a bit of this and a bit of that at the same time.

  12. I just had that this morning!!

    At Kaya & Toast? They have that in Kuching, I think…but I’m sure it will be more expensive than the regular coffee shop- also the same thing.

  13. haven’t had this type of breakfast for a looooong time. had some corn flakes with almond in fresh milk this morning! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Wah!!! So ang moh your breakfast! Memang ada class punya hor… Muahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. nah, been having bread with kaya and milo for the past few days, need to change up the menu a bit. ๐Ÿ˜€

      KL, all the nice things to eat – nasi lemak, mee mamak, Hokkien mee, wanton mee etc etc… Spoilt for choice, I definitely wouldn’t want to eat cereal. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Ahh you’re KILLING me with these gorgeous pictures of soft-boiled egg! I LOVE them! My way of eating would be to break them into a bowl and dip toasted bread in it, slurping and wiping it clean to the very last drop!

    True or not? You so classy one…I cannot imagine you doing that! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I oso eat that way… I wun mix the egg white and the egg yolk together. And I will only take half boil eggs if there’s toast to go wif it… I feel geli if I mix it up together and just drink it up like that.

      She will mix altogether leh…just like me. If served, can’t wait to eat already…where got worry about bagi this bagi that, tambah this, tambah that. Just nguuuaaaapppp!!! All gone!

  15. This is very classic! My son simply loves this but I’ve trained him to take it without the soy sauce and pepper. He likes dipping the toast in the egg.

    Why without the soy sauce and pepper? That’s supposed to be part of the whole routine…

  16. Half boiled eggs has always been my favorite,, you know what? A recent medical survey i read somewhere states that it is actually all right to makan eggs as many as 10 a day, that debunks the previous worry of eating too much egg can cause high LDL… now and go and wallop more, by the way, i like any type of egg,, sunny side up…..

    10 a day??? They say ok to take, but must take both yellow and white together – it balances everything naturally so no worries. But still, I would limit to maybe two a week at the most if eating eggs…not including those we use in our cooking.

  17. I had soft boiled eggs for breakfast today too… yums! i oso dun like to eat those eggs in a cup. I’ll crack it in a saucer and eat it just like how u did! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So troublesome…and so pretentious…and cannot add soy sauce and mix thoroughly. Not used to it! LOL!!!

  18. aiya! been having that almost every morning at my home cafe … today went for beef brisket noodle pulak!! maybe tomorrow revert back to this again.

    Ooooo…I love beef brisket! Yummmm!!!! Hey, your first time here, I see…you typed your url wrongly – https…and when I clicked, I got some kind of warning about “dangerous site”. Have checked you up on Facebook…and amended your url…so all’s in the clear now. Welcome…and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. A simple, yet delicious breakfast. Coincidently, I have kaya toast and a cup of hot kopi “kaw-kaw” for breakfast this morning. Kopi “kaw-kaw” is a must for me every morning. Simply love the half boiled egg too….and slurrppp it goes. I would not have two but one per day.

    LOL!!! So health-conscious… I’m not so disciplined especially when it comes to eating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Since young my mom would make half boiled eggs for us before we went to school. And you know if exam time, I would not eat those eggs for feat that I might get zero for my test. Now when I recalled back, I feel so stupid kan, hahahaha!!!!

      LOL!!! When I was young, every exam, we would have to drink Brand’s essence of chicken… Supposed to help keep one alert.

      1. ooppsss…typo error, should be “for fear” that I might……….

        I wonder what gave you the idea… Kay nerng = 0 mark, I guess. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. I would do the same as you if I have half boiled eggs for breakfast. And occasionally, I do like American breakfast with bacons, ham, eggs and toast on a single plate. I don’t fancy Continental breakfast though. Somehow, it’s not fulfilling enough compared to the other two. Haha. That said, it’s hard to get a coffeeshop (over here) that serves good quality kaya.

    Humph!! Wait till you see my post on the MOST disappointing American breakfast that I had. LOL!!! Funny, but my daughter loves the kaya that coffee shops use – Yeo’s! And Planta margarine! Otherwise, she does not like – not the same as the coffee shop, not so nice, she would say. Eyewwwww…. I would rather have those nice homemade ones any day…with butter! Yum! Yum!

  21. definitely the kind of breakfast most of us can identify with, because this was what we were brought up on. those buffet & american breakfasts came with so-called modernisation & not many malaysians can get used to that.

    eugene, the answer you’re looking is here:

    Ok, Eugene…click and read! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t mind all the different types of breakfast – good to change once in a while.Variety is the spice of life… Of course, here, we have the typical Sibu Foochow breakfast – kampua noodles… LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Oh nice! My favourite breakfast too. Half boiled egg, toast or steam bread and coffee, perfect.

    During schooling time, my mum prepare two half boiled egg and a glass of milo for my breakfast, usually i am rushing, always late , i will mix the egg into milo and drink it down together. I don’t know why now i cannot take that, think about it a bit “geli” hahahhaha.

    Ok, Choon Seng, remember to try the coffee!

