It’s been so long…

I was in the midst of my tuition class when my handphone rang. I did not recognise the number so I rejected the call. After a while, I received an sms – it was from an ex-student of mine. I had not seen him since he left school – it’s been so very long…but I do remember teaching him when he was in Form 5 (not too sure whether I taught him or not in Form 4) and I can still visualise that nice little boy sitting by the window beside the door in the classroom.

The last I heard of him, he was studying in a private college in Kuching and the next thing I heard was that he had graduated and was working in Australia. Then last year, I received an invitation to his wedding reception here in Sibu – he was coming back for that but unfortunately, I had to be in Kuching then for my sister-in-law’s son’s wedding on that same weekend.

Well, this time around, we met for lunch and it certainly was great to have the opportunity to meet him again and I must say that I felt so very flattered when he said that he could not remember the other teachers that taught him – only me…and mine was the only name he could remember.

We had intended to go some place but owing to the parking problem, we ended up at this place that my missus and I went to for dinner just a few days ago. I had the set lunch (RM10.00 nett) and  given a choice of five options, I chose the lamb with tom yam sauce…

Garden set lunch - tom yam lamb

…which was served with a free drink and this complimentary herbal chicken soup.

Garden set lunch - herbal chicken soup

My ex-student had their Sarawak laksa (RM9.00++)…

Garden Sarawak laksa

…which he said was pretty good and came with this sambal

Garden Sarawak laksa - sambal

We certainly had a wonderful time catching up with old times, talking about people we used to know and all the things that have been going on in our lives. He has grown, of course – no longer the little boy that I used to know…but instead, he is now a handsome young man – more mature and more outspoken and as nice and respectful as ever.

Unfortunately, he had to fly back to Australia in a couple of days but  he said he would be back again next year. Thanks so much  for the delightful lunch, Edgar – I certainly look forward to seeing you again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “It’s been so long…”

  1. OMG… drooling over the Sarawak laksa…. very yummy leh. Sigh… KL here cannot find. Sien. 😦

    Can lah… Got Kuching people opening a place in Bangsar or somewhere there, even selling kolo mee. You ask Annie-Q…I think she knows about it. Dunno if she’s gone there or not. And what about my friend’s restaurant?
    Anybody gone to try it yet? Nobody has said anything since my post on it.

    1. Ohhh… that place kah… I’ve forgotten about it. LOL!

      After all my effort to promote it here and also on Facebook!!!! Waste my time only – same as trying to get people to come to Sibu! Might as well talk to the wall! 😦

  2. Fantastic teachers will always be remembered:) Kembang la you when your student cakap he only ingat you out of all his teachers…lol.

    What a weird combination…lamb with tomyam and herbal soup.Sedap tak?Laksa Sarawak is in the must try list.

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Wink! Wink! *nose in the air! Yup…I thought the soup did not go too well with the meat even though both were nice. Don’t worry…you’ll definitely get to try Sarawak laksa when you’re here!

  3. Thought that Mdm Chee taught him when he was in Form 4. He was in Form 5 when I was transferred there. Hahaha… he did not remember me when I met him at his wedding reception…

    Adoi! So kesian! You’re his cousin or something. But then again, many of my cousins do/did not know one another…and it’s even worse in the case of their children. It’s a bit better these days as there have been a few weddings in the family and many get to meet one another (some for the first time in their lives) and then, there’s also Facebook for everybody to keep in touch. Ya…those must be the days when I had to stay put in Form 5 – every year teaching exam classes,so stressful. 😦

  4. You must’ve been a really good teacher. You have every right to feel proud and flattered that he only remembers you. I think it’s times like these that make you feel that all the hard work you put in as a teacher was all worth it, isn’t it?

    *beaming with pride! That’s the only thing that makes it all feel so worthwhile for teachers like me – overworked and underpaid, no accolades, nothing. Once retired, goodbye…thank you, don’t call us…and we will not call you!

  5. It’s so nice to be remembered for all the right reasons. I’m not at all surprised that he only remembers you and not the other teachers who had taught him; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re one helluva good educator who takes the time to not only teach but really get to know your students. Sadly, not many of your kind around.

    I did the best I could…but I guess there are many who are in it for all the wrong reasons these days. 😦

  6. I think this is the best part about being a teacher…having all those ex students coming back to you later in life and telling you how you have shaped or changed their lives. 🙂

    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry E. Adams.

  7. You are great, Arthur. Great teachers are wee deserved to be remembered. The best part is…yr ex-student only remember you and not other teachers. BOTH THUMBS UP for you!!!!….Hate those teachers with favourism in class.

    Nyaman!!!…another great treat. Lamb with tom yam sauce and the herbal chicken soup looks appetizing, price reasonable.

    Opps!…laksa, my favourite…looks ok but quite pricey with no much “liao”.

    Hotel cafe mah… Of course, it’s more expensive than in the coffee shops. I like the food here – more expensive but cheaper than at the other hotels in town – not really the usual “hotel prices”. Those would be a lot more expensive.

