One morning…

One morning, my missus and I went out for breakfast and we went to this place that I had been to a couple of times.

She had the nasi lemak biasa (RM2.50)…

Sri Tanjung's nasi lemak 1

…which would cost RM4.00 if there had been a piece of chicken.

She liked the sambal (sauce) but did not think that the rice was really great…

Sri Tanjung's nasi lemak 2

So far, my favourite nasi lemak in town would be those sold in packets at my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong here in the morning – RM1.50 for a choice between ikan bilis or sotong sambal and RM2.50 with a piece of chicken rendang added. Not only are they nicer but they’re relatively cheaper too!

I had the mee jawa (RM3.50)…

Sri Tanjung's mee jawa 1

…which was somewhat pricey but there were bits of beef in it…

SriTanjung's mee jawa 2

The serving was not exactly generous but it tasted really great. I honestly thought it was very well done…and I loved the delightfully crusty re-fried yew-char-koi/you tiao that went so well with the gravy.

On the whole, it was a good breakfast, I would say…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “One morning…”

  1. Arthur,
    Good morning. Hey, first time I’ve seen char-koi in mee jawa…that is really fusion!!! I guess it must be a Chinese selling it? If I have a choice, I would go for the mee jawa too as the nasi lemak does not look so tempting..macam I masak kat rumah saja…hahaha…quite pricey too, eh.

    Nope, Malay. It was definitely nicer than tauhu pok that most stalls would use…and nicer than some cucurs that some of them make. Very nice – I would say it was a good idea… Hey! You’re early today? Oops…it’s past 11 there. Hahahahaha!!!

    1. No choice MIL and SIL arrived here early morning from London and couldn’t get their connecting flight back to CHCH as all flights are cancelled.
      Yalah…good idea using the char koi. Tak payah do extra work to buat cucur bila mo makan mee jawa and mee rebus. I think I’ll adapt that idea when I make mee rebus. You know, I mo makan mee rebus for the longest time but when I think of making the cucur, I shelve the idea as I very lazy to clean up the oil splatter!!…and lepas goreng the cucur, no more energy to make the mee rebus!!

      Nice and crunchy. I think it’s nicer than the cucur – like the refried stuffed yew charkoi. Melissa loves those. Ya…terrible! The earthquake and the volcanic ash. I told Melissa to cancel her South Island trip – very worrying, the situation. 😦

  2. Nasi lemak is one of my favourite Malaysian foods. Not very healthy though with all the santan, huh? What the difference between mee jawa and mee rebus? They are pretty similar, no?

    Mee jawa uses sweet potato in the gravy – reddish in colour, sweeter. Mee rebus, the gravy is more like brown. I would prefer mee jawa better.

      1. Kakaka… I can make mee jawa, but not as nice as my grandma’s. I tink I posted about it last year. Must use tomato sauce in the mee jawa gravy, else will jadi mee rebus gravy. LOL!

        Can eat either one here…easily available and pretty good too so I wouldn’t go through the trouble of cooking. No time anyway…plus lazy! Hehehehehe!!! 😉

      2. not reali gila meee jawa….love nasi lemak..kepunan tak dapat makan CKT and pasembur in Penang :(.

        Aiyor…I thought you went to New World? The pasembur there best lah…different from elsewhere. The ckt also…better than Gurney anytime!

  3. What a hearty breakfast ! I dont know why.. until today, I dont fancy mee jawa.. maybe of the sauce.. they are a bit sweet… maybe Sibu ‘s mee jawa is different… have you ever tried those in Penang?

    Not really sweet as in tomato kway teow or those sweet and sour dishes…only slightly but that is to be expected since they use sweet potatoes to make the gravy. Aiyor…I go Penang,sure I would eat the things that I cannot get in Sibu. LOL!!!

  4. Mee Jawa, hv yet had any good one… so far tasted so so only! 😦

    Then you must come to Sibu. Now I know of two good places for mee jawa – the other one, for the special, you get 5 prawn fritters. Nice!!!!

