Last stop before home…

My cousins, the three staying at my house, left the very next day on an afternoon flight after a one-night stay in Sibu. We got up early in the morning to go to the market and embark on a futile search for the very much coveted ikan buris and after that, we went around the shops to buy a little bit of this and a little bit of that, all the things that Sibu has to offer, for them to take home to Kuching.

We were passing by one coffee shop, Aloha Corner, when one of them spotted a familiar face – Ah Tor’s son! Needless to say, they wanted to stop to go and eat the special fried kway teow wrapped in egg…

Aloha Ah Tor Jr. fried kwayteow

…that they have enjoyed since young and grown to love a lot!

Another one of them had the Sibu Foochow ang chao mee sua

Aloha ang chao mee sua

I suppose they used ang chao (the residue from making the traditional Foochow red wine) to marinate or cook the chicken and that would explain why the meat was so red in colour.

Another cousin, presently working in KL, wanted the kampua noodles…

Aloha kampua noodles

…as she would not be able to get any good ones there. In fact, she commented that even though they do have kampua noodles in Kuching, those there simply pale in comparison – somehow, they’re different and not as nice and despite the fact that this particular stall isn’t one of those noted in Sibu for really really good kampua noodles, she thought it was better than anything she had eaten in Kuching.

I’ve tried the Sarawak laksa there before but was not too thrilled over it even though there are many who would insist that it is the best in town. I ordered the special (RM6.00) and got this…

Aloha Sarawak laksa

Unfortunately, it did not succeed in changing my earlier impression of it – I still think it is, at best, quite nice but you would not find me dying to go back there again to have some more and definitely not at THAT price! Tsk! Tsk!

After that, we went on with our search for the rest of the stuff that they wanted to buy before going back to my house…and after a simple lunch that my missus cooked – of steamed cincaluk pork, ang chao chicken and fried cangkuk manis, I sent them to the airport to catch their flight home.

So? Now who wants to come to town next? Sibu and yours truly warmly welcome you…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Last stop before home…”

  1. Sobs… Sarawak laksa…please bring some of the paste when you come over next time. And the masak hitam ones too. I can’t get enough of the masak hitam and yet couldn’t actually imitate the taste that comes out from the paste. 😦 Tak jadi… not enuff oomph!

    Hehehehehe!!! You’ll have to wait for a long long time… Even here, the masak hitam ones are not easily available, always sold out. If buying a lot, may have to go from shop to shop to hunt – one tub here, two tubs there…

    1. Wahhh… the masak hitam paste is a hot stuff kah? Anyway, it was really nice… something I wouldn’t mind cooking over and over again cuz people would lick their plate clean!

      Not my missus. Dunno why she suddenly would not touch the stuff. Sick of it perhaps…as they have that everyday at the hospital canteen.

  2. Mee Shua mee shua I love you, lol… yours look so delish, yum! Very tempted to hv a bowl of sarawak laksa now…

    Sigh!!! I keep on asking people to come but nobody wants to come – so go ahead and drool lah! Like Air Asia promo RM29 KL-Sibu, all inclusive – I’m sure the petrol to DRIVE to Penang or anywhere in the peninsula is more expensive…or even the taxi fare to the airport! Still, nobody wants to come…

    1. Yeah, I wish to pay a visit too but there certainly not our familiar ground and can’t really bother you and ur missus the whole day, lol! I already told my husband if he had his biz at your state, thn we can tag along, to date he still unsure abt my plan, lol!

      No problem at all! Both of us retired – empty nest syndrome, daughter not at home…and nothing to do. Would love to have some company sometime… Just come over anytime. Grab the cheap fares when there are any promos.

    2. I want to go back to Sibu and posted in Sibu until I get pension. Sibu is such a nice place for hunting cheap and nice food. And for sure home sweet home.

      Standard of living is definitely lower, life is simpler – not much excitement, of course… People say – got money, nowhere to spend. LOL!!!

      1. I never have a lot of money, so that won’t be problem for me.
        I will be back this Thursday. Food, here I come.

        Weekday? On leave? Enjoy yourself!

      2. Not on leave. Attending “File Management” course. I think department purposely create to fullfill the 7 days course which must be attended by every government servant nowadays.

        I see. I used to enjoy attending courses…but 6 meals a day – every time, came home a lot fatter. Sibu hotels…I don’t think the food’s very nice though…especially for course packages. Sometimes, quite bad, in fact. Would rather go out to eat.

      3. That is what I am planning now. RH Hotel, any good from RH Hotel? But I know a lot nice food nearby. I am going back to sleep too… miss my bed and smelly pillows.

