Chasing cars…

I was at the t-junction driving out onto the main road from the residential area where I live and I went into the outer right lane as I would be turning right at the traffic lights some 300-400 km ahead. Suddenly, there was this deafening blaring of car horn from behind me.

Now my question is: is the outer lane the fast lane when the road is only about 1 to 2 km long? I would think that if you’re turning right, you should take the right lane and if you’re going straight or turning left, you should take the left lane…instead of trying to squeeze and weave in between the cars and changing lanes when you’ve already reached the junction.

Anyway, Mr. Smart A**, you were in the right lane and I had cut in front of you – I did signal to indicate my attention…which was more than what I could say for you when you changed lanes (I’m sure your car is equipped with indicators, am I not right?) and overtook me…and lo and behold! I had expected somebody with an over-inflated ego driving a Ferrari or something but no, it was just some pea-brain in a miserable Proton Saga. Blerk! Tsk! Tsk!!!

Another thing was from where we were at that point in time, we could clearly see the traffic lights ahead and they were RED! And true enough, when our road bully reached the junction, he also had to stop and wait till the lights turned green like everybody else. So what was the hurry? For one thing, I just can’t understand why people simply have to speed in this small town where even before one song finishes on the radio, you would have reached your destination…and for another, what is wrong with a little courtesy on the road? A simple “toot” would suffice to show your displeasure – no need to blast your horn to kingdom come like that at all! @#$%&*!!!

Coincidentally, that morning, I was heading to this so-called Fast Cafe in the vicinity of Sungai Antu here and I decided to try the Foochow fried noodles there…

FastCafe Foochow fried noodles 1

With a fried egg like this, the bill came up to RM3.50. I think normally, it would cost RM2.80 and they charged 70 sen extra for the egg.

I don’t think it was because my appetite was spoilt by the display of such outrageous conduct on the road earlier but I did not think it was very nice…

FastCafe Foochow fried noodles 2

I did not think the kampua noodles there were really that good either, so it certainly looks like the best choice to have at that coffee shop would be the fried noodles special or nasi lemak from the Malay lady at the stall at the back if you should happen to drop by at any point in time.

Going back to the question of driving, is it just me or have you noticed as well how, when you’re trying to come out of a lane, the on-coming car would go faster…and when the driver can see that you have decided not to make a dash for it, he or she would just slow down? And have you noticed also how if they are going to turn into the lane you are coming out from, they would not signal to tell you their intention so that you could just go ahead and drive out of the lane? Some will signal, of course, in the few seconds right before they turn…which really makes me wonder at the kind of perverted mentality these people seem to have.

I am a slow driver, that I would admit…but if anybody wants to cut into my lane and signals to let me know, I would slow down and let them go in front of me. I do not have a problem with that. Likewise, if somebody wants to overtake me, I would move further in, if possible, and slow down, to let them overtake more easily (and not go faster, like how some people seem to). After all, I am in no hurry…and if anybody is in a rush to join the heavenly choir, I certainly have no intention of joining them. After you, ladies and gentlemen…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Chasing cars…”

  1. wow you’re really an early riser Arthur… Me, a vampire… sleeping at day, awake at night muwahaha

    I go to sleep early…around 9 or 10…and get up at around 5 plus. As they say, early to bed, early to rise…makes a man healthy and wise. LOL!!!

    1. I wish i could practice that sleeping habit too… mine is totally ruined hahaha

      Need to adjust your body clock…but sometimes, it’s better to be irregular – can sleep anywhere, anytime.

    2. ..healthy, wealthy & vice hehe..(only for you)…

      Unfortunately, I don’t have that wealthy bit…and if like Bananaz, always engaging in vice instead of going straight to sleep, you can understand why he gets up late and is sleepy all day. LOL!! 😀

      1. Bananaz used to sleep at 9pm wakes up at 4am hit the highway at 6am from Subang Jaya to KLCC within half an hour. If after 6.30am would take about one and hour to reach office. Those days no email, no internet, no drink, no clubbing so sleep early. Now can only blame it on the internet and blog muahahaha. Blame game is a dumb game hehe.

        Good boy. Like me, last time…school started at 7. By 6, the latest I would have left the house. Many left at 6.30 and then got caught in massive jam when approaching the school. Worse still, those with children and they had to send them to their schools first – imagine the rush. I guess that’s why people have to speed – they start off late…and yet want to be on time.

