Fly me to the moon…

Well, actually I did not go to the moon – I only went to Apollo, the coffee shop located in the housing estate of the same name here in Sibu. LOL!!

My friend was telling me that the kampua noodles there were very nice…and when my niece came home for the Labour Day weekend recently, she made it a point to go there to eat, praising it to the skies. So, the other morning, I asked my missus to go out for breakfast and we made our way to that particular coffee shop.

She had the kampua noodles…

Apollo kampua

…but unfortunately, she had already tossed it before I was able to snap a picture of it.

I had the mee pok – the flat version of the kampua noodles…

Apollo mee pok

…and I also ordered a plate of pian sip, the Sibu Foochow version of the Kuching kiaw or the wantan

Apollo pian sip dry

…and unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my missus said that her plate of kampua noodles was more than enough for her so I had to finish that all by myself.

My verdict? It was all right but there are others that I prefer and I think they put a little bit too much msg for my liking. My missus did not feel it though…but she did agree with me on one thing – that the noodles at some other places are better.

Other than that, at RM2.50 per plate, it is more expensive than many other places…plus the kopi-o-peng (RM1.50) is also pricier than elsewhere and it’s not like it’s in the middle of town where they have to pay more for rental and what not. Tsk! Tsk!

Will I be dropping by this place again then? I guess not…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon…”

  1. Yum! Just what I need on a cold autumn morning! Meepok looks very appealing!

    Nice…but a little bit too much msg for me, just a little – there are worse elsewhere – like msg is so cheap, no need for capital one (mian pun chee)…

  2. No need to go there again lah, if the prices are not good enough…this is what i would do……exercising my right………………

    Yup! Definitely! The first and the last time. The very popular Rasa Sayang Cafe has also raised its price to RM2.50…and suddenly, it’s not so crowded anymore. At least that place is clean and impressive-looking and air-conditioned and the kampua mee is really really good. Even at RM2.50, I wouldn’t mind going again…

  3. RM2.50 is considered cheap over here in Ipoh standard.. we really cannot a bowl of mee for that price unless just plain koayteow/noodles with nothing on it and then u can feel the “wrath” of the owner on you… hahahaa….. (some even say, I won’t sell if you dont order at least three fish balls!)

    Ipoh big city mah, Sibu small country town…where got the same? LOL!!! 😀

  4. trying to tempt me with Wantan?

    The other day I saw your Shui Kow(dumpling) post, i really went to the pasar and bought the ingredients to make Shui Kow. Arrived home then baru realised I’ve forgotten to buy the most important thing. …the skin ..hahaha…went and bought the next day. …

    Hahahaha!!! Cleffairy laughing at you there? How did it go in the end? No post on it? Share the recipe maybe? 😉

    1. LOL…. make ‘water dog’ but tarak beli the skin~ hahahaha~

      She did not give to you? There! Now you can have the last laugh! 😀

      1. Nah… she tarak gv me…. but yesterday she fed me alot of stuff during our picnic. ROFLOL! Got fried bihun, huge prawn sambals… kakakaka~ And she and her hubby treated me for teacher’s day too. Bwhahahaha~

        Picnic? Where? Lake Gardens kah? Haiya….feed also no use, still like cicak kubin. Better feed the fish…at least they can grow bigger. LOL!!! 😀

      2. Cikgu -sorting out the photo. In the end went pasar again lor…what to do…

        Tarak gv cleff coxz she dont take oink oink one. Dumpling without onik oink is like Durian without the smell.

        Oh! Duplicate comment… That’s why she’s so skinny…no oink! LOL!!! 😀

    2. sorting out the photo. In the end went pasar again lor…what to do…

      Make a shopping list. Like my missus. Would go out to buy something and would come home with a whole lot of things but forgot to buy what she went out to buy in the first place. Hehehehehehe!

  5. It still looks really good to me though! I do miss authentic kampua from Sibu. That looks mouthwateringly delicious!

    The pien nuk looks a tad on the wet side though…and I’m not a huge fan of these kind of sliced pork, prefer the regular ones. 🙂

    I think it had a bit of soup – I know some places do that to reduce the amount of oil needed. Once tossed thoroughly, it was o.k. already. It was not bad – quite nice…and it certainly looked nice but there are a few other places that are nicer. Not coming back anytime soon? 😉

  6. Wah… you always posted so early in the morning. Haha. I get the notification so early, and then you always make me hungry. how la… cannot diet la like this.

    Updates scheduled for 5.00 a.m. every day. Ya…at that time, really hungry – haven’t had breakfast and the sight of food can be a torture. LOL!!! 😉

  7. Kampua… I like kampua pok too. Last week I have kampua pok at the shop where I always have my breakfast. The taste is better than ordinary kampua.

