Leaving tomorrow…

Gerard, my ex-student who incidentally is also my godson, was back in Sibu for the mid-year holidays but for some reason, we did not manage to get to meet until last Friday for lunch and he would be leaving the very next day for Melbourne, Australia where he is currently pursuing his tertiary education.

I had difficulty looking for a parking space around town and eventually, we ended up at this place where we went to the last time he was back in Sibu…with Philip‘s son, Michael, from the US.

I ordered their special blended kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) which would be served looking something like this…

Ruby kopi-o-peng 1

Anybody would think that this was iced coffee with milk, don’t you think?

Slowly, the bubbles would rise… and the coffee would get darker…

Ruby kopi-o-peng 2

…and at the end of it all, it would look something like Guiness stout…

Ruby kopi-o-peng 3

I like the coffee here but I do not get to drink it often as normally, I would come here for dinner and I would not want to drink coffee in case I could not get to sleep the whole night through after that.

Now, what did we have for lunch? We had the sweet and sour fish fillet…

Ruby sweet and sour fish fillet

…and the sizzling venison on a hot plate…

Ruby sizzling venison

…and this plate of fried cangkuk manis with egg…

Ruby cangkuk manis with egg

Personally, I feel that nobody does it better than this restaurant. We also had the Foochow-style tofu soup…but I forgot to snap a picture of that. All in all, the bill came up to RM33.00 for the food alone, four dishes altogether.

Well, I certainly hope you had a pleasant flight back to Oz the following day, Gerard…and I guess I’ll be seeing you again at the end of this year when  you come back for the summer holidays. Take care there, God bless.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Leaving tomorrow…”

  1. How come the coffee like that? Did they add beer or something? I loved eating the cangkuk manis with egg and can only remember ever eating it the last time I was in Kuching.

    They use a blender – same effect as the teh tarek, I guess – will give the drink more “body”…

  2. The coffee is really special!! How did they do it?? So you just need to leave it and the bubbles will rise and the coffee will become dark? I want to try!!! 😛

    You’ve a blender at home? Go ahead and try…

  3. give me the sweet and sour fish anytime, and I’ll thank you for it 🙂 one of my favourite dishes.

    The Guinness stout kopi o peng looks interesting. Not good in science so I do not know how it works. Lol.

    Huh? Engineering? Computer Science? No good at science? Hmmmm…interesting! LOL!!! So? Any plans to come to Sibu! You can eat all the sweet and sour fish that you want. 😉

  4. It is not expensive considering the fish fillets… I love the “moneychai” hahaha… my Miri friend ordered this every time we went out for our meals..

    Where? In Miri? You’ve been to Miri…and you’ve never been to Sibu? Ipoh got or not? You go and tell Wenn what it is – she doesn’t seem to have seen it before…

    1. I think Ipoh doesnt have this.. but we have a similiar version.. we call it sabah shu chai choy…

      The sayur manis from Sabah? Tastes the sane…just that they’re very small. If it’s what we call Sabak eyew-chai here, then that one is different.

  5. the coffee looks good…i wonder why it doesnt look like the usual iced coffee from starbucks 🙂

    I guess they do not use a blender to blend it at Starbucks. I wouldn’t know – no Starbucks in Sibu…

  6. oh, what kind of coffee is that!! so amazing, the foam just keep growing, and the coffee just gets darker!! what have you done with that??

    They blend it hard with a blender to get all the bubbles and then serve in a glass…and as the bubbles rise to the top, you will get to see the black colour of the kopi-o.

  7. Sweet & sour fish fillet and cangkuk manis looks great…..both my favourites. Kinda interesting about your kopi-o-peng. First time see it works like that. Have a great weekend.

    I don’t think they do it like this anywhere else…

  8. When saw your title thought you are leaving tomorrow to accompany your daughter back to Sibu which is not this month but Oct..

    November…but I don’t think I will be able to go. 😦 She will have to come back by herself with the rest of the students in her group.

  9. How come kopi -o-peng can change to black color one? Bananaz seldom go for ice drinks for a long time already.

    Kopi-o of course black one lor! You cannot see, is it? LOL!!! 😀

  10. RM33 is cheap. Guiness stout…missing is the glass only. Add with the glass would certainly makes it look like guiness stout.

    Ya…I have a couple at home. Can lend to them… LOL!!! 😀

  11. RM33… Consider quite ok!!! The kopi peng looks nice!!

    Kopi-o… So booked your tickets yet? When are you coming? You can try this yourself first-hand! 😉

    1. check the ticket liao…so expensive lo…

      I thought Firefly has RM29 at the moment…all in, RM100 plus only? Sampai here, all free…no need to bring any money…

  12. whoa! godson summore! 😀 the bubble too much for my liking ler. nice or nt??

    When I was teaching, some of my students asked me to be their godfather when they went for confirmation…so all my godsons lor. The bubbles, if you ask me, are just a gimmick.. It’s the coffee that makes the difference – whether good or not.

  13. Oh, so this kopi o peng is served at Ruby. Next time when i go back i should try that coffee. But, i don’t take kopi O, i wonder can request to add milk into it. 🙂

    Cangguk manis with egg, nice nice, my all time favourite.

    Hehehehehe!!! I was thinking of you when I took the photo – I knew it would make you drool. Hehehehehe!!! Yes, they do that with kopi-peng also i.e. coffee with condensed milk.

  14. Interesting kopi o peng wor… kids would think it’s magical, lol! Coffee has no effect on me… in fact thy make me feel rather sleepy after hvg it… guess it’s sort of withdrawl syndrome…=_=

    The ones with milk will make me sleepy but I prefer my coffee black. Ya…can bluff the kids, ask them to keep an eye and tell when the coffee is completely black. That will keep them quiet and looking at it for a while… LOL!!! 😀

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