Day and night…

I came a number of times to this restaurant…

Mitsu Sibu

…in the morning for the dim sum but I had never been here at night. I knew they were running some kind of restaurant business in the evenings and lately, they are also having shabu-shabu (steamboat) if that is your preference.

Well, I was invited to dine there the other night and this was the first dish – the sio pua (hot plate) as it is called here…

Mitsu sio pua

It was so very nice and while the others were raving over the Taiwan sausages, I was stuffing my face with the ham – such thick slices…and so many! Here, four paper-thin slices of frozen ham would be selling for well over RM10.00.

I did have a bit of the other stuff as well and after all that, I was already full. Good grief! And dinner had barely started! LOL!!!

Then, we had the soup that shall not be named…

Mitsu sharks fins soup

They were very generous with the expensive stuff but I thought the taste was just so-so. I can think of a few places where I feel the soup is nicer.

Then came the fish head curry…

Mitsu fish head curry

…and the funny thing was that it was not served with rice as they would at other places…or at least, with some bread or deep-fried mantao (plain steamed buns) for diners to dip in the gravy. The dish in itself was quite nice though – not the best that I’ve had, but it was good enough.

The asparagus was good…

Mitsu fried asparagus

…especially with the huge fresh clams used in the cooking.

The cheese chicken had a very strong cheese flavour and many at my table did not like it very much.

Mitsu cheese chicken

I thought it was all right, quite nice…but I don’t think I would be craving to come back for more.

The tofu with spicy fermented bean sauce and meat was all right too…

Mitsu tofu with fermented bean sauce

…but I was already too full by then to truly appreciate it.

I did not touch this last dish…

Mitsu abalone baby kailan

…as I was sure that if I had forced anything else down my throat, I would explode! LOL!!! For one thing, many of the invited guests did not turn up…so there were only six of us at a table for 10 people and all the dishes were extra huge. Personally, I would very much prefer smaller servings but better quality stuff instead.

We had this for dessert…

Mitsu custard pudding dessert

The custard pudding was a bit hard and I prefer caramel instead of the chocolate sauce that they used.

That table cost RM350 which is not really expensive, I would think. For one thing, I don’t know if it is like that every night or it just happened that there were so many of my ex-students with their families or friends having dinner at that same place that night and they all stopped by to greet or say hello – so much so that the people at my table said that I would have to be very careful where I go or what I do outside…and some even said that I should stand in the next general election. LOL!!! Thanks…but no, thank you.

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36 thoughts on “Day and night…”

  1. Wenn me too anything with curry would be nice. Oh no rice or no muntou that’s Bananaz’s style just drink the curry like any other soup. hehe

    KL also a lot…and curry mee too!

  2. Is it located at behind Rejang Medical? I been there during lunch…the food not bad la,but kinda salty to me.

    Yup! That’s the place. Not really salty…but too much msg for me – everybody seemed ok with it though. If I were to go again, I would definitely say – no msg…or cut down on it…a lot!

  3. Aaaaahh…barulah senonoh sikit the presentation..not so comot and pakai lambak only!!
    You strike lottery again kah?…hehehe
    I seriously missed the soup which cannot be named…wonder if Chinese restaurant around here got sell or not..hmmm. The last dish is abalone?…what do you mean when you say the quality of food is just okay? I see all the dishes using quality ingredients what…you mean taste wise?
    I must say though that that meal is very cheap considering the amount of food, quality of ingredients and for 10 person somemore,wor…only RM35 per person!..tsk! tsk! tsk! ho-miah!!

    Aiyor…where got such luck strike lottery all the time. The centre where I’m teaching treating us to dinner for Teachers’ Day lah. 😉 Yup! My bad! I think I ate too much of the fish dish which I enjoyed a lot…and after that, it just went downhill. Too full to really appreciate everything. Yes, I have to admit they used all the top quality ingredients – all in all, RM350…can consider it to be really cheap already.

    The cannot-be-named soup not available in NZ kah? Not even in the top Chinese restaurants? The wildlife-loving NGO there so influential? No taste anyway…and so expensive. Go and buy the Maggi packet soups – “crab and tunghoon” and cook. Add a spoonful of dark soy sauce when boiling and what you get in the end is the same as the not-to-be-named soup minus the expensive not-to-be-named stuff.

