What’s inside…

In the afternoon, there is a solitary stall at the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre) market here selling bread and buns, Chinese kuihs (cakes) zhangs (meat dumplings) soya bean milk and doufuhua (beancurd jelly) and among other things, steamed paos (buns)…

Steamed buns

I seldom stop by  there as after my tuition class in the evening, the roads in the vicinity would be very congested owing to the presence of the schools in the vicinity. But this being the month of Ramadhan, the Muslim puasa (fasting) month, the schools are dismissed earlier so that day, I was able to drop by without being caught in the jam.

The chai pao (vegetable bun) is 50 sen each…

Steamed vegetable bun

…but though they are nice enough, I think I prefer the ones sold by the old lady at the Sibu Central Market.

The bak pao (meat bun) is RM1.70 each…

Steamed meat bun

…and I would give this the thumbs up! Inside, there is real minced meat unlike some buns that I have had where they mix the meat with sengkuang (Chinese/sweet turnip) or whatever and I simply love meat buns with hardboiled egg inside.

They also have char siew pao (barbecue meat buns) – I may drop by again to buy this to try…but I don’t think I would bother about the rest – coconut and tau sar (bean paste) as I’m not a fan of those…

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32 thoughts on “What’s inside…”

  1. Good morning Arthur……. so you like Pao, I am not sure if you’d noticed that there was this shop selling pao with all shapes and sizes, just like those franchise kind of stores in KL, it was reported in the paper, so much ado about it and the name is or was kind of cute to Baoz, I am not if it is still around or not……….

    Personally i don’t like pao, i think it is because too meaty, if vegi pao then not authentic anymore, somemore sometimes the fillings are not so pure, so to speak,,,,,,, the big pao here is selling at RM2.80 now lol, and it is not big after all , how about in Sibu?

    have a great weekend ya

    This one’s big…and there are smaller ones – RM1.50, I think…but there’s another place – even bigger – RM2.80 the last time I bought, dunno how much now. I love these authentic homemade paos – I bought Baoz before…also good but different, more like dim sum paos…AND halal.

  2. Yeh, so happy, Friday now and I am the first commentor second time this week, got prize or not, maybe mmmmmm, you know what lah? hahahahaha

    Maybe what? LOL!!! 😀 Try other blogs – they may give you prizes, not me…

  3. By the way again, if i am not wrong, Melissa is finishing her studies in NZ next month kan? just to know if it is true, cos i remember you telling me that. if it is so, then time really really flies, still remember the first time i met her, hahahahaha,

    Nope. She’s possibly flying back end of November – yet to confirm so I’m not sure whether I will go to KL to wait for her or not. Will see when the time comes.

  4. Gosh Arthur…you’ve lifted up my spirits on this cold wet winter day….so happy to see the paos and not because I love them but I think my pleatings of my homemade paos suck big time but now that I’ve seen the ones you tayang here, my paos ada harapan lar…hahaha. All these while, I so shy and segan to tayang kat orang my paos ( that’s why my recipe blog has never gone public ) but today I feel so much better…kihkihkih.You can check out my paos in my blog..sorry malas to cari the link…don’t you think mine looks better…even if slightly?…lol.

    Looks not important as long as they taste nice. Like friends too – big, fat and ugly…and old…and poor…like me but hati bagus, kan lebih penting? Hehehehehehe!!!!! Wink! Wink! 😉

    P.S. You’re like a pro – everything you cook looks so nice – restaurant pun kalah. Too bad your blog restricted to some people only – I’m sure everyone would love to drop by and see…and use your recipes. Semua best one!!! (Ok…now you owe me a treat for singing your praises! LOL!!! 😀 )

    1. Okay..nanti I belanja you…cepat tulis list…hahahaha

      Ok…where do I begin? Ummmmm….. LOL!!! 😀

  5. Hey Cikgu, the standard of living in Sibu is not so high… 50cents for a pau still existing? Very cheap! Over here, at least a ringgit for a meat pau… if sold in coffeeshops or restaurants, will definitely cost more than 1 ringgit too! cheap cheap.. can frequent the stall for these…

    50 sen for vege pao… If meat pao, where got 50 sen anymore? That was during my childhood days…so very long ago. But we have one place here – char siew pao (dimsum ones but bigger)…RM3.33 for 3, so around RM1.10 each. Pretty cheap.

  6. I think the choice of fillings for a pau is just endless – you can practically put anything in a pau. Those look yummy!

    They’re good….unlike many that I have tried around here. I certainly would buy again sometime…

  7. So, is Melissa coming back for good when November comes knocking?

    Yes, and she’ll be in SP for one more year next year…but this time around, no worries at all, knowing that Uncle Eugene is always near… Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  8. Oh my….you can still get RM0.50 pau in Sibu. I love chai pau !