    I wonder which shop that was. Salim side? I’ve never tried any kampua in that area – the nearest one was the one at the Bukit Lima swimming pool canteen. Very nice also…

  8. That wantan duzzin looks so appealing. Like very soggy.

    Not soggy but it seemed the sauce had a bit of soup. Once tossed, it was ok…all gone – even the kampua. See my missus’ one – quite dry after tossing with all the ingredients.

  9. Sibu’s wantan very special as they don’t served together with soup ? RM2.50 per plate! That’s still very cheap.

    This is the dry version. You can choose to have the soup one if you want, same price. I guess RM2.50 is still o.k….

  10. Oh!…more kampua noodles. Lost count of how many post on it. You really love kampua noodles. The kampua mee pok looks nice but I am not really into it. The pian sip sets me droooling!!!…. OMG!…you eat 2 plates…and I guess it will last you till dinner time,hahahaha!!!….

  11. Haven’t you already covered all the Kampua noodles stalls in SIbu – how many are there?! Actually how big is Sibu-ah? Like Ipoh?

    Not yet. Remember that every shop block, there are at least two or three coffee shops and in every one, there is bound to be a kampua stall! LOL!! How big? Come and see lah…. 😉

  12. Looks pale…

    Supposed to look like that unless you order the dark version – with soy sauce. This isn’t exactly wanton or wanton noodles as you know it over there. Distant cousins…

  13. kampua. hehehehhehe.. Lucky today i finish my lunch only come by here.

    Apollo, sound very familiar, but cannot recall where is the place. I love flat kampua, usually i will order flat one instead of the normal kampua, taste better? Yummm!

    I love my dried pian siap with some soya sauce..nice nice.

    RM2.50 is cheap!! Here you cannot find any noodles is lower than RM3.

    KL people kuat kaya bah…earn big bucks. Small town people, how to afford if too expensive? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    Apollo is where Su Lai primary school is – you will have to drive past the area (on your left) on the way from your mum’s house to the airport…

    I don’t usually eat things with soy sauce unless it is not tasty and would need to soy sauce to give it some taste – prefer to savour the original flavour of the food.

  14. Prefer fried wanton but then if it is good the soup ones are ok wth me!

    We don’t have fried ones here or not that I know of. Used to have in one restaurant long long ago – sweet and sour fried wanton…but no longer in business.

  15. u love kampua noodles, don`t u? many posts about it 🙂
    me too…but hate when they put so much of msg !!! thirsty all day long, is it??

    Yup…that’s why I’m picky as to where I go for my kampua…and eating out, I will usually tell them to cut the msg by at least half of the usual. But my missus did not feel it – maybe she’s not as sensitive as me, probably used to a lot of it at lunch when she was working…but on my part, I’ve been cutting down on the stuff especially when I’m cooking so now I’ve become over-sensitive to the stuff.

  16. errr, RM2.50 a plate!! that’s already very cheap, and the photo looks nice too, so i have no complaints, haha~~ 😀

    Ok…ok…I know! I know! Must count my blessings. LOL!!! 😀

  17. Woooowie back in biz again Unifi changed a new modem triple the size of the original one and the router too. So kopi ‘o’ peng gonna catch up with the price of kampua. Think it will be with the another round of price increase for sugar.

    It was never really cheap here – used to be RM1.30 at most places…and now gone up to RM1.50 at some places. The people at the coffee shop owners’ association – daylight robbers. It’s mostly water and ice anyway. Tsk! Tsk!

  18. 2nd one looks like pan mee! oh no no, don’t like my dish with too much msg. :/

    Nope, not the same as pan mee. I think this is nicer. Yup…I really wonder why they tend to add so much msg – not that it’s very cheap. Maybe a lot of people around with retarded taste buds – not enough msg,not taste and not to their liking. I prefer to savour the flavour of the food, the ingredients…and not the msg. 😦

  19. Huh, RM 2.50 expensive ah? RM 2.50 only ,wor. How much do you normally pay for a bowl/plate of kampua there then? RM2.50 is only about NZ$1.00 and you can get nothing here for a buck…not even a dinner roll!!
    I still think the kampua a bit pale la…why cannot make it a bit blacker?…hehehe(I still can’t get over it!)

    My childhood days – 50 cents with meat and 30 cents without meat., LOL!! 😀 But it used to be RM1.80 without meat…and RM2 – 2.20 with meat not too long ago. Ok…ok…next time I have kampua, I will ask for the black variety – with soy sauce even though I do not really like it that way so much… Then you can have it coloured. 😦

    1. Haihhh…. these days apa pun mahal… the most cheap thing I can find to eat is just the morning nasi lemak at Rm1.50 with fried egg in it. The rest of the food, at least Rm4 above. 😦

      Here, it depends…ranging from RM2 something to RM5.00 or more, depending on what we eat. Nasi lemak – bungkus ones RM1.50, no so cheap in the shops.

