Our house…

I do not know exactly when this old house was built but the date carved on the cement by the car porch reads 1980…and in 1988, I bought this house from its previous owner and moved in.

We had to do a whole lot of things before we could do that and that included repainting the whole house and believe it or not, I had not repainted it since! It still looked ok…not faded, black  and moldy like some houses that I see – even after a couple of years. Well, finally, at long last, I got it done and my old house now has a new coat of paint…

Our house 1

The people were here for a week and I ended up almost hairless from pulling my hair out. I would have got people to come around and do some renovation to my house if I do not have this phobia of the mess those people would make and this repainting job only serves to reinforce my fear! It will take a while before I would be able to get my garden spick and span again, I’m sure…and in the meantime, all I can do would be to grit my teeth and bear with it.

I specifically left instructions to follow the original colours that I had before but I had chocolate before for the wall of the fence around the house – not this temple kind of red. O.k…at least they got the black for the metal part of the fence right. I asked them to paint it black following the colour that my neighbour has used but I did not ask them to colour anything grey…

Our house 2

And the frame around the doors and windows and the metal rods were all the same colour as the walls but just look at them now…

Our house 3

Sigh! I guess I will just have to get some paint myself and do my own touch-ups here and there…or if I’m lucky enough to strike it rich, I would buy a new house with one of those stunningly impressive modern designs. In the meantime, this is…our house.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Our house…”

  1. Waaaa… house got garden. Very nice to plant flowers. *sigh* I wan a house that have a gardennnnn~

    Sigh! Exactly what my missus said when we bought the house – look at it now! No green fingers… Headache. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Tsk… I’m not the same ma… i got green fingers… plant apa pun will jadi. My mum used to try to plant cili padi and it never worked. I tried one time aje it sprouted into beautiful plant and grows cili padi soon after. When I move out from my parents house… so many plants mati. >.< either my mum tak jaga and talk to them (I talk to my plants), or they all miss me til die. SOBS!

      Love gardening so much, but not living in landed property. 😦 Haizz.. too bad my green fingers it duzzin work the same way with my cooking. *SIGH* God is really fair, hor? LOL!

      My mum had green fingers – her garden was her pride and joy…but too bad, that was where it ended. My missus would want to plant everything…but the interest would wane as soon as she had planted something. Then I would have to clear the mess…or just close one eye and leave it as it is. Sigh!!!

      1. Cleffairy,
        Yes…God is very fair. Tak apa lar…mana tau rezeki datang bergolek…not only you’ll get a landed property, entah-entah one that comes with 100 acres of garden for you to play around.Tergolek you nanti…hahaha

        Too bad she’s not in Sibu… Otherwise, I can let her make use of my garden to do what she likes… LOL!!! 😀

  2. wah…like brand new leh. LOL. what pait u used? can tahan so long one. more than 20 years!

    Last time, I used ICI Weatherbond…undiluted. Really good… This time, I left everything to the painters – they used Jotun so just wait and see how long it will remain looking nice and new.

    1. wa mahal punya paint leh

      Which one? Jotun? Use cheap one, every year have to paint…expensive one like the ICI I used, over 20 years – no need to paint. LOL!!!

  3. I don’t like the door and window frame to be brown and yet for some strange reasons these people seem to like to paint them brown. But nowadays people paint their house with a mixture of daring colours – eg. grey, purple, maroon and blue, pink, violet, etc

    Yes, two houses round the corner…one a horrible blue and another purple…and I’ve seen a green one somewhere – like Kermit the frog. I really wonder what on earth drove them to choose those horrendous colours – maybe the paint in clearance sale…really really cheap. Imagine if they’re like that inside as well…and they would have to look at it day in, day out every day. Eyewwwww!!!! Ya…my door solid wood, so no choice, have to be brown colour…but everything else was the same colour as the walls. Ah well…I guess I will soon get used to it.

  4. Nice, I would love a house with a garden too.

    You live in a luxurious condominium too? I guess there is a common garden…and even a nice swimming pool? I would love that… The other man’s grass is always greener. LOL!!! 😀

  5. Wow…nice! nice! i wish my house has a little garden too….but that was when i was still staying at dad’s house. Now dad n mom also have moved out, no more lil garden…sobs**

    A little garden would be fine, I guess. Ours is big and taking care of it can be such a pain especially now that I’m old. Sometimes I would think of cementing up the whole place…and be free of all the trouble and the chores.

