Nina, pretty ballerina…

Well, I wouldn’t know if there were any pretty ballerinas that night but Melissa and her friends went to watch a ballet a couple of weekends ago…

Mel @ the ballet1

Now, now…has she put on weight or was it just because she had her hair down in the photograph?

Mel @ the ballet 2

I guess she’s been eating o.k. lately and she’s been cooking too – like this bowl of curry mihun

Mel's curry mihun

…and these chikutteh noodles….

Mel's chikutteh noodles

They all look good, don’t they, Eugene?

The Malaysian students there also organised a pasar malam (night market) the other night to promote Malaysian food and culture and also to raise funds for their association’s activities. I must say that I was very impressed by the effort that they put in. They even had promotional banners like this one…

Pasar malam promo banner

…and Melissa bought their murtabak

Pasar malam murtabak

Not bad, not bad at all…and the satay seemed pretty good too…

Pasar malam satay

…and this was their nasi kerabu Terengganu…

Pasar malam nasi kerabu Terengganu

How time flies! It’s June already and pretty soon, she and all the rest will be home sweet home – older and I’m sure, a lot wiser too.