The cuppycake song…

I’ve loved these cupcakes for a long time…

Carnation cupcakes 1

They’re from the bakery across the road from the school where I was teaching before I retired and I used to buy them quite regularly whenever I happened to be passing by the shop.

They’ve always been sold in packs of two and one pair cost RM1.50 now. I cannot really remember but I think they used to cost a ringgit but that was a number of years back. I like the taste but of course, at that price, you cannot expect too much. As you can see, it is a bit coarse…or not really as fine as one would want it…

Carnation cupcakes 2

For one thing, I must say that they may be better than or just as good as those plastic-packed muffins that one can buy at those convenience stores like 7-Eleven and the like…and if you want anything even better, you will just have to pay for it. These butter cupcakes from another bakery cost RM1.50 each…

Aroma buttercake 1

…and as you can see, the texture is really very fine…

Aroma buttercake 2

…and the taste is a whole lot superior too – you can actually taste the butter and enjoy the fragrance but don’t forget that it is double the price of the former.

For 20 sen more – RM1.70, you can get a choice of chocolate chips…

Aroma chocolatechip cake

…or almond slices…

Aroma almond slice cake

…but it is the same cake batter so there is not much difference really in the taste.

I remember after my brother got married in New Zealand and the first time, he brought his wife home, she tried baking probably to impress her in-laws. She told me she was making some “queen cakes” but unfortunately, they all came out black. I was so tickled that I could not help laughing out loud and exclaiming, “Those must be the Queens of Spades!” She frowned furiously at me and said, “Oh! Shut up!” Muahahahahahahaha!!! I’ve always been so sarcastically mean…and believe you me, I have  not changed one bit!

Incidentally, can anybody enlighten me a little and tell me the difference between cupcakes and muffins…and  queen cakes and fairy cakes? To me, they’re all the same, more or less, and they all end up in the same place anyway. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “The cuppycake song…”

  1. love the one with choco chips… yumm

    The butter, choc chips and almond slices…all the same – same batter. They’ve chocolate cupcakes too at that bakery – also nice.

  2. N I thot u would hve turned sweeter after all those cupcakes?…No? lol! bought a red velvet cupcake for ad3.80 the other day reli nice with cream cheese topping instead of frosted icing……they hve sticky date ones too so will be going back again…

    You don’t think I’m as sweet as can be meh? LOL!!! 😀 What? AUD3.80??? *faints!!!! No, thank you…

  3. I think of a cupcake as a mini cake with all the icing and decorations. When I think muffin I envision something almost healthy, suitable for breakfast often with fruit or more wholesome ingredients. Can’t say I’ve heard of queen or fairy cakes and I’m afraid to guess, haha

    BTW life’s not much fun without a little well timed sarcasm

    LOL!!! I never heard of fairy cakes until I googled “queen cakes” the other day…but come to think of it, I have not heard the term used for a long long time – old English probably and with the underlying connotations linked to words like “queen” and “fairy” these days, I guess people just stopped using the name and it has died a natural death.

    I also googled “the difference between muffins and cup cakes” and in one of the discussion boards, I saw this very funny one: “When your wife is young and pretty, you call her a cupcake but when she is old and has a double chin, you call her a muffin!” Muahahahahaha!!!! I was so tickled by that! 😀

    1. haha…then there’s the “muffin top” created when the the pants are too tight and the fat rolls over the waistband. Usually applied to women, but I’m guilty too. Doesn’t sound very cute for a guy, guess that’s why we get pot belly or beer belly…

      Hahahaha!!! You’re talking about me, are you? 😀

  4. Wow, really coincidence hor… lol!

    Are there morsels better than those selling in Kenny Roger’s food chain? It looks so fluffy!! I suppose cupcakes’ texture are generally coarse unless we use the boston or Jap cheese cake batter… hrm, hard to say also hor, it doesn’t mean I nvr hv one means it doesn’t exist!

    Btw, happy weekend to you!

    I’ve had the Kenny Rogers’ ones a long time ago…and I can’t remember what they were like. They call theirs muffins, that I know.

