Three KL bloggers flew in on Friday, the 1st of July on Firefly’s inaugural flight from KLIA to Sibu. They included my friend whom I’ve met before in KL – Chriso Tock and two others – Rebecca and Shannon.

They had a pretty tight itinerary, all arranged by the airline but I did manage to meet up with them…

Firefly's  KL bloggers

…and I did take Chriso out for a while. We went to this kompia place at the end of Tiong Hua Road here. It has been in business since the 60s, way back during the time when I was still in school and as students, this used to be our favourite haunt.

TiongHua Road kompia 1

This was how we used to eat kompia over the years – stuffed with braised meat and soaked in the gravy. It certainly looks like they’re more health-conscious these days and use lean meat instead of the ultra-fat and extra-yummy pork belly.

TiongHuaRoad kompia 2

Nowadays, there are other places in town where they stuff the kompia with meat and then they either toast it in an oven or deep fry it before serving…and if you may recall my post sometime ago, there is this place in town that does it with a touch of class – not unlike those doughnut chains that are found all over.

We also had the asamboi (sour plum) drink with a squeeze of calamansi lime. This seems to be the signature drink at this place but I didn’t know it at the time until somebody mentioned that after I posted the photo on Facebook. After all, I have not been there since my school days, believe it or not.

Well, in case anybody’s wondering – two plates of two kompias each plus two glasses of asamboi drink came up to RM5.00. Chriso thought they were very nice…but he preferred the ones stuffed with masak hitam at the KompiaTiam. I’m sure many of the die-hard Tiong Hua Road kompia lovers would not agree… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Fireflies…”

  1. chop chop :p

    wah rm5 for all these is really cheap! and that’s one very interesting dish..

    I reckoned it was cheap too…and it’s uniquely Sibu – not nice, also must try when here. LOL!! 😉

  2. cool! Famous bloggers indeed. I see they’re really having fun over at sibu especially on the “worm” makan makan thingy. You do play a good host.

    Dunno. They probably are. Will meet them later this afternoon. Hey! How come you didn’t get the chance to come along with them? So lucky those fellas…

  3. Look yummy. Too bad we wont have it around in KL :/

    Probably not. Come, come over to Sibu. I saw somewhere Firefly RM29 only KLIA-Sibu inclusive of taxes. Cheap…

  4. WOW. I haven’t tasted kompia much in my life but if I’d have the next one, it’d be the one in that picture. So sinful. So delightful. So manly!

    And Asamboi, I haven’t heard that for a decade now. I’m trying to recollect the taste in my memory.

    You’ll have to come to Sibu to get to eat kompia – the Sibu Foochow bagel. LOL!!! Asamboi…those dried and wrinkled sour plums… I’ve the impression that pregnant women love to eat those. 😉

  5. Oops confused kompia with kampua..then later kampar pulak haha. Eee those sago worms…have you tried any? Ho chiak boh? Fear Faktor di Sibu hahaha. Guess from now you will be seeing plenty of flying fires or flying beetles whatever over your head.

    Twice a day – two flights….and the turned-on-one-side tomato ketchup bottle and we will still have MAS and MASwings between Sibu and Kuching and the towns to the east. LOL!!!

  6. That is special indeed! Tak pernah gua tengok. Won’t the kompia be a bit chewy after kena rendam like that?I must try this when I come over as hub and son will definately enjoy it. As for me, I want to try the one with masak hitam…die-die must try!!!
    My friend just told me that MAS had a promotion last month. ACK – KL return only NZ$750. Aiyah, she even bought the ticket and after a month baru tell me..cit! Apalah punya kawan!!! Hubby told me never mind, even if tickets 5K pun die-die also must visit you…to claim the ikan masin…hahahaha:)….and that will be the most expensive ikan masin I have ever eaten!

    Yalor…why your friend like that one? By the way, fyi…MAS will stop flying KLIA – Sibu starting August. This route will be serviced by Firefly (Boeing 737) from KLIA (not Subang – that one for flights within the peninsula using small planes) and I hear they’re ok…not bad and the planes are new. Sure, sure…I’ll make sure that you all get to eat EVERYTHING – nothing but the best in town. Adoi…5K X 3 = 15K, that ikan masin…have to keep in mouth till not salty baru swallow…worth its weight in gold. LOL!!! 😀

  7. wow..u really have a lot of blogger friends from everywhere! Good to meet up and eat-eat.. I didnt know the kompia biscuits can be eaten like this, something very special… ok KIV this Please!! 🙂

    Yes, it’s good to make friends, have lots of friends everywhere – what the world needs now is love…lot of it, Come – different ways of eating kompia. My cousin stuffs it with ham and cheese and toasts it – really good! Yum! See! Other bloggers here already…when are you coming?

  8. the way it is eaten is something new to me..

    As the English expression goes, there is more than one way to kill a cat. LOL!!!

  9. Looks something new to me. Nice kah eaten like this. Prefer the plain kompia whereby one can eat with any kind of spread.

    This way of eating kompia dates back to the 60s and many people love it this way. I guess it’s a matter of taste whether you like it or not. Personally, I’m not really a fan – just ok with it. I prefer the unhealthy ones – stuffed with meat and deep-fried in oil! Yum!!

  10. Stuffed bread soaked in gravy! It looks interesting! I wonder if the gravy is sweet.

    A bit… It’s the gravy of braised soy sauce& five-spice pork.

  11. Tiong Hua road kompia still there? I didn’t know that. Still at the same place?

    I prefer to put pork belly than lean meat, i think it will taste more tasty. Quite sometime didn’t try this kompia with meat, now i only eat those with mince meat. Nice, must eat while it still piping hot.

    Yup…still there, still crowded…sometimes, have to park car far away…and walk all the way there. My uncle from Kuching would insist on the fattest he can find every time he goes there when in Sibu.

  12. looks like you guys had fun hanging out and savouring the kompia!

    That was all we did. The rest of the time, they were on a very tight schedule…and I could only direct them to certain places close by for anything nice via sms – when I knew where they were at.

  13. Best kompia eva… can do 8 in one sitting. Plus 2 samboi drinks. Heaven! The old aunty better teach someone how to make it or it will be gone for good.

    No worries – she’s still as fit as a fiddle…and her tongue as sharp as ever. Horrible – fat and grumpy old woman! Tsk! Tsk!

  14. Kompia stuffed with meat?!!!!! Wow, wht an inventive dish!

    More than one way to eat it. You should see me eating it with rojak paste. Yummmm!!!! 😀

  15. You have a unique “art” when it comes to taking photos, haven’t you STP? ;p

    Ummmm…what do you mean? Kindly elaborate? 😉

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