I’ve been here before…

I’ve been  here before and so have many people in Sibu, I’m sure, judging from the number of cars parked in the vicinity and spilling onto the main road as well without fail every morning. I’ve  a post on the shop sometime back but I’ve not been there for a while now and the other day, I decided to stop by to have what I used to have – the kampua kosong  or the kampua noodles without meat…

SKF kampua kosong

…and the beef soup…

SKF beef soup

Nothing has changed – the quality is still there and it is as nice as ever…and I particularly love their homemade chili sauce. I wouldn’t mind bringing people there for the noodles and the soup but it would have to be before 10.00 a.m. as everything would be sold out by then but one can still opt to have the fried stuff from the kitchen at the back of the shop – they’re pretty nice as well.

Now, if I may digress a little, I would just like to add that my missus has cooked one of the packets of bak kut teh spices that smallkucing sent me…

Bak kut teh spices
*recycled pic*

…and I must say that it is really very nice! Should I come across this brand being sold anywhere, rest assured that I certainly would stop to buy some and take home. It is really that nice…

Mrs STP's bak kut teh

I do wish my missus would not add those bean curd sticks every time she cooks bak kut teh though. The taste of the bak kut teh would be different because of those. We do cook pork in soy sauce with the bean curd sticks but that’s a different recipe altogether. I wouldn’t mind some yew char koi/yeu tiau to dip in the soup while enjoying it with plain white rice and that’s about it. What about you?

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34 thoughts on “I’ve been here before…”

  1. Wa…you cooked so fast ah. Friend from Kemaman gave me a packet. That was how I got to know about this BKT.

    In KL some BKT shop add something like Bean curd stick…I think in cantonese we call it Foo Pey. I like my BKT with a lot of mushroom

    Dried shitake? Usually my missus would add but not that day – maybe none in the house and she did not want to go out to buy. I prefer the clear herbal taste of the soup. The bean curd sticks would make it taste a bit different – also ok, but I prefer it without.

  2. So fast!! No wonder kathy wont give me..cos I will take a year or more to do it.. or not do it.. hahahaa.. just kidding Kat! I don’t cook bkt bec my kids do not like it… they said herbal smell.. they dont know what they are missing.. lol.. *frankly speaking, I don’t take much too* :p
    But the kampua noodles..that is not to be missed!

    Oh? My daughter’s not a fan of herbal stuff too…but she likes bak kut teh noodles, not with rice. No worries, kampua here anytime…and bak kut teh, we also have a nice place – can go there to try when you’re here. Yum! Yum! 😉

      1. >.< very true… and if only I can be disciplined enuff not to procrastinate. 😦 I'm practically a Procrastination Queen. 😦 Dono how many years i curi liao!

        Bad! Spank! Spank! LOL!!!

  3. Though Bananaz doesn’t take beef, can BKT be cooked with beef since we have chikuteh? Sorry then the name gotta be GBT *gu bak teh*.

    Can! We’ve cooked bkt beef before. VERY nice…but beef is expensive here and not so nice with chicken,so better stick to pork.

    1. Ya… I wonder too, can cook wif beef or not? I dun take pork… I know can cook wif chic, but can cook wif beef or not?

      Can! Can! VERY nice, I tell you… We’ve cooked that before… 😉

    2. So practically can turn it around into dog kut teh, meow kut teh, baa kut teh, duck kut teh and even bananaz gud teh?

      You eat dogs and cats? Eyewwwww….dunno lamb or duck, never tried. You try lah…and then you let me know nice or not? 😉 Bananaz? Which part? Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  4. Kampua kosong but still looks delish( I personally like wanton noodles), your missus bak kut teh even looks more alluring, I’d like to hv with fried dough stick!^^

    She did not say she was going to cook or I would have bought some from town and refry them…would make it crunchy – very much nicer.

  5. Waaaa BKT. Where’s my? 😛

    I love BKT alot, and I love them with a lot of Golden Mushroom and I mean A LOT. haha!

