Picture of you…

Well, it isn’t a picture of you actually but a picture of me…

Picture of me 1

I’ve mentioned here, there and everywhere that I am retiring from teaching for good so I was starting to clear some  of the stuff that I have accumulated over the years – I don’t think I would be needing them anymore…and I came across this sketch that my student did of me a long long time ago and the memories came flooding back…

I  had given them work to do to be handed in at the end of the lesson and I was doing something at the teacher’s table in front. When the bell rang, everybody submitted their work promptly including this boy who, at the same time, handed me a sketch that he had done on a piece of exercise book paper. (I had to get the lines removed so that I could publish it in the school magazine that year.)

Gosh! I was stunned by the likeness to yours truly (though I think the chin could have been toned down a bit! LOL!!!)…and the amazing thing was that he could do it in just a few minutes. His classmates asked him to draw a few more as they also wanted one and he did – I wonder how many of them still have them now.

I could remember what he looked like – quite big, pleasant and cheerful and a bit quiet or shy…and I could remember his surname was Wong and he was in Form 5S2 but I could not recall exactly which year that was. Eventually, I flipped through some old school magazines and found his full name and thus, I was able to reconnect with him via Facebook – he’s in Kuching right now, married already and blessed with a pretty little girl.

Well, TK Wong, that was way back in 1998 and I still have your picture of me…

Picture of me 2

To some, it may seem like something so insignificant – a hastily-sketched drawing on a scrap of paper but to me, it is something done in all sincerity and given from the bottom of the heart, something that shines like a little beacon that lights up the darkness along life’s long and dreary road.

The little things that we do may mean a great deal more than we think to others as they plod through all the twists and turns in their lives and believe me, these little wonders are few and far between…

So, go on – reach out and touch someone today…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Picture of you…”

  1. This is something that should be treasured, framed and put in a special place. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much more.

    …and the little things that make life so much more wonderful.

  2. That’s a great sketch. He’s very talented! You should have him sign it (if you ever have a chance to meet him again) and frame it up.

    It certainly is. Well, hopefully he will drop by someday when he’s back in town. Some of them do that especially around Chinese New Year.

  3. That sketch is awfully good!..he managed to capture every essence of you. Somehow when one’s looking at that sketch, one would be immediately drawn to the kind hearted and warm person you are.
    Love the song by the way. Have a great day,Arthur.

    Ya, so fatherly/grandfatherly looking hor? LOL!!! Love this song…very meaningful lyrics too.

  4. And that is a masterpiece i am sure, get it framed up and hang in on your bedromm wall,every night before you retire from the evening, savour those memories and i am sure it is going to give you a goodnight sleep

    Hah!!! Wake up and see my face…sure like nightmare. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  5. how i wish i had that kind of picture of me too..too bad my students were no artist.

    I’m so lucky to have such a talented one… I wonder if he drew sketches of any of the other teachers. 😉

  6. wow.. he’s very talented in sketching portraits… it’s nice to keep some of the old stuff which will draw us to recall some fond memories of the past 🙂 have a good day, STP

    Sigh…I guess that’s all that’s left for old retirees like me – sweet memories to cherish. 😦

  7. OMG! The sketch is really like YOU!! Brilliant job of your student! Really talented.. wonder if he’s in art business now.. 😛

    Doesn’t look like it. But he’s still at it- has an album of his works on Facebook…and into photography too.

  8. Not everyone can draw! I am the first one to admit that.. he is gifted, I can say… this is called caricature?

    Yup…but not one of those cartoon-like funny ones.

  9. Wa you look so handsome here :)) your student clever to take a side profile of you LOL! Hey , you should frame that up. It is priceless leh 🙂 So you are not going to teach anymore…so what do you plan to do after retirement ???

    Huh? Here, handsome…but actually not handsome lah? Tsk! Tsk! Muahahahahaha!!!! No plans at the moment – just rest and relax…take life easy and and shake legs.

  10. Cute picture! Ok, now i know, that time you got more hair than now. LOL!

    Not really. My hair has always been quite sparse…but maybe at the time, I had a different style – didn’t have the hair stylist run the clippers through the sides like now.

  11. Cool so nice of TK Wong looks like you perfectly. What is he currently doing and his career gotta do with art?

    I don’t think so. His ambition then was to become a comic artist. If I’m not mistaken, he has some photography business now, didn’t ask.

  12. It is indeed a wonderful sketch, almost as if there’s life in the stillness. I wonder whether he follows your blog?

    Dunno. But we’re friends on Facebook…

  13. That’s an awesome looking portrait!
    I think I should take up sketching and ditch cooking so I can get married to pretty little girl huh? Hahaha.
    I always wonder what do I look like in a sketch…

    I wouldn’t know. Hopefully, not something like this fella: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Master_Q
    Muahahahahahaha!!!! No worries, you already have 1,001 proposals from eager mums for their daughters- just pick and choose one, Doc!

  14. i think the sketch looks pretty cool.. and it’s all about the thoughts right?? i think most probably Wong used this skill to court his wife back then, hahahaha!! 😀

    Dunno, but one thing I know, he’s got a pretty wife and a sweet daughter too. Ya, it’s the thought that counts the most.

  15. Gosh… he is so good at art and one thing for sure, you meant a lot to him! You must hv missed him too!

    I guess, not just to him but many of the rest… I certainly miss those good ol’ days.

  16. When I first read your blog, I was guessing who suituapui is and one familiar face pop up in my mind. This sketch prove me right.

    And now you’ve got me guessing you your are. Born in 1969… Hmmmmm…. 😦

  17. He is so sweet. This is one of the perks of being a teacher. 😀 It is good that you saved this drawing. It is a sort of souvenir for you to serve as a remembrance of the many years of being a teacher.

    Yes, among my souvenirs… 😉

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