Only yesterday…

It was just the day before that I stopped by this coffee shop and had the kway teow th’ng…and the very next day, Sunday, I was there again.

My missus and I went out for breakfast and it certainly looked like going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning would not be such a great idea. I wanted to take her to try some of the nice stuff at Rejang Park here but there was not a single parking space available and one glance at the coffee shops revealed that they were all bursting at the seams…with people! I really wonder what all that talk about rising prices and poor economy is about – nothing will ever come between Sibu people and food, it seems.

In the end, I decided to drop by the same place I had gone to the day before and I ordered something from the same stall again…

KongMaMa stall

– the one where I had the nice prawn dumplings soup and kway teow th’ng. Emblazonned in front of that guy’s t-shirt was this: “Broadband ruined my life!”  I wonder if anybody else is in the same boat. Hehehehehe!!!!!

I tried what was listed as Ipoh sha hor fun (RM4.00) on the menu…

KongMaMa Ipoh sha hor fun 1

…and since I had never had that in Ipoh or elsewhere, I was not too sure whether it would be something like this or not in Ipoh or elsewhere. I guess we’ll just have have to wait for Claire or one of the others to come and give their comments.

It was very nice though – with the chicken slices, two little prawns and some taugeh (bean sprouts) and as with those that I had on my previous visits, I simply loved the soup.

KongMaMa Ipoh sha hor fun 2

My missus ordered what they called “special sauce dry mee” (RM3.50) from another stall and got this…

KongMaMa special sauce dry mee

Except for the minced meat, it looked like kampua noodles and tasted like kampua noodles…or maybe one of those the pale imitations that one might find in KL and the surrounding areas. My missus could not finish it…so I guess that says it all.

I guess I will be going back there again sometime to try the other things that my favourite stall has to offer…but maybe, not so soon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Only yesterday…”

  1. so you’re patronizing the shop now?? well that means they are serving really great dishes over there…

    Yup! This particular stall is good…and the guy speaks English. Very few like that around – all Mandarin speaking or Foochow – even the Indonesian helpers.

  2. hmmm, that is ipoh sah hor fun?? doesn’t like quite like it leh, in my impression it’s too clear because they should have put prawn oil which makes the soup looks a little more reddish.. and the special sauce noodles?? i thot that one is just the normal kampua noodles?? hahaha~~ 😀

    My sentiments exactly! And kampua is at least RM1 cheaper… Tsk! Tsk! Yup…I’ve seen photos of Ipoh sar hor fun which is a little bit reddish with the prawn oil. Looks like Singapore prawn noodles – the soup version. Well, at least the prawn, chicken and bean sprouts part is the same. Beggars can’t be choosers. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Good morning STP, compared the two, I prefer to order your missus’s plate of kampua.. Chicken koay teow is a
    common sight in Ipoh.. But kampua noodles is not.. Lol.. Yes, it looks like a very big plate, I think I cannot finish it too!

    I know. When I go some place, sure I would not want to eat what we have in Sibu…like my brother in Auckland – took me to eat kampua, curry laksa, nyonya food… Aiyor! Ours here so much nicer…and so much cheaper too!

  4. So, it is high time for you to pick up Mandarin lol, can get good bargains ma,right? who know comes with other goodies too…………..

    I am conversant in Mandarin. I think I spoke either Mandarin or Hokkien to him…but he replied in English. Nice man,very friendly…always smiling. But of course, my Mandarin not as good as yours lah! You have lots of practice speaking with your China dolls… 😉

  5. How come Sibu is so crowded where there aint any parking space for our taikor?

    Yalor…cilaka those people. Must send Penang gangster go and puncture all their tyres, then they know. LOL!!!

  6. Agree broadband ruined my life too got no more life tidur without sleeping coz broadband, makan not chewing coz broadband, mandi kerbau coz how?

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m sure you’re not the only one. 😉

  7. I want my curry mee no kampua..muahahahaa

    I want my…I want my curry mee…
    I want my…I want my curry mee…
    Look at them, yoyos…that’s the way to do it.
    Curry mee or nothing…and the treats are free!

  8. Kueh teow soup again???..sobs!…you so bad to torture me like this when you know I tengah mengidam ( not pregnant,ah..close shop already ) kueh teow soup!! I think this kueh teow soup looks better than the previous one although from experience I think the other day one will taste better.
    No wonder la your missus cannot eat finish her mee…such a huge portion leh.

    Yup…I prefer the minced pork balls in the other one, the taste more or less the same. Huge portion? Cannot lawan Auckland’s lah… Over there, two or three persons eating one – really too much for one person.

  9. ahh looks too dry n bland to me ler. but seeing it in huge portion, not bad eh? lol

    You mean the dry mee? Not dry, not bland…just not special! Bluff only, the name! 😦

  10. The ‘kampua’ noodles seems like a lot!

    Ok lah…usual portion here. Maybe if compared with wanton mee over at your side, this one’s a lot!

