First hand…

When my missus had the ayam penyet at Bandong here the other day, she said that what she had at this other place was much nicer. So I went back there the other evening to try it myself first hand…

SibuBusTerminal ayam penyet

The price has gone up since the time my missus had that there – from RM5.00 to RM6.00…so it is still cheaper than what she had at Bandong – RM6.50.

The meat was good – not hard and dry…

Sibu BusTerminal ayam penyet - chicken

…and I liked the fact that the vegetables accompanying the dish had been boiled or blanched first as I’m not really into eating them raw (except for the cucumber).

Sibu BusTerminal ayam penyet - ulam & sambal

They also gave a bowl of complimentary soup which was very nice, a small piece of tempeh (soy cake) and one tauhu pok (beancurd puff) and the sambalΒ (chilli dip) had a hint of belacan (dried prawn paste) but I felt they should add extra for a bit more kick to it.

For one thing, I must say that I prefer the rice wrapped in Β banana leaf that we had at the other place. It had a special fragrance that made it different and a lot nicer than the plain white rice that they served here.

They also have the nasi lele/keli (catfish rice) here but it also costs RM6.00 which means that it is more expensive than what I had that day (RM5.50).

Perhaps I should go around town and try some other places as well to see if there are any that are better than these two.

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23 thoughts on “First hand…”

  1. Ohh.. I’ve seen some restaurants selling ayam penyet over here, but i din try any… I suppose they’re not tempting enough.

    I saw in sixthseal’s blog the lele in Miri he had in Miri- looks really nice.

    1. Ohhhh. The ones I saw does not look so good… so I din want to try… nampak semacam aje… 😦 Mahal summore. 😦

      There are a few more places in town. Will drop by to try sometime…and hopefully, I’ll find something really good.

    1. Join my club, Cikgu… no chicken butt, no chicky feet, and no katak for me. LOL… I know u dun eat those too. LOL!

      Yup…we’re one of a kind! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. ahaha… mom just cooked Chicken Adobo for us yesterday and it include some parts like Chicken liver and Chicken Butt haha

        Yum…yum…but butt, no…thank you. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. If hard and dry, then very hard to chew.. nowadays my molars also not strong liow… gosh.. must eat softer food.. *sounds familiar?* hehehe…

    Well, at least you have molars…mine all gone except one but that does not stop me from eating. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  3. haha, it seems to me you like ayam penyet a lot huh?? hehe.. but this chicken from the photo doesn’t seems quite penyet to me?? haha.. anyway, the cheapest i’ve had was RM4.50 in The Gardens foodcourt, but it has closed down.. maybe they slashed the price because of closing down…

    A novelty. Something different so right now, I’m hoping to find one that is really nice and worth going back for. A change from the usual Hainanese chicken rice,

  4. Oooppss…this ayam penyet looks so much better than the other day….chicken meat looks tender and succulent…YUM!!!…YUM!!!…

    The chicken was good and the ulam too but I prefer the rice at the other place.

  5. Don’t look impressive la, Arthur.Like I’ve told you before,I’m not a fan of ayam penyet,so my views maybe a bit bias.
    There’s a Ayam Penyet Restaurant in Sunway ( in front of Pyramid ) which is often crowded..the ayam penyet must be real good and I’ve every intention of trying the place out but somehow never got round to it.It’s a case of too many makan place but too little time…perut also quite!

    This is Indonesian. I’m sure they are nice ones somewhere…like looking for good kampua noodles in KL – hopefully I’ll find a really good one, one that’s really to die for. πŸ˜‰

  6. The Ayam Penyet not very appetising leh… come to Singapore , you can find some good ones!

    Is that an invitation? Your treat? Oooooo…can’t wait to go over now. LOL!!!

  7. 😦 I miss home now… eating with hands… hot sambal and dripping sweats draining down my forehead

    Oh dear! I’ve made you miss home, have I?

  8. This is probably the ayam penyet everyone was talking about, so tempted to try one good one!^^

    I’ll try some other places. Hopefully, there’ll be even nicer ones.

  9. Ahhh, Ayam Penyet, they hentam the chicken until penyet and tender….before cooking…

    Yalor…that should be the case. I had expected it to be flattened like chicken chop…

  10. Ayam penyet, looks good. Is it an indonesian dish?

    There is a stall at our office building food court, selling all indon dish. I think i had this few times, tastes good, but i don’t like tempeh. πŸ˜›

    It is. I never liked tempeh. Usually they cook with sambal but I like these lightly-deep fried ones – not as had as what I had before and taste quite good.

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