Only yesterday…

It was just the day before that I stopped by this coffee shop and had the kway teow th’ng…and the very next day, Sunday, I was there again.

My missus and I went out for breakfast and it certainly looked like going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning would not be such a great idea. I wanted to take her to try some of the nice stuff at Rejang Park here but there was not a single parking space available and one glance at the coffee shops revealed that they were all bursting at the seams…with people! I really wonder what all that talk about rising prices and poor economy is about – nothing will ever come between Sibu people and food, it seems.

In the end, I decided to drop by the same place I had gone to the day before and I ordered something from the same stall again…

KongMaMa stall

– the one where I had the nice prawn dumplings soup and kway teow th’ng. Emblazonned in front of that guy’s t-shirt was this: “Broadband ruined my life!”  I wonder if anybody else is in the same boat. Hehehehehe!!!!!

I tried what was listed as Ipoh sha hor fun (RM4.00) on the menu…

KongMaMa Ipoh sha hor fun 1

…and since I had never had that in Ipoh or elsewhere, I was not too sure whether it would be something like this or not in Ipoh or elsewhere. I guess we’ll just have have to wait for Claire or one of the others to come and give their comments.

It was very nice though – with the chicken slices, two little prawns and some taugeh (bean sprouts) and as with those that I had on my previous visits, I simply loved the soup.

KongMaMa Ipoh sha hor fun 2

My missus ordered what they called “special sauce dry mee” (RM3.50) from another stall and got this…

KongMaMa special sauce dry mee

Except for the minced meat, it looked like kampua noodles and tasted like kampua noodles…or maybe one of those the pale imitations that one might find in KL and the surrounding areas. My missus could not finish it…so I guess that says it all.

I guess I will be going back there again sometime to try the other things that my favourite stall has to offer…but maybe, not so soon.