Come to me…

Most of my relatives are not in Sibu. Over the years, they have moved elsewhere and most of them on my maternal side are in Kuching. After my maternal grandmother and the eldest aunt who took over later as the matriarch of the family had passed away, the regular visits to Sibu ceased.

Of course, sometimes they have cravings for the stuff here that they have loved since they were small and they would ask me to buy for them whenever I happened to be going over to Kuching for one reason or another. Well, the other day, one of my cousins came to Sibu for one night on a working trip…and I got an sms from his sister saying that their mother wanted 50 sio bees from this Hock Cheu Leu Restaurant here in Sibu and she herself wanted 20 chai paos (steamed vegetable buns) from one particular stall at the Sibu Central Market.

I did not manage to get the specific sio bees that they wanted as I thought they were extremely expensive and another cousin bought a few once but thought they were not all that great. Instead, I got those from this Loke Ming Yuen coffee shop that I quite like but unfortunately they did not think they were comparable to the ones that they had at that restaurant, not the one in town but the new one across the river. Well, that one’s VERY far…and I wouldn’t want to go all the way – not unless, they come to Sibu and we can go together on a leisurely drive to the place in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the greenery and the peace and quiet along the way.

Well, the chai paos and the sio bees were definitely not all that I bought for them. The one who came is not a vegetable person and does not like the chai paos, so I bought 10 of the bak paos (steamed meat buns) specially for him. I parked my car along Market Road and used a small lane as a shortcut to the market, coming out the other end, more or less where the pao stall is every morning. Then I spotted the shop –  Tiang Chuong, a few doors away (next to Hua Ing General Store) from where I had parked my car and I remembered that their mother loved the lung ngor (in Foochow dialect) from there…

TiangChuong lung ngor
*Gerrie’s photo on Facebook*

This is the Chinese version  of the kuih bahulu or in Hokkien, they call it kay nerng kor (egg cake). I should have bought more as it seemed that everybody loved it and there probably wasn’t really enough to go round – I only bought RM5.00 worth, 20 in total.

Then, I bought these Foochow engagement sweet, the lay peang

Lay peang
*Gerrie’s photo on Facebook*

…for another sister of the one who came to Sibu as when I blogged about it the other day, she commented and said that she loved eating them. I’m glad to say that it went down very well with those who managed to get a share – they all thought they were very nice.

Of course, Kate’s extra-long, extra-lemak and extra-nice pulut panggang were a hit with everybody praising it to the skies…

Kate panggang
*recycled pic*

I bought a lot to be distributed to this uncle, this auntie, this cousin all over Kuching as I knew for sure that they would love it so much considering that they had not had it for years and years…and without a doubt, they all did!

I also bought some extra-hot homemade sambal rojak (prawn paste) for them to try. My missus loves it so much…but then again, she loves anything that’s extremely spicy but so far, I have not had any feedback from the other end.

So now that I’ve revived their dormant taste for all the goodies that Sibu has to offer, hopefully, I will be seeing some of them around here pretty soon…and incidentally, should anybody care to drop by here for a short visit/holiday, rest assured that you will not go home empty-handed. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Come to me…”

  1. Bahulu…when my late grandma was still alive, we used to make this the traditional way… with the small outdoor oven that only works with charcoal… I liked it very much, but the process of it… is a killer.

    That’s the brass chuan (mould) that you put over a charcoal fire in a brick kiln…the same way they made kuih kapit/sepit…but that was with the pincer-like thing. Had to take out and roll when very hot.

    1. Ya… that’s the thingie. Dono wud it’s called. My late grandma had those fish shaped ones, and now that she’s gone, my aunt took the stuff. =.=

      Antique now…worth a fortune!

  2. I used to love those lung ngur egg cakes as a kid. It was one of my favorite breakfasts in primary school. It goes very well with a mug of hot milo.

    The price hasn’t changed much eh? I remember it used to go for RM 0.20 per piece.

    Man, I sure miss those things, won’t mind some right about now.