    1. I pun hairan why he only remembers you out of so many teachers who taught him. Now it clicks my mind.Guess must be the caning and the scolding that makes him come to his sense and he feels that the scolding and caning have moulded him what he is today, rite cikgu?

      No leh? He was a quiet boy, a good boy…and he was good at English so I did not have any problems with him. I remember ticking him off once about his hair (before I actually taught him in class) – it was the fashion then to use a whole lot of gel…and make the hair stand up like spikes…looking like the Statue of Liberty…but the one year when I was teaching him, I don’t remember anything that was not pleasant. In fact, I did not know until I heard a cousin’s daughter he met when studying in Kuching saying that he was full of praises of me as his teacher…and I met his mum more recently and she said the same thing too.

      It’s those little things that the students will remember even though we may not think much of it at the time. Once a boy broke his finger and I asked him in passing about it and what he was doing and could do about it. Months later, I was pleasantly surprised when he mentioned it in his composition – how that touched him and how he appreciated it so much.

      I’m sure students who had been subjected to some abusive treatment might forgive but would never forget…

  8. i like any kind of laksa. hope i’ll be able to travel to east malaysia one day to try all the nice food u mentioned on your blog!

    Come, come… Most welcome. Just let me know when you’re coming. 😉

  9. hmmm, you don’t answer calls from unknown numbers?? well, to me i will answer and find out.. but on the other hand if the SMS is from an unknown number, i will definitely not reply.. 🙂

    No lah… I was in class. Will not answer unless it’s a “crucial number” in case of emergency or there’s something very important.

  10. Sibu got parking problem ? Ok that besides the point,,, anyway, i am very sure that you have been and still is a very good teacher and those you have taught or those we are still teaching, are all very fond of you….keep up the good job,,,,, good teachers are hard to come by now…….god bless

    Sibu small town, everyone has a car and many have those huge ones!!! Parking fee over 40sen for half an hour – more expensive than Kuching. When implemented, everyone came up in arms…all the cars disappeared – dunno where they put…but now used to it already lah! Whole day parking full – that’s why I seldom go to the town centre.

    Well, I’m stopping before the end of this year- no more teaching for me – all that will be left will be the pleasant memories to cherish…and nice students like this one who will take the trouble to drop by and say hi once in a while.

  11. Such a privilege for your student to hv lunch with their teacher, something I miss dearly!

    The privilege was mine too… Glad to have students like this.

  12. Special dedication to our adorable & coolest teacher..

    ♫The time has come,
    For closing books and long last looks must end,
    And as I leave,
    I know that I am leaving my best friend,
    A friend who taught me right from wrong,
    And weak from strong,
    That’s a lot to learn,
    What, what can I give you in return?

    If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,
    But I, would rather you let me give my heart,
    To STP, with Love ♫

    *To Sir With Love ~ Lulu*

    Adoi!!! Oh no, not this song! Cleffairy would be tearing her hair out! This song will give her the shudders, some not very pleasant memories from her schoolgirl days. LOL!!! 😀

  13. I wonder why he remembers your name instead of all the other teachers. You whack him in class before ka? LOL.

    Oo, and RM10 set lunch, looks delicious, free drink some mroe. Lamb with tomyam sauce? Now that’s new to me.

    Oh? So you remember all your teachers lah? All the time kena whacked by them? Muahahahahaha!! Ya…my first time trying too and I liked it. Maybe some day, can try cooking my own… Yum!

  14. What a nice gesture from your ex-student… that shows how much you are appreciated..

    It is times like this that make one feel that all the blood, sweat and tears have been worthwhile Unfortunately, it seems that such students are a dying breed these days – all like leeches, parasites…ready to suck out all your blood and expecting to get everything from you and not giving anything in return. Real sad. I guess that is their general mentality – probably towards their parents, their family and even their country as well. They only know how to take and take…with no sense of gratitude whatsoever – that’s our present generation for you – really pathetic.

  15. That’s amazing that your ex-student have your number to contact you. You must have had a good relationship with him. I remember some of my teachers but I don’t think I’d go out for lunch with them. As usual, your SIbu food looks really yummy, especially that laksa.

    A few of them take the trouble to keep in touch and will want to meet me when they’re back in town. Most will come home around Chinese New Year and would want to drop by my house if I’m around. Many are my “friends” on Facebook…but not all of them. I guess many are not that comfortable in their teacher’s presence (especially when I only speak English with them) – only a handful of them are ok with it. 😦

  16. I can assure u r a great teacher. Ex-students will still come back to find you. How many of us still doing this today?

    Not me. Dunno how many of mine are still around. Hehehehehe!!! Anyway, my time in school, it was a reign of terror – a rule of fear!!! 😦

    1. I dun go find my teachers…well, not many, only a few. Those are very good teachers, and more like a mother/father figure than just teachers. Go out makan makan with them and stuff. LOL!

      I don’t think I’m a father figure to them…more like a friend – despite the fact that I may be older than their fathers!

  17. It is nice to be remembered and appreciated by ex students. You must be some icon for him to only remember you. The way you blog gave me some insight and feel that you are a kind & humorous fella. I wanna meet you someday and eat Sarawak laksa! Yum!