    1. Hahahhaha….I tink Cikgu meant the portion was big but the taste is just so-so? Must be la, but I think the price is quite reasonable…

      Probably the taste was ok but in eating, I always think this principle I studied in Economics is applicable – the law of diminishing returns. When the servings are so huge and you are already so full, you really do not enjoy anything that comes along later very much anymore. I think the 10 slices or so of ham at the beginning did it… Too full to really appreciate the rest. LOL!!!

      1. *PENGSAN* jadi economics class pulak. Wait I slowly digest. LOL~

        Ok, take your time. I know some students are very slow learners… Hahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. Wow, such scrumptious dinner treat, for what occasion har? The fish head curry really looks good! The pudding is hard? Do u mean the texture more like agar agar thn melting in your mouth types of pudding? Gonna bake some caramel pudding ths week, visually belanja u ya! LOL!^^

    Never mind…no need to rub it in. I like caramel custard pudding but not really crazy over it. Will eat when available e.g. at hotel buffets. Hehehehehe!!!! That was our Teachers’ Day dinner – special treat from the boss of the centre where I work.

    1. Jahat u Alice! Hahahaha… I’m gonna make some myself too… 😀

      Come…post, let me see how nice or how terrible they turn out to be. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

      1. She will surprise you (wink)!

        After her negro chicken…and her oven exploded…I wonder what she will do next that will surprise me! Muahahahahaha!!!!

      2. Aiyo….the puddings I make usually wun look nice punya wan la… hahahaha… I’ll always fail presentation punya. LOL!

        Like that, sure Shereen will fail you already… Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  5. Does the name “快可利” means “quickly”?

    Dunno. Have to ask Bananaz. He’s the expert in the language… 😉 The food certainly was served very quickly – service was excellent.

  6. Ooooooo… custard pudding… haven’t had those in ages. I think I’ll make some today. Hate eating the ones outside…always too sweet. 😦

    I only had those at hotel buffets – theirs not sweet, just the sweetness of the caramel mostly. Very nice.

  7. rm350 for all the dishes, i think quite ok dy la. 🙂 so nice lotsa yummy foods! 🙂

    More than quite ok…VERY cheap. Don’t think you can get this price in KK. I’m sure can get very much better there…but nothing so cheap especially at this kind of restaurant.

  8. These dishes look so different from my place here, i would love to try them, esp the 1st and 2nd one.. first time i see a curry dish being served individually.. i sure cannot eat without rice to go with it.. the last dish is abalone? it is so nicely decorated and for 350rm, it is justified..

    Well, I’m still waiting….and hoping. Don’t want to ask anymore, tired liao. Anybody wants to come, just come. I know only too well…nobody wants to come. 😦

    1. Eh, Claire… I oso like to banjir my rice with curry. LOL!

      If you dip the deep fried bread/bun they serve in restaurants, also very nice! Yum!

  9. Drooling…all the dishes look scrumptious. Presentation wise is good. Really pro in taking pictures…so clear and it makes the food looks double more delicious.

    Hehehe!!!…smart fellow…eyeing for the ham. I like the hot plate, asparagus and the last dish. Weird…no rice or mantao to go with the fish head curry.

    Not really. I did not like the yellow lighting. Would probably look better if everything did not come out so yellowish. Good also – no rice or bread with the curry… Wouldn’t be able to eat anything else after that.

  10. The portion is rather huge….it’s quite resonable with the price you stated. I dont think we can get it over here…

    What are the prices like there? I really wonder… We had the RM750 one in a posh hotel in KL but that one, you pay for the place plus it was a Chap Goh Meh package…and though it was nice, it wasn’t half as good as this – quality-wise.

  11. I would say the dish which looks appealing to me is the last dish which you didn’t touch 😉 ‘coz others are either “heavy” or “complicated”, hahaha 🙂

    Well, unfortunately, with only one molar left, I cannot eat abalone anymore – cannot chew. I would have eaten the veg though…but I was already too full by then. Ya…everything’s huge and heavy – there’s no denying that!

