It would be like some sort of a pilgrimage for English Language and Literature teachers to visit Stratford-Upon-Avon when in the UK…

At Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

That, of course, was where William Shakespeare used to live. If time permits, one can even go and catch a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre there where his plays were staged during his time like this one, for instance…

“To be or not to be, that is the question…”

To be or not to be...

LOL!!! I guess I’m too fat to play “Hamlet” but there’s no harm fantasising about it, is there? LOL!!!

Well, halfway across the world is the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield – in Wellington, New Zealand…

Katherine Mansfield's house 1

…and I told my daughter that as an English teacher-to-be, she should drop by the house that has been turned into some kind of a museum for visitors to the city. After all, she studied one of her short stories, “The Doll’s House”, when she was doing her Foundation for her TESOL degree at the institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Well, she went the other day with some friends of hers but unfortunately, photographs were not allowed inside so she just took a few outside while she was there…

Katherine Mansfield's house 2

…including this one in the pretty garden outside the house.

Katherine Mansfield's  house 3

She’s certainly looking great, isn’t she?

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “Pilgrim…”

  1. Daddy so cute in the 2nd photo. Hehe 😀

    Hehehehehe!!!! Not only in the photo, always cute lah… 😀

    1. I agree, Melissa, he’s very cute in the second photo. *grinz* I found myself looking at his pic instead of the statue! LOL!

      Of course lah… Ummmmm….rest of comment censored! LOL!!! 😀

  2. Ohhh… I’ve been to Shakespeare’s house… very impressive. And that time… they certainly dun have a cute jolly man in red over there. ROFLOL!

    Aiyor…don’t criticise my sweater lah! Even in the UK, so hard to buy my size. Only can buy from C & A (cheap and awful)… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Eh? Bootsale tarak sell ur size kah? Usually angmoh are plus size… last time I was there the sizes are so huge and it’s hard to find XS size. 😦

      Car boot sales! That name always tickles me as “kabut” in Melanau means backside. Muahahahaha!!!! No lah! None my size… And those charity shops selling 2nd hand clothes too (can’t stand the smell). Saw the others buying nice leather jackets and all that. None for me. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

      1. LOL… so ‘kabut’ means bum bum in Melanau? Interesting! 😀

        Ok…full stop! Here ends our lesson for today! LOL!!! 😀

  3. I agree too…Arthur, you looked cute in the 2nd pic. 🙂 When was it taken ?

    A long, long time ago… That was in 1994. 😦

      1. Cleffairy,
        You still so young…still got harapan for your negro chicken to follow Michael Jackson’s example..black to white.Can still learn..practise makes perfect unlike us orang tua…hehehehe

        Not really. Some people just don’t have it. Same ingredients, same steps in cooking…product different. I saw husband and wife -private candidates in Art exam…everything the wife did, the hubby followed. The wife’s painting so nice, the hubby’s so terrible. LOL!!!

  4. She’s certainly looking great, and you too looked fabulous! BTW, am back in Sibu-Upon-Rejang. Got time to get together next week?

    Ya…I lookED…!!! 😦 Oh? You’re here? You still have my number. Maybe I just email it to you….

    1. Somehow, I prefer the older version of you. When you’re young, u dun look so cute. Nampak normal aje…but when ur older, looks more soft and gentle. Hmmm…

      Old already mah…mellowed,slow and steady…. 😦

  5. Cute and adorable! :p and Melissa looks very happy too… this is really a nice experience, to be overseas studying without burning a big big hole in our pockets! Blessed … happy for you too!

    Indeed, praise the Lord… 🙂

  6. You look so cute in those pictures! I feel like pinching you. Yes your daughter looks lovely. Ah she’s following in your footsteps – you must’ve inspired her greatly. I did Hamlet for English Lit in Form 6 and can only remember this “To be or not to be”

    LOL!!! So cute and cuddly eh? Like big baby. Hahahahaha!!! I did Hamlet in Form 6 too…and Macbeth…and Julius Ceasar in Form 5.

  7. like daddy like daughter i would say! but stp you are slightly more poser than Melissa LOL!

    it’s a nice experience to explore around when you are studying abroad!

    Take the opportunity – may not get the chance to pass that way again. Ya, my girl’s more quiet and reserved – not like the father, so thick-skinned, not malu2 one… 😉

  8. I thot the 1st 2photos is a cricket player view frm my hp. Imran Khan perhaps?! Hahahaha! Yes.Melissa is blooming 🙂 but u r in full bloom compared then n now Lol!

    Flatterer!!! LOL!!! No lah…that time, in full bloom…now old and whithered already. Sobs!!! 😦

    1. A few more mth Xmas coming liao… so must fast fast bodek so that Cikgu will play Santa and give us pressie!

      Have you been good this year? Ummmmm???? 😉

  9. Yes, your daughter certainly looks great STP! XD having the time of her life..

    Hey, your days in UK looked like fun too! So nice, i’ve never had the chance to be in any western countries before.. all eastern nia.

    I would prefer to go to the western countries anytime. Never been to Europe or the USA though – just the UK, Oz and NZ…

  10. Wow, your girl is following your footsteps? All on the best to her, it certainly ain’t easy to be a great teacher, I reckon u not only inspired your former students, but also your daughter! Kudos!