  20. Bro I read with interest the other day about one ton soup that you will know if the soup is saturated with overdosed msg? What kind of tongue you’ve got tongue that Bananaz is lacking? muahahaha. I can finish half a fried fish when an expert foodie who came later and said the fish is not fresh demanded for a change. My oh my color blind and taste *blind* (what should be the word for those who are poor with their taste bud?).

    Chinese say “mouth very thick” (chui ching kau) – just one spoon of the soup, I would be able to tell there’s too much msg…and after that, for a long time, I would feel the crystals of msg in my mouth – dunno if that’s just my imagination or not but I cannot tahan that. Yup…some people not sensitive to such things – they just eat. So lucky, no worries one! 😉

  21. Come to think about it how to tell if veg is cooked or fish or chicken is cooked? By color or by poking with chopstick or fork? When I watch cooking on TV, the cook would say tumis the garlic until slightly brown, add veg until whatever color then prawns oblada obladi but how and what color do they looked like when cooked? When the meat is black in color that I know, it’s certainly cooked very over cooked indeed hahaha.

    Yahor! You’re colour blind…so never mind what colour, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. So bananas ripe already or not you also can’t tell lah? Kesian… LOL!!! 😀

    1. Bananas can tell very obvious its not green then yellow but cant tell papaya, water melon or pineapple. So learn a new ‘trick’ from the fruit seller is to press the ‘head’ of the papaya to test if its soft or not.

      Aiyor…how can press, press…spoil the fruit. Have to trust people lah… If they cheat you, later you curse them…go bankrupt. LOL!! 😀

  22. oh that glittering tempting oils haha
    i really love flat noodles… mom is sometimes experimenting on her dishes and we once tried those flat noodles for her spaghetti..

    I thought they have flat pasta like these? Now what do they call those? Fettuccine!

  23. For Kampua Mee, you should giv a try at one of kopitiam at Farley area..( I lupa the kopitiam name), it is at corner and every Monday that kopitiam closed. The kopitiam is exactly behind Farley Kopitiam.
    I love that auntie’s kampua…very nice and big portion & price is reasonable.

    Behind Farley food court? Apartments/flats leh? You mean in front? A lot of coffee shops there…so I would not know which you’re talking about. Anyway, it’s on the other side of town and I very rarely will venture that far. 😦

  24. Wow RM2.50 is definitely not Klang Valley price. Unless it tasted like puke, I, the El Cheapo, would have had a broad smile on me lolz

    A lot of things I tried tasted horrible and they were by no means RM2.50 – all so expensive and I would not have minded it if they had been very nice. 😦

  25. RM2.50 is expensive? You should see here in K.L, can’t even find something cheaper thn RM3!=_=

    The wanton looks great, yum!

    Relatively, that is… Other places, only increased 10 sen…this one 30 sen plus the location, the impression of the place, cleanliness and all, do not merit that price.

  26. More kampua for isaac tan! Sorry was late in visiting the blog, busy from work since morning, then just came back from another food tasting event. XD Did i tell you i love going for food tasting? So much free food.. my poor tummy ,. burp 😛

    I haven’t visited the other blogs in my blog roll yet today, you’re my first.. aren’t you glad you have me as your loyal supporter Arthur? Hehe.. oh no.. think i had too much german beer just now.. ><

    Now, let me see… I had 30 comments and yours is the 31st. Would it make any difference if the total had stayed at 30? There! That’s your answer. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    Ya…lucky you, getting invited to all that food tasting – all absolutely free. Too bad those places that invite people to go for food tasting would be places that I cannot afford…and I can’t go to and I do not watch movies either. I wonder why I still keep dropping by your bog to comment… Must be I’m such a good and loyal friend. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  27. Oh no, what did you mean, was my +1 comment not worth it? 😦 sad.

    You’re really my idol STP, since I started blogging until now. You were one of the first blogger friends I met. Now i’m still meeting new blogger friends everyday, and I love the feeling of chatting with bloggers.. such a cool feeling.

    Ok lah…1 is definitely better than none. LOL!!! I know the feeling – I love meeting fellow-bloggers too – the more the merrier. So you’re inviting all of them to your wedding? 😉

  28. One of my favorite songs. 🙂

    Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. Show me what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…

    I like it sung in Bossa Nova.

    Gosh! I thought you’re a lot younger than that… Muahahahaha!!! 😉

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