Right next door…

I sent my car to the car wash the other day and I decided to go for a simple lunch at the coffee shop right next door.

There used to be a Chinese kampua noodle stall there but either it has closed shop or moved elsewhere. Now you have a choice between the usual stuff from the Malay stall in front or the nasi campur (mixed rice) from the counter at the back.

I opted for the latter and this was what I got for RM4.50…

Nasi campur 1

The daging masak hitam (black-cooked beef) was nice and the fried fish was like…fish!

Nasi campur 2

As for the kerabu of paku (jungle fern) and long beans with goodness-knows-what-else, I thought it was bland and quite tasteless and the kangkong (water spinach) was not much better, I’m afraid.

On the whole, I would say that it was not something that I would want to have again…and definitely not for RM4.50!!! I think the next time around, I would try some of the things available at the stall in front – perhaps, I may stumble upon something nice there.