    LOL, she sure had a lot of wonderful time in New Zealand!

    Well, she wants to be a teacher…but I always tell her that the options are always open – she’s still young. If one door closes, there are a lot of others to open… No problem, one daughter only – can make sure she gets nothing but the best in her life! 😉

  11. both looking good.

    Looks like the second picture of you got most attention haha! that the intention right? I know… :p

    Hahahaha!!! I added that for a touch of humour in the post.Not surprised it’s getting all the attention. 🙂

  12. Ho ho ho your 2nd cute pix ~ sexy or sleepy? muahaha. Whoa Melissa will be back soon, she is looking great with all smiles. Bananaz hardly smile in front of camera is nicknamed ‘Chairman Mao’ by friends. ~;).

    Thinking. Indecisive. Hamlet mah – to be or not to be… Makes me happy to see her happy, all smiles. That’s how life should be – always happy, always smiling… 😉

  13. Aiyo why so mafan one, need to type email, name and website and half way thru sudah terlepas hahaha

    What? What? Dunno what you’re talking about. Thought you just click unless you have just cleared your cache?

  14. Ho ho ho your 2nd cute pix ~ sleepy or sexy? hahaha. Melissa will be back very soon yes she is looking great with smiles. Bananaz can hardly smile in front of camera and nicknamed ‘Chairman Mao’ by friends..~;).

    Huh? I thought I already replied this? Duplicate comment…

    1. Yalor ask to type name so type ‘b’ then ’email’ then before website things happened too fast and the message gone thought lost and retype a new comment. Yeah cleared the cache becoz of blogger got problem. Post your old pixs from one year old Bumble Wee till today and let us see how you transform to Arthur Wee, now that the fever has swept the whole region with ‘Transformers’ hehe.

      I’m not into Transformer…see the trailer already headache. Old man cannot tahan this kind of movie. LOL!!!

  15. You look cute in both pix. Sumore some sexy pose in the 2nd pix. Mel always has that great smile when she takes photos. She really has a wonderful time in NZ.

    Ya, I AM cute… Hehehehehehe!!!! Yes, I like to see her smiling. 🙂

  16. the right foot senget after u put ur arm there… 😛

    Yakah? You know I’m so strong kah? Like Superman? LOL!!!

  17. alamak….so cute of you in the 2nd pic…..i can never imagine you will have this kind of cute pose……kekekkekeke..

    Why? I look so serious kah? The no-nonsense type? 😀

  18. You looked so young then although you were already in your 40’s?..but then more meat people usually look much younger than they look..all those extra collagen…hehehehe ( according to my skin specialist,anyway).Infact even now pun you don’t look your age!
    Mel is a lovely girl…inside and out.You are both so lucky to have each other.

    We certainly are…or at least, I know I am. Meat? Ok…give me meat, more meat! No wonder old people age so fast – once no teeth, cannot eat meat anymore. LOL!!! 😀

  19. She looks like she’s having much fun ! 🙂 Pretty place!! And love the 2nd picture … LOL

    I’d like to think she is. Always tell her to go out and have fun. Hah!!! To be or not to be… 😉

  20. You were such a cute poser ( i believe now you still do). You must be a very good and knowledgeable English teacher (hope you dun mind the silly grammar mistakes i always do in my posts / in my comments). You have a pretty daughter that follows your footstep.. so nice to have father and daughter team 🙂

    Thanks for your compliments. I’m glad she is growing up a really nice and sweet girl – I’m truly blessed. Me? No lah…English is not my first language so I do make mistakes myself too…but as an English teacher, I always check and try to avoid errors. Must show good example. Hehehehe!!! 😉

  21. Haha so that’s how you looked like years ago! I think I’d love your portrayal of Hamlet! 😛
    Great to see your daughter enjoying yourself! Wow didn’t know that she’s going to be a teacher too, just like you! I guess it’s really like father like daughter! 🙂 You must so proud!

    Now still look more or less the same leh? No kah? LOL!!! 😀 Ya…she wants to be a teacher. Whatever makes her happy will be good for me.

  22. Sibu Upon Rejang! … Muahahahahaha! I laughed so hard! You so bloody creative dei.

    You looked chubby and cute in red sweater! I regret for not taking so many photos in US as digital camera was not invented and films were so expensive. You have nice collections and experience. Good for you!!

    No lah! Somebody mentioned that in his comment earlier. Chubby? I had the sweater outside, another one inside…and a few t-shirts. It was late autumn, almost winter. Imagine when I enter some place with the horrible internal heating, I would start stripping…. LOL!!! 😀

  23. Yes, Melissa looks great. And you look so cute in the photos…siap posing, brother! 🙂

    Memang ada gaya hor? LOL!!! 😉

  24. Wow..2nd picture look “sexy”!! hahahahhahah

    Love last picture of Melissa, sweet. She is coming back soon right? Must explore more places before she come back.

    Ya, I told her too…but winter this year cold and weather’s not too good so that may be a problem. I expect she’ll be home by November. Sexy kah? Ooooooo!!! @.@! LOL!!! 😀

  25. ROFLOL… Shereen ah, my negro chicken memang no hope liao. LOL…no matter how to do surgery and inject melanine oso wun become white punya!

    Never mind! Shereen likes. Anything white and pale, she does not like. LOL!!! 😀

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