Waited so long…

My young friend, ah^kam_koko’, was in town for the weekend and he had been waiting to eat this double cheese beef burger (RM16.90)…

SecretGarden doublecheese beefburger

…since he saw my post on it so long ago when I went there with my daughter.

So I took him to the place for this well-deserved treat. I thought of having a nice thick sandwich, a Club perhaps but unfortunately, they did not have any on the menu so I decided to give their mushroom beef burger (RM14.90) a try instead…

Secret Garden mushroom beef burger 1

It was very nice and I particularly loved their own-made patty, not one of those that you can buy at the frozen section of any supermarket.

Secret Garden mushroom beef  burger

My daughter would love the mushrooms but I’m not really a fan. I think the next time around, I will just go for the double cheese as well but for one thing, that day, I found myself struggling to finish everything on the plate. Somehow, it seemed that the serving was too big and there was simply too much for me to handle. Good grief! It was never ever like this before and I guess the reason is plain to see – I’m growing old… Sobs!!!

Well, iced lemon tea (small) was RM3.80 a glass and one good thing was that I had a big mug of very cold iced water, so big that it was more like a jug, and they did not charge us for that. Besides, there is none of the ++ that can, in fact, add quite a substantial amount to the overall total in the bill.

All things considered, this is one place where I certainly wouldn’t mind bringing people to for a bite and to relax, sit around and chit-chat and watch the world go by…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “Waited so long…”

  1. You! You evil man, you! How could you tempt me with this so early in the morning? SOOOOO evil!!

    Tempting kah? @.@ *blinking eyes innocently! Muahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Looking around for Shereen… tsk… u see this evil man, Shereeen, so jahat… he knows morning tarak burger in Msia, purposely put cuz kno I will fall for it! U jaga la Shereen, today i kena, esok lusa he put some tempting Msian dish and make ur air liur meleleh!

      Hahahaha!!! Shereen sure will not be drooling today. McD and the rest, no 24-hour one in KL jah? Here, we have KFC only…but KFC, only chicken burger… Got fish also, I think…not too sure. Hardly ever go to those places. No lah…tomorrow, Shereen’s still selamat – it’s Annie-Q’s turn tomorrow…so you can expect something which has no belacan in it! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Tsk… ur jahat-ness got no cure liao. Kesian us ladies…everytime come here sure drool. God save Annie! LOL!

        Nah! June’s over, half a year’s gone… I think she should be coming home to Sibu soon…so she can have her fill of all the things that she loves. 😉

      2. Cleffairy,
        Hahaha…memang teruk la this Arthur. I think kan everyday he’ll be thinking of ways to make us pompuan meleleh air liur. Somemore kan nowadays, his photography skills macam pro saja…tangkap gambar all look so the very real. Many nights tak boleh tido…terbayang-bayang all those dishes.You know when he blogs about mee goreng sometime back, I beh tahan…I goreng some and take photos and compare with his…cannot fight,man!!!

        Hey! I saw yours – very nice lah! Can open restaurant in Auckland – sure rich in no time at all. Where got I’m so mean? I posted this today – I thought you would not be interested – anytime can have burgers there, nicer, fresher beef some more… Well, day after tomorrow…no food but Saturday, I’ll be back with a vengeance. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Wow the price is reasonable and look better that Carl Juniors. Is this only in SABAH/SARAWAK?

    Only in Sibu (Sarawak). I’ve had the swiss mushroom double cheese burger at BK at KLIA – around that same price and not even half as nice….and you do not get all the sides – will have to pay extra for those. Come, come to Sibu and you can get to try this…and more! 😉

  3. If you are “struggling” to finish that, I think I can only finish half or less… hahahaa… I am not into burgers but anything Asian… *hint*

    Ya…I’m like you. Give me kampua noodles or nasi lemak anytime! I think the younger ones are more into this kind of stuff. Oops!!! Is it because we are old? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. Looks great !!! Take away the beef next time !

    Brilliant idea! I can have the beef and you can have the rest – two persons can eat for the price of one. Gee! If only all my friends are like you! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  5. wow, look nice! must try when i am back to sibu!