    I’m a meat person…so unless there’s no choice, I would not go for veg. 😉

  9. Wah you’re making me hungry with the meat pao! Got boiled egg inside somemore, love it!

    Ya, I get so disappointed when I eat meat pao and there is no egg inside, feel like being cheated… 😦

  10. wow siopao.. my favorite snack alongside with Balut… I used to buy at least twice or thrice a week hehe from 7 eleven

    Nice ones at 7-11 there? Not here, that’s for sure… Balut? Eyewwwwww…..no, thank you. LOL!!! 😀

  11. the meat bun looks good… do you have sauce for it too??

    Nope, no sauce. Some may have a bit inside and will drip when eating and I’ve seen people eating pao with chili sauce- not me.

  12. wow this is so yummy…thanks for visiting my blog!

    Precisely. Drool! LOL!!! 😀 Welcome, and thanks for dropping by here. Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again… 😉

  13. chai pao, this is the type i like, different from here.

    HEY!! I-AM-GOING-BACK soon!!! Another two weeks!!! Last minute things, unplanned, good also, at least i got an excuse can go back for food. hehehehheheheh

    See you soon, and let me know what you want bring here ok.

    No, no…don’t want anything…just come back and we go to eat…eat…eat…and eat! Slurpsssss!!!!!! Text me the dates and which day/night you’re not free…and then I can arrange for the other times.

    1. Wahhh, chamz… sure a lot of makan trip will be shown here soon. >.<

      Depends on how free Annie is. She always fully booked one…all her family members here, all big shots go expensive restaurants… Hehehehehehehe! 😉

  14. tsk!

    This one’s chai pao not as nice as the Central Market old lady’s… This one salted vege overdose… The bak pao is nicer though, more meaty also.

  15. i always though bak pao is very big and costs like rm3 to 4. Hmm probably its different there? Rm1.70, for that price we can only get a char siew bao here.

    That must be the tua-pao… Used to be RM2.80 here, very big and very nice…but too expensive. Better go and eat Foochow fried noodles RM3.00, more satisfying…but may buy to eat once in a while, buang gian. 😉

  16. Pau… I dun really like pau…I only like those savoury ones, but these days, I dun makan so much, cuz satu bijik, small ones, oso so mahal. Rm2. 😦 Makan oso tak kenyang, and the inti so sikit!

    Sometime I would love to have these steamed paos for a change – I love them all! LOL!!! 😀

  17. I love meat buns with hardboiled egg inside too! It gives extra flavor when u bite on them. yum. Eh, itu pinggan melamine is everywhere these days oo. Exact colour and pattern some more. Lol.

    I don’t know where that came from. Only one… Maybe my in-laws gave us something and my missus never returned the plate. She’s quite capable of doing that. LOL!!! 😀

  18. Again braving being barred from this blog..Sibu got cars one meh? Howcome got jams? Lolz. Wow bak pao RM1.70 only what about Big Pao? You dont have Yip Chi Mui tai pao there hoh?

    Big pao last time RM2.80, now prices of everything gone up. I haven’t bought for a while, so dunno whether it has gone up as well. What’s Yip Chi Mui tai pao? They sell in KL, is it? You eat all the time lah? Big, soft and juicy? Must be very delicious… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. So far only once in Taman Connaught not that special except for the size. Shy to even utter the name could only point and put up 1 index finger asking for one haha. Here the normal big pao is RM3.00

      Why? Why so shy to utter the name? Just big, not nice kah? You prefer smaller ones? Muahahahaha!!! I think our ta-pao should be RM3 as well here now – haven’t bought since it was RM2.80. Too expensive. Anyway, these RM1.70 ones are big enough.

    1. there r few nice pao shops in jalan pandungan (kuching chinatown).. i don’t know d shops name.. :p

      I know Fook Hai…and another Foochow big pao or something – both not my favourite. I like Siao Pao Wang…nearer to the other end of Padungan, last block of shops near the fire station. Nice!

  19. Chai Pao 50sen each?? so cheap? Typo error or what…Reallly cheap. The Bak Pau also dirt cheap at RM1-70 some more with egg. Over here cant get this price

    No typo… Those are the prices here and I thought they’re quite expensive. I remember the time when chai pao were 10 sen each and bak pao were 50 sen. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  20. Wah… you still manage to find chai pao at Rm0.50, here at least RM1… =_=
    p/s: I’m not staying in up town ya!:p

    Gosh!!! We certainly are very lucky here then…

  21. wow it’s still cheap compared to here

    Compared to the ta pao? But the ta paos are a bit bigger and so much nicer…or at least the ones I used to have in KL in the mid-80s.

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