    Not coming home anytime soon? Too bad I’m not going to KL either or I could bring some for you. 😦

  3. Wow….nicely labeled some more. Have you ever tried sending them through mail? *Wink Wink*

    That will cost a fortune. The weight of the box with everything came up to 18 kg. Luckily my cousin did not have any check-in luggage or he would have had to pay for excess already…

  4. the lung ngor reminds me of Ah Lor Pek 🙂

    Oh? Why? He used to give to you people? I only remember him as pork seller…

  5. Baby, come to me, let me wrap myself around you, it was meant to be………………again, i am not a fan of this bahalu, simply because, makan tak boleh full one, if i had to wallop it, i must go with a cup of kopi o kaw kaw lah.

    Hey, it seems to me that you have loads of relatives leaving or scattered around the world, and the meeting point will always be Sibu, and the meeting the Master Chef…

    have a great week ahead ya

    Patti Austin & James Ingram – nice song!!! Nope…meeting point is in Kuching; they never want to come to Sibu anymore now that the old folks have died. 😦 I’m o.k. with the lung ngor – wouldn’t mind eating if any…but would not go out of my way to get some to eat.

    1. Right on! What crosses your mind when you thought of the title ‘come to me’? A song? Food stuffs coming to you? Or bloggers come running to Sibu?

      Everybody coming to Sibu… 😀

  6. Used to help out in making kuih bahulu during CNY those days when little boy boy beating the eggs is torture haha.

    Me too…but for the cakes my mum was making. With that spring kind of thing – not electric beater at the time. 😦

    1. At home we called them kuipulu and now I know its true name is kueh bahulu. That’s the wonders of blogging.. never too old to till old learn till old there is no limit and no stopping.

      When I was small, we called it kuih bulu….. ROTFL!!! 😀

  7. i love to eat the kuih bahulu, but rarely eat it here. n i didnt know there is sambal rojak. lol

    They have…even in the supermarts…everything mixed already – just buy cucumber or pineapples and what not, dip and eat. No need to buy otak udang and everything to make your own now.

  8. i miss kong pia! it’s nice too even without the minced meat! yuuuuum…

    You did not say you wanted to meet up with me when I went to Penang – otherwise, I could have brought you some. Bought quite a lot for my niece – wanted to kahwin already that time, still wanted kompia…just imagine! Admit it lah…you miss Bint-ULU!!! LOL!!!

  9. Kuih Bahulu? The kuih that almost killed me! When I was about 7 years old and staying at grandma’s in Kg. Nangka, I sneaked into the kitchen and gobbled up up some freshly baked Bahulu. I thought I was in Bahulu heaven until grandma walked into the kitchen and caught me. That was when I got a glimpse of hell! No, not my dear grandma. She surprised me when she walked into the kitchen that I choked (mangal) on a Bahulu. I could hardly breathe. Grandma came to my rescue. I love you grandma. Anyway, Bahulu is still one of my favourites.

    Itulah nama rangkak!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I thought you would have sworn off kuih bahulu for life. We used to buy from this old lady, Re’sah…and had a fun time making her latah!!! So bad, we people last time… Hahahahaha!!!

  10. You are luring us with Sibu can we not go.. only when is the “when”.. that we do not know yet.. hahaha… we better get one organiser to get the ball rolling.. 🙂

    No need. Just come! Susah betul…one person waiting for another…and in the end, nobody comes. 😦

  11. The bahulu reminded me of the post Merryn wrote the other day on this fish shape kuih bahulu in Malacca. 🙂

    How did you send all those to Kuching? I read it right, right? The picture was what you sent to Kuching?

    A cousin was here on a working trip so I sent everything through him. You have not been reading my posts carefully, it seems. Maklumlah…orang celebrity bloggeralready- no time to read the nitty-gritty details… 😦 Ya, I saw Merryn’s bahulu…but somehow they reminded me of waffles – not so authentic as those made with the traditional brass chuan.

    1. aww bro, don’t say that. If there is a celebrity blogger among us, it would definately be you !!

      I did read the part about your cousin came to sibu for one night on working trip. But brain couldnt tie it to, cousin who came to sibu for one night took the whole bunch of food back to Kuching. Sorry 😦 Brain getting slower.