  6. So big garden, plant-lah some vegetables or fruit trees. House looks new again after the new coat of paint. But I understand how irritating it is when some of the finer details weren’t done as instructed. If it is any consolation, your wall now matches the red stripe of your house, and also the roof 🙂

    There’s a big rambutan tree at the back – see tomorrow’s post. Last time, we had two big quinee trees by the side…which gave us shade and also lots of fruits but I got rid of them as they were infested by millions of bees…leaving behind one plant with little white flowers that smell wonderful – getting very big and nice now. I guess at the end of it all, it looks fine…and is at least more presentable than the state it was in before this. 😉

  7. Arthur,
    9 months before we migrated to NZ, we did a major renovation that cost us slightly more than 100k with 6 months misery and inconvenience…siap nangis-nangis lagi. Took us about 2 months to put everything back in order and less than a month after that, we migrated to NZ ( or rather I migrated and hubby just balik kampung only…lol ). So not worth the trouble and money and now that house is left empty with more than half of our brand new furniture given away to family and friends. Come to think of it, we shouldn’t even spend that money on renovation as we lived in that house for less than 8 years and when we shifted in, we already spent quite a bit of money to do some stuff. To top it off, we were travelling so much and we were hardly in Malaysia to live in that house anyway. Bodoh kan? But 1 thing I never regretted was spending money on the garden..love my garden very much…and love my gardener too…hehehe. I wish I can still afford to have a gardener here in NZ as hubby is too busy to fool around in the garden. Anyway, from the look of your pictures, your painter did quite a senonoh job. The painting look neat and tidy and colour pun okay jugak lah..how come you let the painter get away with colours yang you tak suka? Get them to repaint balik lah. Sometimes you cannot be too nice and cincai with these guys…I know as I was in the construction industry before.

    Haiz!!! Old already, malas want to argue with people…later angry, get heart attack and die – lagi susah! So just let it be lah…

    Wah! You’ve a house in Malaysia too? Bungalow? In KL kah? Ooooo….that would be worth billions. You kaya raya lah… *green with envy.

    Ya…rich people do that all the time- renovate their houses…like my neighbours. Hammering year in, year out. I don’t know how they can tahan the noise…and the horrible mess when the work is going on…and all the strange people walking in and out. I want my privacy…just relax, do nothing…and enjoy my old age amidst the peace and quiet.

    1. No lar…where got bungalow in KL…where got until so rich like that one…my house only kecik-kecik but quite quirky. The developer only build 6 houses but the insides of those 6 houses are all different…layout and features….and it’s in Melaka but in a nice secluded area….so no need to be Kermit the frog…green with envy…hehehe.

      Ah! In Melaka. See lah…if Melissa gets posted to Melaka, then got house to stay liao. Sure good friends like us, wouldn’t want to charge rent, right? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  8. your house is big and neat. it’s nice to have a garden especially if you plant flowers of diferent color–it is such a treat for the eyes 🙂

    I’m not into gardening…and my missus will plant some when inspired…and pretty soon, the weeds would be taller than the flowering plants. 😦

  9. Wah, you live in a mansion!! That’s a big house that will cost over 1.5 million in KL. I’m sure you can sell it for a good sum and buy a brand new one that’s smaller but big enough for your family?

    Too bad not in KL…and it’s not a mansion, just a semi-d. New ones here these days may be smaller and very little land around it – going for around 400,000, I think…more or less depending on the area. I wanted to move to an apartment – not much housework, no climbing up and down, no gardening to worry about…but my missus was not keen on the idea. Sigh! 😦

  10. Arthur, lovely house….old but grand, the kind I drool at when i was a kid…just like the person living in it. That’s precisely what makes it a home, right? Otherwise, it’ll just be another house. Cheers buddy.


    Yes, as the song in the post goes, a house is not a home… Old but grand eh? LOL!!! Hope you’re not drooling over the person, just the house! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  11. nice.. nice.. now i know where to go if i come to sibu next time.. huhu.. :p

    Of course, anytime…most welcome! Free lodging, free food, free airport transfers, fee tours, free everything. So when are you coming? 😉

  12. wowowoo… now i know you are a millionaire!! owning such a big bungalow… in that case, no need to stay in hotels liow! hahahaa…. mine is like a parrot cage compared to yours!

    Humph!!! No need to ask anymore lah! I know you will not be coming… Tsk! Tsk! 😦 Semi-D lah, where got bungalow…but old one, the land is very big (new ones – hardly enough room to swing a cat) but the prices here not that good – not come to half a million… 😦

  13. Semi D, but looks like a bungalow, coz it’s a corner lot. Wow, I’m impressed with the photos. Such a nice house, my dream house. 🙂

    lol!, swing a cat.. i like the way you described it to claire

    LOL!!! That’s an English expression – so small, hardly enough room to swing a cat. Aiyor…I’m sure you would not want an old-fashioned house like this…you come to Sibu and see the houses here – all nice ones. Houses like mine, throw by roadside also nobody wants…but they’ll want the land though – very valuable…prime land, non-sinking…and near town.

