It’s been so long…

I was in the midst of my tuition class when my handphone rang. I did not recognise the number so I rejected the call. After a while, I received an sms – it was from an ex-student of mine. I had not seen him since he left school – it’s been so very long…but I do remember teaching him when he was in Form 5 (not too sure whether I taught him or not in Form 4) and I can still visualise that nice little boy sitting by the window beside the door in the classroom.

The last I heard of him, he was studying in a private college in Kuching and the next thing I heard was that he had graduated and was working in Australia. Then last year, I received an invitation to his wedding reception here in Sibu – he was coming back for that but unfortunately, I had to be in Kuching then for my sister-in-law’s son’s wedding on that same weekend.

Well, this time around, we met for lunch and it certainly was great to have the opportunity to meet him again and I must say that I felt so very flattered when he said that he could not remember the other teachers that taught him – only me…and mine was the only name he could remember.

We had intended to go some place but owing to the parking problem, we ended up at this place that my missus and I went to for dinner just a few days ago. I had the set lunch (RM10.00 nett) and  given a choice of five options, I chose the lamb with tom yam sauce…

Garden set lunch - tom yam lamb

…which was served with a free drink and this complimentary herbal chicken soup.

Garden set lunch - herbal chicken soup

My ex-student had their Sarawak laksa (RM9.00++)…

Garden Sarawak laksa

…which he said was pretty good and came with this sambal

Garden Sarawak laksa - sambal

We certainly had a wonderful time catching up with old times, talking about people we used to know and all the things that have been going on in our lives. He has grown, of course – no longer the little boy that I used to know…but instead, he is now a handsome young man – more mature and more outspoken and as nice and respectful as ever.

Unfortunately, he had to fly back to Australia in a couple of days but  he said he would be back again next year. Thanks so much  for the delightful lunch, Edgar – I certainly look forward to seeing you again…