  11. The Sha Hor Fun looks a bit bland to me. The ones I like is with a bit of red color oily on the soup.

    I think that one is like Penang prawn mee where they boil all the heads and the shells of the peeled prawns to get the orangy stock to cook the mee…so they do the same in Ipoh for the sha hor fun. Sweeter, I guess…but sometimes I do not like if the prawn smell is a bit too strong.

  12. I dont really like kuay teow, so anything have to do with kuay teow, i will request to add some mee or beehoon to go with it…Just like fried kuay teow, i prefer to add some yellow mee to it..ehhehehe

    They say mee is fattening – kway teow and mihun not so.

  13. I’ve seen that ipoh hor fun before.. it’s supposed to be this clear soup dish.

    Yakah? Some, I think, are a bit reddish or orangy because of the prawn stock they use.

    1. I had some not very original ones at “old town” and some shops around KL. And it was all clear soups. Maybe we should drop by Ipoh one of these days to get the authentic ones? 🙂

      Ah yes! I’ve seen the Old Town ones – my daughter likes it a lot. Well, I certainly hope to go to Ipoh and maybe stay a few days there to try the best that it has to offer.

  14. What actually is Sha hor fun?…same as kway teow th’ng. Now, this one the soup looks really ching ching compared to the previous one. I love lots of taugeh in the soup.

    Wow!…RM3.50 for such a huge portion of mee….very pale looking though.

    Hor fun is (Ipoh) kway teow, more or less…so this is more or less like Penang kway teow th’ng and hay mee (prawn noodles) combined as I think they use prawn stock for the soup. I’m ok with the taugeh…prefer green veg. Go Carpenter Street, eat kolo mee, ask for the cheng/chap-chap (mixed pork innards) soup, they always put lots of taugeh. Where got huge portion – biasa kampua-sized serving only leh…and also pale like kampua. Sure we will not order that again…kampua is a lot cheaper! 😦

  15. Ooo…. looks like kampua noodles, taste like kampua, but not kampua?

    Nama glamor – special sauce dry mee kot! Blerk!! 😛

  16. I like Ipoh hor fun with a little red oil from the prawns, floating on the soup….nice leh…
    Ipoh hor fun have thin kueh teow and short chubby & crunchy taugeh…..

    The taugeh needs the special spring water or something – can have it only in Ipoh. We do not have the nice hor fun or kway teow here. You see ours is white and thick and not translucent. But there are people here who prefer our kway teow to what you people have over there – they say ours nicer. Ah well! To each his own.

  17. shar ho fun look so pale. how the taste? the other mee look like kolok or kampua. A new breed or cross breed of Kampua mee? muahahhahahaha

    Nice, very nice…but I prefer what I had the other day with the minced pork. The other mee can pass off as bluff-KL-people kolo mee lah…and I bet they’ll say it is so nice. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  18. I like Ipoh hor fun with a little bit of red oil from the prawns floating on the soup…nice leh.

    Ipoh kueh teow is smooth and thin, the taugeh short and chubby! Very crunchy..

    Yalah…yalah! Heard you the first time. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Pete,
      Ipoh tauge like me…short and chubby…kih!kih!kih!

      Oh? And in a nun outfit, you’ll look like a penguin? Muahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  19. Ipoh sha hor fun, agree with other, the soup looks too clear, should have some prawn oil floating on the soup, or they should use prawns shell to boil as broth.

    Usually i won’t order clear soup noodles, unless i am sick or hot weather when i got no appetite to eat.

    That plate of special sauce dry mee, aiyo..that is kampua la. What is on top? Minced meat? Taste ok?
    Happy Gawai holidays to you !!

    Tasted like kampua…where got what special sauce! And kampua is only RM2.30-250! Bluff only!!! 😦

    I like clear soup. With prawn stock, that means it’s the same soup as Penang prawn mee. I saw a hawker in Penang throwing away the head and shell of the prawns that he had boiled to make the soup/broth…slightly red or orange in colour. Nice also…sweet but if the prawn smell is too strong, I may not like it so much – like if you have foot-long tiger prawns and you use that for steamboat, they actually spoil the soup because of the smell – did it once before, will never do it again.

  20. both nampak ok, but the “special sauce dry mee” .. walawe, nampak betul-betul sedap, u know, these kind of mee, my fave lor 😉

    Ok, you can have that…and I’ll stick to my soupy sha hor fun. LOL!!! 😀

  21. I share SK’s thoughts. The soup looked too clear to pass of as Ipoh sar hor fun. But hey, so as long as it’s tasty, wallop aje! lolz

    Yup…I have a rough idea now what Ipoh sha hor fun is like. This is just like trying to find authentic Sibu kampua noodles or Kuching kolo mee in KL – obviously, not quite it! 😦

  22. long time no visit here…been and still busy…usually when i like a food, i eat it the whole week. for the last 2 weeks, i drank wendy’s iced tea every morning…good thing i’m not that consistent this week…hehe 🙂

    Yes, long time, no see… Hope you’re doing great. Well, drinks…I drink the same iced black coffee all the time but food, I don’t think I’ll eat the same thing every day for a week…except maybe , rice. 😉

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