First hand…

When my missus had the ayam penyet at Bandong here the other day, she said that what she had at this other place was much nicer. So I went back there the other evening to try it myself first hand…

SibuBusTerminal ayam penyet

The price has gone up since the time my missus had that there – from RM5.00 to RM6.00…so it is still cheaper than what she had at Bandong – RM6.50.

The meat was good – not hard and dry…

Sibu BusTerminal ayam penyet - chicken

…and I liked the fact that the vegetables accompanying the dish had been boiled or blanched first as I’m not really into eating them raw (except for the cucumber).

Sibu BusTerminal ayam penyet - ulam & sambal

They also gave a bowl of complimentary soup which was very nice, a small piece of tempeh (soy cake) and one tauhu pok (beancurd puff) and the sambal (chilli dip) had a hint of belacan (dried prawn paste) but I felt they should add extra for a bit more kick to it.

For one thing, I must say that I prefer the rice wrapped in  banana leaf that we had at the other place. It had a special fragrance that made it different and a lot nicer than the plain white rice that they served here.

They also have the nasi lele/keli (catfish rice) here but it also costs RM6.00 which means that it is more expensive than what I had that day (RM5.50).

Perhaps I should go around town and try some other places as well to see if there are any that are better than these two.