    You’re not in Sibu. Coming home anytime, Soon? Can take me there and give me a treat? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  6. Secret Garden… the burger looks so good! I love mushroom, they are very tasty… wonder why you and Juan don’t like it, hrm!

    My daughter loves them too. I only like buttons…but my daughter doesn’t fancy those canned ones. Can’t get much fresh mushrooms here…. 😦

    1. LOL, I bet she will certainly go crazy purchasing mushroom if she ever visit Genting or cameron mushroom farm!!! They hv fresh mushroom Tiga sepuluh(3 packs for RM10), oyster mushroom, abalone and monkey head… I’m drooling by just recall it!

      Oyster and abalone, we have here – anytime…not crazy over those. Buying is one thing, keeping until we come home is another – no fridge to keep… Have to depend on what we can find at supermarts here. We may get golden needles, fresh shitake sometimes…not much choice really.

  7. Oh my… look at all that cheese! 1 plate of that and i need to do 10 trips around the jogging track! mushroom and beef? never tried that before… is it really nice?

    Kesian…young girls. Must watch your figure eh? LOL!!! Yes, it’s VERY nice…the double cheese. I like it with cheese and what I had did not have cheese – that’s why I would not have it again the next time around. Will just stick to the one with cheese.

  8. now that’s 10000mg of cholesterol-laden food! hahahaha.

    i salute u for blogging everyday! wish i can be 20% of you LOL.

    Not easy… Will need a lot of discipline and time management – on days when I am very busy, it can be quite a hassle. 😦 So when I am free, I would write a whole lot of scheduled posts…and let them appear one by one. Your posts are very long with lots of photos – actually, your one post is good enough for one week if you split it into smaller posts…

  9. Oh the burger looks good but the price a bit high right? 🙂

    For one thing, it’s one of those classier cafe/restaurant…not one of those franchised fast food restaurants and yet the price is almost like what I paid at BK at KLIA – dunno the prices at Carl’s…and the one I had at BK came wrapped in paper – no fries, no coleslaw, unlike this one. You will have to buy separately and at BK, you have to pay the +, if not the ++.

    Try having a burger at Hard Rock, for example…and see how much you have to pay for one…and at a hotel here, you pay as much and they use those frozen patties that you can buy at a supermart. All things considered, I think this one’s fairly priced…and anyway, I do not go for such stuff often.

  10. Would you bring me there when I visit you? haha!

    I am a sucker for beef… and just look at that beef burger… omg! I want one… T^T. Sadly where I work, there is none =x.

    Noooooo! Beeef burger T^T. Cheesy, beefy burgery…

    @Cleffairy : Oh yes he is evil indeed! Look now i want my burger too -_-

    Hello!!! Haven’t seen you around for a long, long time. How has it been? Good, I hope. All things wonderful in the fine island republic. LOL!!! 😀 Come, come…when do you plan to hop over? Would be so cheap for you – around SIN$6 only? But never mind, you just come – my treat! No problem at all! 😉

    1. Hi! Yea been so busy with work.. it took up all my own time! But since I have decided to give up on that, I am only doing hand over now, so I am more free… haha! Of course still need avoid being caught :P.

      Other than work, everything else here is fine and dandy! Oh go over for the burger? I will definitely visit one day! So you better bring me there… treat me don’t have to, I will treat you since you introducing me to good food :D.

      Welcome, welcome…just let me know when you’ll be here. Problem is no direct flight – have to go through Kuching…but many will use a cab (pirate taxi) to Senai and fly direct from JB. I tried hopping over to your blog yesterday but kept going into some survey site… Dunno what was going on. 😦

      1. Oh I will definitely inform you when I go over there~ Got to spend some time meeting STP afterall :D.

        There have been so many bugs somewhere in blogger… i feel like kicking them down the ledge somewhere really high. I keep getting sign out but also signed in automatically -.- grrrrr…

        Oh? Is that so? Mine’s ok…but my internet connection isn’t so good – slow, have to be very patient! 😦