      1. Ohh… another blogger… she’s my good friend… and also Kat and Alice’s good friend. Remember Kat’s post about the horseback riding and picnic in Titiwangsa? Well, she was there with us too. She and her two cheeky kids. 😀 Here’s her blog:

        Oh? Can’t remember… Never mind. I will return the visit if she drops by… Hehehehehe!!! Tarek harga sikit! 😉

      2. @cleffairy, you cook the mee jawa?!! Tht’s awesome! Can’t wait to tatse ur dish!

        Go! Go and bodek her…and then you come and tell me if her mee jawa is any good or not. Hehehehehehe!!!

    1. LOL, I should propose to my husband and see how it goes! So many good makan places it sure takes up a lot of your time! ;p

      Yup! That would fill up the few days…and before you’ve seen and eaten it all, it would be time to go back already. 😦

  5. a really good breakfast indeed. Pricey eh? try finding those prices in KL or KK… that’s like impossible! HAHA

    Oh? I guess I must count my blessing, eh? So much cheaper here…

  6. Shall pass the nasi lemak for bfast think its mindset lunch & dinner OK aiyo need to ‘reboot’ the mind still running on 486 haha. Likey the mee java oh Sibu tambah yew char koi that’s should be yewcharkoi-ly good. Yummy yummy!

    I thought nasi lemak is the typical Malaysia breakfast. You original Chianman, eat porridge in the morning, cannot eat rice till lunch or dinner? But hey! You like curry mee leh? True Chinaman where got makan pedas one? LOL!!! The yew char koi nice lah!!! Next time, can make gado gado at home…use that instead of the cucur – fry till crunchy! 😉

    1. You will be surprised some Malaisiya people cant take the spicy Szechuan cuisine hehe. Got a feeling nais lemak is too heavy, heavier than the one ton *wanton* noodles and also the nasi lemak is very dry. If can have curry banjir then different story muahaha. Bananaz like banjir full of ‘abundance’..roti banjir, nasi kandar banjir. Made one hawker very happy the other day when he came to collect his bowl. He said ‘ah no need to wash the bowl so perfectly clean not a single drop of curry can be seen’…kakakakaka.

      Next time, he will just use a dirty bowl for your curry mee…knowing that you will lick it clean when you have finished. LOL!!!! Early morning. eat curry pedas…no ceret-beret kah?

  7. Hmmm!!!….something nice for breakfast. Am not a great fan of nasi lemak though, would rather opt for mee jawa. Looks pretty nice and delicious….Droooooling………… Ahh!!….got yew char koi, something new to me. Well, as long as it taste great, then it is worth the price.

    New to me too…and pleasantly surprised. It was nice! 🙂

  8. Now I know why your photos never failed to make me drool and hungry. It is so sharp until the peanuts on the nasi lemak was so shiny! Wow, you carry SLR camera for every meals outside? Well, thank you for the trouble to make them nice! I must start looking at my blurry and lazy photography… Errmm..

    Where got? Automatic digicam…old one that my daughter used to use. Poor papa like that lah! Wait for hand-me-downs! Sobsss!!!!! Muahahahaha!!! I just click also lah…depending on luck. Sometimes, not enough light or hands not steady, photos also blur… 😦

    1. Not to worry hands not steady got nothing to do with A.A.A.D.D you are perfectly normal.. muahaha. Agree with Twilight, STP ada gaya with his photoz hello angkat abit got belanja kopi? lolz

      Come. come to Sibu and I belanja u makan puas2!!! 😉

  9. Eee… mee jawa, I can make them. But I prefer to fry the cucur myself instead of using re-fried ca koi.

    Your specialty! Cucur… Something you can actually do well, eh? LOL!!!!

  10. Ooo, I would love a bowl of mee jawa now. Dunno where to find good ones over here 😦
    And I think it’s more common to use fried cucur instead of yew char koi here.

    Try refrying yewcharkoi…and eat with your bkt or porridge. I think it will be a lot nicer. Love it!