  12. STP, YB of Sibu lah….lol!

    Wah looks like an eight course dinner, eh no rice how to eat the fish head curry leh, drink the curry? he he he

    Just eat the fish dipped in the curry gravy…leave the rest behind and wait for the next dish.

  13. LOL…makan also take senang. Famous. Foods looks good enouhg for rm350. Funny why the curry fish they serve in a flat plate. Not much curry la?

    They do that at the restaurants here. Still more than enough gravy to go with rice or bread and mantao. After all, so many other things to eat…tak kan lah eat so much curry and rice, already too full after that one dish.

    1. alamak…”Your comment is awaiting moderation.”….haiz…kena tahan again la my comment 😦

      I wonder why. You use new computer, new i.p. or what? Never mind – one extra comment today. Hehehehehehe!!!

  14. Wah…my screen is bombarded with food. ^_^

    What election is that STP? Are they asking you to be a politician?

    Hahahaha!!!That was a full 8-course Chinese dinner. Imagine in my younger days, they had 10 courses or even 12 sometimes. No election lah…just Teachers’ Day.

  15. wah,,, see the food really make me hungry. RM350 per table is consider quite reasonable. Any other specialities menu they serve?

    Cheap actually. Dunno what else they serve. Maybe I will go back there soon, maybe next week…to find out what else they have. If I’m not mistaken, their roast chicken or roast duck is nice.

  16. lol.. the soup that must not be named 😉 winks..

    and yes, judging from your popularity, do go for at least a states assemblyman position!

    Will lose deposit! 😦

  17. Rugi u tak touch the last dish as I’d sapu all the mushrooms! 😀 My favourite!

    Shitake! Not a fan… You like mushroom eh? Big one? Wink! Wink! Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  18. Teacher’s Day dinner? So nice.

    I love the first dish, the hot plate, others look so so to me. Curry fish head….hmmmm… i think if they serve normal steam fish will be better. I am not a fan of curry curry curry. hahahhahah

    The tofu dish looks like curry to me.

    Wah, you’re sure famous in Sibu, no wonder all other teachers that same table as you are jealous at you. hahahahha

    Nope, it was not like curry. The captain said the sauce was from Taiwan…but to me it tasted like that made-in-China canned spicy pork cubes that my missus loves eating with porridge… LOL!! Must remember when you’re back in Sibu – when taking you out for dinner, no belacan, no curry… Where got famous? You’re from Sibu and you did not even know me… 😦

  19. semua nampak biasa2 je…but the tofu errrrmmm 😉

    Yakah? Not here. The dishes are different from those in other restaurants here-…and not necessarily nicer. That was what I thought – looks somewhat like some that I’ve seen in some blogposts on such sit-down full course Chinese dinners over at your side.

  20. The portions looked really huge! And I can’t believe you didn’t touch that last dish at all. It looked GOOD!!! Pass them to me next time! 😛

    They tapaoed most of the dishes home…but I did not bother to take any. Too lazy to bother to do that. 😉

  21. Wow, they did add lots of succulent clams indeed.
    Cikgu, go stand as an opposition candidate for the next GE, and I’ll promise to buy a ticket and go campaign for you 😉

    No need lah! Opposition already sapu habis all the town seats here – sure same thing in the next GE. Yup…I liked the clams – not something that we usually get here. They say Sabah a lot.

  22. whoa lotsa veggies… love the one with asparagus and the pudding as well

    Ya…generally Chinese dinners too much meat. I would prefer more veg and I love asparagus too! Expensive here. 😦

  23. looks nice! and u got me luffing by not naming that particular dish, LOL! at least the environmentalists cant hear it ya? lololll

    LOL!!! That’s how people refer to it to avoid being slammed by those people. 😉

  24. wah…u r so popular…….. receiving greetings from left and right. hehe….

    The dessert was somehow special. Normally, we will be served with fresh fruits or those canned longan.

    Yup! The captain said he made them himself…but unfortunately, it was not all that great. LOL!!! 😀

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