  5. oh these little cupcakes!! the very basic butter cupcake we can get maybe at 1/10 the price of those fancy ones we see in cafe and bakery?? 🙂

    1/10 of the price? 15 sen? Where? Even the cheap not-so-nice cakes from the street vendors cost more than that these days. 😦

  6. ahhh… i like this! i prefer this cupcakes than those fancy2 creamy ones! 🙂

    Those with icing? Not a fan of those too – they only look nice. Your first time here, I see. Welcome and do drop by again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  7. Gosh , skipped breakfast and saw this … *drools* … cupcakes and coffee in the morning .. oh no oh no … gotta concentrate on work ! :p

    As for the difference between a cupcake and muffin, I’ve heard someone describe it this way :
    If you throw a cupcake against the wall, you’ll hear a ‘pouf !’, but if you throw a muffin against the wall, you’ll hear a ‘thud!’ … not very helpful, but I found it funny :p

    I guess that means cupcakes are softer and lighter and muffins are harder and heavier? In that case, the RM1.50 for two ones would be muffins – not so fine and heavier…while the more expensive ones are cup cakes.

  8. Hop over to my blog and you can read the cupcakes and muffins to “chew” about! Not meant to advertise, but it was really very interesting.

    Ya…I did that. I wrote this post a couple of days ago(scheduled post) and I just mentioned it in passing as I’ve always assumed they’re the same. Didn’t realise there is a whole lot of controversy over what’s what – just googled it up and browsed through the discussion boards…and now, I must say I’m none the wiser. LOL!!!

    I did read somewhere before that they use “muffins” to make Egg Benedict…and one of the online dictionaries define it as a kind of bread…and there are what they they call English muffins = bread roll…but I had a muffin for lunch in London (too poor to afford a decent meal) and it was cake. Back in square one! LOL!!! 😀

  9. Differences between cupcakes and muffins… hmm. you got me curious there too. So i googled it online. There seems to be a lot of arguments out there on which is which. LOL It seems the ones you have up there are referred to as muffins.

    The simplest i found was “cupcakes have frosting, whereas muffins do not”… anyway like you said, they end up the same.. in our tummies! 🙂

    Yup…what’s in a name! In the end, we just eat it all up. LOL!!! 😀

  10. Lolz @ your last comment Arthur!
    I love them cupcakes with colourful cream on top, just like the ones Mr. Bean ate whilst his car was being squashed!

    I guess I can go without the extra fat and sugar so I prefer them plain – I guess those would be muffins? 😉

  11. Ermm…is it cupcake refering to those which has been nicely decorated and top up with frosting?..hehhehehe

    Dunno. I’ve had those before and I found them to be quite heavy and coarse in which case, wouldn’t they be muffins…based on some of the comments in the earlier comments?

  12. LoL! U ARE mean!!! u dunno the pressure when trying to impress the in-laws! >_< but it is funny lah, i'd laff my head off too if i were u! 😀

    Hahahaha!!! Now you know… 😉

  13. Wow!…my favourites!….love the choco chips ones. A cup of hot coffee to go with…yum!…yum!…

    They’re all nice – the more expensive ones, nicer than the cheaper ones – RM1.50 for two…which is to be expected I guess since we’re paying more. 😦

  14. Why you DOM so sarcastic and mean? haha For me I would say otherwise you have a great sense of humor like the phrase Queens of Spade unfortunately that was unable to gain her a Royal Flush…

    Hey! Who are you calling a DOM? You’re the DOM…and Pete’s the DYM, sikit lagi jadi “duli yang maha mulia”….Muahahahaha!!!! Does flushing burnt queen cakes down the toilet count as a royal flush? 😉

  15. Wow Isaac is serious doing his research, whatever cupcake or muffin when it passes thru the 3 inches of the throat its cupffin haha. Great job Isaac.

    Oh? You’re so clever. What if it’s six inches or longer? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  16. Instead of getting a Royal Flush you gave your s-i-l the Royal Blush..haha

    Oooo…that’s a good one. I’m amazed! You ARE witty and smart. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. If cheap and nice, why not… but i think the 1.50 per piece is much nicer, right? the texture looks so fresh too..

    It is…but no complaints about the cheap ones. Can do also…and can save money – these days, have to opt for what’s cheaper, not as nice…never mind. Save the nice ones for special occasions,special treats.

  18. Ah! You’re posting cupcakes, no wonder the other day comment in my blog you said “cupcakes?” i know why.

    I also cannot differentiate cupcakes and muffin, but i know one thing is, i know how to bake cupcakes and not muffin. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

    Never mind. As long as it is nice, never mind what it is called… LOL!!! 😀

  19. Carnation, very old brand cake house in Sibu. Their cake is nice, that’s why can survive for so long.

    Yes, it’s been there for a long long time, probably since they started that area of shops…across the road from SHS. If I’m not mistaken, they have moved to the other side of the SHELL station now…but it’s still around the same area.