      Oh? What with the Hennesey and Guiness and all, I’m not surprised. Hahahahaha!!!! Just pulling your leg lah! Ask my students- they will tell you that I’m real mean and sarcastic! LOL!! 😀

      1. It’s okay, I like the mean and sarcastic you! It makes you.. you!!

        My students love it too! They find it very funny or something. LOL!!!

  12. We used to buy kuih bahulu from an old shop in Sungai Merah. Whenever we wanted to visit our relatives in Kuching, we will go all the way from Lanang to Sungai Merah to buy kuih bahulu and other kuihs but i can’t recall what are the other kuihs now. Is the shop still there?

    Yup! The shop is still there. Used to get the peanut cake/khong th’ng from there too. But the quality has dropped so much – never bother to go there anymore.

  13. Oh!….now promoting Sibu delicacies. Bila promote Kuching.

    Yums!!!!!….Yums!!!!….kuih bahulu…..I love them. Nice to have it with a cup of hot coffee.

    Hahaha!….you left me out….didn’t distribute some to me….hehehe!!!!!!……

    This consignment for relatives only – uncle, aunties, cousins…. You have friends coming over, let me know – get them to contact me and I can send some stuff over to you…or better still, you can come over yourself…and enjoy everything hot from the oven or the cooking pot! Yum! 😀

  14. wahhhh… much goodies. Am not reli fond of bahulu coz the ones sold here are extremely sweet. Beh tahan. If i eat with Kopi O , my Kopi O no need to add sugar liao.

    Our lung ngor…not exactly the same as bahulu. Not really sweet but some they ass the horrible essence – I just don’t like! I will eat…depending on the source – not anyone will do.

  15. iya lor..banyak nye…can bungkus some for me, please.. 🙂

    Wait till I have the chance to go to KL again…or better still, why don’t you come over? 😉

  16. Oh now I know the connection of the name lay peang. In Hokkien we say ‘sung lay’ so the peang is for ‘sung lay’ thus ‘lay peang’? Tiok boh bro? Love the muachee on the bicky..muachee sort of gives me the password to every door..<<>> haha.

    Yakah? Dunno the name in Hokkien – I only know the Foochow name. So you have this in Penang lah. Also given for engagement? What password is that? Your Hokkien very chim one… 😉

    1. That password went MIA its ‘open sesame’..lolz

      Ah! I see now…! Got it! LOL!!! After open, don’t forget to close, ya? Hahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. When i am young i eat a lot lung ngor from sungai merah, i think the shop still there? But my mum said not so nice already, because now they use electric oven? The “Uummph” not there anymore.

    Wah, that is a lot stuff you sent to your cousin!! Just like everytime my mum come, the food she brough! hahahhaha

    Oh ya, where to get that Kate pulut panggang? Bandung?

    Can see you “advertise” very hard to get people to visit Sibu? LOL

    This year i still don’t know when is my time to go home!! The time i want to go home, crash with my boys piano exam. *pull hair*

    So when will you all be coming? Sigh!!! I’m looking forward to it. “Advertise” half dead also nobody wants to come… So kesian!

    Yup…the panggang from my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong in the morning but must go early – around 7, before 8. After 8, sold out already, no chance!

    And yup…that shop at Sg Merah – nobody bothers to go there and buy the things anymore, no nice.

    Hahahaha….Sibu people all the same, ya? Must bring/send a lot of food….when going anywhere. 😉

  18. So nice of you to go all out to buy those kunyah-mengunyah stuff for your relatives…eh, I’ve been adopted by you,kan?..kah! kah! kah! (reminder:I would extra love the pulut panggang…extra long!!)

    I hope you can come over to Sibu in September, like you said. I would love to send them over to you but yunno NZ – anything with meat or egg or plant products, all not allowed…so that just about rules out everything edible. 😦

  19. Haha! I can see the ‘Sesiapa mahu sangat pedas!’Sedap!”. is it really spicy? There’s a trend in Sibu where people eat pulut panggang with sri kaya. is it true?