    Come, hop over to Sibu. Would love to meet you…and Jonathan too. Wink! Wink! Muahahahaaha!!!!

  18. OMG..the laksa..the LAKSA..!!!!
    ya ya..u must be good teacher lor, until ur student comes over & finds u..
    ok lar tu SIR 😀

    I try to be and I do my best… Good or not, dunno lah! I will always be what I am, no pretending to be goodie-goodie, holier-than-thou and cleverer-then-you like many teachers. What you see is what you get…and I guess some of my students like that.

  19. See how much your ex-student misses your company..after school still comes looking for you 🙂 And that sarawak laksa looks great…mmmm

    Dunno but my student said it was ok. I never tried theirs before. Well, I do miss my students too – the ones these days are very different…or perhaps it’s because I’m teaching at a centre not in a school…or maybe it’s simply the mentality of students/young people today.

  20. Wah..good teacher and famous, everyone remembers, not only that, you’re one famous blogger too.

    Lamb with tom yam sauce and chicken herbal soup? So weird combination.

    @ Cleff, come to bangsar, i bring you to the best Sarawak Laksa and Kuching Kolo mee and i also can get my book to sign by you. Deal??

    See, Cleff! I told you there’s a place in Bangsar. Go! Go! And complain no more. I hear it’s pretty good and my Kuching cousin (the one we met at Muar Restaurant) staying in Cheras would go regularly. Ya…I would expect herbal chicken soup with veg and rice as one complete set…or the lamb with some Thai-style veg and soup in another. I guess these days they will just tell you – fusion! 😦

  21. I went back to my old primary school in Jakarta last year. No one recognised me… sad..
    The teachers were still nice tho.. they thought there is another movie shoot in the school because I don’t look like a normal person, more like an actor. Sad…
    I still give them lots of Cadbury chocs.

    Oh…you poor thing! Come, come and visit me and I will always remember you…and don’t forget to bring along those Cadbury chocolates! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    Primary school, I can quite understand…and the students are just little brats…I mean, kids then! LOL!!! When they’ve grown up, the teachers would not be able to recognise them at all – the same thing with the girls in secondary school and when they’ve started working. The older boys would have matured somewhat but they would still be recognisable. Maybe you’ve changed so much now…and looking like one of those handsome Korean singers or actors some more, that was why they could not recognise at all.

    But yes, there are teachers – even when still teaching the students – they do not know who’s who in the class. Never bother to learn their names, get acquainted and establish a close rapport with them These are the ones that teach their subjects – they do not teach students. Real sad, I must say…

  22. i bet you’re a very popular teacher to your students 🙂

    I guess they see me as a fatherly figure, someone trying hard to help them do well in their studies and in their lives…and I guess they know that my bark is worse than my bite and it’s all for their own good.

  23. Hi Arthur

    It was a pleasure to meet you again after so many years (more than 10 years). I had a great time and if my wife can come next time, I’ll introduce you to her.

    For the rest of the readers, let me tell you why Arthur stood out from the rest of the teachers who have taught me all through my life.

    First, he was the only teacher that ever came into the classroom on the first day and made us all call him ‘Sir’. Mandatory, no exceptions. “Good Morning Sir”, “Good Afternoon Sir”, Good Bye Sir”, “Thank You Sir”.

    Secondly, he once told us to go home and read an English story book, write it down, and bring it back the next day. I read my Grandpa’s Readers Digest magazine, wrote down one of featured stories, which then went on to change my English forever. I don’t think there is any other better ways to learn English than to force yourself to read, write and say it out loud like how Arthur made me do it in front of my classroom more than 10 years ago.

    Lastly, it is Arthur’s passion and appetite for food, mostly unhealthy ones. You can’t remember someone clearer enough when they starts mentioning about food in front of a 30-40 people classroom before lunch break, and told us to visualise the rich unhealthy roast pork hanging off the hooks at the food stalls, detailing all three layers of crispy skins, the white tender fat, and the juicy meat. To top it off, he told us it was even better if the fatty oil is still dripping down to the pan underneath.

    That’s how I remembered Arthur, and that is what I want to remember him as, not just another teacher, and not anything else.

    Sobs!!! I’m so touched, Edgar…though I can’t say I remember it all – just the forced greeting…plus the “thank you” and the “please” along with that…and I’m glad to say that many of my ex-students still do it to this day. I guess, living overseas, you would have noticed that it is the habit of everybody there to greet and be polite to one another, right down from the bus driver up to the big boss in a big company…but unfortunately, this does not seem to be the culture here among us, the so-called “friendly” Malaysians. Looking forward to meeting you again and would love to have the pleasure of meeting your missus someday soon. Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for remembering me. 😉

  24. Amazing. Form 4 till now still in contact. The herbal soup looks nice though a bit oily. Guess the restaurant didn’t throw away the skin

    Aiyor…I love the skin! LOL!!! No skin, no syiok to eat anymore. My missus will get rid of the skin whenever she buys chicken – so kesian the skinless bird, real pathetic. Ya…it’s been so long – glad he still stays in touch.

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