  20. i love cupcakes esp with raisins ones.. But must eat with a cup of kopi kaw. They are a perfect match ^^ anyway, i think muffins are slightly bigger in size compared to cupcakes. just my 2 cents. hehe

    Not necessarily…but I love those with raisins too. 😉

  21. I love cakes…be it cupcakes, muffins or whatever…just like u said, they ended up at the same place after all. hehe

    Me too…but these days, I’m off those rich creamy cheesecakes – not really into those anymore.

  22. LOL. Hubi bought some cupcakes back the other day. Yet to makan all.

    From Indonesia? They say the cakes from there are really very nice… If not, why buy so many and keep for so long? Wouldn’t be nice anymore.

    1. Tsk…. you know this woman ah… she can freeze up food in the freezer for a week or so den defrost and eat after that at her convenience. Very scary punya….hv to nasihat her abit dun do this too often… salmonella later. 😦

      Lucky la she’s not my late grandma’s granddaughter… or else, kena ketuk liao the head. My late grandma very pantang the food from freezer wan… to her, all food must be fresh. =.=

      I know one exactly like that! All my advice – first in, first out…all fall on deaf ears…and keep buying new stuff and squeeze in the freezer. That’s why I always check to see what’s been in there too long – either cook and eat quickly or throw away…and then she’ll lecture me about cleanliness…must clean this and that thoroughly and properly… Tsk! Tsk! 😦

      1. ROFLOL… must be tokking about the missus. Hahahahahahaha!


  23. Impress the in laws? I stopped trying the impossible and stop wanting to please everyone. I’m happier when I’m not being too nice to ppl who are not nice to me.

    Anyway, I don’t fancy cakes too much especially if they’re too sweet. I love cakes that’s just nice, and I have no idea what’s the difference between fairy cakes and queen cakes and what not.

    Yup! And I would think that one should be oneselves BEFORE tying the knot and it is up to all parties to accept one another…and if they cannot, then the couple should just carry on with their lives on their own – nothing in the marriage vows about impressing in-laws. Too bad they’re not impressed and if one party cannot accept the fact, then it would be best that they should not get married. As it is, enough problems already…without having to deal with more problems involving difficult in-laws.

    I know, some people not into cakes…or ice cream or chocolates and so on. To each his own.

    1. Ya… I dun really fancy all of these sweet stuff… unless I’m all stressed up or PMS-ing. And then there’s when my body is awfully low on sugar. Somehow, would crave sweets. I suppose that’s how the body works…

      =.= Would crave for such food every now and then, but if you’re to put these in front of me on normal days… I wouldn’t be so awfully tempted. Dun exactly have sweet tooth. More into savoury stuff. Hahahaha… but my budak besar and budak kecik loves sweet stuff like this. Cakes, chocs, ice cream… I’m more into sandwiches, savoury pies, sourish stuff. Could never resist stuff like that. =.=

      Me too! Used to love them so much but not anymore. Must be old age… Oops!!! LOL!!! 😀

      1. LOLOL… ya… old liao, cannot eat too much sweets. Hahahaha… used to eat them til I puke when I was younger… made my tooth decay even… and I could still remember the horror at the dentist *SHUDDER*

        Never a fan of sweets when young…but Smarties, I liked!!! 😀

  24. I’m thinking of taking up baking… but I might not even start coz it’s still in the thinking stage. hahahaha~~

    Let me know when you get to the doing stage. LOL!!! 😉

  25. Arthur,
    Cupcakes are the same as cakes except that they are in paper cups.Preparation and method are the same as when you prepare cakes.They are much lighter than muffins and the type of flour used will give different texture to the crumbs.Muffins on the other hand are the sturdier cousin of cup cakes and not much ‘pantang’ to prepare them.You can throw just about anything into the mixture and the texture will always be the same.You eat 1 cupcake,the chances of you still feeling hungry is almost 100% but with muffins, you eat 1 and still feel hungry,you would probably need a gastric band surgery.
    As for fairy cake…isn’t that a poof, gay, homosexual, pondan, poo pusher, hide the sausage, fag and whatever yang sewaktu dengannya?
    Queen cake?…I have no idea!!

    I thought nowadays queen and fairy, the same meaning…alongside many other words. There – the definition for fairy cake: = cupcake…and for queen cake:

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