  2. oh, the gravy looks very good, i think it’s good with beehoon also right?? and i love that egg, really adds a kick (and lick, haha) to the noodles~~ 🙂

    Not at this particular place. There are some very nice ones around, just that this is not one of them. 😦

  3. Yes, what you stated above are Malaysian’s drivers.. most of them have this kind of “kiasu-ness”.. I agree fully with the one esp when coming out of the junction… the car driver normally will accelerate more to prevent me from coming out, “make a scare” and then slow down when they think I am not going to… this is called “tai sai” …
    But for the above case, no point horning when the traffic light is just a short distance away… i will normally slow down, don’t want to waste petrol ma.. but of course, if the light is green, then will press more petrol to shoot! hahaha…
    Anyway, driving in Malaysia needs lots of patience… sabar menanti! 🙂

    I guess they’re the same everywhere. 😦

  4. I cannot stand people who do not use the signal lights and who tailgate me behind. Sometimes even on the highway when I’m overtaking a car on the right lane, some A-hole would come speeding close to you and keep shining his light at you – can’t you see I’m trying to overtake while keeping to the speed limit?!! All kinds of people on the road who need to get themselves tested again!

    Test also no use… They will toe the line until after the test and then all hell breaks loose!!! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  5. Oh!…that plate of fried noodles looks great x”pecially with the sauce and the egg. Hmmmm….sure it taste great and now my stomach is growling while writing this comment….and sumore Kuching is having heavy downpour this morning.

    Well, if it’s any consolation…it’s not that great. When the lady was cooking, I knew it already – could not smell anything – no wok hei smell…and she added black fungus which affected the taste – not so compatible with Foochow fried noodles.

  6. Today’s noodles look a bit bland though… but RM3.50 with egg, good ideal!
    Aiyar, you should see the drivers in K.L, can really scare your pants off… my husband also complain nowadays idiots driver everywhere, some of thm really didn’t care to give signal and turn as they wanted to, some suddenly brake right in front of us without gvg notice… damn scary pal!

    I’ve seen the cars in KL….and I would not want to drive there…no, thank you! The jams may not be so bad if people had a little bit of courtesy. The kiasu-ism seems to make it even worse – everyone thinking he’s a better driver than the other and can “skilfully” wriggle his way out of the mess…causing an even greater mess.

  7. Actually I think you made more sense. If you want to turn right, you should take the right lane. It’s safer than weaving in and out of traffic to make a turn.

    The worse is when the lights turn green and they’re in the wrong lane…and they try to squeeze into other people’s lane….and the other people would not give way – leading to a whole lot of confusion and this slows everybody down.

  8. You very good lah, talk talk about chasing cars, then you started talk talk about food, pandai betul? just like it that way……..

    by the way, Malaysian drivers are smart in their own understanding of laws lol, coincidentally my upcoming post is about cars and traffic too

    I’ve sat in your car while you were driving and I MUST say that you’re NOT the typical Malaysian driver. In my opinion, I find that you’re the most courteous driver I’ve ever seen – I don’t think I am as courteous myself…but then again, if it’s only because an old man’s in the car and at other times, you drive like an F1 hellraiser, I wouldn’t know. Muahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  9. Some drivers lack courtesy on the road. They drive as if the road belongs to them. Hate those drivers who don’t use the signal lights to indicate where they are going. At least show some respect for others driving on the road. Some drivers once the traffice turn green, we must zoooooommm……. fast or else they will start blaring the car horn.

    I don’t horn but I also get impatient with drivers who dilly-dally when the lights turn green…taking their sweet time before they start moving and if they take too long, I would be cursing and swearing @#$%&* in the car. I know some are busy on the handphones…but has it got anything to do with auto-gear as well? I use manual…so always standing by to move the very instant the light turns green.

    The worst thing is when the lights are badly timed – only three or four cars can go…and if the cars in front crawl off at a snail’s pace, by the time it is your turn – just the 3rd or 4th car, the light would have turned red already…and you would have to wait till the next round. This can be so frustrating – must always consider others behind as well – not only concerned as to whether we ourselves can make it or not before the light changes.

  10. Yes, Sibu is the wild west of driving. It’s the only place I know where a red light means, if you don’t see a car coming, you can go.

    LOL!!! Must be scary for you…driving in the US and having to drive here. I know many do that when going to make a right or left turn at the traffic lights and the green arrow hasn’t appeared. I do that sometimes…in the not-so-busy areas when I would be the only one on the road, nobody else in sight. Blush! Blush! LOL!!! 😀 Otherwise, I would not rush for it like that – never wise to gamble with one’s life like that… 😉

  11. Amidst your ranting, sempat lagi you selitkan some food porn. A truly dedicated food blogger you are…lol.

    Now, let me assure you a**h***s are everywhere but one thing I noticed though that a majority of these a**h***s are our kakinang(orang sendiri=Chinese ler). Generally, the mat sallehs are alright except a few morons of course but Chinese from China, Malaysia, Singapore, HK,Taiwan and mana-mana la yang the paling teruk. I wonder why they must be like that. How fast can they go…the most pun kat depan kita saja kan?…maybe like you say, they can’t wait to have their grand funeral!