  14. Wa Wa Wa.. finally Mr STP has come out from the closet already, dulu gambar pun tak tayang, sikit sikit tunjuk, now, paparkan lagi rumah yang begitu besar lah, i said big because kalau that house in Penang, nice location could easily go up to 900,000 or so lol, so ahem, millionaire indeed, now to think about it, that’s why you can afford to terband here and terband there lah.

    I like that color too, gaya people like you and me, can go for that color one, you know?

    Aiyor…Sibu, where got like Penang? Here, can get around 300K…can laugh already lor… Not even half-a-millionaire, so kesian. Last time, never show…as so terrible the condition. Now, paint nice nice…baru got face to let people see lor.

    What terband here, terband there…work so hard, give tuition…save half dead…just can afford to go Penang, the furthest – not like other people can go Thailand – see sexy bitches…ooops I mean, sexy girls on the beaches, and others even went around the world. Poor me…cannot even dream of anything like that. Sobssss!!!!

  15. Wow !!! Big house !!!!

    Oh , I love the red wall , nice , something different .

    When I am back should ask my mum to give ur missus some herbs to plant at your garden .

    Oh no! Guess who will be doing the watering, the weeding… 😦

  16. Wow! You have a BIG house. It also looks good. I want a house like yours that has a big yard in front and at the back.

    Gosh! By Sibu standard, this is a simple ordinary house. Visitors are dumbstruck by the houses here – all so biog and so nice…and they will always ask, “Sibu people very rich?” Perhaps…I wouldn’t know. I only know that I’m not… 😦

    1. Ha ha. Maybe people in Sibu is richer as compared to people in other places. 😀

      No, I don’t think so…but the majority are Foochows – very industrious and very stingy. They can really scrimp and save, buy lots of property…nice houses and send their children overseas to study. I’m Foochow too but too bad I’m not like the rest of them – so poor. Sobs! 😦

  17. Oh cool..Madness sings

    ♫Our house, in the middle of our street
    Our house, in the middle of Sibu..

    There’s also the one with the same title by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young… 😉

  18. Wow big house..big enough for at least a dirty dozen of bloggers

    No problem at all. The only problem is getting them to come – can’t even get ONE, what more to say a dozen! Chesh!!!

  19. Whatever color you paint is nice they are great and lovely Bananaz trusts you hahaha..

    No lah. I left everything to the painters – I only told them to follow the original colours…but they did bend a little bit here and there… On the whole, quite happy with the work, so ok lah. 🙂

  20. Wow! Big garden! I want a pair of Golden Retrievers!

    My daughter would agree with you on that…but the mum never allowed her to keep any pets. 😦

  21. Hehe… I know u are staying in a bungalow whn I 1st following your blog…!! Your house is so huge and spacious too, whn are u gonna show us the interior, lol!

    Not bungalow lah…semi-d…or what some people call a link house. You would have a glimpse at the inside in the photos of my buffet spread at my Christmas parties… 😉

  22. Wow! Your house is huge! Do you have 11 Children?! Hahaha.
    I would have buy a few golden retriever if I have a house like yours.

    LOL!!! I wish I had. Now, the empty nest syndrome…nobody’s home and hence the song, “A house is not a home…when there’s no one’s there…” Sobssss!!! Ya…Melissa would love that too – been wanting to keep pets since small but the mum would not hear of it. So deprived that she would enjoy going to browse in pet shops for a bit of consolation… 😦

    1. Kesian kan saya? LOL! Browsing in pet stores and watching episode after episode of anything that concerns domestic animals and other wildlife on Animal Planet and Discovery. I was so convinced that I will be a vet one day. Ah, childhood!

      Sobs…sobs!!! Ya, I feel for you… Well, once you’ve graduated and you’ve settled down at one place, you can get some pets of your own. I’ve retired so I can also help you to jaga… Not too many though – a house is not a zoo! LOL!!! 😉

  23. Oh gosh it’s hard to find houses with those round arches anymore! It’s very nostalgic… Love the fact that each decade has its own characteristic design for the houses… 🙂

    I think that’s French… Ya, we do not get to see arches like those anymore these days – gone out of style.

  24. your house looks good. and i liked the amount of garden space you have there! jealous…

    Don’t be… Keeping the garden can be real tedious… Sigh! 😦

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