Blame it…

Now who should I blame it on? Well, if there’s anyone to blame, it has got to be *points accusing fingerPete! LOL!!! He put up a post on how he was going to cook ching-ching (plain) kway teow (flat rice noodles) soup over the weekend…and that made me miss the kway teow th’ng that I have had in Penang or in KL and looking at the yummy photographs that he had in that post certainly did not help one bit. Tsk! Tsk!

So I dropped by this coffee shop on my way to my parents’ house to see if they had anything that I could have so that I could appease my craving.  To my delight, the stall where I had the prawn dumpling soup the other day had pork mee soup (RM4.00). I ordered that right away, asking the man to replace the yellow noodles with kway teow and this was what I got…

KongMaMa kway teow soup 1

Good grief! It was HUGE! And the best thing about it was that it tasted really good! Yum! Yum!

KongMaMa kway teow soup 2

But wait a minute! I was quite positive that I saw slices of liver in the photograph displayed at the stall…but I did not get any at all. Tsk! Tsk! Instead, I got those frozen meatballs that I do not really like as they seem to have a somewhat peculiar taste. My daughter loves them though! Thankfully, these did not seem as bad as the ones I had before – I could barely sense the repulsive taste and anyhow, they provided some cili padi soaked in chio cheng (light soy sauce) and the meatballs actually tasted great after being dipped in that.

Ah! I certainly enjoyed that very much…so Pete, you can have your ching-ching kway teow soup while I have mine. Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

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28 thoughts on “Blame it…”

  1. Morning,Arthur.
    Hah…cannot eat chio cheng or else your hair will turn white!!..hehehe no wonder I see new ones sprouting out from my head every morning!!
    I am sure your kuey teow soup was very delicious especially the soup (extra flavour from the meat) but a bit oily, leh..or was it the scum from the meat? But hor..I still would like a bowl of that especially now…sejuk and hungry..SOB!!!

    Never mind. I wish my hair would turn white and I would need to wear spectacles – would make me look more learned and respectable. LOL!!! Nope, it was not oily…very nice – would be good for cold NZ days but I think for that, herbal chicken soup with lots of ginger would be better. Keep warm, take care there!

    1. OMG… ur saying u dun nid to wear specs? T__T i am as rabun as mak nenek. *whine* Blind as a bat without my specs!

      I don’t wear glasses. So desperate, even went to make with degree one…but so uncomfortable…in the end, gave up! LOL!!!

  2. hey Good Morning Cikgu.. what a coincidence! I had this for breakfast yesterday morning.. minced pork balls and some slices of pig kidneys.. with loe shu fun instead of flat noodles.. ching ching tei like u and Pete suggested.. lol…

    Hmmm….I think I prefer liver or intestines to kidney. 😉

  3. Now, cheng cheng(plain) looking at your pic, where got cheng cheng lah,,, see the ingredients, no cheng cheng lah,,, cheng cheng means, only koey teow and soup lol..


    hey cikgu, have a great week ahead ya

    Hah!! That one you’ll have to ask Pete. You go and look at his photos -so many ingredients one! 😉

  4. this soupy and ching ching food is definitely good for me, who has difficulty to chew due to a swelling gum 🙂 i prefer meatballs to liver. I always take out all livers and hand over to my dad if he’s around to makan with me ^^

    Oh gosh! Too heaty…must take more cooling stuff. Ah! You can pass me the liver too. I love that…never mind the gout! LOL!!! 😀

  5. this would definitely make a great breakfast.. hot soup and nice balls, hahaha~~ ok, decided i’m going to have them for breakfast later, hahaha!! 😀

    LOL!!! Talk about blogs being influential… 😉

  6. hahaha!! i dnt wan to have any liver in my kway teow soup for sure! xD

    Ok…we go and eat together and you can pass me all the liver! LOL!!! 😀

  7. Bananaz still prefer curry kway teow no cheng cheng soup for me..haha..

    Aiyor…everything curry! The santan not good, you know! 😦 That’s why these days I use milk…and I avoid taking Sarawak laksa too often.

    1. But santan is good for my fair skin mah..hehe Very true can easily get heart tiam chia coz of the santan but Bananaz bay tahan boh kiasi like calf dunno tiger & have not seen the coffin yet so no tears muahahaha.

      Sigh!! I guess I’m like that also. Give me fatty pork leg…and I forget everything. Just enjoy! LOL!!! 😀

  8. Been cracking my head whole morning about this song …blame it on the casanova, who is the singer and title of the song? Is it by Helen Shapiro?..Maybe Pete can reply you with ‘Not Responsible’..hehe.

