Who’s that boy…

Well, the weekend’s here…so let’s have a little bit  of fun.

I came home from my  tuition class on Thursday evening and I saw something that had arrived while I was out. Somebody had sent me some bak kut teh (herbal pork bone soup) spices via poslaju. There was one packet of the CKC (Cheong Kim Chuan) brand which some people claim is the best, the nicest…

CKC bak kut teh spices

My missus bought a box of the same in KL sometime ago and cooked it…

CKC bak kut teh
*recycled pic

…and indeed, it was very good.

The sender also sent me another pouch of a different brand…

Tean Ean bak kut teh spices

I don’t know if this one is any good but even before opening the pouch, I could smell the fragrance, so strong that it could sweep one off one’s feet. Ummmmm….very nice! I must  get down to cooking that soonest.

In the meantime, to get back to the fun that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, can anybody tell me the name of that someone who sent me those bak kut teh spices? To help you out a bit, here are some clues:
1. He is very handsome, really cute!
2. He has just gone to Penang not too long ago.
3. His grandfather just celebrated his birthday.
4. If I’m not mistaken, he has the same surname as mine.

So, who’s that boy? LOL!!! My sincere thanks to him for taking the trouble to share the bak kut teh spices with me and send them all the way here. That’s so very nice and sweet indeed.

In the meantime, have a nice and delightful weekend – keep the peace and spread the love!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Who’s that boy…”

  1. Cheong Kim Chuan? Am I supposed to know this person? I’m going to go with your male readers – Eugene? Peteformation? Bananaz? Bluedreamer? Munkey? Huai Bin? Isaac Tan? Kong Kay? Nicholas? Pierre? Christopher? Kenwooi? Tekkaus? Ryan? You got to help me out here.

    Cheong Kim Chuan or CKC for short is the brand of the bak kut teh spices. No…no…no…no…no! Ummmm…who’s Nicholas? LOL!!!

  2. 1) hmmm…mind telling me whose tat leng cai (:-D
    2) wow…. BKT,my fave! Looking at the pic make me salivating now

    Well, you’ll have to wait. Maybe I’ll post the answer in tomorrow’s post…if nobody gets it right. 😉

    1. Tsk… if I answer here, confirm I get the right answer! LOL! Tak mau tumpang glamour la, kasi chance to other ppl. Hahahahaha…

      Yalor…but if people have been following the blog, they should know…

  3. Orang berbudi, kita merasa…how true is that! The recycled pic of the bak kut teh look so good..yum! We have those packet bakuteh spices sold here but just those normal brand..Seah’s, Thean, A1 and a few others. They are not bad and I don’t know how to tell if one is any better than the other. Anyway, I selalu add extra this and that to kasi lagi syiok. Nice of your blogger friend to send you those spices….male somemore…unheard of…hahaha!!!

    Oh? What’s wrong with males? Discrimination! We’re also very caring and sharing, yunno… 😉 I like A1…will use that most of the time – dunno the other brands. You too? My missus will add this and add that…and in the end, not to say that it is not nice…but it is no longer like bak kut teh in the shops. Bak kut teh sesat! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Shereen… lol… the one who sent BKT herbs to him is just a 3 year old boy. 😀 Kekekekeke… one more clue from me.

      Chesh! Bocor rahsia! Women like that lah…cannot tahan keep secret one. Hehehehehe!!! 😀

  4. Woi! pagi pagi tempting me with BKT ah? …..drooling

    You cooked? How did you do with the cleaning of the pig’s intestines? Mastered the”art” already? Hehehehehe!!! 🙂

    1. Chickie water doggggg chickie water doggggg~ Kempunan liao ah, kakak!

      Adoi!!! Ate so much inPenang. Ate again in Ipoh…come home still want to bodek people for more food.

      1. Tam chiak. Bottomless pit. LOL!

        All gone to waste- so skinny. Old people will scold – lao chai (nasib bocor)… LOL!!! 😀

  5. wahhh… pos laju bah kut teh.. that’s so nice and thoughtful of him to send you two different brands of BKT to try out.

    who is that boy? eugene? Isaac Tan? but u mentioned boy wor, so i guess it’s Isaac Tan?

    remember to share your BKT cooking with us ya.
    happy weekend! 🙂

    Isaac Tan’s a boy kah? Eugene apa leh? Apek kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  6. STP…if guessed correctly, got prize or not??? :p
    sure I know who … one clue from me… meowwwwww……..

    Clever you. Prize? What do you want? Can…no problem…but you must come to Sibu to collect. LOL!!! 😀

      1. How nice if we can go in a group!!! Cleff, small kucing, eugene, mandy… waahhhh…. this wish can come true or not? STP pengsan liow!

        Come! Come! See tomorrow’s post… I can afford to let you all stay in comfort, no problem. Ummmm…that’s all I’m saying today – come back tomorrow to see what I’m talking about.