    Not necessarily. My missus will only eat it plain to enjoy the panggang fragrance and lemak that one can taste in really good panggang (kosong)…and I know many like her. I love it with kaya – in the end, it becomes something like very nice serimuka. My cousins love it with condensed milk – I don’t mind that…and if I have neither kaya nor milk in the house, I’ll eat it with sugar. Yup…I think they use cili padi – my missus loves it a lot! Very pedas!

  20. Seems like you’re the Sibu tapau-king! 😉
    Thank heavens for relatives like yourself. Somehow, I prefer the steamed version of the egg cakes.

    Ya…we have the steamed ones here too. Maybe I can feature those sometime. You can eat that? I thought you’re on a diet of fruits and vegetables only?

  21. Wah wah much goodies for your relatives! I’m so jealous! So do you provide delivery to Puchong as well? *wink*wink* hehe

    Maybe. I think if I have the chance to go over this time, I’ll stay in Puchong so I can go and try all the food there. Nothing much in Bukit Bintang and expensive some more. 😦 Not planning to come to Sibu? 😉

  22. Those were all the things I asked for when I go back or when someone comes over from Sibu. Sometimes I wonder if nostalgia makes food from the past taste better than they really are. I remember going back to Sibu some 5/6 years’ ago and went to eat THE kom-pia at Tiong Hua Rd, near Sacred Heart Sch, and I was very disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I had remembered. Oh well, who cares, when I balik kampung, I will see to it that I make all my food round, starting with the kom-pia 🙂

    I’m not a fan of the kompia at Tiong Hua Road and never bother to drop by but my cousin who came loves it so I took him there…and it was not open! That was in the morning? It only opens in the afternoon, is it? Anybody knows its opening hours? Well, old habits die hard, I guess…or perhaps, after all the exquisite, expensive stuff we get to eat here there and everywhere, we start craving for the simple things that we used to love.

  23. if i happen to visit sibu i’d bring you our “kapeng barako” (batangas coffee)

    I wonder what it’s like. I don’t like the celebrated Vietnam coffee nor Indonesian coffee and I think the coffee in mainland Malaysia is not nice especially KL and even the branded ones are just so-so, nothing like Sibu coffee. Maybe the secret is in the roasting, I wouldn’t know. 😉

  24. Hey… where is your sambal rojak picture, drooling for it now! Big fan of rojak rumbling here!!!!!!

    You can click the link and see it in the jambu post…

  25. You are sure a generous guy… now I feel paiseh to drop by your place liao even if I ever visit sibu!:p

    Once in a while, no problem… Everybody’s so generous also – everytime, I went some place, everybody will give me lots of things. Like they say, what goes around comes around… 😉

  26. omg! Our names are on the bags of goodies! Cin sia soi! Lol!!

    Photo removed. Luckily did not have your hp number. Hehehehehe!!!

  27. nice shots of the kuih bahulu and lay peang, makes me wanna have a bite too.. haha, but not taken by you hor?? hehehehe~~ :p

    Nope…my cousin’s photos. She has a DSLR…so I just went and curi from Facebook. Hehehehehe!!!

  28. RM5 for 20 of those bahulus is cheap rite? What is sio bees STP? Are you talking bout those buzzing bees?

    I guess you can say they’re cheap…but probably they were only 5sen or 10 sen each when we were small. Those were the days. Sio bee (Hokkien, I guess) is what you people call siew mai (Cantonese)…

  29. STP, just joking….as the saying goes ” No joke no fun” Anyway, really want to thank you for your kind gesture.

    True! I enjoy buying and giving. Love sharing – after all, it’s only money…and people happy, I’m also happy. Works both ways. 🙂

  30. come to me…made me think of my mom and dad again…they were just here with us few days ago and now we’re oceans apart again =(

    Well, that’s life, I guess…when children move far far away for work or studies…and they say that to meet and to part is the saddest tale of a human heart! Also, they that leave feel not the pain of parting; it is they that stay behind that suffer. Sobs!! 😦

  31. oooh i love kuih bahulu…. drooling!!

    You do? Any place selling real authentic homemade ones in KL?Those in plastic packs at supermarts, not nice…and those they make on the spot at shopping malls – quite good but not quite it. 😦

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