Hard habit to break…

Whenever they come to town, the first stop they would make would be at this coffee shop for the kampua noodles and when they go home, they will surely tapao a few packets to take back and eat. Well, this time was no exception.

Well, I did mention in my previous post that I was expecting my cousins to come to Sibu for the weekend…and actually, when they told me they were coming on an early morning flight, I replied that I would meet them at the airport and we would go for breakfast together – kampua noodles no less, of course!

And their instant reply was – Dr. Xavier’s…

LiangYew kampua noodles

We call it by that name after the Indian doctor who had his clinic a few  doors away when we were very very young. Yes, we have been eating the noodles since goodness knows when…and in my cousins’ cases, it certainly looks like it’s a hard habit to break.

My apologies for the greenish tint in the photographs. The place was crowded and we had to sit at a table further inside where the only source of light was one fluorescent tube. If you want to look at some very much nicer DSLR photographs that would do the noodles a lot more justice, you can click this link to go to my friend’s blog to have a look at his.

I had the kampua piansip

LiangYew kampua piansip

…and it was nice – unlike what I had on my previous visit a long time ago. For one thing, they used to bury the noodles with a whole lot of the fragrant fried sliced onions but these days, it looks like they are no longer as generous. Well, with the rising prices of things including shallots, I guess that should come as no surprise.

My cousins left the following day and no prize for guessing what they had in their luggage. LOL!!! They certainly had a lot of space for that and a whole lot of other things from Sibu as when they came, they brought along these zhang (rice dumplings) for me…

Auntie Irene's nyonya zhang

– the traditional nyonya ones no less – specially made by their mum, my uncle’s wife and the irony of it all is that she is actually of Iban descent and can make these dumplings when many Chinese these days have never bothered to pick up the skill. There I was thinking that I would not have any to eat this year but thanks to her (and my friend, Richard), I certainly ended up with a whole lot of zhangs to enjoy over the DuanWu Festival on Monday. Yum! Yum!

And that is not all! She also gave me this really lovely steamed rich fruit pudding that she made herself…

Auntie Irene's fruit pudding

…with so much brandy in it that one would get intoxicated from the mere whiff of the liquor the moment the container was opened and just one bite would send you to Seventh Heaven, believe you me! Yum! Yum! LOL!!

Well, stick around and you will get to see more of what we had been up to when those fellas were in town…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Hard habit to break…”

  1. STP…your cousins must come more often!! hahaha… the fruit cake really looks “intoxicating!”… can get drunk even after eating a piece? it looks so moist and nice.. hey, fruit cake can be kept for some time, u know.. so… er… u know… 🙂

    Yup…I’m saving it. Been having too many goodies to eat like all those changs, for instance…so keep for “dry days” – can really enjoy it and appreciate it more. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have other visitors dropping by…so I can share with them? Hint! Hint! LOL!!! 😀

  2. time for morning breakfast!

    p/s: wow the comment section for wordpress.com looks so nice!

    Bon appetit! Nice kah? I only hope it is not troublesome to use. So far no complaints, so should be ok. 🙂

  3. A big fan of fruit cake here… especially those soaked with liquor, YUM!!!

    This one…sure to have a lot of brandy, the smell’s so strong! 🙂

  4. I also love rich fruit cakes with nuts and lots of alcohol. The more brandy is the better!

    Come, come to Sibu. I can share with you. But no nuts though…just lots of fruits and brandy. In fact, I do not like things with a lot of nuts like chocolates e.g. – not a fan of those.

  5. kampua pianship?? wat is pianship??? fruit pudding look good! but i bet it gonna be very sweet xD

    Piansip is our local Foochow version of the wanton. How could you have miss that when I have posted on it so many times before? Nope, not sweet – I would not like it if it’s so very sweet like the cakes overseas. I bought a Tia Maria in the UK, ate a bit…toothache all night long…and gave the rest of the cake away to the housekeeper. So very very sweet!