    I haven’t have this kind of BKT since I moved to Singapore T^T. The BKT here are like all pepperish :3. I miss herbal BKT T^T.

    Ya…like one place here – used to be the best and the most popular in town but the old man died…and now it’s just like pork in soy sauce and pepper soup, lots of pepper and not much herbal taste. I would not go there anymore…

  6. *grinz* Today Annie is ur target kah? Chamz… esok lusa, must be my torture day… and Shereen too! LOL!

    Don’t worry… Tomorrow’s quite safe – don’t think the food’s that great… LOL!!! 😀

  7. It is good to see a restaurant that keep the quality of their foods. That is why people keep on coming back for more. 😀

    Yes, quality control is very important so the customers will keep coming back… Very sad that at some places, when the business is good, the quality drops. 😦

    1. Yes, I agree. There are those restaurants that relax their standards once business comes pouring in. Owners of these shops thought that patrons will tolerate the drop in quality of their food.

      Sometimes, they overwork the staff…and they leave and that may also be a reason why the quality drops. Want to make more profit, refuse to pay the staff more… The new chef may not be as good. 😦

  8. I also like my bak kut teh without additional stuff like kidney, liver, intestines, mushrooms and fried bean curd etc. If I like to have those stuff, I would request for those in separate claypot with some soup so that they will not ‘destroy’ the actual taste/ smell of original bak kut teh we are having. That is if I eat outside.
    If my MIL cooks at home and add those stuff, I have no choice and just have to eat them. I am not the cook, so just have to keep my mouth shut. Heh!

    Hehehehehe!!!! Mother-outlaw…oops…I mean mother-in-law problem? 😀 I think kucing will cook her bkt with all those innards. We do not usually eat those at home – high cholesterol…but outside, sometimes we would curi-curi makan. Once in a while, should be all right… 😉

  9. Wah!….so fast already cook. Didn’t wait for everybody go Sibu, hahaha. Another packet bila want to cook.

    So this brand is really good. I love “kaw kaw” herbal taste. Duno here got or not.

    Yes, there’s still the other packet. You’re coming to Sibu soon? I can keep that for when you come… 😉

  10. Bah kut teh with the beancurd sticks do taste slightly different, but most importantly is the taste of the meat right? And the love that was put in to prepare the food for you. XD

    Nah!!! All the love in the world wouldn’t change the taste if it already has the flavour of bean curd sticks. I’ve already told my missus…so hopefully, she wouldn’t throw them in when she cooks it the next time…

  11. hmmmmm..that plate of kampua looks good!! *swallows saliva* + the bowl of beef soup, sounds perfect, good to have it on a rainy day like today.

    Here some shops also put bean curd stick in the BKT, i am ok with it. Normally at home we will add some fried bean curd sheet into the soup or taufu pok, taste very nice too. I have not try tean tean brand, usually we are using A1 brand.

    @ Cleff, *sob sob sob* we must think of something to “torture” him back, like another satay picture? hahahhahahhaha

    Yeah, we usually use A1 too – I think this one is nicer…and yes, they do add tauhu pok – my daughter likes them. I’m not really keen on those. Hmmmm…I must go and eat some good satay tonight so I would not be tortured… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. >.< susah mau torture him… tak makan saman punya!

      Hah!!! Clever you! Well-fed people, makan nice things puas2 all the time…wouldn’t be craving for anything. LOL!! 😀

  12. I didn’t know we could eat Kampua Kosong!! It must be tasteless lah unless you were too hungry and whallop anything. LOL…

    No, no…the taste is in the noodles…not dependent on those few thin slices of boiled meat at all. I would prefer kosong actually…as the meat isn’t really worth the extra charge.

  13. I love Bah Kut Teh so much that I could eat it everyday but too heaty la. I don’t think the bean curd sticks would affect the taste if the Bah Kut Teh soup is thick. It will make the soup a bit sweeter and yum yum!