  11. give me nasi lemak anytime! I just had packet nasi lemak this morning. Know it is not so healthy, so limited to once or twice a week nasi lemak for breakfast.

    Very disciplined eh? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Annie so good…if ppl see how I eat nasi lemak per week, confirm kena saman by the health ministry!

      See my reply to Annie’c comment below. Thin need not necessarily mean healthy…

      1. Yalo… always sakit sana, sakit sini. Wakakakaka! Maggi all the time oso… eee… rambut oso gugur banyak. LOL!

        See!!! Thin, fat…never mind.What’s more important is – must be strong and healthy.

  12. @ CLEFFAIRY , how I wish I am like you , how you eat also won’t put on weight , then I will definitely at least 4 days Nasi lemak per week !!!

    Kampua also not much healthier – all the pig lard…and many people eat that everyday. In the end, all gone for bypass, some actually thin/not fat…and some very fit some more! 😦

  13. Drools……
    I like my nasi lemak bungkus too which is rm1.20 per pack, rm1.70 with added fried egg and rm2.50 with either sambal sotong, see hum or chicken masak merah.
    Sadly they are the sole reason as to why I put on 8kgs this year, so I’ve stoped the thrice weekly breakfast gastronomy 😦

    Hey! That’s cheap! 😉

  14. Ah ha! i did post it up back then… kakaka… here’s the recipe… mebbe u can try it, Cikgu. 😀 Quite simple.

    No, thanks. My missus makes nice cucurs…and my daughter’s the one who loves them (hot…and gets sore throat after eating! Tsk! Tsk!). I’m just ok with deep fried stuff…

  15. No matter how many times you posts anything, it seems that everything is ridiculously cheap there than here. And I just wonder how you comment on how ‘pricey’ something is… and it’s still worth like a peanut here. Hahaha.
    I’d definitely pay extra for the chicken, even if it’s taste crap, still better and cheaper than here. :0

    Aha!!! The truth and nothing but the truth…and the people here complain and complain about everything under the sun in what they believe is a real s**thole – the other man’s grass is always greener, the sun shines brighter on the other side.

    It’s pricey compared to the other options that we have here…but of course, they’re dirt cheap compared to Wellington or New Zealand as a whole,for that matter…or even in comparison with the bigger cities in this country, it may be relatively cheaper here. My brother in Auckland used to go for some pseudo-authentic Asian/Malaysian delights at NZ$8 each and he says that now, they’ve gone up to some NZ$14-15, Good grief!

  16. The nasi lemak looks normal, if it was me, I will always ask for extra kacang.. Btw why does the kacangs look to oily, or is it the reflection.

    Probably. Dunno… Somebody said that makes the kacang look nice? Hehehehe!!!! 😉

  17. Hey, an extra RM 1.50 for chicken is quite cheap!

    I assume you mean a proper piece of chicken e.g. a drumstick or a thigh and not one of those chopped up bits right?

    It would be expensive if it’s a small bite sized piece.

    I’m a big fan of mee jawa too.

    Yup! One whole piece. I thought it was cheap too – one chicken wing, fried or BBQ, will cost RM2.00 already these days. Btw, you remember the nice nasi lemak place near your former school, same block as MAS office? The one where they serve the curry in a separate bowl? The mee jawa there was very good too once… First place ever where I had mee jawa. Have not been there for a long long time, dunno if it’s still in business and it it is, dunno if it’s still any good..

  18. damn… *checks time* i need my supper/early breakfast! :X

    Wait around half an hour more and you’ll get another option that you may want to have… LOL!!! 😀

  19. Reading about nasi lemak here, makes me want to go to my kitchen and cook up some. Someone gave me the nasi lemak sambal, just need to cook the rest 🙂 Very hard to stay away from your blog even though I know it is bad for my waistline!!!

    Can’t fight the feeling? Hehehehe!!! I know somebody here who makes very good nasi lemak sambal…RM5 for one big tub. Very nice.

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