        Good, nice and pretty new hotel…linked to Wisma Sanyan & Parkson via the 1st Floor.

      4. another hot weekend at Sibu. Enjoying cold air-con from RH Hotel. Course ended yesterday and going back to work soon.

        So nice. I just step out of the house for a while and I would be drenched in my sweat. So very hot and it’s getting hotter by the day… 😦

      5. Ya, very hot nowadays. I arrived Kuching yesterday late evening and last night I slept in a hot hot weather, making me sleep not well and feel not good today.

        Getting hotter and hotter by the day. Dunno when it will finally rain to cool things down a bit… 😦

  3. Please say the offer is until next year….PLEASE!! this year memang cannot.. looking at the food, cannot fly also must take boat to sibu!! hahahaha….

    Where got till next year? Every offer is only for a few days. Go to Air Asia’s page on Facebook and LIKE it – then, any promotion, it will appear on your wall. This way,you would know what they have in store.

  4. Now we must really organize a trip to Sibu all the bloggers from semananjung code name…”From Semananjung with love to see Suituapui of Sibu” i think i must elect Claire to be the orgainizing chairwoman for this post, clarie, say something about this

    Sigh! You push to Claire and Claire pushes to you and you push it back to her and it goes on and on and on… In the end,nothing happens. Same old story! 😦 I’ve had friends (teachers/lecturers) coming over to Kuching or Sibu on courses and other official duty and they love it here so much – full of praises, everything’s so nice, everything’s so good – so different from over there…but when it comes to going on holidays on their own, they would not bother to think about coming here with their families..The bottom line is nobody over there wants to come here. 😦

  5. wow, i like that special fried koay teow!!! looks so nice!!!
    hey, i actually noticed that kampua noodles appears in your blog quite frequently, almost 1 in every 3 posts?? hahahaha~~ 😀

    What to expect? Sibu – kampua and kompia town… You’d probably get to see some more next week – I’ve three aunties coming to town for a few days…. 🙂

  6. Great names like Aloha and Thor wowie…hahaha. Special fried kway teow wrapped in egg not common in W Msia. Ooee RM6 for Sarawak laksa coz of the 4 prawns? Looks very plain, how’s the taste like? A crossed between curry and assam laksa?

    Sigh! Malas nak explain! Like the difference between kampua mee, kolo mee and wanton mee (and konlou mee in Sabah) – the uninitiated thinks they’re all the same, taste the same when they’re all very different in their own ways…

    1. Oooops sorry bro no need to sigh one can get older faster if sigh too often, shall ask more intelligent question in future so that you would not be malas to explain and to make you sigh. 1001 apologies. Very simple curry taste like curry and assam laksa taste like assam laksa QED hehe! No need to explain long long one. muahahaha.

      Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Still would not say he would come to Sibu and give it a try. Nobody wants to come to Sibu. Bwahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!! 😦

  7. Another set of yummy food! Why is the meat red in the second photo?

    They marinate it with ang zhao – that is the residue they get when they make the traditional Foochow red wine. Very nice! Yum! Yum!

  8. Wow!…..Sibu Foochow ang chao mee sua looks awesome and cincaluk amongst my favourites. Sarawak laksa and the kampua noodles looks pretty nice too.

    Have a great weekend, Arthur.

    So near, yet so far. No plans to hop over to Sibu? Your son still on his summer hols? Can come over… I’m sure he has lots of uni-mates here.🙂

  9. I want! I want….! now that I am retired, perhaps I should move to Sibu for a while. Good grief … I admire your meals… cheap and delicious looking. The other day, I paid RM4.50 for ban mein and I couldn’t hardly see any noodle in it! That was day light robbery.

    Miri mah! I hear things there are getting more and more expensive. I have not been there for years now – I think if I go over one of these days, I would be in for a shock? 😦

  10. First time I see kuey tiau wrapped in eggs like that. Any difference in taste,meh?..or it’s just a gimmick? Psst, actually hor, the more I see the pucat kampua, the more I gian to try. Maybe I should close my eyes when I finally have them so as not to influence my opinion based on the colour. Great picture of the kampua you have there by the way…makes me really want to sink my teeth in it. Another thing, your blog ni not only the pictures are torturing me, even the comments of other readers are making me go crazy with cravings. What is this masak hitam all about!!?? I beh tahan dengar pasal the kesedapan!!