    My brother’s son and daughter were here last year and they were stunned by the way people here drive…especially the weaving in and out of lanes and turning without signalling. My nephew even asked whether people here have to go for lessons and tests to get a license…as to him, people here drive like it’s no man’s land. Dunno lah…why there are so many with this kind of mentality around here. Maybe the education, the upbringing…or just follow the parents’ examples…

  12. is that how foochow noodles be? 70cents for an egg! expensive sia! usually people charge 50 cents nia mar =3.

    50 where? Singapore 50 cents…here 70 sen, which is cheaper? LOL!!! Some places…RM1.00. Yup…this is Foochow fried noodles (wet…i.e. with sauce).

  13. I agree with you and there is one more thing you must beware of the drivers in Sibu. DO SLOW DOWN if you are approaching a traffic light signalling green. There are drivers who like to take chances and beat the traffic lights on the other side of the road. We do have reckless drivers in Sibu that make you feel you are driving in KL…

    I know. They not only gamble on the amber but gamble on the red too. That will slow things down for others as even though the light has turned green, it is best to wait a bit to look out for these mad people…just in case, they come barging through. KL…roads are long, places are far…and jams are terrible…so people may be rushing for time but Sibu is so very small – one side farts, the other side can hear and smell. – no reason for going so fast…unless there’s an emergency – somebody giving birth, somebody very sick, dying…

  14. Yeah, sometimes I also don’t understand these people, do they really need to be so impatient? Pose a danger on the roads!

    Don’t ask me, ask them… I’m the slow and steady one. Should have more drivers like my cousin’s hubby who drives a Mercedes Benz – a policeman stopped him on the road one day and said, “Tuan, boleh tolong jalan cepat sikit?” Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. I hope the last time you sat in our car, my hub “F1” driving didn’t scare you off. Lucky that time is chinese new year, not so much cars. 😀

    Foochow fried noodles, let’s see is my boys enjoy this time or not, the last round when we are back, they love that noodles.

    Ya, Chinese New Year…no cars on the road so it was smooth sailing all the way – no problem. So far the best I have had – Sweet Family. We must go there for this…

  16. 300-400 KM?? LOL 😛 Anyway, I do understand your frustration.. it’s the same or even worse here in KL. No courtesy on the road at all. It’s the case of you can’t beat them, join them! Otherwise you’ll end up being bullied on the road 😦 Of course, I still do practice putting on the indicator whenever I turn, I think that’s the least one could do.

    That is the problem. All the road courtesy campaigns also useless. And then when there are those fatal accidents in the balik kampung rush, they blame the government. As they say, there is none so blind as they who will not see…

  17. ohh, there are bound to be those mindless kiasu drivers on the road.. relax bro 🙂 no biggie.

    So after that episode, got go for good food to calm that stomach?

    Sad to say, the majority’s like that… 😦 Ya…I was on my way to breakfast.

  18. Must be that feller playing pretend la… jadi Shuey or Mika Hakkinen kot? Must be that is the case la.

    Inferiority complex… Angry that people do not give way to his Proton Saga… Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  19. ya one of the thing i noticed about drivers in sarawak, is that they don’t signal! they cut into our lane just like that without giving any sign as if they own the road =.=

    and ya, i can certify that stp is a careful driver 😉 hehe

    Ya…ya…so careful that you can fall asleep in the car – so boring. Muahahahaha!!! Hah!!! From the comments, it is obvious that there’s this same problem in the peninsula – drivers not signalling when they want to change lane. Here, maybe one grade higher – not even when they want to turn into a road where you are waiting to get out. Tsk! Tsk!

  20. Many don’t like to use signal. Geram/ It’s like signal is there for decoration only

    Same problem over there too eh? Like so difficult to flick the signal… 😦

  21. It is true most Malaysian turns into “EVIL” spirit behind the wheels. Sometimes you are forced to be an A-hole from D-heads on the road and I really hate that!! When someone gives a signal to turn in front of me, I always give way but I give a signal to want to change lane not to jump Q but truly need to go that direction, the car will speed up not to let me in. There is no fair game driving on the road in Malaysia lah.

    All sick in the head… I guess that’s why I prefer to stay in the comfort of my own home – far from the madding crowd and not go out unless I have to. The idea of having to meet this kind of people and putting up with their insanity puts me off.

  22. there is something with this monday…me i was a little impatient all throughout the day…or maybe because it’s monday and everyone is in a hurry 🙂

    the noodle would be nice with the egg if the egg is scrambled 🙂

    In the sauce, you mean? That’s Cantonese style. We (Foochows) do not cook it like that. 😦
    In English we say, “Better late than never” and the road safety campaigns teach us, “Better be late than sorry” and yet people do not bother to get up early, they do not bother to leave the house and go to work early and that’s why the last-minute insane rush during the so-called “peak hours”.

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