So good…

That day, I took my cousins from Kuching out for lunch at the Sweet Family Restaurant in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal and we observed with interest how the fish would line up by the glass in front of the tank…

Sweet Family fish tank

…even though the tank was big and there was ample space for them to swim around. It was almost as if they were all watching us on the outside – the same way we were looking at them on the inside.

We had to decide between their Philippine pork leg and this…

SweetFamily braised pork belly with mantao

– their braised pork belly with mantao (steamed buns) and eventually, settled for the latter. No regrets though as it was really great! Yum! Yum!

SweetFamily braised pork belly

I also ordered the fried venison with ginger…

SweetFamily fried venison with ginger

…and managed to get what we wanted despite a little problem with the Mandarin when we were placing our order. It was all right, pretty nice…but was unfortunately overshadowed by the pork.

We had their fried cangkuk manis for our veg dish…

SweetFamily fried cangkuk manis

…and sea cucumber soup…

SweetFamily sea cucumber soup

…to wash everything down.

I ordered this plate of Foochow fried noodles, of course…

SweetFamily Foochow fried noodles

How can anybody come to Sibu and not eat this? The waitress suggested RM5.00 of it to be shared by everybody and good grief! Just look at the amount we got!

When it was served, I could smell the wok hei fragrance and I told everyone that I was sure it would be really good. By the time, everybody had finished everything else, the noodles were still left untouched. Oh dear, I thought. It looked like I had to tapao the whole lot and take it home. Nevertheless, I urged everyone to eat a bit as it is in the Melanau tradition that if people offer you something to eat and you do not want, you should eat a little or at least touch it to prevent any untoward incident from happening.

So they all took a bit and as they were helping themselves, the whiff of the wok hei fragrance swept everybody off their feet…and when they tried it, they were stunned! It was sooooooooo….good and they had seconds and thirds and before we knew it, it was all gone…

SweetFamily plate licked clean

Now, you can imagine how good it was! Yum! Yum!

The bill for 5 persons plus a kid came up to over RM70 only, inclusive of drinks and rice. Cheap, eh? Well,that was lunch! Next stop…dinner! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “So good…”

  1. Hey, it work both ways. You went there looking for food and the fish thinks you are food. Fair, right?

    Or they’re all lining up like in a beauty contest, waiting to be picked…

    1. So you are assuming they are all lady fish?

      Probably! The males are probably swimming all over the place, more restless…and the females are more curious – so kaypo, want to observe everything going on in the neighbourhood. Oops!!!! *run and hide….all the ladies will be after me with their bricks and bats! LOL!!! 😀

      1. Staring at Cikgu with penyapu on hand. LOL!

        Hehehehehe!!!! Blerk! * and run off again…. Hey! Wait a minute! I’m so fat, how to run? *use hand to shield head from broom….. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

      2. There is this joke about how to differentiate whether a fly is a male or a female. You know the answer?

        Nope. Haven’t heard of that one. 😦

  2. haha, yeah, and the fish say, ‘hey look at that foolish guy, look at that nerd boy, look at the fat woman!!’.. hahaha!!! 😀
    awwwww, the pork looks too fat for me.. i prefer the venison and the sea cucumber soup~~ 🙂

    Ooooo…the fatty pork was heavenly! Never mind, we go and I’ll eat the fat – you can have the lean. Hehehehehehe!!!! The fish would be saying, “Oh! That fella so very fat! Sure he will not eat one of us! That type will usually go for the fattening stuff!” and they were right! Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. Ha…
      1st fish said “That biggest piece of meat is mine”.
      2nd fish said “I like picking bones, I want the skinny one”
      3rd fish said “The little one looks tender”
      4th fish said “I want mine roasted and not steamed…”

      For all we know, they are picking fun at us instead..

      They’re probably saying, “Look! Look at what they’re doing to our brothers and sisters!”

      1. With two very different way of looking at thing. I think I am more of a optimist than you.

        And I’m more realistic. They’re all doomed…waiting for the death sentence, poor things. I wonder why they must display the fish like that. If it’s fresh, one bite will tell a discerning diner instantly – no need for all this gimmick.

  3. I’ve got to stop reading your blog… you’re making me very hungry. Plus can see but not touch (no eat). That is torture.

    Console yourself… At least you are not accumulating all the fat and the calories! LOL!!! 😀

  4. All those delish food for only RM70 ++? Guess its time for me to pack and stay in Sibu (~:~)

    Come, come…good place to settle down. Not much excitement, nothing much here…except the food. LOL!!!

  5. One of the poor fishes may be saying ‘please dont pick me’. Philippine pork leg truly comes from Phil or just a name only? Was just about to ask what’s cangkuk manis and saw Bluedreamer’s comment.

    Or “Pick me! Save me from this misery!” LOL!!! I think the Philippine pork leg is a Filipino delicacy, the origin of this dish – not that the pork legs come from there. Cangkuk manis is our local version of the sayur manis – that is available over at your side except that they are small, much smaller. The taste is more or less the same.

    1. I think i know that Pork Leg dish….. if it’s with sauce then we called it Paksiw nga Pata but if it’s fried then that’s Crispy Pata… both are yummy

      We have that Crispy Pata here. Very popular – a lot of people eating it.

  6. Mantao looks awesome!

    Can’t get in Kuching? My cousins used to buy and bring back to Kuching- even the longish ones, the shape of hot dog buns…but they have not done that for a while now. I thought perhaps they can get them in Kuching now…or they’ve got over their love for it.