  6. wahh.. you had a feast! you should show us what’s inside the bak zhang and let us drool for a day mar 😛

    You can click the link on “my friend, Richard” to see the inside – they’re all the same – traditional nyona zhangs!

  7. Guessed it right – your relatives will sure go for the kampua noodles oh Dr X has a ‘kampua branch’ haha. Agree HABIT is hard to break, take away the ‘H’ you still got ABIT; remove the ‘A’ you still have BIT; blow away the ‘B’ you still got IT.

    Must eat, when in Sibu – kampua and Foochow fried noodles…and kompia…and a whole lot of things. Stick around – you’ll get to see more in my next few posts. 😉

  8. Had one bak zhang which Mango brought back from home. Missing those nonya ones leh. Wow the intoxicated pudding is sure powerful kicking you up Seventh Heaven. Which is higher Cloud 9 or 7th Heaven? ~;).

    Cloud, can see…heaven’s so high – cannot see…so which is higher? Maybe 7th Heaven, can see the “chit sien ni” (7 fairies)…except that these days, when talking about meeting fairies, one must be careful. Has a different meaning now… LOL!!! 😀

    1. In school we learned 9 higher that 7 so how? Maths teacher sar tiam long *something wrong*?. As kid watched Super 6 cartoon now screening Super 8 maybe 10 years later got Super 10. See surely and slowly they up the stake like poker..muahahaha.

      But when teacher gave us report card, my No. 7 will be higher than your No. 9 leh? People like us of course, no hope of getting No.1, right or not? Muahahahaha!!!!

      1. Bananaz never got single digit in my report card only if you count backwards maybe hahaha

        Hehehehe!!! I got! In primary school…but when bigger, already gatal -no more lah! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. more kampuas. I’ve been seeing so much of this dish in your blog STP. Do you have it every other day?

    The fruit pudding looks delicious. Whats the difference between that and a fruit cake ya?

    No leh? Have not had it for a while…and this time, I was taking them to goand eat…so no choice mah! Have to eat together, nothing else in that shop – no options. Pudding’s steamed, I suppose and may be served with brandy sauce…and fruitcakes are baked and are thus drier.

  10. Berapa kali sebulan you makan kampua? Anyway,won’t the kampua noodles be soggy if makan a few hours later?The more I see your kampua posts,the more I gian to try one.Are you able to get the address of the kampua you had in Auckland for me?Hubby not working this weekend, so we can go hunting for it.

    Ill try and get from my bro – dunno still in bizniz or not.

    Satu bulan, maybe half a dozen times like that – depends on whether there’s anything to eat for breakfast or not at home…or maybe I would go for something else.

    Nope, the kampua will not become soggy – it may become one lump so you will have to loosen the strands and eat. Good kampua – even when cold, it will be nice. The Foochow fried noodles also – the sauce/gravy may be soaked into the noodles…but some, that’s the best time to eat! Much nicer. Others…soggy or bloated, not so nice.

    1. LOL… ur a kampua fan… while me… I can never live without nasi lemak and penang laksa…one mth sure have to have at least 6-times oni my hidup feel senang!

      I’m not really a kampua fan – just that it’s all over the place and it’s cheap. To me, it’s just an option – I don’t mind looking for something else to eat…but I think there are people who would rather have kampua than anything else.

  11. You are really a true kampua man,.

    Syiok!….see the fruit pudding. Looks so rich and nice. Going gaga all over it 🙂

    Nice!!! Must eat slowly…bit by bit…savour the taste to the fullest! Ummmmmm!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  12. “Lian Yew” kampua! A place that i must “visit” whenever i am home. I like their kampua. Still prefer soya sauce and chili. Everytime before i fly off, i will go for the last one for breakfast, if the flight not too ealy. Yum!