  11. wow.. that’s a very thick patty. can order only the patty with mushrooms on top? 😛 it looks nice n yummy!! ice water for free? that is good! nowadays it’s hard to find such restaurants which offer free ice water.. even Elmondo Pizza charges RM 0.50 for a glass of plain water!!! sienzzzzzz……

    Ya…I know some places charge RM1 for a miserable glass – and it’s not even bottled water – just tap water with a bit of ice. 😦 Oh? Patty with mushroom only? Boy, have I got the perfect match for you – you can go with Christopher and you can have those and he can eat the rest. How about it, Chrisau? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. Aiyo RM16.90! Maybe it’s mindset and our frame of mind about burgers being C&G food ‘Cheap&Good’ coz the only time we had burgers was in the movies. *those days no control of food in cinemas*. If we were to place the two pieces of beef and called it ‘sexy steak’ oops I mean sizzling steak minus the rotl add in the chips and peas then wooooo it’s cheap hahaha. Life is like that! ..~;).

    We can still get those cheap burgers these days – one stall here, the Hawaiian only RM2.50…and it’s VERY nice. One of these days, I’ll go and buy and take photos and then I can post on it. Once I had a double cheese beef burger with an egg inside and baked beans some more in a town called Sri Aman… Ooooooo…that was so good! Would rather go for these anytime…instead of McDs and the like.

  13. Both burgers look good. The burger meat looks juicy and thick. Oh!!!…the cheese I love it. Never try mushroom and beef. Yes, I go for burger anytime.

    Oh? You’re not old like Claire and me? Hahahahaha!!!!! 😀 We’re not crazy about burgers…but if I have to have one, I would like cheese in it…

  14. Oooo…no no….i dont take beef….but somehow it looks rather tempting. I think we can get mushroom burger from Burger King,rite?

    Yup…that’s the BK @ KLIA that I’ve been talking about in my replies to the earlier comments – same price, no fries and coleslaw…and have to pay tax some more…and the patty isn’t as nice. Well, there’s chicken at this place. Maybe next time, I’ll try that to see if it’s any good…

  15. yum yum on the burger.

    The other day we went to Secret Recipe..haiz…each cup of plain water they charge 50sen leh…and with the ++ too 😦

    That place – the drinks here RM1 more expensive than over at your side…you think I still want to go or not? Tsk! Tsk! Because of that, the drinks are more expensive than the cakes!

  16. BURGER!!!!! YUM!!! My favourite!!! Any burger i also like.

    The double cheese burger look not bad, will go and try it when i am home.

    Ok…put it on the list! Come and see tomorrow’s post and see if you want it on the list too.Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. Those are 2 whopping HUGE burgers! With whopping prices too. I thought the mushrooms were oysters at first. I prefer the own-made patties too.

    Oysters? You mean like those canned topshell? When I first had the BK one at KLIA, I was also put off by the mushroom…and was wondering why it was all black like it had seen better days. Seems it is supposed to be like that. I prefer buttons…

  18. Oi…mahal lar the burgers!!…and look so so saja..hehehe.Anyway, your friend Ah Kam KoKo punya mulut can fit ah the burgers so thick like that?
    With that type of price they are charging you…somemore in SIBU, you think they dare ah to add the +++ and charge you for the iced water? Mo mati!!!…hehehe…If one day, God willing, you come to NZ, I’ll make you my version of burgers.See got fight or not with this particular shop,okay.

    Hey! You come to Sibu, you can make for me to try leh? Tak kan lah we go out and eat…eat…eat…all the time. LOL!!! Ya…I always consider that a gimmick – nobody’s mouth is so big…but I’ve seen burgers like this in many places in KL and elsewhere – 12-inch high. In Sabah, they have burgers as big as a full-sized cake. All gimmicks lah! Who can finish anything that big? Expensive kah? Make sure you do not go to eat at BK if on transit at KLIA – they’re just as expensive there…and not as nice!

  19. Anyway, Arthur…lupa to add…if in Malaysia, I prefer the Malay’s burger yang jual kat tepi jalan tu…very sedap. My sisters cakap they taruh ganja that’s why la sedap…hahahaha. But seriously, those burgers are a must eat when we balik Malaysia.Hubby and son peminat no 1!!!