  7. giveaway kah? prize ? free BKT?? LOL
    ..who is the hensem guy 😉

    Make a wild guess… Look around at my friends – who’s handsome…and cute? 😉

    1. Kekekekekek…=.= adeii… my anak angkat send to u barang kah. 😀 I yet to sumbat him barang from Penang.

      Back from Penang yesterday, right? Went to Ipoh too? Humph!!! Only Sibu not on the itinerary… 😦

      1. No… din manage to drop by Ipoh. =.= road block sana sini, by the time hit the road oredi lewat. i just send Claire my book. LOL!

        Oh? You did not? That’s why lah… Should have come to Sibu…no road block, nothing at all… So nice!

  8. Susahlingam with your clue but Claire zoom in making the guess so easy now. Wee do not have many bloggers the same surname as you and more than often wee bloggers dont mention surname so how? That machu Ah Pek pigi Penang then crossed East right?

    Ah Pek? Not Ah Pek lah… I’m also not sure if it’s his surname…or the first word in the Chinese name – but that’s not his name… Hahahaha!!!! I’m confusing the others,I guess…but not you, I’m sure.

    1. Ya lah the macho Ah Pek eating at one of the kopitiam in Penang with one leg on the chair without wearing shoe one.

      Oh? Does my handsome friend do that? Didn’t see that post – maybe I missed it…

      1. Kakakak… looks like Bananaz oso got it right! 😀 Ya… tht lil boy got one cute ah beng pose. LOL!

        Got kah? Wait till everyone sees his photo tomorrow. I curi from Facebook one. 😀

  9. It has been quite sometime since I have BKT. You make me craving for it now. Some packet type of BKT is very diluted when cooked. I like BKT with strong herbal aroma. Oh!…yr missus add dried bean curd in the BKT.

    BTW, any prize for guessing?…maybe 1 packet of those BKT he sends you, hehehe….

    Yup…I think she should not do that- makes the bkt taste different. I guess it depends on the brand – what spices you use…and simmer longer to get the flavours out of the pouch. Wah…only two and you want one!!!! Humph!!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. I think is ah^kam_koko, is my guess correct?

      Him? Can expect to get anything from him kah? Hmmmmm…… LOL!!! 😀

    2. Not over the limit rite. Only ask for 1 packet. Good thing must share, hahaha.

      Better still, I use to cook bkt…and you come to my house and we enjoy together? Share share mah? 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Do you mind telling us where to buy that brand? Only in KL? I am always stuck with A1 brand here.

    CKC? My missus must have bought hers at Mid Valley as she was staying at Boulevard…and did not venture anywhere else. Dunno about the other brand – 1st time seeing it. My handsome friend bought it in Penang, I think.

  11. ohhh… not bad wor the bkt. Thanks to u, now im craving for some good BKT! Klang here i come! 😀

    Can kah? Roads not blocked? Maybe not open for business… There wouldn’t be many people.

  12. Normally we get the bkt spices from the chinese herbal shops – but none beats the one from klang! theirs really rich in flavour!

    Here. they sell A1 and all the other brands as well – same as in supermarts.

    1. Kakakakaka…. I know so! *grinz* Aiya… if this is a contest, I sure kenot participate… cuz know the answer liao!

      Sure I will put under terms and conditions that you’re not allowed to join… LOL!!! 😀

  13. now im feeling guilty… email me your address stp! you should be able to see my email from this comment. Let me send something too! XD

    No lah. No need… It’s the thought that counts, so thanks…anyway. 😉

  14. LOL. Wrong liao. That little boy does not have same surname as u. Wakakakakaka… or should I say… ‘MEOWWWWWW’. LOL!

    No kah? But the father’s name on Facebook Wee-something leh? So I thought he and I same surname lor…

  15. Midnight… hungry… Jakarta…and 4 days in with usual-just-arrive-sick-first-healthy-later…where to go?

    Bakut teh!

    I think I could qualify for the no 1 , 3 and 4 (Weee bawa).
    But not no 2.
    SO it wasn’t me.

    LOL!!! No, it wasn’t you…and I wouldn’t want to change my name to that because “wee” in English means small and “bawah” in Malay means underneath, so putting the two together, it isn’t quite a compliment for a guy, don’t you think? Just stick to Wibawa, that would be heaps better. Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  16. BKT is beef right? i’m not sure who is the boy but i only remember Eugene before 🙂

    Nope. Pork ribs. Can use chicken too…and beef but the spices will drown out the fragrant smell of the beef. Gosh…so many and you only remember Eugene? LOL!!!

  17. The sender also gave me some….passed the CKC to mom and ask her to cook….ehehehhe..not bad though.**my first time trying this brand. Thanks to the boy and family.

    Oh? This would be my second… 😉

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