    No? Maybe you’re not so sensitive…or you do not add so much. I actually like the strong taste of the beancurd sticks when I use them to cook soup…but not in bak kut teh.

  14. anything that are put into BKT i’m ok to sapu. except those fat oily meat with skin >.< i only take lean meat… happy weekend STP 🙂

    Hehehehehe….jaga badan eh? But the meat with fat is nicer…not so “siap”. 😉 Happy weekend to you too.

  15. I like my BKT with tau fu pok and the fried kind of beancurd. Oh yes and mushrooms. That bowl of BKT sure looks good! Tell your missus not to put-la next time.

    Ya, I already told her that day – said not the same as the bkt we eat outside…and I prefer to do without the bean curd sticks. I hope she remembers that the next time she cooks… 😉

  16. is that extra big portion Kampua noodles. Looks quite a lot!

    Nope. That’s the regular…unless the old lady, looking at my body size, decided to give me more. Muahahahaha!!!! That has happened before elsewhere – I got so much…and my skinny friend got so little – same price! He was furious!!! 😀

  17. So happened I cooked Bak Kut Teh yesterday. Was wondering if I should take a picture and post it on my blog. But didn’t and now it is all gone 🙂 Oh, and I had yew char koi too. I usually cook lettuce to go with it. My DH like to add in Tauhu Pok.

    Lettuce? You add into the hot bkt soup? They do that in the shops…but must eat right away or the veg not nice anymore after that. Would add tauhu pok if my daughter’s home – she loves it. The rest of us are not that keen – with or without, both ok. Hahhh!!! So now you will have to cook again and take the photos if you want to post… 😉

  18. Arthur…your missus good cook leh. Wa so nice of Kathy to send it all the way to you :)) And that noodle and beef soup looks good even though the mee is plain. I would prefer it this way too.

    The mee looks plain but it’s very tasty and if you add the old lady’s own-made chili sauce, not those factory ones from the bottles, it will taste extra good! Ya…I’m blessed with such nice and generous friends. Memang hutang budi lah…so susah like that. My missus is a good cook but it may depend on her mood – sometimes she will just keep on cooking the same things. 😦 But now that she has retired, she has more time on her hands, so she may try something different quite often… 🙂

  19. what’s the recipe for your bkt? is it the same as adobo? (soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper)?

    Nope…. That’s probably Cantonese-style black vinegar pork (leg). For this one, we would need to get those sachets of all kinds of Chinese herbs to cook the broth with the pork. Soy sauce, garlic and pepper are added…but no vinegar is used.

  20. Kampua kosong is the BEST! so wonderful when we could just taste the textured quality of the noodle and the subtle hint of sauce that has seeped into the noodles. YUMZ!

    Bakuteh, where else but in my hometown! 😉

    You know? You’ve been in Sibu before? Worked here at one time? Where’s your hometown? Klang?

  21. gosh, all these years of missing her kampua kosong and her beef soup and thinking that the auntie had stop strutting her fare

    only today i found out that she is still in BUSINESS!!

    OMG CHOPSTICKS gu bak theng and kampua I MISS YOU SO MUCH

    trust me, this is the best gu bak soup and chili sauce in the whole world.

    I need to go back, really


    She’s still going strong – looks exactly the same, not a day older despite the fact that she had to go for eye surgery and her business was closed for a month or two, Now, back in full swing as usual… Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  22. I like kampua kosong as I’ll push aside the meat anyway… and for BKT, I like to have it with the beancurd stick. Dunno lah, mebe I’ve been eating it that way from the very beginning 🙂

    You don’t eat meat? Aiyor…no wonder so small – not enough protein. LOL!!! Hmmmm…seems that more women like the beancurd sticks? ^.^

  23. Beef is tasty for noodles, I like beef mostly. I enjoy variations may it be with crunchy noodle and any other noodles.

    Everything’s good for with noodles. 😀

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