    See you tomorrow… Hey! That’s the standard Foochow VIP welcome – a fresh egg (kampong chicken, no less) in a glass with condensed milk (Milkmaid, no less) and they pour in hot boiling water….and stir it all up…and you drink! LOL!!! I visited some relatives in the “sua pa” and we were served that – of course, as a kid, I refused to drink – so smelly, I said…and got pinched in the leg (secretly – for my lack of good manners) by my mum… LOL!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. I dont eat half boiled eggs. Roti bakar with kaya and a cup of kopi O will do for me hahaha

    No roti and kaya on their own for me – not even at home. Must have eggs…or sausages…or ham or…bacon etc. Just kaya, I’d rather go and cook instant noodles. Hehehehehe!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Eh? You dun eat kah? Eh??? The other day when we go baham bfast, the half boil eggs ur hubby baham wan issit? I tak perasan pulak. o.O

      No wonder the hubby triple her size, maybe more… Lucky hubby! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Ohh…half boil eggs with toast! Yums… but I dun take this often. Usually I prefer heavier things… yunno…I am a big fan of nasi lemak and the morning bihun goreng as well as those kuih kuih. LOL! They say take nasi lemak too often is not good, but haihh… I memang teruk, old habits die hard. Mati mati oso must have at least 3-4 times of nasi lemak per week.

    Anyway, if I were to have this, I will only have it a bit of soya sauce and loads of coarse black pepper. I’m very particular punya. I only like black coarse black pepper and not the white pepper nonsense. Those Sarawak black peppers do wonders, I tell you. And no kaya on my toast for me please, just margerine, or salted butter… the sweetness of makes me feel like wanna muntah, duno why. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Tak ngam me.

    So fussy…no wonder like cicak kubin! See…I just eat everything – so big, strong and friendly. People like us always cheerful, happy and lovable…true or not, kucing’s hubby? ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL!!!

  25. Healthy!! Nowadays i usually order two toasted slices of bread with two half boiled eggs on top… you know what… I don’t know how to make perfect half boiled eggs myself! They always end up too cooked.. not like those shown above.. i think i must buy that plastic container.. let the water drain off and the eggs will be perfect!

    Try it my way – put eggs in pot of water and boil using medium heat. When the water has started boiling, put under running tap to stop the cooking. Then, break open and see – should be half-boiled. Otherwise, put in pot, pour in boiling water and wait for around 5 minutes. My missus does it this way. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I usually have ‘roti kiap’ for breakfast too, sometimes with half boiled egg. One thing I hate about having half boiled egg here (in West M’sia) is that they serve only light soy sauce instead of what we see from your picture. I prefer dark soy sauce because I think it tastes better and makes the eggs look for appetising.

    Oh? Light soy sauce? Eyewwww….that would taste so different then. I wouldn’t want that either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  27. Oh half boiled eggs, my fav! I love to slurp it up all in one gulp,but slow enough to feel and taste the egg yolk sliding past my tastebuds! lolz

    Gosh! You make it sound quite like something else… Wink! Wink! Sheer ecstasy! Muahahahahahaha!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Just got a tray of free range eggs, definitely having half-boiled eggs this weekend. No time to enjoy this weekdays. With it, I normally just have butter on toast though, or just butter on fresh white bread (hee hee!), then dip! YUMZZZ!

    Can only have butter at home – but Melissa prefers the authentic Yeo’s kaya and Planta margarine when it comes to loti kiap…just like in the coffee shops. Yeo’s mostly sweetness, not lemak and Planta has a smell…eyewwwww!!!! I guess it’s the same thing in my case – I don’t like free range eggs…no “chau chor” eggy smell… Muahahahahaa!!!!!

  29. Waaaaaah.. your blog is so colorful and nice โค

    I normally have porridge for breakfast โค but sometimes will go kopitiam have kolo beehoon โค

    Seldom have coffee and half boiled eggs..

    Adoi, ahlost…you haven’t dropped by for years. Welcome back! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have that once in a blue moon when I feel like it but usually I would go for something else more filling… This is not quite enough for me. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  30. I didn’t know that kaya toast is from malaysia. i thought it’s from SG ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess toast/baked bread is the influence of the British when they were here ruling both Malaysia and Singapore…and kaya is most probably of nyonya or peranakan (mixed Malay and Chinese)…and we have peranakans all over but certain things, there may be regional differences. Singapore was once part of Malaysia too, yunno?

  31. Arthur, almost missed this post, which would be unforgiveable! Yes, I miss my daily Choon Seng fix. Although I’ll have to say that I’ve grown to love Old Town too, and Old Town’s butter kaya toast is actually far better, real butter, not margarine. But for a small-town coffee shop, Choon Seng’s coffee beats everyone in Sibu hands down!

    Hah!!! Thought you will never show up… This post is intentionally meant to make you miss Choon Seng and Sibu. Muahahahaha!!!! Otherwise, I would usually have kopi-o instead. I’m not sure if I had Old Town coffee before… Maybe I had the kopi-o-peng…and it did not seem to stand out at all – same as Choon Seng’s kopi-o-peng. Never thought it was exceptional. Must try the place that somebody mentioned in a previous comment – see good or not…and better than Fantasy’s, brewed by the guy…not the ladies. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. this is my perfect breakfast and i like the way how you eat it. I will also add soya sauce but perhaps not that much la

    Nah!!! Don’t expect me to believe that! You’re another one who’s so very high class…I would expect you to eat in style, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL!!!

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