    Bossa Nova lah! Where got any song about you – Casanova? LOL!!! I know the version by Eydie Gorme long long ago, don’t know if that’s the original. Helen Shapiro…”Queen for tonight”! 😉

    1. Hahaha!!! Know something got va va va loh..~;).

      ♫Blame it on the bossa nova with its magic spell..
      Blame it on the bossa nova that he did so well..

      You pretty good with the goldies got elephant memory 128G or what? Take my hat or rather curry mee off to you bro..salute you man.

      Have been a music lover since the days of shortwave radio and black vinyl records… 😉

  9. Oh yeah!…finally this is something I like. Salivating while commenting…hehehe!!!!……

    Ystday newspaper, “THE STAR”, there was an article on food in Sibu…this food court called Arabica Kopi-O Sdn. Bhd. at Wisma Sing Kwong, Jalan Salim. One of their popular dish is Singapore mee…maybe you can give it a try and post up to share with us. Just a suggestion.

    Have a nice day!!!…………

    That Henry, my ex-student. I had a party once – catered by them – the hospital canteen people, not bad the food and I’ve been to his food court many times – you probably missed all my posts on that. I love the Special Taiwan Rice…and would love to go and eat again but it’s on the other side of town – very far by Sibu standard. You can check out this post on the place…and all the links:

  10. speaking of that liver… i am now craving for that Liver Adobo…
    Have you tried Adobo Arthur??

    That’s something like our cincaluk but we use lime to cook raw fish…and you use vinegar to cook meat or liver. But people say liver isn’t very clean and must make sure it is thoroughly cooked – my missus prefers it medium though…not so hard, she says (like cockles too). I wonder how cooked it is when using vinegar – should be ok, I guess. The acidity of the vinegar would kill everything in it.

  11. The accusing finger points to Pete. 😛

    Well, it is good that you are eating delicious food.

    LOL!!! Just pulling his leg – poking fun at him! He likes to poke fun at me too. 😉

  12. It certainly feels good to have your cravings satisfied, doesn’t it? And the kuey teow soup really was HUGE!!! yum yum!

    You have cravings too? Wink! Wink! 😉 Muahahahaha!!!!!

  13. Those are meatballs? o.O I dun really like meatballs in my koay teow sup. Dono why… some of them taste awfully weird.

    They do, they actually do…but Melissa loves them! I would rather have minced meat and then we roll them to make meatballs ourselves. Nicer! I think they have frozen beef balls too. Not a fan either.

  14. penang kuew teow thng still the best for me. Wahaha.

    Hey you got the same taste as me, I always feel those frozen meat balls have this weird taste, very different from those that are home made (home made as in minced, and whacked then shaped into a ball to throw into the soup. )

    They have! A certain smell or taste, maybe the preservative. But the ones this fella used ok – maybe I’ll find out which brand he uses. Like frozen fishballs also – some brands are better. Yup…whatever it is, the homemade ones are the best!

    1. Quoted: whatever it is, the homemade are ones the best!

      My my.. you must be tired today STP 😛

      Ok…ok…clever boy (aka smart aleck)! Edited already. Multi-tasking bah! Must be something sexciting on another window at the time… Now, let me go and check yours…….Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  15. This is my comfort food. I’d better make sure I do not read your blogs on an empty stomach 😛

    LOL!! Good idea…or like SK, dropping by may give him an idea what he wants to eat… LOL!! 😀

  16. That looks like an awesome bowl of pork mee! I’ll love to have the dry version though but the soup one sounds pretty appealing right about now. I had some pretty good pork noodles in Singapore too! 🙂

    Had nice ones in KL and Penang…and glad to stumble upon this here. 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, Penang is a great place for pork noodles too! 🙂

      Strangely, the best one that I remember was in Singapore.

      There’s a Sitiawan Foochow man at Jalan Alor. His is the best I’ve had…but it has to be him doing it, not the Indon maid. Somehow there is a difference…

  17. I told the ladies, guys also got cravings….they don’t believe me…., STP also crave for Kueh Teow Theng, like me lah…lol!

    Luckilly today I cooked Kueh Teow Soup, kueh teow habis, soup still got a little left. So tonight will eat with some bihun for supper….

    With ladies, it is called cravings…but when we tell them we have cravings, they say we are tham ciak (greedy). Nothing is fair in this world, eh? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. yeah porky noodle soup must have liver. Although I don’t eat them but they somehow makes it more flavourful.

    Oh? So no liver pate for you then? Best with bread… Yum! 😉

  19. i just had very nice pork mee hoon from OUG KL yesterday and hubby was so worried if they are made of death sick pig that was aired in news recently 😦

    Never mind! What we do not know would not hurt us. LOL!!! 😀

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