    Hahahahaha!!! Here’s another die-hard fan, just like my cousins. I hear the one above the Civic Centre market is nice too – cheap some more…and if tapao, will still be nice even when cold. Must go and try one day… Oh dear! And everyone’s grumbling that I eat kampua all the time… 😦

  13. Alamak… bahaya la… you go for makan trip, den I have to make sure my tum-tum is full before I come here. LOL!

    Not me lah! My cousins…here on a makanthon…or a food tour, whatever you want to call it. LOL!!!

  14. oo i like the Fruit cake. yumm…Angel Bear and Elin gave me some last christmas. They are delicious. Not too sweet

    Pudding… This one’s steamed – a family recipe since my younger days. Annie-Q gave me a fruitcake for Christmas last year. This auntie of mine also gave me this when I went to Kuching after Christmas last year but I gave all to my mum – let her enjoy as nobody can make anything like that anymore. Have to steam for hours!

  15. Oh That noodle looks divine. I can just imagine how it’d taste like. And the Brandy fruit cake. I wanna get drunk stat! (ordered Dr Xavier…. hehehe, you know I could be him too, one of my middle name is xavier)
    Oh Btw, I added you to my friendlist page, hope it’s OK.

    Oh? I’m honoured. I’ve already linked you in my bloglist since dunno when. Hmmmm…you can only get these noodles here – the best ones, that is – there may be pale imitations elsewhere. As for the fruit cake/pudding, I bet you can make your own – just as nice or even better. 😉

  16. i think you can’t blame that, sometimes we just very instinctively order the same food without much thinking, that really comes from our underlying instinct, hahaha~~ hey, that fruit cake looks yummy lor..

    No, they love the kampua noodles at this shop. Anybody going to Kuching or coming to Sibu, sure they will ask them to tapoa a few plates like it’s really something to die for! LOL!!! Yup…the fruit pudding is very nice, that goes without saying.Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  17. ok arthur next time if i ever go to sibu, you must also take me to all the best coffee shops for kampua noodle!

    Of course!!! But nah!!! I don’t think you will ever want to come to this boring small town… 😦

  18. i used to enjoy rich fruit cake but not anymore. I love cheese cake instead.

    Not after all the cheesecake that my students stuffed me with, I wouldn’t mind not eating any ever again….

  19. Very nice kampua! I haven’t had that in a long time…

    …and fruit cake with enough brandy to intoxicate you merely with the smell?


    Not that long, I’m sure.You were home for Chinese New Year, weren’t you? LOL!!! 😀 Come, let me know when you’re back in town and we can go for some of that….and the fruit pudding’s still in the fridge. They say these liquor-drowned ones – the longer you keep, the better it gets. Yum! Yum! 😉

  20. We had the Kampua for dinner along with several other goddies we bought in Sibu.. hahaha

    Dinner? Today? Good grief! It’s almost a week old!!! Ah well…beggars can’t be choosers… Not in celebration of your birthday, I hope! LOL!!!

  21. why are they visiting sibu? where do your cousins live now? i’ve read in the previous post that some of them are from UK, but what about the others? 🙂

    i love the noodles and that nyonya dumpling? i’ve eaten similar this week, a gift (pasalubong) from one of our trainees 🙂

    They’ve all moved to Kuching – around an hour’s flight away or over 6 hours by road. There are some in Australia, KL…everywhere. Yes, here, when we visit friends or relatives, we may bring a little something. In Malay, we call it “buah tangan”…what you people call pasalubong, I guess.

  22. Is it homemade fruit cake can keep longer than those we can buy from the shops? I used to buy from a bakery shop…and i thought i can keep it for sometimes….but fungus started to grow.

    I don’t think so. Those from bakeries, I hear, contain lots of preservatives…so they can keep longer – not good to take too much. Even the homemade ones will have fungal growth – must keep in fridge and reheat in the oven when you want to eat. Steamed ones like this, even worse. To make them keep longer, have to bake in the oven for a bit after steaming

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