    Come, we’ve a good one in Sibu – RM2.50 only. Wait till I go and take photos and post on it. Anytime better than those franchise fast food joints and cheaper too…

  20. Arthur,
    Because of you, all of us here tak boleh tahan nafsu!! Hubby just went out ( now 8pm ) to buy McAngus and big mac for supper….hahahaha. So cold somemore now and we just had dinner less than an hour ago!!! Dahsyat lar you. I’m going to ban your blog from now on!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! My blog – like Eagles’ Hotel California – “You can check in anytime you want but you can never leave…” Hehehehehe!!!! Angus beef…. Somebody shared a photo on Facebook – McD’s roadside advert in Oz, wrongly spelt and it said, “Anus Beef”! Muahahahaha!!!!! Nah!!! You only want to push the blame to me – actual fact, you’re too lazy to cook…send hubby out in the cold to get burgers for dinner! Kesian hubby you… Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Wei,
      I cook lar!!I goreng kai lan and masak pei tan and salted egg porridge some more. Take so long to cook, you know!! All your pasal la. Hubby and son tengok your post, beh tahan already…hahahaha. You managed to gegarkan 2 men’s jiwa…and mine too. So, your comment to Cleffairy is totally wrong!!!

      Hahahahaha!!! Your porridge tak laku lah! Patutlah merajuk. Hell knows not the fury of a woman scorned. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 Aiyor…cold winter eat porridge, night time kencing atas katil – all water. Good for hot days…

  21. I love cheese on burgers, the more the merrier! Your last photos with oyster mushrooms really looked fugly but I know it was DELICIOUS! Mmmnn!… The more foodies you post, the faster I will arrive in Sibu wor…. You should open a cafe fast!

    Come! Faster, faster… I’m right here waiting for youuuuuu!!!!! LOL!!! Are those oyster mushrooms? That colour kah? Or they cooked it until it’s that colour?

  22. The double cheese beef burger looks yummy2. 🙂

    It is. I’ll stick to that next time around…and maybe I’ll try the chicken. 🙂

  23. Wah the burger is so thick! But I don’t believe that you couldn’t finish it!! What happened to you STP! Maybe you ate something before that…? 😛

    LOL!!! You know me so well. Actually I had a heavy lunch…and we went for the burgers around 3 something… Still feeling full at the time… 😉

  24. double beef cheeseburger…yum! i may have to visit hungry hippo when i go back home because of this…me getting big because of too much burger and fries 🙂

    LOL!!! No matter how hungry I am, I would not want to go and eat at a place with a name like that…even though I may look like a hippo, that I can’t deny! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  25. O-M-G!!! the burger looks so delicious!! and they are indeed huge, i wonder if i can have them from top to bottom with a single bite?? hahaha.. the mushrooms are so enticing~~

    They ARE! VERY delicious! Come, come over to Sibu…and I’ll treat you to one. Then you can try and see if your mouth is big enough.

  26. Pengsan at the burger pictures! How to makan liddat? Must have a VERY big mouth for that 😛

    I prefer sandwich to burgers. hehe.. trying to be healthy lah konon..

    I’ve always wondered how people could eat that…when I saw in other people’s blogs…places in KL or elsewhere serving such huge burgers. Ya…I love sandwiches too!

  27. I used to like the burgers at Chilli’s and then I found New York deli at One Utama and now I’m hooked on their burgers. Their burgers are priced at $20++ but it’s money worth spent for they’re really nice. In fact, their pizzas and sandwiches are nice too.

    Aha!!! Finally! Let’s hear it from someone who knows! See! What we have here isn’t that expensive after all and it’s the QUALITY that matters. Before these, the only burger I had that was not from one of those franchises was at Hard Rock KL…and it was so huge and so very nice.Can’t remember how much now – so long ago.

  28. wow the burger looks nice and moreover the price is very affordable!

    Aha!!! Coming from someone who knows! See! Sine it was so nice, I never thought that was expensive- relatively speaking. No point paying less for crap!

  29. The double cheese burger looks good! I always prefer home/own made burger patty over those frozen ones.

    Yes, a whole lot nicer…and I’m sure free from preservatives some more. 😉

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