  7. When you come up with the title ‘So Good’ who came into your mind first? Destiny’s Child or Electrik Red? haha.

    I’m doing so so so so so
    I’m doing so so so so so
    I’m doing so so so so so good good good good good good.. ♫

    Dunno both. I googled…and got the song title. I only know “Hurt so good” – John Cougar Mellencamp… 😉

  8. Aiyor!…you are putting me on weight!!!…………

    Hmmm!…worth the price. Real torture to see all the scrumptious food… Like the venison with ginger, sea cucumber soup & foochow fried noodles….YUM!…YUM!… The braised pork belly is a bit too fat for my liking…and the cangkuk manis looks less appealing…DROOOOOOLING!!………………

    Yup. I thought the cangkuk manis did not look so good too, like they added corn starch or what…but it tasted good. No problem with that. Ooooo…the fatty pork was heavenly!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. The whiff of the wok hei fragrance swift the noodles away in split seconds like magic ‘now you see it now you dont’. haha. Talking about ‘wok hei’ was asking a regular small timer selling fried noodles and he admitted his frying does not have the ‘wok hei’ and explained in detail its all because he didnt use a greater capacity gas burner to ‘pao wok’ inorder to produce the ‘wok hei’. Sifu what say you? Your words of wisdom please..tQ.

    That’s what people say and some even let oil in the wok catch fire. That’s why when you fry noodles at home they do not have that fragrance. My cousins say the noodles in Kuching don’t have that smell and they make up for it by eating the noodles with Marmite! Gosh!!! @.@!!!

  10. The braised pork belly with mantau will be something I would have ordered too. Mmmm. Didn’t order the fish? Or after looking at them staring out, you didnt feel like eating them anymore 😛

    Yalor…so kesian! Imagine you eating one of their brothers or sisters and they are all lined up against the glass looking at you. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  11. The venison looks heavenly. Would love to sink my teeth on em.

    See!!! Look…look carefully! See what you can get to eat if you come over to Sibu! Drool! Drool!

  12. The cangkuk manis looks delicious !! Haha, I know everyone else is commenting on the meat dishes, but the veggies deserve some attention .. me thinks .. :p Awesome food 🙂

    LOL!!! I guess everybody’s more of a meat lover and veggies will take a side seat. Nah!!! This one does not do it as well as many other places in town. It should look a lot nicer than that! 😉

  13. seems like those fishes are looking at the diners with HORROR esp with the plates of fishes on the tables, that’s why they are crowded together to have a better view of what awaits them…look at the eyes…the wide open mouth…waiting for their death…seems so cruel…

    It does seem so, doesn’t it? They have this practice at seafood restaurants at many places whereby they keep the fish in aquariums and diners can pick the ones they like and those will go into the wok. I guess that’s an indication that the fish is very fresh. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, fish that has been taken out of its natural habitat for too long – never mind the fact that it is kept alive in an aquarium like that, will not be very nice.

    I remember my missus bought a fish from the market. It was a tilapia from a fish farm at a reservoir at one hydroelectricity project in the state and it was still alive so she let it swim in the kitchen sink. My daughter saw that and since that day, she would never eat that kind of fish ever again. She said that she felt so sorry for the poor thing. I guess she shared those same sentiments.

    Btw, welcome all the way from Pennsylvania. You’re not vegetarian, are you?

  14. Masuk list too…hehehe. Everything looks so good..except the cangkuk manis (eee..what sayur is that? Look so kelabu and hancur). I simply love to try that sea cucumber soup..sure nice with a drop or two of the black vinegar…macam tu soup that cannot be named. Hubby and son cannot tahan see the bak with the roti kiap (mantou) 🙂

    The guys like the pork belly in mantao? Come, come to Sibu and they can feast on that. 😉 The sea cucumber soup is exactly like the soup that cannot be named – except that instead of the offensive expensive stuff, they put bits of sea cucumber instead. As for the veg, I think I shared a link in a reply to somebody’s comments earlier. You’re supposed to tear it to bits like that to bring out the sweetness…and thus, make it nicer to eat. But thumbs down for the appearance at this restaurant – some other places can do it more nicely and serve it looking more enticing than this.

  15. Very cheap and nice!! Next time we come here.. hahaha….. KIV this place first… i think u got to bookmark a lot of places la… i want the local food… something i have not tried before…

    Of course! Your wish is my command… If only you will come… 😦

  16. SO GOOD!!! Yes, the food look so good, especially there are two my favourite dish, cangkuk manis and sea cucumber soup. Aiyo…today this is the second picture i saw on sea cucumber soup. Drool. 😦

    Sweet family restaurant? A new restaurant? Food good? Will check that out next time.

    LOL!!! You must have seen Elaine’s album on Facebook. Nope! This restaurant has been around for a long long time and has been located at a number of other places before. I often tapaoed food from here…and I like to eat here too as the food is cheap and very nice. Service is very fast also and the place is clean. It’s not air-conditioned though…

  17. The noodles photo made me very hungry……maybe go for some fried noodles later! Looks very delicious!

    Hah!! You want Foochow-style like this…you will have to come to Sibu? Any plans? 🙂

  18. Gimme all the sea cucumber soup! I want! I love sea cucumbers… slurp!

    Oh? You’re not making an inference, are you? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  19. OMGawd you’ve just awakened my tastebuds at this ungodly hour! ;P
    The pork belly dish just so looked irresistable, I could have walloped it all by myself! lolz

    Gosh! You’re such a big eater? Never mind! Come to Sibu, I will order one plate specially for you alone. LOL!!! But hey! I thought you’re a vegan? Or is that one certain days or occasions only? Or have I got you mixed up with somebody else? Old man mah…very easily confused. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

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