    LOL!!! Masak hitam! I’ve yet to try cooking that. So busy, no time…and can buy from my Malay food stall in the kampong, so very nice – not worth the hassle of cooking my own. The kway teow – quite plain, not much ingredient – tastes ok…not bad but I prefer stuff with a much stronger flavour. Sibu specialty – somebody started doing it like that long ago and it became so popular, many die-hard lovers…I’m not one of them. Used to have lots of chives,not anymore, I think. Come…come…kampua is waiting for you! LOL!! 😉

  11. let me plan a holiday there with the mrs ok stp? From your posts, i believe you’ll play the best host.

    You can bet on that! Come…come…I am waiting!

  12. haha I haven’t eaten a koay teow covered with egg. Looks like some pattaya fried rice.

    Sibu specialty. Pattaya rice, they fry omelette and wrap rice inside like a parcel – this one isn’t like that. Many people like this…but to me, just ok with it – something different sometimes for a change. Not much ingredient other than egg and bean sprouts.

  13. Thnx, sure…will hop over to Sibu one of these days. Yup, my son is still on holidays and will be going back early August.

    Come, come…let me know when you all will be here…. 😉

  14. Was the Egg Wrapped Kueh Tiaw any good?

    You can try when you’re in town – Sibu specialty…been around since my younger days. Something like that Green Road/Cloud Estate kway teow (the roadside stall) in Kuching except that this one’s wrapped in egg. A must-have for some…but for me, I’m just ok with it….

  15. i thought the red chicken was beef 🙂

    asian food are always tasty. as compared to the pizza and burger of the west. are western food popular in sibu? 🙂

    Quite…especially among the young. For me, not so much into burgers, pizzas ok…and I may go western for a change sometimes – more expensive though…so usually for special occasions.

  16. So I got up this morning, looking for something decent to eat in the market. Ow wait, they don’t sell anything cooked in the market here. Nevermind… Hahahaha

    LOL!!! We have one whole storey of hawker stalls right above the huge market – the biggest in the country, some say….

  17. I wanna go visit you! Wanna see how suituapui looks…ngek ngek ngek!! ^^ Welcome me? with arms open wide? haha! =D

    Well, I know what you look like. I’ve checked out your photo on Facebook. Ah! Isaac’s friend, I see…You can see my photos in some of my earlier posts. Welcome, welcome to Sibu… Drag Isaac and Janice along. 😉

    1. Aww… oright! Will do so! =] In the meantime, keep your blog alive! I actually enjoy reading your blog. ^^

      Sure will. Thanks for the compliment. 😉

  18. I remember that char-kuay-tiaw!!! Reading your blog made me miss Sibu’s food so much that i’ve booked my ticket to go back to Sibu for CNY; so hope to see you then. Shall we swap details nearer the time?

    Ooooo….when are you coming? CNY? Gosh…that’s a long long way to go! I’ll drop you a line via email sometime…

  19. I want, I want! but can’t be going there alone, rite? Perhaps, bloggers gathering in Sibu with STP???

    Come! Somebody can start the ball rolling…and all will follow.

  20. Oh..all Sibu specialty and the must have when visit Sibu.

    CKT with egg on top, i remember that, there was once a very famous stall at Sarawak house, an old uncle selling, the corner coffee shop, now i think had become Mcd?

    Red wine chicken, lucky i still have three bottles foochow red wine in my fridge and mee suah, can cook that. hahahhaha

    But kampua………..i think i have to venture to Puchong one day and find my kampua and pian sip and “chow chi cha” the stick? The other was chatting with my school mate from Sibu, she is staying there, told me she found stall that sell very nice pian sip and kampua and chow chi cha!!!

    The stick? The Foochow name is – char-bee-lau”, dunno the Mandarin name? Is that what you’re talking about? There’s a shop here selling that on alternate days – on other days, “pek ting eyok”…but he cooks pork leg with it. At home, we usually cook chicken.

    Puchong, you can check this old post of mine and click this links – they may give you a rough ides where it is…butI hear it has moved…but it’s still somewhere nearby.

    Btw, McD has moved – no longer at Sarawak House. The original ckt fella, Ah Tor, was at Kok Cheng, opposite Cathay Cinema (now Star Cineplex). This is the son – I don;t think he’s still around… The sister sells something similar at that popular coffee shop at Sg Merah…but my cousin says hers not as nice.

  21. I always wonder if it is the same as melaka’s kon lou white noodle. i tasted sarawak noodle and its almost the same. wonder if this melaka’s white kon lou is the same as kampua noodle?

    Konlou mee in Melaka? Like Sabah’s? They’re similar but a discerning consumer would be able to tell the difference – even in the texture of the noodles, not just the taste. The kampua noodles and the kolo mee noodles and the wanton mee noodles – they’re all very different.

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